Chapter 82: Bai Qi

GOR Chapter 82: Bai Qi

“Charge forward!”

Using the spear, Chen Xiaolian cleaved down onto the head of a terracotta soldier, pulverizing it to pieces!

He then rushed with great strides into the midst of the rows of Qin soldiers. However, the incoming attacks from all sides that he was expecting did not occur.

His spear swept through the Qin soldiers and he was surprised to find…

All the terracotta soldiers were standing still. It was as though they had lost their energy, becoming real stone statues, motionless!

Completely lifeless!

In the distance, the same was happening to the Wind Slasher Guild.

The big-breasted woman’s pets tore the terracotta soldiers before it apart. However, none of the terracotta soldiers came forth to kill it. Instead, they all stood still on the same spot. It was as though they had fallen under a paralysis spell.

A good number of them were maintaining their attacking posture… however, their bodies remained immobile.

Even the black general who was trying to kill the younger twin had abruptly turned stiff.

The younger twin’s golden axe hacked down onto the general’s head. But, the black general did not resist, parry or dodge. He only stood there like clay puppet.

The axe hacked down onto the black general’s neck and easily sliced through. The black general was decapitated and his head rolled onto the ground. The younger twin stepped forward and delivered a kick, sending the black general reeling over.

He raised his head and looked around in shock…

Da Vinci’s face turned odd. “This… what is going on?”

Xia Xiaolei was on the verge of wetting his pants.

Before him, a man wearing white clothes stood up from the ground.

The man has a calm and expressionless face. However, his eyes glinted with blackness!

The white clothed man seemingly gave out a light sigh. He raised both arms and examined his body. Then, a trace of a peculiar smile appeared on his jade coloured face.

He caught sight of Xia Xiaolei and ambled up to Xia Xiaolei’s front.

Xia Xiaolei had fallen onto the ground due to fear. His hand was subconsciously gripping onto the Tiger Tally.

The man in white looked at Xia Xiaolei, his eyes focusing onto the Tiger Tally in Xia Xiaolei’s hands.

“Return it to me.”

The man in white extended his hand out towards Xia Xiaolei.

“Charge out!”

Chen Xiaolian had become dumbfounded for a moment. However, he immediately realized that whatever was happening did not matter… this incident was favourable to them!

Why these Qin soldiers suddenly became immobile was something that Chen Xiaolian had no time to consider in detail!

It was more important for them to rush out!


Chen Xiaolian took the lead and brandished the bronze spear along the way, cutting a path open through the rows of Qin soldiers. Behind him, the other Awakened ones followed suit. Bei Tai who was propping up Lun Tai, Miao Yan who was holding onto Alice, Soo Soo and Han Bi all followed behind Chen Xiaolian…

Without the obstruction of the Qin soldiers, they rushed to the top of the stairs and ran into the side palace building…

Chen Xiaolian recalled the way they used to enter and immediately led them through the corridor.

After passing through several corridors, he heard a terrified voice coming from the front!

He then saw a familiar figure running frantically towards them just like a rabbit that was being hunted.

It turned out to be someone familiar… Xia Xiaolei?

“Xia Xiaolei?” Chen Xiaolian blurted out.

Xia Xiaolei caught sight of Chen Xiaolian and his eyes widened. His cries of misery grew even more wretched as he ran madly forward. “Run, hurry up and run! Brother Xiaolian! There is a monster! Help!”

Xia Xiaolei stumbled forward, falling into Chen Xiaolian. Chen Xiaolian then held him up. “Why are you here?”

“I… aiya, it is a long story! Xiaolian! Ah, brother Han Bi! The both of you are here! Run, hurry up and run! There is a monster, a monster is chasing after me! He had already eaten up a person! It is too scary!”

“Do not panic!” Chen Xiaolian held onto Xia Xiaolei tightly. “What exactly is going on?”

“Someone wanted to harm you, so I ambushed that person. Then, a monster swallowed him. Then, the monster came after me… aiya, let us not talk about it! We need to hurry up and run!”

Xia Xiaolei turned to look at his back and suddenly screamed out. “He is coming! He is coming!”

From the end of the corridor, a man in white walked into sight.

His manner of movement, coupled with those wide ancient sleeves brought forth a sense of elegance.

The long sleeves were drawn together as both his hands were set to his back.

This man walked through the corridor of Epang Palace, not a shred of awkwardness within his conduct.

It was as though his character and clothing were one with the palace.

The image he gave off was one of harmony.

At the same time, another feeling inundated the hearts of all the Awakened ones!

The man in white walked forward slowly. However, each step he took, each time he got nearer… what their eyes perceived was…

A mountain pressing down upon them!

This silent aura of might brought a feeling of coldness down their every fibre!

Without saying anything, Chen Xiaolian suddenly threw the bronze spear in his hands out with all his might!

With B Class force that could crush stones behind it, the stone transformed into a meteor and shot towards the face of the man in white.

The man in white gave out a faint smile. With a flick of his finger, the bronze spear was restrained in the middle of the air. Next, a black qi engulfed it and the spear was turned into powder and fell onto the ground!

“… Everyone retreat!”

Chen Xiaolian quickly made a decision!

This atmosphere, this level of power… this is the feeling reserved for the absolute big BOSS!

Chen Xiaolian pulled Soo Soo to him, put Han Bi together with Xia Xiaolei before turning around and run. Bei Tai and the others followed behind.

Taking a few steps, he saw a room upon the corridor with the ‘Water De’ tablet on it.

“Quick, go inside!”

Chen Xiaolian recalled that this was the safety zone of the system. Considering how they have no other option, he could only lead them into the ‘Water De’ hall.

After all of them had charged into the Water De hall, Chen Xiaolian quickly picked up a bronze censer with his hands. Everyone stood near the entrance, vigilantly looking at the man in white who walked casually until he reached the entrance.

The man in white stood before the entrance, finally stopping his pace. He did not step inside.

Chen Xiaolian inwardly let out a minor sigh:

It seems… the rules for the safety zone are still in play.

The man in white stood before the entrance. He narrowed his eyes and regarded everyone within the room. His black eyes swept through everyone and all who fell under his gaze felt their hearts shivering.

Finally, the man in white’s eyes fell upon Xia Xiaolei who was hiding behind Chen Xiaolian.

The man in white extended his right hand. “Return it to me.”

A firm voice came forth!

Xia Xiaolei was on the verge of tears as he trembled.

“Return what to him? Did you take anything?” Han Bi whispered.

Xia Xiaolei opened his palms to reveal a Tiger Tally.

“Could this be a storyline requirement? Do we return it to him? What item is this?” Han Bi asked in quick succession.

Xia Xiaolei hesitated. Chen Xiaolian on the other hand, grabbed his wrist and said. “We cannot give it to him!”

Chen Xiaolian stared at the item within Xia Xiaolei’s palm, both his eyes bulging widely!

“This is… Tiger Tally?”

He abruptly turned around to look at the man in white.

“One who wields the Tiger Tally with the bearing of nobility. You… you, you are…”

“Gongsun Shi, Bai Qi.”

The man in white maintained an expression of indifference. Even his voice was one of indifference.

Chen Xiaolian’s face became distorted.

Son of a bitch, you really are the BIG BOSS argh!

Bai Qi stood outside the room, his jade like face was directed at the people within the room, his expression cold and devoid of emotions. At that moment, the one factor that provided Chen Xiaolian with relief was that Bai Qi could not enter the safety zone.


Chen Xiaolian turned around and looked at everyone. Then, his face changed.

“Where is Miao Yan?”

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