Chapter 81: Xia Xiao Lei

GOR Chapter 81: Xia Xiao Lei

“Do not be vindictive.”

Da Vinci softly said. “Do not waste your strength on these weak mobs. Just block them off. The way I see it… those fellows are about to come down!”

Da Vinci pointed out with his finger at the black military general who had already stepped forward!

When compared to the black general’s 3 zhang (~ 9 m) body, the members of the Wind Slasher Guild were simply puny. Black qi swirled around the surface of his long sword as he stepped towards the triangle formation of the Wind Slasher Guild!

This time, the younger twin rushed forward!

His figure disappeared!

In the next instant, he appeared before the black military general. His body soared through the air until he reached the black general’s neck area and he extended his fingers out while in mid-air.

From his fingertips, a silvery light burst out and landed upon the surface of the black general’s neck. The black general’s body swayed for an instant before he immediately turned around. A black fiery qi spouted out from both his eyes!

The younger twin disappeared. In the next moment, he reappeared again behind the black general, extending the same finger like a sword and shooting out another silvery beam of light.

This time, the flaming black qi blocked off the silvery light. The younger twin’s figure was seemingly capable of teleporting and he disappeared before reappearing again. This time too, he had reappeared in the black general’s blind spot.

Unfortunately, despite the masterful execution of his attacks, the black general’s body was protected by the black qi. The silvery light shot out by the younger twin could not break through the black general’s defence at all.

After receiving a number of attacks, the black general let out a roar. He ignored the younger twin and began sprinting towards the triangular formation!

The younger twin gritted his teeth and determination flashed through his eyes. He abruptly took a deep breath!

His figure violently expanded outwards!

In just one breath’s time, his skinny figure had suddenly expanded to double that of his original size.

The younger twin instantly transformed into a 3 metre lesser giant!

Despite being smaller than the black general, he was now an imposing figure himself.

The younger twin roared loudly and a lightning like radiance appeared from his palm – it was as though an axe of light had materialized from his bare hand. As he roared, he cleaved down onto the black general’s head!

The black general turned around and used his long sword to parry the blow. A loud sound resounded and the air blasted outwards from the resulting impact.

The surrounding Qin terracotta soldiers lost their footings and were all sucked up by the blowing air.

The younger twin roared continuously. Brandishing the golden light axe, he engaged in a fight with the black general!

Although his size was smaller than the black general, his strength and speed was in no way inferior. Every time the black general’s long sword struck the golden light axe, the resulting collision would bring out a sound that resembled the shrill cries of ghosts!

“These people are so strong?”

Han Bi who was standing near Chen Xiaolian was shocked and he blurted out those words in a low voice.

At the moment, there was something odd going on. On the other side of the square, a black general had already stepped forward while the Qin armies’ formation on the left side had been fully mobilized to surround the 4 members of Wind Slasher Guild.

However, things were different on this side of the square. Although there were Qin terracotta soldiers lined up in rows regarding them with tiger like eyes, these Qin soldiers were only standing still. There were no indication of them attacking.

Movement on one side and stillness on the other. This created a contradictory scene upon the square.

Being surrounded by such a high number of Qin soldiers nonetheless caused the Awakened ones to feel apprehensive.

“They are not that strong.”

The one who spoke out was Miao Yan.

Miao Yan squinted her pair of smiling eyes and was watching the ongoing battle waged by the Wind Slasher Guild with interest. Listening to Han Bi’s words, the corners of Miao Yan’s lips curled and she softly said. “That black general should have A Class strength. If any of the Wind Slasher Guild members could fight an A Class BOSS to a standstill, they would have become the number one guild amongst Players.

That woman as well. Hmph, throwing out so many pets at once. Controlling so many pets would only exhaust the strength of the owner. Playing a sea of pets strategy? Did you think it was that simple?

The way I see it… the most peculiar aspect of all is that triangular formation they are using.

If I am not mistaken, that must be a formation that could enhance their strength for a short amount of time.”

Chen Xiaolian glanced at Miao Yan and thought: This woman has such a powerful strength and also so much knowledge… in the circle of Awakened ones, she should be someone of note.

But… why was it that the 3 Guild Leaders here, Nangong, Alice and Qiu Yun could not recognize her?

