Chapter 87: Miao Yans Insinuation

GOR Chapter 87: Miao Yan’s Insinuation

Cough cough cough

Miao Yan coughed out violently.

Blood continued to flow into this woman’s mouth. She then spat them out to the side and propped herself up. She forced herself to move to Chen Xiaolian’s side and glanced at the Tiger Tally in Chen Xiaolian’s hand.

She gave a faint smile. “The loot should be quite good, right?”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart became tense before quickly easing up. He looked at Miao Yan, not knowing what to say.

“Don’t worry… I have no interest in grabbing your item,” Miao Yan exhaled – due to the tears sustained by the skin-tight garment, Chen Xiaolian was able to observe a tear upon this woman’s front breast area… the tear revealed the outline of a billowing curve and a particularly soft, white valley…

Chen Xiaolian quickly averted his gaze.

“A Summon Type equipment? What level is it at?”

Chen Xiaolian was silent for a moment before telling the truth. “A Class.”

“That is considered very good,” Miao Yan gave a faint laugh. “Bai Qi’s strength should be of the S Class. However, according to system rules: any equipment or pet that is obtained from within the instance dungeon will be returned to its initial level. That is why the Bai Qi that you have will be weakened and cannot display out the incredible level of strength observed earlier. However, that is already very good. At the very least, you have seen how far he can progress in the future. Aim for that as you nurture him and think of ways to level him up. One day, if you could let Bai Qi be restored to the state that we encountered earlier…”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart pounded. “Level up… how do I level him up?”

“There should be an explanation in the system. However, Bai Qi is a Dark Spirit. According to the division of categories, his attribute should be of the force of Darkness. Thus, in order to level up, he would likely require some materials with force of Darkness attribute. As for the specifics, you will have to slowly search it up.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and carefully placed the Tiger Tally into the system.

After that, he quickly ran off towards Soo Soo. He held her up.

The little girl’s body was limp and light, allowing Chen Xiaolian to carry her up. Her eyes were closed, both her face and forehead were covered with soot. Chen Xiaolian extended his hand to wipe them off.

“Back when we were fighting Newton and this time too, you have saved me,” Chen Xiaolian gave a bitter smile. “I have been saved by you twice now.”

Soo Soo who was within his bosom suddenly opened her eyes. Glancing at Chen Xiaolian, both her hands reached out to forcefully hug Chen Xiaolian’s neck. Then, her mouth moved down to viciously bite Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder!

Chen Xiaolian sucked in a cold breath. “Hey! Are you a little puppy?”

Soo Soo stopped biting. She then raised her head to stare at Chen Xiaolian. “Who asked you to toss me aside?”

“I…” Chen Xiaolian’s heart turned soft. He said in a low voice. “I just want to…”

“I don’t care!” Soo Soo clenched her teeth and puffed up her face into a bun like shape. “You are not allowed to cast me aside in the future! I will go wherever you go!”

“Ah?” Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

Soo Soo looked Chen Xiaolian in the eye, her expression suddenly turning somewhat bashful. “Xiaolian oppa, I am only 10 years-old… you, you just wait 10 years… nono, 8 years… no, no, just 6 years! Just wait for 6 years, all right? I, in the future, I will become Xiaolian oppa’s girlfriend, all right?”

“…” Chen Xiaolian became dumbfounded. “You, you should not be talking nonsense… I am not a lolicon argh!”

“Hey! Are you 2 done being intimate?”

Miao Yan’s voice of discontent came over.

Miao Yan was leaning onto one of the bronze statues, her left pinky picking her ears. She spoke in a dissatisfied manner. “At least consider where we are! The instance dungeon has yet to be completed! There is only 5 minutes left in the countdown to Qin Shi Huang’s resurrection, you know?”

Chen Xiaolian put on a poker face and suddenly placed Soo Soo across his knees before slapping her in her buttocks. He firmly spoke. “Next time, don’t spout nonsense again! Understand?”

After saying that, he disregarded Soo Soo’s pursed lips expression. He grabbed her and ran towards Miao Yan.

“I am really not a lolicon…”

“There is no need for you to explain anything to me,” Miao Yan smiled and waved her hand. “I do not care about these matters.”

Pausing, she saw that Chen Xiaolian’s face had turned black. She then laughed. “All right, the guardian have been taken care of…”

“That is right, according to the degree of contribution, how much points did you get?”

“… 3,000 points,” Miao Yan softly replied.

Oh well.

Chen Xiaolian gave a bitter laugh.

Sure enough, the greater the contribution, the greater the reward. There is no way to gain things easily.

Looking down at Soo Soo, he saw her raising up 2 fingers. “Oppa, I got 200 points… what kind of thing is this point?”

“…I tell you about it when we return.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Miao Yan. “What next? Enter the main palace building? Stop Qin Shi Huang’s resurrection?”

“Yes,” Miao Yan nodded her head. “Hurry up, there is only 3 minutes left.”

Two adults and one child moved up the stairs and through the main palace building gates… a fat Four-Eyed War Cat followed behind them.

This time, there was no force outside the gates obstructing their progress.

After walking into the main palace building, the first thing Chen Xiaolian felt was shock:

This main palace building was surprisingly spacious!

The second thing Chen Xiaolian felt was… bareness.

Within the huge palace, there were no flamboyant ornaments or furnishings, even things like bronze censers or engravings… there were none of those in general.

There was only one item right in the middle, it was… a jade coffin.

The three of them walked carefully to the side of the jade coffin.

“Do you… want to open it up and see what is inside?” Miao Yan turned to Chen Xiaolian.

“… forget it,” Chen Xiaolian forced out a smile. “It is said that Qin Shi Huang was a slouching, skinny and ill person. What is there to see? Besides… he was a heroic man of his generation. We should show some respect and not open his coffin.”

