Chapter 83: Grim Reaper

GOR Chapter 83: Grim Reaper

Han Bi and Bei Tai became shocked while Soo Soo raised her head to look at Chen Xiaolian. Alice continued breathing weakly…

“I, I recall still seeing her as we were running from the square into this side palace building.”

Han Bi reflected on it and spoke those words after a moment of hesitation.

“After that?” Chen Xiaolian furrowed his brows.

“After that, I stopped paying attention. I was too frantic in my attempt to escape, and with so many people… I, I really could not notice,” Han Bi gritted his teeth, his expression showing remorse.

“It is not your fault,” Chen Xiaolian comforted him and let out a bitter smile. “Even I did not realize it. Where had she gone to…”

He gazed outside the room and saw that Bai Qi was actually sitting cross-legged before the entrance, both his eyes slightly closed.

On the square, the Wind Slasher Guild was plunged into a bitter fight!

The terracotta soldiers that were immobile akin to clay statues had suddenly regained their vigour along with Bai Qi’s resurrection!

Although the Wind Slasher Guild had taken advantage of the earlier opportunity to kill off one of the black generals, the remaining 3 black generals have now stepped onto the field!

The Qin terracotta soldiers from every direction have been mobilized, swarming towards the triangular formation of the Wind Slasher Guild like a tidal wave. They were like the waves smashing down onto the rocky reefs, one wave after another…

It was unknown how many times the big-breasted woman had summoned out her pets. In face of the torrential charge of the Qin soldiers, the pets could only retreat one after another. In mere moments, they were killed and were transformed into beams of light before disappearing.

The big-breasted woman’s face became increasingly ugly as her heart ached incessantly – acquiring all these pets was no easy matter. Each pet’s death caused an unrelenting pain within her heart.

The younger twin with the transformed body was fighting off against the 3 black generals. He struggled to endure the joint attacks by the 3 black generals. The younger twin’s golden light axe had already been broken and a slash cut him on his chest. He staggered onto a statue of the bronze men, using them to resist. However, he could only block their attacks and could not fight back at all.

Dense number of arrows rained down in waves and the assault by the Qin soldiers had seemingly become indiscriminate. They had totally disregarded the terracotta soldiers that were within the area covered by the rain of arrows!

A huge number of sharp arrows descended upon the surface of the golden cover above the triangular formation. The face of the older twin sitting within the triangular formation had turned as pale as paper!

“Guild Leader!”

The big-breasted woman watched as another one of her War Wolf was killed by a group of Qin soldiers, their countless spears stabbing into it. Blood oozed out from the corner of her mouth and she clenched her teeth. “We won’t be able to hold on much longer! Think of something!”

“Soon! Another 28 seconds!” Da Vinci’s face remained emotionless. He raised an eyebrow and softly said. “My skill cool down is almost over! Hold on a while longer!”

Da Vinci narrowed his eyes and observed the incoming waves of Qin soldiers; the younger twin was being beaten up by the 3 black generals to the point of spilling blood and losing flesh – the younger twin howled out as his entire left arm was chopped off by a black general!

Blood sprayed onto the surface of the square…

“Another 15 seconds…” Da Vinci clenched his fist tightly.

Hmph, if not for the fact that we had to fight to the death with another Player Guild on the way here, hmph… that damnable Thorned Flower Guild! In order to kill off the team they sent, I had to use my skill…

“Another 6 seconds!” Da Vinci shouted out. “Prepare to withdraw the pets, all members withdraw into the formation!”

“A ah!”

The younger twin suddenly cried out in pain. A sword covered in black qi had pierced into his body!

Blood sprayed out uncontrollably from his mouth and his huge body stature immediately shrunk. In the blink of an eye, he had returned to his original shape. He sat on his buttocks beneath the statue of the bronze men, watching as the black general slashed down with his sword. The younger twin could only close his eyes and wait for death…

“Three, two, one…” A bottomless radiance burst out from within Da Vinci’s eyes!


An invisible force suddenly repelled the giant black sword that was about to hack down onto the younger twin’s body! This enormous force actually forced the black general’s body to stagger backwards for a moment. As for the black long sword in his hand, it had slipped past his grasp as it flew off! The sword rotated in the air a number of times before landing on the top of the palace, piercing into the rooftop!

Da Vinci’s hand was extended outwards. In the direction of his extended hand…

Before the younger twin, stood a 3-foot tall pet!

That was a… a smaller version of the Grim Reaper!

The 3-foot tall body was wrapped within black robes. Two streamers hung out from the hood of the robes. There was only shadows where its face should be, whereas 2 clump of green flames appeared from the location where its eyes should be.

In its hand was a smaller sized sickle that was still bigger than its figure.

Earlier, it was this Grim Reaper’s sickle that had repelled the black general’s sword!

Da Vinci displayed an expression of haughtiness as he twisted his neck.

His body flashed and he appeared before the younger twin. Using one hand, he hauled the younger twin up and tossed him into the triangular formation.

The tiny Da Vinci looked at the 3 gigantic black generals, the corners of his mouth curling upwards. A strange smile with a profound meaning could be seen on his face.

“It is my turn to give you a lesson!”

His finger gestured in a hook like manner and the 3-foot tall mini Grim Reaper suddenly let out a happy clamour. Its body leapt up and entered Da Vinci’s body…

In that moment, a clump of green flames materialized from the surface of Da Vinci’s body, flickering with a dazzling radiance!

As for Da Vinci who was standing out in the open space, he had undergone a massive transformation!

Da Vinci had transformed into a…

Grim Reaper!

Long black robes on the exterior and metal gauntlets on both his arms. He wore gloves where each knuckles snugged between each fingers.

Upon the surface of each of his shoulders were skull shaped metallic shoulder guards that emitted ghastly green flames.

