Chapter 95: Miao Yan Reappears

GOR Chapter 95: Miao Yan Reappears

Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “Han Bi is not someone who will blab. Besides… perhaps we are getting overly worked up.”

Qiao Qiao nodded and forced a smile. “Perhaps you are right. However, I think that after we return from Japan, we should go find Han Bi. Find him and… clear it with him. It would be for the best if we could successfully ask him to come into our guild.”

Chen Xiaolian furrowed his brows. “Isn’t that approach too hard? I also want to find Han Bi, however it is not due me distrusting him.”

Qiao Qiao stared blankly for a moment before slowly saying. “My father often recites this quote: Those who dwell in jianghu, have no freedom over themselves [1]. I know that doing this would cause you to feel discomfort. But, you must understand, you are now a Guild Leader. You are responsible for not just your own self. This secret does not concern only you, there is also me and Soo Soo… in the future, it may also concern Roddy.

“Xiaolian, I am aware of the friendship between you and Han Bi. But, me, Soo Soo and Roddy have no such friendship with Han Bi.

“I will be honest, I do not trust him.

“You can say that I am being biased, you can also say that I am being selfish.

“I heard that when you took the initiative to become the decoy in the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, he did not stop you.

“That was bad enough as it is.

“You entrusted Soo Soo to him but he ended up losing her on the way.

“I do not care what the reason is, from my perspective, he is not someone I can trust.”

Chen Xiaolian felt a stifling feeling in his heart and was silent for a few seconds. “All right, let us not talk about this first. We will decide on this once we return from Japan.”

At that moment, the chef with a stern expression who was behind the dining counter had completed a dish. He lightly pushed a plate over and bowed before using Japanese to speak out: “Thin cut belly meat of Bluefin tuna, please enjoy!”

Qiao Qiao broke into a smile and handed Chen Xiaolian a pair of chopsticks. “All right, filling our stomachs is more important.”

The chef took out a section of horseradish and personally grated it. He then brought the sauce before them. Chen Xiaolian clipped up a piece of fish meat and dipped it lightly before placing it into his mouth. Suddenly, he felt a fragrance filling his mouth. The meat was fine and smooth, appearing to be devoid of any feeling of greasiness.

After chewing it twice, he swallowed it and smiled as he turned to Qiao Qiao. “Why is it different from the sashimi that I usually eat?”

Qiao Qiao smirked. “You normally only eat salmon. This is Bluefin tuna; additionally, it is also the best part, the belly area. That one slice you just ate is worth as much as a plate of salmon.”

“As expected, finding a wealthy girlfriend has many benefits. Will you be keeping and feeding me?”

That was meant as a joke, but it caused Qiao Qiao to sigh. She slowly said. “I feel that no matter what I do, I will still owe you. Back then, you have saved Soo Soo a number of times. Now, you have taken on all the burden upon yourself. Xiaolian, remember what we spoke about on the roof yesterday. Allow me to carry the burden with you, all right?”

Pausing, Qiao Qiao lowered her voice. “About Han Bi’s matter, I know that you will be worried about it. Let me handle that matter. If there is a need to be wicked, I am willing to accept that responsibility.”

After their conversation reached there, no words came out anymore and silence reigned once more.

Soo Soo who was sitting beside ate a few slices of fish and looked at Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao with widened eyes. She frowned. “Unnie, what are you talking about? Why do you keep talking about things I do not understand?”

Chen Xiaolian loosened his face and rubbed Soo Soo’s hair. “All right then, we will talk about something else.”

“Can we go to Disney tomorrow?” Soo Soo’s eyes widened and her face became filled with eagerness.

Chen Xiaolian let out a bitter smile while Qiao Qiao’s gaze softened and she said in a low tone. “Soo Soo, we have something important to do tomorrow. As for going to Disney, let us leave it for another time, all right?”

Disappointment spilled out of Soo Soo’s eyes. However, she did her best to put on a smile. “OK, I understand. I will obediently listen to unnie.”

At that moment in time, Soo Soo’s gaze suddenly drifted towards the entrance of the dining area and she blurted out. “Ah! Qiao Qiao unnie, hurry up and look! That unnie looks like you!”

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao turned around to look.

Two males and one female walked in through the entrance of the dining area.

The two men were Europeans who wore old-fashioned western suit. One of them was old while the other young. They exuded a prudent bearing and the elegance of nobility.

Behind them was a woman dressed in black.

This woman has a refined appearance, a pair of smiling eyes and clear, beautiful looks – In terms of facial features, she was not similar to Qiao Qiao at all.

