Chapter 85: Plotting To Kill

GOR Chapter 85: Plotting To Kill

In one breath’s time, Chen Xiaolian ran out of the corridor. Turning around, he saw the emotionless and indifferent expression on Bai Qi’s face.

His heart tensed before easing up.

At least his initial assumption was correct: Bai Qi was not showing any indication that he will attack Chen Xiaolian.

It seems… with the Tiger Tally in my hands, Bai Qi will not attack me?

Looking forward, he saw that he had arrived at the gates of the side palace building. Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly as he pushed open the gates and rushed into the central open square area.

“I did not expect that… I would return here.”

Chen Xiaolian strode outwards and stood atop the stairs. Turning around, he saw that Bai Qi was following right behind him. The gates behind them closed with a bang.

Bai Qi extended his hand out. “Return it to me.”

“Do you have any other fixed lines of dialogue other than that?” Chen Xiaolian deliberately smiled and retreated.

At that moment, a miserable cry emitted out from the square!

Upon the square, another Bai Qi was wielding onto the translucent sword as he stamped down onto one of the twins chest (Chen Xiaolian was unable to identify which was the older and which was the younger). The Player lied upon the floor as he let out a wretched cry only to see Bai Qi’s sword piercing into his chest!

The crimson coloured blood upon the surface of Bai Qi’s sword blade flashed. A crimson blood essence rose from the Player’s chest and flowed through the translucent blade as it was absorbed into the long sword held by Bai Qi!

The Player’s head tilted to one side and died, his body withering at a rapid pace!

Chen Xiaolian looked around and was immediately able to find the other members of Wind Slasher Guild within the square.

The big-breasted woman was already dead, her body strewn on the ground with her back facing the skies. Her manner of death was extremely gruesome.

All four of her limbs were cut apart! It was apparent that these were the handiwork of those terracotta soldiers. Additionally, there were also several spears piercing into her body.

As for the other twin, his body leaned against one of the bronze men, one of his arms missing.

His head was cut off and rested on the ground beneath his legs! As for his body, it had already been drained dry!

Finally… Chen Xiaolian saw Da Vinci!

Da Vinci… he was wearing the black robes of a Grim Reaper, but the two skulls on his shoulders had been battered out of shape.

Even the scythe in his hand had been bent out of shape, the blade of the scythe itself having been partially broken! It seemed as though a certain force had directly cut it!

Chen Xiaolian had originally not recognized him as Da Vinci. However, he then heard Da Vinci’s furious howl and was able to identify him as Da Vinci.

Da Vinci howled out furiously. “Impossible! How is this possible? How can the guardian be this strong? How could an impossible quest appear? This is unreasonable! Unreasonable!”


The doppelganger Bai Qi had already flashed beside him, the blade of his sword descending. Da Vinci raised his scythe to block it and his body ended up flying off from the slash. After he fell onto the ground, his scythe broke into two!

A gap opened from Da Vinci’s Grim Reaper robes.

After his blood flowed out, Da Vinci returned to his original form.

The Grim Reaper’s robes, scythe, green light, all of them disappeared.

The braids on Da Vinci’s head fell down and his face was stained with blood. He lied upon the ground, inhaling far more than he exhaled as he continued muttering:

“How is this possible… the BOSS’ strength is clearly far beyond that of Players... this is imbalanced, the system… there must be an issue with the system… there should not be a quest that cannot be completed… I, I cannot accept it argh!”


A sword pierced into his chest, draining him of his blood essence and turning him into a withered corpse!

The doppelganger Bai Qi straightened himself and his emotionless eyes fell upon the other Bai Qi who was beside Chen Xiaolian.

Suddenly, the doppelganger Bai Qi who was wielding the crimson sword suddenly disappeared and reappeared beside Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian sensed the sky piercing blood thirst emanating from these two Bai Qi. Then, these two walked into each other, merging into one…

Chen Xiaolian instinctively moved backwards. He moved down the stairs one step after another, each step taking him down the central square.

Bai Qi held onto his sword with one hand and slowly moved down the stairs. Upon his skin that originally resembled white jade, a faint colour of blood have seemingly been added.

“Return it to me.”

Bai Qi’s sword was directed at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian sensed danger!

He could clearly sense… this time, it was likely that Bai Qi would not refrain from taking any action! This time around, if I still refuse to hand it over… I fear that Bai Qi will really attack me!

He could clearly sense that this Bai Qi before him and the one that he had met earlier before the doppelganger was created … the killing intent emanating from the current Bai Qi’s body was far more violent than the earlier one!

If the earlier Bai Qi was comparable to a chilly ice, then at this moment… this Bai Qi that had merged with the doppelganger was comparable to a mass of intense flames!

The fingers gripping onto the Tiger Tally were quivering – Chen Xiaolian’s heart was feeling terrified. He was not someone devoid of emotions. It was only natural that he feel fearful at a time like this. At that moment however, he could only clench his teeth tightly and stared at Bai Qi who was standing before him.

Bai Qi had absorbed too much blood essence.

As the four members of Wind Slasher Guild were killed off, Chen Xiaolian had observed how Bai Qi had pierced his sword into the Wind Slasher Guild members’ chest and drained out a fiery crimson essence. Additionally, there was also the appearance of the colour of blood on Bai Qi’s complexion…

This transformation was clearly not limited to the exterior.

