Chapter 82: Bai Qi (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 82: Bai Qi

“Charge forward!”

Using the spear, Chen Xiaolian cleaved down onto the head of a terracotta soldier, pulverizing it to pieces!

He then rushed with great strides into the midst of the rows of Qin soldiers. However, the incoming attacks from all sides that he was expecting did not occur.

His spear swept through the Qin soldiers and he was surprised to find…

All the terracotta soldiers were standing still. It was as though they had lost their energy, becoming real stone statues, motionless!

Completely lifeless!

In the distance, the same was happening to the Wind Slasher Guild.

The big-breasted woman’s pets tore the terracotta soldiers before it apart. However, none of the terracotta soldiers came forth to kill it. Instead, they all stood still on the same spot. It was as though they had fallen...

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