Chapter 86: Bai Qis War Soul

GOR Chapter 86: Bai Qi’s War Soul

Truthfully, Chen Xiaolian had wanted to throw away the Tiger Tally in his hands and run away into the side palace building.

At that moment however, a mysterious impulse came over him and he chose to believe in Miao Yan!

In a fluster, he scrambled down the stairs and onto the square area – Bai Qi howled out several times and attempted to pounce towards Chen Xiaolian. However, he was stopped by Miao Yan’s small silver flying sword every time!

Chen Xiaolian stood upon the square and looked around…

Break the array, break the array… break the Five Elements Array… how do I break it?

An idea suddenly flashed through his mind!

Duke Wen of Qin chopping down the tree! [1]

Chen Xiaolian ran frantically towards the 12 bronze men statues!

The 12 bronze statues were arranged orderly on the 2 sides below the stairs leading to the main palace building. Chen Xiaolian ran to the side of one of the bronze statues. Observing the bronze statue that was over 10 metres in height, he clenched his teeth and proceeded to push it with all his might!

The bases for the bronze statues were embedded down into the ground. Chen Xiaolian roared out like a tiger time and again as he exerted his B Class strength to push. The sounds of “ka ka” could be heard as the stone used to hold the base broke!

He had managed to push out the bronze statue by a small distance!

“It is too heavy!” Chen Xiaolian clenched his teeth and howled out.

Miao Yan grew nervous. She directed the small silver flying sword to attack Bai Qi for a moment as she leapt through the air and arrived beside Chen Xiaolian. With one palm, she slapped onto the surface of the bronze statue!

A “weng” sound rang out and the bronze statue was propelled forward by 7 to 8 metres!

What an amazing level of strength!

Chen Xiaolian’s mind was stunned.

However, Miao Yan suddenly grunted and spat out a mouthful of blood.

It turned out that as she was directing her focus away from the fight, Bai Qi had already hacked down onto the small silver flying sword once again. The small silver flying sword was forced back 10 metres and its silver radiance grew even dimmer.

“Damn it!” Miao Yan was terribly enraged. She twisted around and leapt upwards. This time, she was no longer manipulating the flying sword. Instead, she extended her hand and caught the flying sword with her palm. Miao Yan raised her brows and sped towards Bai Qi!

This woman was actually going to fight against Bai Qi!

Chen Xiaolian was like an ant attempting to shake a tree. He exerted his all to push the bronze statue towards the catalpa tree.

One metre, two metres… three metres…

Miao Yan grunted out in pain non-stop. Chen Xiaolian looked upwards distractedly and saw that Miao Yan’s hair was already dishevelled and she spat out 2 mouthfuls of blood in succession.

The skin-tight garment on her body also sported more damaged areas; lines could be seen on her shoulders and waist area!

Some of those places were broken through and blood slowly trickled out from there.

“Why are you looking at me? Do not be distracted!” Miao Yan gritted her teeth.

The radiance of the small silver sword that she was holding has turned very weak. She took a deep breath and used her fingers to form another seal. This time, 2 flying swords flew out from behind her!

These 2 flying swords seemed far bigger in comparison to the first small silver sword – however, Chen Xiaolian could clearly see that despite being bigger, the radiance upon them were not as pure and were somewhat overextended.

Bigger but less pure.

The 2 swords stabbed towards Bai Qi. Miao Yan herself charged upwards again and used the 3 swords to hold Bai Qi back!

“A a ahh!”

Chen Xiaolian howled out with all his might, the veins on his forehead rising to the surface. The distance between him and the catalpa tree grew closer… 30 metres… 20 metres…

Chopping the tree… en, in other words, using Metal to overcome Wood… that is not right. According to the story, they needed to use red ropes and wear red clothes… en, that is Fire! Fire! That is right! In this Five Elements Array, Fire is… Fire is blood!

Chen Xiaolian clenched his teeth and rushed towards the side of the catalpa tree. Without showing any hesitation, he used his finger to cut his left wrist!

Blood flowed out and was poured onto the trunk of the tree!

The blood stained onto the surface of the catalpa tree and flowed rapidly downwards onto the stone tiles below…

Chen Xiaolian turned around to see the bronze statue.

He calculated the distance and shouted out loudly. “Miao Yan! Cut down this bronze statue! Smash it on the tree!”

Miao Yan who was some distance away was being pushed back by Bai Qi. The 2 swords that she had summoned out were destroyed by Bai Qi!

At that moment, Miao Yan shouted furiously. “I am a woman! You would hit me so heavily? Go die! Scumbag man!”

Her left hand clenched into a fist and a golden glow radiated from the surface of her fist!

This skill of hers was one that Chen Xiaolian had witnessed before in the mercury secret chamber. Back then, Miao Yan had used this fist that was glowing with a golden radiance to smash the stone platform into fine powder in one hit…

Miao Yan’s fist was thrown forward. Bai Qi sneered and took a step back, one hand holding onto the hilt of his sword while the other was placed on the blade. Then, a “weng” sound resonated out!

The golden fist struck onto the surface of Bai Qi’s blade and Bai Qi was propelled backwards by tens of metres. He was sent nearly all the way back to the edge of the square!

The clothes upon his entire being fluttered about, his black hair forced to scatter about. However, he remained standing in the middle of the air, exuding a stunning atmosphere!

That fist did not appear to have brought any harm towards him?

“He sure can take hits!”

Miao Yan scoffed and leapt to the side of the bronze statue. With her sword, she sliced down onto the base of the statue.


The bronze man statue’s legs were abruptly cut two thirds deep!