Chen Xiaolian was also able to clearly sense something else. The body of this Bai Qi before him… now has a faint trace of life essence?

Chen Xiaolian looked at the sword within Bai Qi’s hand and heavily gritted his teeth. He abruptly mustered all his strength to throw the Tiger Tally towards the main palace building!

After that, he turned tail and ran!

No matter how he thought about it, Chen Xiaolian believed that this was the only thing that the current him could do.

The Tiger Tally drew an arc across the air.

The power of B Class strength was fully displayed, allowing the Tiger Tally to be thrown both far and high.

Bai Qi’s body flashed and his body shot out like a meteor!


There was one person whose actions were faster than Bai Qi!

Back when Chen Xiaolian’s hand was moving to make the throw, Miao Yan had already made her move. She leapt down from the top of the roof towards it!

Seeing the Tiger Tally flying over in her direction, both of Miao Yan’s eyes revealed looks of surprise. She leapt off the roof and saw Bai Qi approaching at an incredible speed. Miao Yan reached out with her hand and caught hold of the Tiger Tally with her hand!

“Return it to me!”

The ink black eyes of Bai Qi suddenly erupted with a sky piercing killing intent! The translucent, blood coloured long sword shot out, stabbing towards Miao Yan!

Chen Xiaolian was dumbfounded!

He who had already ran all the way to the side palace building gates did not expect to see Miao Yan descend from the skies – when did this woman secretly run back to the square?

Seeing Miao Yan intercepting the Tiger Tally that he had thrown out, Chen Xiaolian could only stand there in shock. Then… he subconsciously stopped moving.

Both of Miao Yan’s eyes stared intensely at Bai Qi’s sword that had arrived before her. Her body twisted around in the middle of the air continuously and she dodged 3 times!

However, each of Bai Qi’s sword strike was hard to shake off, each of them aimed towards Miao Yan’s heart. Miao Yan continuously made 3 different movements in mid-air, each with extreme speed, so much so that only an after image could be seen.

But, Bai Qi was even faster!


Miao Yan grunted as the skin-tight garment she wore suffered from a split to the chest area. Despite that, it was apparent that she did not receive any injuries to even her skin. Who knows what level of protective suit was her skin-tight garment for it to have such a high level of durability!

Miao Yan violently shoved out the palm of her hand and a golden sphere of light expanded outwards. She then took the opportunity to make a roll in the air and leap down to her back.

Watching Bai Qi break out of the golden light, Miao Yan revealed a slight sneer. “Xiaolian, catch!”

She threw the Tiger Tally over!

Before Chen Xiaolian could make any reaction, he saw that the Tiger Tally had already arrived before him after shooting through the air. Grievance rose within his heart: Is this woman trying to kill me?

Before he could take any actions, the Tiger Tally had already fallen onto Chen Xiaolian’s arms – this woman, her throwing skill sure was accurate!

Bai Qi roared out like a tiger. His body that was originally charging towards Miao Yan stopped in mid-air. Then, he turned around and pounced towards Chen Xiaolian.

“Are you plotting to kill me?”

Chen Xiaolian cursed out and was about to throw the Tiger Tally away again. However, he heard Miao Yan shout out. “You cannot give it to him. Or else, we are dead!”

Chen Xiaolian did not even have the time to consider anything as the aura from Bai Qi’s sword enveloped him.

In but a moment’s time, he felt himself losing every ounce of energy within his body. It was as though an enormous pressure was bearing down against him to the point where he could not even move his fingertips!

Seeing the tip of the blade coming towards his body, Chen Xiaolian lamented inwardly and closed his eyes as he waited for death.

At the same time that Bai Qi was pouncing towards Chen Xiaolian, Miao Yan had already leapt over!

She properly adjusted her posture and quickly used her fingers to form a strange seal. A piercing sound emanated out and a beam of silvery light shot out from Miao Yan’s fingertip!

The silver ray of light shot towards Bai Qi’s back. Bai Qi grunted; he gave up on trying to stab Chen Xiaolian and turned around. His translucent sword was used to deflect the silver beam of light.


This clear sound reverberated, causing Chen Xiaolian’s ears to buzz.

He looked at the beam of silvery light that was suspended in the middle of the air. Surprisingly, it was a translucent object that appeared to be made of light…

“That, that son of a bitch is a flying sword?” Chen Xiaolian blurted out.

Miao Yan had already landed down at an area no more than 10 metres away from Chen Xiaolian. Her fingers moved about, manipulating the small silver flying sword to continuously attack Bai Qi.

Bai Qi brandished his sword, his blade moved gracefully, like the floating clouds and flowing river. The sounds of collisions resounded without respite. Yet, no matter how profound the attacks executed by the small silver flying sword, they were all blocked off by Bai Qi.

“Chen Xiaolian! Hurry up and break the array!” Miao Yan’s face was somewhat pale and she snapped out. “If you do not break it, we will all die!”

“Huh? Break the array?” Chen Xiaolian was shocked.

“The Five Elements Array!” Miao Yan’s body trembled – Bai Qi split the small flying sword into two with one strike causing the small flying sword to wail out and its silver radiance to grow dimmer. Miao Yan exhaled and spoke in a firm tone. “Act according to my instructions!”

Notice: For fellow readers who read this novel before 9th of June 2016, the name ‘Autumn Stone Guild’ have been changed to ‘Meteor Rock Guild’. Very sorry for my mistake… *shamefully facepalming*

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