Chapter 81: Xia Xiao Lei (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 81: Xia Xiao Lei

“Do not be vindictive.”

Da Vinci softly said. “Do not waste your strength on these weak mobs. Just block them off. The way I see it… those fellows are about to come down!”

Da Vinci pointed out with his finger at the black military general who had already stepped forward!

When compared to the black general’s 3 zhang (~ 9 m) body, the members of the Wind Slasher Guild were simply puny. Black qi swirled around the surface of his long sword as he stepped towards the triangle formation of the Wind Slasher Guild!

This time, the younger twin rushed forward!

His figure disappeared!

In the next instant, he appeared before the black military general. His body soared through the air until he reached the black general’s neck area and he extended his fingers out while in mid-air.

From his fingertips, a silvery light burst out and landed upon the surface of the black general’s neck. The black general’s body swayed for an instant before he immediately turned around. A black fiery qi spouted out from both his eyes!

The younger twin disappeared. In the next moment, he reappeared again behind the black general, extending the same finger like a sword and shooting out another silvery beam of light.

This time, the flaming black qi blocked off the silvery light. The younger twin’s figure was seemingly capable of teleporting and he disappeared before reappearing again. This time too,...

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