Miao Yan exhaled and her body staggered for an instant – she appeared to be exhausted. As she was about to use her flying sword to cut another time, Bai Qi had already rushed towards them!

This time, a black qi that rose to the skies shrouded Bai Qi! It was as though his entire being was wrapped up within a mass of black wind.

He sneered. Then, as though intentionally, he too extended his left hand and formed a fist with it!

A sphere of black qi instantly swirled together!

Miao Yan cried out miserably and was sent flying! Her body smashed heavily onto the side palace building’s stairs and bounced about, smashing apart who knows how many tiles on the stairs.

“Xiaolian! Hurry up!”

Miao Yan lied on the floor and struggled for a moment before hissing out.

Seeing that there was still one third of the bronze man statue’s leg remaining, Chen Xiaolian bit down on his teeth and howled out, throwing himself onto it!

With a “bang”, a flower of blood blossomed! Blood flowed all over the place, and the Tiger Tally that he was holding became soaked in blood!

As for Bai Qi, he had already charged towards Chen Xiaolian!

His long sword cut through the air!

Chen Xiaolian only had enough time to close his eyes…

Suddenly, an explosive fire dragon swirled over!

Chen Xiaolian could hear a clear sound originating from his side!

From amidst the flames, a blazing phoenix soared up to the skies making its appearance within the square! The crimson coloured flames dispersed away the dark, black clouds hovering in the skies!

Bai Qi placed his sword before his chest, using it to block the incoming flames. Bai Qi’s body staggered. However, before he could do anything else…

Uttering a loud and clear cry, the blazing phoenix that was hovering above the skies had made its descent! It shot down like a meteor, smashing down onto Bai Qi!


The surrounding tens of metres of area that Bai Qi was standing upon was engulfed by flames! The raging flames danced chaotically and even the enclosing walls of a palace building behind him were reduced to ashes!

Chen Xiaolian turned around and saw a tiny and familiar figure standing by the entrance of the side palace building. Standing there with both her arms maintaining a posture of pushing forward, her chest rose up and down as she gasped for breath.

“Soo… Soo Soo?”

Soo Soo’s eyes gazed towards Chen Xiaolian and her small body trembled. With an exhausted voice, she stuttered out. “Xiaolian… oppa, you… I will go wherever you go!”


The little girl knelt onto the ground and fell to the side before losing consciousness.

Amidst the fire, Bai Qi held on to his sword and slowly stepped out!

The flames had burnt the white gown that he was wearing and even scorched many areas of his body.

However, as he was walking out of the flames, a clump of black qi surged through the surface of his body, then… the burnt areas were immediately restored to its original jade white condition. Even his burnt white robes were being restored to its original state!

“Chen Xiaolian!”

Miao Yan shouted out loud. “Do not waste this opportunity! Hurry up!”

Chen Xiaolian forced down the impulse to run over to Soo Soo’s side. He turned around and shouted loudly!

This time, he summoned out his Four-Eyed War Cat!

Garfield roared out and followed Chen Xiaolian’s instruction to pounce onto the bronze statue. At the same time, Chen Xiaolian raised up his fist.



Both man and cat charged onto the thigh of the bronze statue!

Two B Class strength were stacked together…


The remaining one-third area of the bronze statue’s legs that was still connected to the bottom broke!

A thunderous sound reverberated out and the bronze statue smashed down! It smashed down onto the top area of the catalpa tree!

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha…

There was a continuous sound of fracturing.

The trunk of the catalpa tree split and it tilted before falling onto the square!

Bai Qi who was still stepping forward, suddenly shook. He was frozen in place!

With a “weng” sound, the translucent blood coloured long sword that was being held by him suddenly transformed into a golden light, which fragmented away!

The white robes upon him also suddenly transformed into withered leaves, which next transformed into floating ashes.

As for his body, a certain force suddenly surged madly beneath his skin. That something continuously flowed through his face and torso.

Bai Qi attempted to move forward but his movements have turned clumsy. After taking but a step, his body fell with one knee down on the ground!

His body abruptly shrunk down!

A mass of black qi seemed to have engulfed him. Finally, Bai Qi who was right before them disappeared!

On the surface of the ground… there was only something thin and narrow…

Chen Xiaolian moved forward, lowering his head to examine it. Then, his face changed.

Surprisingly that was…

Half of a Tiger Tally!

Bai Qi had disappeared!

He had been transformed into… a half portion of a Tiger Tally!

Picking it up, Chen Xiaolian found that it just happened to fit together with the other half portion of the Tiger Tally within his hand, transforming into one whole Tiger Tally. They were connected seamlessly!

Chen Xiaolian stared at the whole Tiger Tally in his hands in shock. Suddenly, he heard a message appear from his system.

[System prompt: You have killed the guardian! According to your degree of contribution, you have acquired a reward of 1,000 points].

[System prompt: You have acquired an important prop ‘Bai Qi’s Soul’. The current level of this equipment is ‘A’ Class, growth capacity: ‘?’ Class. Using this equipment will summon out Bai Qi’s War Soul, useable once every 24 hours. Using it will consume the owner’s energy. This equipment is bound to the owner. Before the owner’s death, this equipment cannot be transferred].

Below it was a small row of words:

[Skill cool down countdown: 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds…].

The numbers kept moving…

Tiger Tally?

Bai Qi’s Soul?

Su… Summon Bai Qi out to do battle?

An overwhelming sense of happiness suddenly struck Chen Xiaolian to the point where he nearly fainted!

1 The story of Duke Wen of Qin chopping down the catalpa tree was described in Chapter 75.

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