Chapter 94: Irregularities

GOR Chapter 94: Irregularities

“The system that Awakened ones possess has many differences compared to ours.

“The most obvious one is that ours do not have the ‘Exchange System’.”

Chen Xiaolian’s expression was one of exasperation and he sighed. “In the last instance dungeon, I acquired 1,500 points. Conventionally speaking, I should be able to purchase many good items out from the ‘Exchange System’. It is also said that there are many miraculous equipment, medicinal substances and even powerful skills available for exchange within the Exchange System.

“At present however, we are unable to utilize this function.

“Since yesterday, I have been checking up on the system while we were en route here. However, what I discovered was that the 1,500 points that I acquired simply could not be used… there is no place for me to use them! The only place where I can use them would be our guild’s special exchange. Unfortunately, the only special equipment available there is the B Class protective suit.”

“Oppa, I also have points,” Soo Soo widened her eyes and whispered with a soft and sweet voice.

“En,” Chen Xiaolian smiled and patted Soo Soo’s head.

“The second difference is… I met the GM. Or more accurately, the GM came looking for me,” Chen Xiaolian faintly said. “According to him, my existence is one that differs from Awakened ones. Back in my first instance dungeon, a BUG occurred in the system. Due to a miscalculation, I who should have been a dead background character ended up not dying. In the end, I became an existence that the system could not identify. I am no longer an ordinary person and yet not an Awakened… I became an Irregularity.

“This irregularity allowed me to have powers similar to that of Awakened ones and the system.

“However, there is a particular point… if Awakened ones were to die in an instance dungeon, they can be refreshed and resurrected to become normal people in this world. They will simply lose all their memories regarding the Awakened ones world and return to leading a normal life.

“On the other hand, an ‘Irregularity’ like me only have one life. Once I die, there will be no refresh.

“The opportunity to be restored as an ordinary person and continue on with my life does not exist.

“Instead… I will disappear!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian looked at Qiao Qiao. “You, Soo Soo… and me, we are the same.”

Qiao Qiao’s face was pale.

“Soo Soo was drawn into my first instance dungeon together with me. Like me, she was supposed to be playing the part of a dead background character.”

Soo Soo looked at Chen Xiaolian with an expression that portrayed both understanding and loss.

Chen Xiaolian continued. “Qiao Qiao, the metallic sphere you obtained was from the two Awakened ones that Soo Soo killed. After obtaining the metallic sphere, you became just like us. You too, do not possess the ‘Exchange’ function in the system.

“To simplify things, we can make a classification. There are currently 3 forms that can enter the game.

“Players, Awakened ones.

“And us… we can be labelled as ‘Irregularities’.

Pausing, Chen Xiaolian suddenly said. “Now, do you still remember what happened before we entered the Mausoleum Area of Qin Shi Huang? We had went looking for Qiu Yun to find him in his room where he killed his companion. Back then, you were asked to clean up the corpse and the washroom.”

Qiao Qiao gritted her teeth. “I remember.”

“Then, do you still remember what I asked you not long after? … Did you find a metallic sphere? Right?”

Qiao Qiao was surprised. “I remember, I did not find any metallic sphere.”

“That is exactly it.”

Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly. “Why is it that the two Awakened ones who tried to kidnap Han Bi but were killed by Soo Soo ended up dropping those metallic spheres? Why did the Awakened one killed by Qiu Yun did not drop one?”

“Pausing, Chen Xiaolian’s eyes flickered. “When I was inside the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang’s instance dungeon, I have been keeping my eyes out regarding this matter. In a tomb, we were besieged by Qin terracotta soldiers and two of the Black Knights Guild Leader, Alice’s subordinates were killed. However, neither Alice nor Qiu Yun thought about picking up a metallic sphere – it was as though to them, this thought does not even exist!

“By our understanding, the metallic sphere could be used to continuously create new people like us, ‘Irregular Awakened ones’.

“However, Qiu Yun and Alice did not seem to have such thoughts or awareness… perhaps it would be better to say that they do not seem aware that such a thing exists.

“Is this not strange?”

Chen Xiaolian forced out a smile.

Then, he continued speaking.

“In the Epang Palace within the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, Guild Leader Nangong was killed in the square area. Back then, the situation was chaotic.

“I then saw something that no one else besides me noticed. Even though this item had rolled all the way to my feet, Han Bi who was beside me did not notice it.”

While he spoke, Chen Xiaolian extended his right hand and opened his palm.

Surprisingly, there was a metallic sphere on his palm!

“This was dropped after Guild Leader Nangong died.

“Now comes the question!

“Han Bi is an Awakened. Back then, Lun Tai, Bei Tai, Alice, that Miao Yan woman and even the Players from the Wind Slasher Guild were there! There were all either Awakened ones or Players!” Chen Xiaolian gave out a strained smile. “Nevertheless, none of them saw this item! It was as though… their eyes simply could not see that this item exists!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian’s tone became heavy. “I came to a conclusion: This metallic sphere is something that neither Awakened ones nor Players could see! They do not even know that this item will be dropped if an Awakened or a Player is killed!”

After that, Chen Xiaolian produced another two metallic spheres. Adding them to the one taken out earlier, there were now three metallic spheres, lined up in a row on the table.

“The first one is the one we acquired after killing off the two Awakened ones back then. Qiao Qiao, you used up one of them and I am left with the other one.

“The second one dropped out of Guild Leader Nangong after he was killed in battle. It rolled its way to my feet and was picked up by me.

“The third one dropped out of the Wind Slasher Guild’s Da Vinci after he was killed by Bai Qi. Likewise, Miao Yan was unable to see it. When I went to hug Soo Soo, I had the opportunity to pick it up.