However, the likeliness that Soo Soo claimed she has was not made without reason.

The young woman sported long, black hair and a lofty expression. Her eyes revealed indifference. As she walked, she exuded an atmosphere that repelled strangers.

This atmosphere held several similarities to Qiao Qiao’s back when Chen Xiaolian had first met her.

Qiao Qiao showed no reaction, Chen Xiaolian however showed a huge change in expression when he caught sight of that young woman!

“Young Miss, they said that this dining area have been booked for private use.”

The older middle-aged European man stood straight, his hair grey, and he emanated a gentle temperament. He bent his head down towards the young woman, bowing as he spoke in a low tone.

His words were spoken using a standard British accent and his movements were performed with ease just like those legendary butlers of nobility.

As for the other younger man, he was clearly a bodyguard. He simply stood by the side in silence, saying nothing. His eyes roved about continuously.

The young woman nodded her head. She swept her gaze through the interior of the dining area and caught sight of Chen Xiaolian and the rest who were seated before the main dining counter.

As her eyes swept through Chen Xiaolian, his heart gave a violent pound! He was however surprised to see that young woman looking at him with an indifferent expression. It was a peculiar and extremely indifferent expression.

Chen Xiaolian could clearly feel it. When she swept her gaze past him, she did not bother to conceal her direct expression. That expression on her was no different from that which one would have when looking at a clump of weed by the road.

She… how could she not recognize me?

Chen Xiaolian was surprised.

Seeing the two men and the young woman turning to leave the dining area, Chen Xiaolian suddenly let go of the chopsticks in his hand and quickly said in a low tone. “I am going over for a bit!”

He got up and quickly chased after them.

After moving out of the dining area, Chen Xiaolian caught up to the three people at the elevators entrance.

The middle-aged butler saw Chen Xiaolian heading straight towards them and he immediately took a few steps forward. Whether intentionally or not, his body became interposed between Chen Xiaolian and the young woman. He gave Chen Xiaolian a restrained smile.

“Mister, how may I help you?”

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes swept past him and he looked at the young woman. The young woman’s expression remained cold as she did not even deigned to look at Chen Xiaolian. Instead, she continued watching the moving digits of the elevator.

“Miao Yan! You have come to Japan too?”

Surprisingly, this woman was none other than the one that had fought side by side with Chen Xiolian within the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang’s instance dungeon. She was the mysterious expert who helped him succeed in completing the quest, Miao Yan!

A smile was etched on Chen Xiaolian’s face. “Are you also here for…”

He blurted out those words quickly but then closed his mouth subconsciously. The reason being that Chen Xiaolian had realized something was amiss with the current situation.

Miao Yan stood behind the middle-aged butler with a cold expression on her face. She casually turned to regard him once before turning her gaze away. In her eyes, a trace of disgust could clearly be seen.

“Mister, is there a problem?”

The middle-aged man maintained a friendly face, but his eyes have turned cold. “I believe that you must have the wrong person.”

“I am not mistaken,” Chen Xiaolian stared at Miao Yan and shook his head decisively. “Please move aside, I need to say a few words to the woman behind you.”

The middle-aged butler’s face turned cold. At the same time, the bodyguard came over. The bodyguard stopped before Chen Xiaolian and gently pushed him while exercising restraint. “I am sorry, mister. Please stand back.”

The middle-aged butler turned around and whispered something to Miao Yan. Miao Yan then glanced at Chen Xiaolian. She shook her head while maintaining her expression of indifference. In fact, it appeared that she had become even more disgusted.

“I am very sorry, mister. According to my lady, she does not recognize you. I think you must have the wrong person. This happens quite often,” The butler bowed politely. “It is not good for a gentleman to hastily provoke a woman. Please restrain yourself.”

At that moment, the elevator arrived and Miao Yan walked inside first. She did so without even glancing at Chen Xiaolian. The butler then followed behind her while the bodyguard stared at Chen Xiaolian, his face filled with vigilance. The bodyguard stepped backwards one step after another and entered the elevator.

Chen Xiaolian took a few steps forward and watched as the doors to the elevator closed. Miao Yan who was inside casted a glance at Chen Xiaolian, pursing her lips to the side and spoke in a low tone.

Chen Xiaolian could hear it clearly. The word she said was in English: {fool}.

Furthermore, it was said in a standard British accent.

The doors to the elevator were closed and it sped downwards.

Chen Xiaolian stood there, his heart gradually becoming doubtful and shocked.

He was a hundred per cent certain that he was not mistaken!