Could it be that she is a lone wolf type of Awakened?

“What should we do? Do we just wait here and watch the show?”

Bei Tai said bitterly. “Although I cannot wait to have those Players die off, but… could it be that we should just wait here for those terracotta soldiers to attack us?”

The sense of unease within Chen Xiaolian’s mind became stronger.

He raised his head to observe the skies. Those dark ink-like clouds had seemingly turned thicker…

“I… I have an opinion.”

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth. “We’ll leave this place! Break through the encirclement and head outside the palace!”

“… what?”

Miao Yan stared at Chen Xiaolian. “Are you not going to finish the quest?”

“The difference in strength here is too big,” Chen Xiaolian replied calmly. “Being courageous does not mean being stupid. Look at those 4 black generals. We cannot defeat even one of them. Additionally… the real big BOSS has yet to make his appearance.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian looked at Miao Yan. “Unless, are you confident that you can defeat those 4 black generals? After that, we will have to depend on your strength alone to defeat Bai Qi.”

Miao Yan’s mouth moved but she did not say anything. Her eyes showed disapproval.

“The reason I participated in this instance dungeon was not to complete the quest. It was in order to live on,” Chen Xiaolian turned to look at Han Bi and Soo Soo. “This is my decision. I had thought about it. Even though there are a huge number of terracotta soldiers, the monsters’ level is not high. Thus, we have an opportunity to break through. After that, we will enter the side palace building. From there, we can find our way back to the front hall and leave this Epang Palace.

That is my opinion… do you have any objections?”

Han Bi nodded. “I’ll listen to you.”

There was no need to ask about Soo Soo who tightly gripped onto Chen Xiaolian’s hand.

Bei Tai thought about it. “My brother and I will follow you.”

Alice sat on the ground, her face pale. She sighed and said nothing.

When Miao Yan was the only one left, she suddenly smiled. “Since that is how it is, then let us go together.”

Chen Xiaolian looked around and pointed at the left side’s palace building. “We came here using that path. Thus, we are more familiar with the terrain there. Backtracking would be the most prudent way to go about it.”

At that moment, with the exception of Chen Xiaolian and Miao Yan all of them were injured – as for Soo Soo, everyone had subconsciously ignored this little girl.

Hearing Chen Xiaolian’s words, they all expressed their approval.

“Then… let us break through.”

Chen Xiaolian glanced at the Wind Slasher Guild who were engaged in battle far away and observed the rows of Qin terracotta soldiers standing at attention on the left side. “Kill your way out, but do not keep fighting. If there is an opportunity, rush into the side palace building area. We will use the same path we took to exit Epang Palace.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian weighed the bronze spear in his hand and took a deep breath. “I will open the way!”

He stepped out, moving towards the left Qin army!

“Head Cleaver!”

The spear drew an arc through the air and cleaved down onto a head!

… …

Qiu Yun stood beside the giant ding.

The black qi swirling beneath him had already reached his waist.

Qiu Yun lowered his head and sneered. “Are you thinking of seizing my body? Bai Qi!”

From the surface of the Tiger Tally held high in his hands, a golden radiance suddenly shone down onto Qiu Yun’s waist area. The radiance caused the madly moving black qi to recoil!

“The God of Slaughter is indeed a God of Slaughter, what a powerful air of brutality! Even this Tiger Tally of the King of Qin could barely restrain you, hmph!”

Qiu Yun narrowed his eyes. Through the Tiger Tally, he could clearly observe everything that was happening at the square through the eyes of the controlled Qin terracotta soldiers.

It appears that the pressure on the Wind Slasher Guild is insufficient. Hmph… offer more of your blood! One more black general! Da Vinci, I want to see if that triangular formation of yours can hold.”

Even more golden radiance burst out from the surface of the Tiger Tally.

Qiu Yun was bathed in the golden light and the area below his waist that was engulfed by the black qi was restored immediately. Under the suppression of the golden light, the black qi had already been pushed down to Qiu Yun’s feet.

The golden light enveloped the giant ding.

“Bai Qi, stop resisting! The King of Qin’s Tiger Tally is in my hands and all the Qin soldiers here must obey the commands of this Tiger Tally! Hahahahahaha!”