A pointy hood covered his head. Under the hood, Da Vinci’s face had disappeared only to be replaced with the darkness of the void. Where his eyes should be, two clumps of green flames shone out!

His body floated above the ground and his legs below the robes had transformed into a shroud of faint green light!

His right hand wielded a massive Grim Reaper’s scythe! The blade has the shape of a circular moon and a silver coloured skull embedded at its centre!

“Pet Fusion Skill. This Da Vinci’s strength is quite good.”

On top of a side palace building, Miao Yan was seated atop the roof. She squinted her smiling eyes and observed Da Vinci who was standing upon the square. A small curl appeared at the tip of her lips as she squinted her eyes. Her left fingers tapped down onto her temple and she stared at Da Vinci again.

“En… S Class? En, wrong! This should be the additional effect from the formation.”

Da Vinci who had transformed into the Grim Reaper raised his scythe up high before bringing it down!

Standing before him was the black general that had lost his black long sword. As the scythe was descending, the black general crossed his arms before him in a defensive gesture. Then… ca!

Enveloped with the radiance of green flames, the scythe sliced down through both the black general’s arms! As for the protective layer of flaming black qi, the green flames broke through it in an instant!

After that, the black general’s black armour was sliced through without any resistance.

After the “ca” sound, the black general staggered 2 steps backwards, his pair of arms falling off his body. Soon after, a thin and straight fissure opened up from the top of his head down to his waist!

The fissure abruptly parted and flaming black qi sprayed outwards. Then, the black general suddenly transformed into a pile of scrap iron before falling onto the ground.

The other 2 black generals charged forward from both sides!

Da Vinci emitted a long and eerie laughter and his hovering body immediately retreated! His speed was as fast as a ghost. In but a flash, he had created a distance of tens of steps away from them. The scythe in his hand swung once…

The skull in the middle of the scythe’s blade suddenly overflowed with green radiance!

A thick pillar of green light shot out and struck one of the black general!

The black general’s body trembled and was barely able to raise its giant black sword before its chest, as though it was trying to block off the green pillar of light. However, the green pillar of light suddenly expanded violently!

With a “weng”, the pillar of light pierced through both the black general’s sword and body at the same time. The black general was directly thrown backwards! Its body soared across the tall staircase and directly collided into the gates of the main palace building!

With a “bang”, the armour of the black general broke apart into its respective components: Helm, gauntlets, breastplate, greaves…

A clump of black qi surged in frenzy under the onslaught of the green pillar of light. Finally, it uttered out a sharp ghastly cry before transforming into black wisps and dissipated…

“And then there was one.”

Grim Reaper Da Vinci turned around and looked at the final black general.

The black general had already raised up his gigantic sword, hacking down with it!

The flaming black qi descended upon the head of the Grim Reaper. Da Vinci let out a sneer and swung the scythe hard down onto the ground.


A green light was discharged out from the blade of the scythe!

The green light streaked out in every direction, akin to a nuclear explosion!

The countless rays of green light pierced through the black general’s body! Innumerable fine cracks emerged from the surface of his black armour as the green light penetrated his body. Without creating a sound, the light incinerated the black general’s body!

The black long sword clattered onto the ground. A black qi swirled around it and it transformed into black coloured ashes.

The countless rays of green light were scattered throughout the open square and a group of Qin soldiers that were gathered near the triangular formation were turned to black qi and vaporized.

On the ground, even more rays of green light spread outwards like snakes. Within the radius of 50 metres, all the terracotta soldiers within the area were pulverized, turning into gravel, black qi and powder…

With that one skill, one third of the square area filled with terracotta soldiers was cleared!

“That is quite a good AOE skill,” Miao Yan crouched down on top of the roof, her eyes narrowed and she let out a faint smile [1].

“Upwards! Go to the main palace building! Kill Qin Shi Huang and the quest will be completed!”

The Grim Reaper Da Vinci laughed loudly and his body floated up the staircase, charging towards the gates of the main palace building…

Chen Xiaolian watched as Bai Qi who was seated before the entrance suddenly rose up.

Bai Qi turned his head, and looked towards the square area… it was unknown what those profound eyes were observing.

“Those who attack the members of the Royal Palace must die.”

Bai Qi shook his head, then…

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes bulged out!

From behind Bai Qi, his body suddenly split into two.

Chen Xiaolian watched as another Bai Qi appeared from the back of Bai Qi.

This doppelganger of Bai Qi did not even bother to look at Chen Xiaolian and the others who were in the room. His body flashed and he disappeared from the corridor.

Grim Reaper Da Vinci was about to slam into the gates of the main palace building!

Suddenly, his body froze in place!

A man in white clothes and emotionless expression stood silently before Da Vinci.

His body was not very tall and he was dressed only in simple white clothes, not a single armour upon his person. He stood silently before the gates of the main palace building.

“The King’s position cannot be violated… DIE!”

Bai Qi did not make any flashy moves. He simply lifted his foot and casually and seemingly with ease… kicked Da Vinci’s chest!

The Grim Reaper Da Vinci who had just displayed his godlike prowess flew out like a meteor!

Bang! Bang bang! Bang bang bang!

Da Vinci’s body fell onto the stairs, smashing down onto the tiles and bounced around a few times, rolling far away. Finally, he landed onto the other side of the square!

The green flames shrouding his entire body turned dim in that instant!

Bai Qi stood straight before the gates of the main palace building. Suddenly, both his hands slipped into his sleeves. Then, slowly… from within the left sleeve, his right hand pulled out a sword!

The blade of the sword was translucent in colour, akin to that of a transparent crystal. However, within the crystal was a faint mass of crimson coloured blood qi that swirled back and forth!

1 AOE (Area Of Effect) is a term used in games to describe attacks or spells that can affect everything within a specified area.

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