Even though the word ‘fool’ that Miao Yan uttered was accompanied by that strange accent… the voice was remarkably familiar!

It may be possible for someone else to have the same appearance, but if even the voice was the same – how much of a coincidence would that be?

Most importantly, Chen Xiaolian had accidentally glimpsed at the left side of this woman’s neck area that was near her collarbone. There, a very small red dot could be seen!

When they were saying farewell within the instance dungeon, Miao Yan had hugged him. At that moment, Chen Xiaolian happened to glimpse that same left side neck area near the collarbone upon Miao Yan and saw that same red dot!

The same looks, the same voice and even the same dot upon her neck!

Considering these 3 factors, Chen Xiaolian believed that if he was actually mistaken, that would mean the system was messing with him!

“What happened?”

Qiao Qiao’s voice came from behind him.

Qiao Qiao stood behind him with folded arms, her face revealing a smile that was not a smile. “Xiaolian, could it be you have this kind of habit? Approaching another female before your girlfriend’s eyes?”

Qiao Qiao’s words were spoken in jest, but the present Chen Xiaolian was unable to laugh.

“Qiao Qiao, do you remember what I told you about me meeting a mysterious female Awakened expert within the last instance dungeon?”

“I remember, the woman’s name is Miao Yan,” Qiao Qiao narrowed her eyes. “Was that her?”

“Yes, that is her!” Chen Xiaolian replied in a serious manner. “I was wondering if she is also here for Zero’s opening. Just now though, she acted as though she does not recognize me at all. Moreover… I have this odd feeling. If someone was pretending, then there would be at least some signs. However, from her expression and especially from her reaction to seeing me… it does not appear that she was faking it. Instead, it seems as though she really does not recognize me.

Unless she is really that good in acting, otherwise I…”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian became silent and he furrowed his brows.

“If you are not mistaken, then she is probably pretending to not know you. She probably has a reason for that. Perhaps because there are people beside her, making it inconvenient for her to reveal that she recognizes you?” Qiao Qiao frowned.

“Can you check it out?” Chen Xiaolian thought about it. “Since she came here to dine, then it is highly likely that she is staying in this hotel.”

It appeared that Qiao Qiao’s father was indeed very powerful.

They returned to the dining area and sat down. Qiao Qiao made a phone call and it was not long before the hotel’s middle-aged Japanese man rushed over to hand them the information.

Qiao Qiao glanced through it for a moment and turned to look at Chen Xiaolian who was sitting beside her.

“Found her. She is indeed staying in this hotel. But, her name is not Miao Yan. Also… she is not a citizen of our country.”

Qiao Qiao gave a bitter smile. “Her background is beyond ordinary. She is a VIP guest in this hotel… she has quite the name and position among the upper class.”

After saying that, she handed the information within her hands to Chen Xiaolian. “This contains information on VIP members of this hotel.”

Name: Jane • Brummel • Norman

Gender: Female

Date of birth: September 1, 1994

Country: United Kingdom

As Chen Xiaolian was reading, Qiao Qiao forced out another smile. “Even I have heard of this woman’s name. She is no simple character, she… is a British noble, this generation’s heir to the House of Norman. She also has a hereditary title of Count, making her a Countess.”

“British noble? Countess?” Chen Xiaolian was shocked. “But she is clearly a Chinese.”

“The information provided is not very detailed. But, it does not appear to be wrong,” Qiao Qiao replied softly. “Her identity is not the main problem. The main problem is: why is she pretending to not recognize you?”

Chen Xiaolian’s face suddenly changed. It was as though he had thought of a terrifying possibility!

“Qiao Qiao…” Chen Xiaolian’s face was somewhat stiff. “Perhaps we were wrong…”


“In the instance dungeon, she had always been on our side and fought side by side with us. Thus, we were given the impression that she is an Awakened. However… the ones to enter and participate in instance dungeons are not only Awakened ones. There are also…”

Qiao Qiao’s face too, changed. “You mean…”


1 ‘人在江湖,身不由己’, pinyin: ‘rén zài jiānghú, shēn bù yóu jǐ’ is a quote used by Gu Long in his wuxia work, Legend of Chu Liuxiang, which was eventually popularized by subsequent wuxia novels. Considering its wuxia origins, its meaning is likely that people of the pugilistic world have no freedom to act as they like. However, while ‘jianghu’ is translated as ‘pugilistic world’ in most wuxia novels, its meaning have expanded to include non-political circles. Basically, everyday people of the working class that have no influence in the royal or governmental circles can also be considered part of jianghu dwellers with no power over their fates.

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