Chapter 84: Decoy (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 84: Decoy

Within the Water De hall.

Everyone looked nervously at Bai Qi who was seated upon the corridor. Chen Xiaolian’s brows were knitted together as he anxiously glanced at the countdown timer in his system.

[Time remaining until Qin Shi Huang’s resurrection at 37 minutes and 28 seconds…].

The numbers kept moving continuously.

“Perhaps we should simply stay in here,” Lun Tai coughed out blood and said in a low voice. “Even if we do not complete the quest by the time the instance dungeon is over, receiving some punishment won’t be the death of us.”

His words were met with agreement by Bei Tai.

However, the Black Knights Guild Leader, Alice sneered. “If only it was that simple, then all would be good. But, the system would never give us an opportunity to relax.”

“I too believe that things would not be that simple,” Chen Xiaolian frowned. “I feel that staying within Epang Palace is too risky. My intuition is telling me that we need to at least get away from Epang Palace. If the first thing that Qin Shi Huang does after his resurrection is to kill off every palace intruders, then we are all goners.”

“That is very likely,” Alice sighed. “I had once participated in an instance dungeon in a mausoleum located in Europe. The quest was to stop the resurrection of an ancient...

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