Chen Xiaolian pondered. “Oh, right! How do we stop his resurrection? There are no items or indications here.”

“How to stop his resurrection eh?” Miao Yan smiled in a peculiar manner.

She suddenly walked to the side of the jade coffin and pressed down both her hands onto the surface of the coffin…


With a white light, the jade coffin disappeared!

“En? What is going on?”

“Fool, of course it has been kept by me,” Miao Yan softly answered.

Ke, kept?!

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes bulged widely. “You… you aren’t by chance planning on taking Qin Shi Huang’s jade coffin away, are you? This item can be kept into the system?”

“Sure enough, you are indeed a rookie,” Miao Yan smiled. “After you have some more experience, you will understand. Many items within an instance dungeon can be kept into the system to be taken away. Also… many monsters can be kept as War Pets. Oh, right! That Four-Eyed War Cat of yours can be thrown away for real.”

After saying that, Miao Yan lowered her head to look at Garfield who was crouched down beside Chen Xiaolian’s thigh.

Garfield: “Meow?”

“Forget it… you are a queer fellow. It is up to you what pet you want to use. Besides, you can still adopt a more powerful pet in the future,” Miao Yan glanced at Chen Xiaolian. “Why do you think I am not trying to seize the Tiger Tally from you? An equipment that can summon out Bai Qi, any Players and Awakened ones will have their eyes turn red as they frantically attempt to snatch it.”

“…” Chen Xiaolian was speechless.

“I am not snatching it away from you because, firstly, you are quite a sight for sore eyes. Secondly, the biggest reward in this instance dungeon is Qin Shi Huang’s coffin. That item is mine for sure. As for the others, I will not snatch it from you.”

Qin Shi Huang’s coffin…

Is the biggest reward?

As expected… right after Miao Yan finished speaking, the system issued a prompt.

[System prompt: Instance dungeon quest ‘Stop Qin Shi Huang’s resurrection’ complete. Assigning reward based on calculated degree of contribution… according to the calculations, you have acquired a system reward of 500 points].

Chen Xiaolian was surprised and he turned to glance at Miao Yan.

Miao Yan smiled. “You obtained reward points? En, as for how much I got, I won’t tell you. That way, you won’t feel inferior, rookie.”

At that moment, the system issued out another prompt.

[System prompt: This instance dungeon has ended. In one minute’s time, the surviving Players will be transferred out of the instance dungeon. The order of transfer will follow the degree of contribution].

After seeing the prompt, Chen Xiaolian immediately turned to Miao Yan. “By the way… I still want to thank you. If not for you, this instance dungeon would have ended in failure. I have a question though… back then, you gave me the Tiger Tally and told me not to give it to Bai Qi. You said that once we give it to him, our quest will fail. Why is that?”

Miao Yan winked. “… If I were to say I was lying to you, would you believe me?”

“…lie, you lied to me?” Chen Xiaolian’s hairs stood on end. “You… you nearly got me killed!”

“Calm down. Besides, you are still alive now, aren’t you?” Miao Yan pursed her lips to the side. “Everything within this game’s instance dungeon is filled with cruelty. The fact that I did not try to harm you is an act of kindness on my part. Fooling you once in a while to take advantage of you is nothing big. Besides, you have gained quite a haul as a result.”

“You… you were really lying to me?”

“… yes,” Miao Yan suddenly stopped smiling and stared at Chen Xiaolian, slowly speaking. “Just consider it as me making use of you, letting you hold the Tiger Tally to stall Bai Qi so that I can take advantage of the situation and attack him. En, that is how it went.”

“If I were to hand over the Tiger Tally to Bai Qi back then, what would happen?”

Chen Xiaolian’s instinct gave him a feeling that Miao Yan’s words were somewhat dishonest! He quickly followed up with another question.

“You really have a lot of questions. Those who think too much do not get to live long lives,” Miao Yan laughed and walked over. She gave Chen Xiaolian a gentle hug and smiled as she whispered into his ear. “You are an interesting fellow. Perhaps we will be able to meet again in other instance dungeons in the future. En… next time, if you dare take a peek at my breast again, I will beat you up.”

After saying that, Miao Yan took a step backwards and looked at Chen Xiaolian whose face had turned red. Miao Yan waved her hand to him…

A green beam of light descended from the skies and onto Miao Yan’s body. In but moments, she disappeared.

She… she realized that I was looking at her breasts?

Chen Xiaolian felt somewhat guilty.

At that moment however, Soo Soo tugged at him. “Oppa, look!”

Chen Xiaolian turned to gaze in the direction pointed by Soo Soo’s finger…

He became shocked!

On the ground…

To be precise, it was the location where Miao Yan was standing on earlier!

Surprisingly, there was a note marked using one’s feet!

Two English letters.



Chen Xiaolian’s face changed!

“You… you were really lying to me?”

“… yes.”


This… what is the meaning of this?

In other words, Miao Yan did not lie to me?

The Tiger Tally must really not fall into Bai Qi’s hand?

If the Tiger Tally were to fall into Bai Qi’s hand, what would happen?

Most importantly…

Why did she not say it out using her mouth? Instead, she used her toes to draw out a ‘NO’ word to insinuate to me.

Instantly, a faint sense of unease enveloped Chen Xiaolian’s heart!

He raised his head to look around the large, empty palace hall!

There was only silence all around. For Chen Xiaolian however, there was a sense that some form of existence was closely surrounding him!


Two beams of green light descended from the skies, first onto Chen Xiaolian, then onto Soo Soo. Instantly, the both of them disappeared from Qin Shi Huang’s main palace building…

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