“As of now, I have a total of three metallic spheres.”

Chen Xiaolian continued with a solemn expression. “I thought about it for one whole day and night. Finally, I made several speculations. There may be some special restrictions imposed on the metallic spheres.

“The first is the condition for picking it up: Only ‘Irregularities’ and ordinary people could see and pick up the metallic spheres. Players and Awakened ones cannot see or pick them up. This speculation was based on the time when you, Qiao Qiao were still an ordinary person. You were able to see the metallic spheres that dropped out of the two kidnapping Awakened ones.

“The second is the drop condition: When not within an instance dungeon and in this world, the metallic sphere will only drop if an Irregularity kills an Awakened! The metallic sphere will not drop when Awakened ones kill one another. This speculation was based on the time when Qiu Yun killed his companion. Back then, no metallic sphere dropped out.

“The third is also a drop condition: When inside an instance dungeon, both Players and Awakened ones will drop the metallic spheres regardless of their manner of death.

“In all the cases above, regardless of whether we are in the instance dungeon or not, neither Players nor Awakened ones could see and pick up the dropped metallic spheres. We, Irregularities are the only ones who can.

“In other words, there are 3 restrictions: The first is the condition for picking it up while the other two are drop conditions.

“In any case, we as system Irregularities hold a huge advantage.

“I had been thinking… supposing we have a sufficient number of metallic spheres, we can theoretically exploit this loophole to create an unlimited number of system Irregularities like us.”

Qiao Qiao’s face showed traces of confusion. “This… isn’t this a good thing? I feel that this is beneficial for us.”

“It’s benefit is one thing, but in my opinion… this matter, the more I think about it, the more terrifying it sounds!”

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

“Terrifying?” It was apparent that Qiao Qiao was unable to understand.

“Do you remember, me and Soo Soo are the earliest of these ‘Irregularities’.

“Comparatively speaking, our existence is dependent on ‘hacking’ like methods. We plundered other players’ metallic spheres, which served as their account.

“As for you, Qiao Qiao, we exploited this loophole by plundering someone else’s account to make you into an ‘Irregularity’.

“Don’t you think that this matter highly resembles something that we are all very familiar with?”

“What does it resemble?”

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes glinted and he spoke with a heavy and clear tone.


Virus; this word made Qiao Qiao’s expression turn grim.

Chen Xiaolian continued in a calm tone of voice.

“Within the 72 Demons instance dungeon, an unknown system error occurred. In the end, Soo Soo and I became the ‘first generation viruses’.

“If Players and Awakened ones are the normal organisms within this system, then ‘Irregularities’ such as Soo Soo and I are viruses that exists between those two organisms!

“Most importantly, viruses like us can kill either Players or Awakened ones to plunder their metallic sphere, then… produce an unlimited number of ‘Irregularities’ like us!

“See? Killing and devouring of normal organisms, then the production of unlimited replicas of themselves…

“Does this behaviour not resemble that of a virus?”

Qiao Qiao became silent.

Certain amounts of fear and nervousness could clearly be seen within this young girl’s eyes.

After a considerable amount of time has passed, she exhaled deeply and spoke out with great difficulty. “Character wise… that is indeed the case.”

“Character wise, this ability of ours… makes us Irregularities the natural opposite of both Awakened ones and Players!

“By nature, our position is one that brings conflict!

“By killing and devouring them, we can replicate and expand our forces without limit.”

Chen Xiaolian forced out a smile. “That is why I said that our identity as Irregularities, our special characteristic and our abilities… they are a highly important secret!

“I speculate that it would be for the best to not let any Awakened ones or Players find out about all these!

“Otherwise… our existence will arouse the absolute wrath of both Awakened ones and Players!

“Even if we did not take the initiative to go kill or devour the other Awakened ones, our manner of existence alone would likely antagonize the Player and Awakened groups!

“So… presently, the three of us are the only existing Irregularities.

“That makes our secret one that must absolutely be kept.

“That is also why I wanted to talk with just the two of you while deliberately sending away Lun Tai and Bei Tai.

“Although the two brothers are fairly good people… they are still Awakened ones.

“I am not sure if they will view us as enemies or not if they were to find out about our secret.”

Qiao Qiao was silent for a moment before slowly saying. “Your words are reasonable, have not the desire to harm others, lack not the desire to protect oneself.

“Lun Tai and Bei Tai… we should conceal this from them first.”

After saying that, Qiao Qiao frowned. “This secret… especially regarding the difference of our system and that of other Awakened ones, are there any other who knows about it?”

Chen Xiaolian pondered and shook his head. “At present, none. The only worry I have…”

Qiao Qiao’s eyes flashed and she struggled to utter out a name:

“Han Bi!”

Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly. “Back then, Han Bi was together with us, that is why… even though I have never told him about it, I cannot guarantee that I did not reveal anything by accident. There have been a few times where I had Han Bi help me investigate what is available inside the Exchange System. Even though I did not explain it to him, he will probably have his doubts.

“Additionally, there is also Xia Xiaolei. I had asked of him to help me purchase items from the system before.”

“These are hidden dangers,” Qiao Qiao frowned. “In the case of confidential information, once a leak occurs, clues about it will leak out bit by bit until someone finally pieces together all the pieces of the puzzle.

“If information regarding the difference between our system and others gets leaked out, it would likely attract the attention and concern of some careful individuals. When that happens, the danger of having our secret totally exposed becomes that much higher!

“In Xiaolei’s case, he is thankfully still with us. We can control this matter and find ways to conceal it.

“But… Han Bi! He is no longer within our sight!”

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