Qiu Yun laughed out coldly a few times. Suddenly, he uttered “eh”. He narrowed his eyes. “Chen Xiaolian… you are thinking of breaking through?”

Hmph, you are all vital blood offerings. I cannot simply allow you to run away!”

Qiu Yun tightly gripped onto the Tiger Tally.

The golden light shone out brightly but Qiu Yun’s expression turned increasingly pale. His breathing grew more rapid and weak!

Xia Xiaolei was crawling on the ground some distance away. His buttocks was sticking up as he hid behind a bronze censer and he happened to hear Qiu Yun’s words.

“Chen Xiaolian? Eh? Could he be referring to…”

A flicker of determination suddenly flashed through the terrified expression on Xia Xiaolei’s face.

“I am cowardly… but brother Xiaolian’s matter cannot be ignored!”

This timid youngster trembled as he climbed up. He bit down hard on his lips and picked up the bronze censer beside him.

Step by step, step by step, he quietly moved forward, moving closer to Qiu Yun’s back…

Normally, someone like Xia Xiaolei would be unable to even dream of getting close to launch a sneak attack on Qiu Yun…

At that moment however, the Tiger Tally was absorbing Qiu Yun’s strength at a maddening pace. The weakened Qiu Yun gasped in short breaths. Occasionally, he would even have to endure loud ringing sounds in his ears.

As he was panting, he let out a sneer. “Since you want to break through, then I will kill you all first! Only with blood can the power of the soul be unleashed! Black general…”

Just as Qiu Yun uttered those words…



A bronze censer heavily smashed down onto the back of Qiu Yun’s head!

Qiu Yun’s eyes rolled over and he staggered forward!

The bronze censer was flattened by the impact. However, Qiu Yun was still able to turn behind and stare with wide-open eyes.

He saw a youngster holding onto a bronze censer in his hands. The youngster’s face was filled with fear and cowardice as he looked at Qiu Yun. Even his hands were shaking.

“You, you are…”

Xia Xiaolei was on the verge of crying.

He looked down at the flattened bronze censer in his hands and looked at the other party…

Son of a bitch! Why is his head so hard?

In TV, don’t people usually faint after being smashed like that?

Qiu Yun’s face revealed a sorrowful expression!

“A minor character… how unexpected, to think that I, Qiu Yun would actually… actually be foiled by a minor character… I… I… I cannot accept it argh!!!”

Qiu Yun roared out in frenzy.

He looked at Xia Xiaolei, both hands empty!


The Tiger Tally had at an unknown moment in time… fallen onto the ground!

Without the golden light from the Tiger Tally, the black qi beneath Qiu Yun’s feet crept up madly!

In but moments, it had gone above the waist, then the chest, and then the neck…

The black qi rushed wildly into Qiu Yun’s mouth…

Then, Qiu Yun became engulfed within the black qi…

The struggling Qiu Yun displayed a final trace of consciousness and he forced himself to bend down. He extended his hand, reaching out towards the Tiger Tally lying on the ground…

At that moment however, something unexpected happened to Xia Xiaolei as he coincidentally extended out his foot, which kicked the Tiger Tally away slightly.


Qiu Yun’s eyes that still had a trace of consciousness stared intently at Xia Xiaolei. For the first time… his mouth uttered out an expletive!

Qiu Yun howled and finally… fell onto the ground.

The black qi swirled around him and his body was no longer visible.

Xia Xiaolei was scared stiff.

Subconsciously, he bent down to pick up the Tiger Tally. Gripping it tightly in his hands, he looked at the mass of black qi that was gradually becoming thicker…

The youngster was overwhelmed with fear and he retreated one step after another.

He had wanted to turn around and run. However, his legs have turned soft.


The black qi completely disappeared! It was as though a suction power was frantically absorbing all the black qi into Qiu Yun’s body! The black qi was sucked out from the giant ding non-stop and flowed into Qiu Yun’s body!

On the ground, Qiu Yun’s face and figure was undergoing a massive transformation.

The skeletal facial structure, muscles, hair… they have seemingly become clumps of modelling clay and were being kneaded by an invisible force.

The clothes worn by Qiu Yun were enveloped by the black qi and torn apart. Next, a new set of clothes was materialized from the mass of black qi enveloping his body!

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