Chapter 80: Sea of Pets

GOR Chapter 80: Sea of Pets

Four black military general, which resembled spirit Gods stood in a row before the main palace building. Black monstrous qi rose up to the skies from the top of the stairs.

A dense number of Qin soldiers stood in formation within the square while the black air enveloped the square area and gradually transformed into something resembling dark ink like clouds over the skies.

It even obscured the starry light emanating from the precious stones embedded into the ceiling of the caverns.

The illumination within the square rapidly grew dim and the surroundings gradually became dark.

Chen Xiaolian raised his head and observed the dark ink like clouds above. It was roiling about, as though it was about to give birth to something…

At long last, the 4 black military generals standing before the main palace building made their move.

The leftmost black military general suddenly took a step forward. With but a few steps, that tall body reached the bottom of the lengthy stairs.

He stood before the Wind Slasher Guild. The 12 bronze men stood between him and the Wind Slasher Guild.

The black military general suddenly drew out the sword from his waist. Pointing the blade of his sword at the Wind Slasher Guild, he made a heavy slash! With a “shua” and a black flaming qi, a deep ravine suddenly appeared upon the surface of the ground.

At the same time, several rows of Qin soldiers vigorously made a turn. It was as though they have just received an order!

The formation by the row of soldiers was precise and sharp, like that of a blade. The front row of soldiers raised their shields and the pole arms stuck out from behind them, pointing to the front. The archers pulled their bowstrings and the soldiers raised their swords…

“They are coming!” Da Vinci narrowed his eyes.

Just after he spoke out, a “weng” sound could be heard!

The archers from the rear area of leftmost side had already let loose a volley of arrows! A concentrated number of arrows pierced through the skies, creating air-piercing sounds as the arrows covered the area occupied by the Wind Slasher Guild!

Da Vinci remained immobile!

The older twin sat cross-legged on the ground in the middle of the triangle, both his eyes closed.

A translucent gold radiance emerged from the surface of the flags, resembling a triangle shaped, translucent glass cover that encompassed the area above the Wind Slasher Guild.

The sounds of impact rang out continuously and the concentrated rain of arrows that fell upon its surface were all repelled away, scattering all over the place.

The arrows scattered about and the majority of the repelled arrows fell onto the surrounding area. The older twin sitting in the middle had a grim expression as both his eyes remained closed. His expression was no longer as tranquil as it was earlier.

The black military general raised his long sword again. This time, the front row of soldiers from the left began marching forward! From behind the body of shields, pole arms stuck outwards.

A square formation of soldiers moved out from the main Qin armies, marching forward.

The three little flags on the grounds where the Wind Slasher Guild was at burst out with radiance once again.

The golden triangular barrier suddenly broke apart, transforming into countless golden rays of light, shining out without restraint! It was like an uncountable rain of golden arrows, slamming directly into the square formation of Qin soldiers that was moving close towards them.

Under the barrage of intense golden rays of light, the front rows of Qin soldiers were lifted off their feet. A considerable number of terracotta soldiers had their bodies smashed by the golden rays, pulverized into stone fragments and fell down the ground. Some had raised their shields, only to have the shield easily pierced through by the golden rays.

Under the onslaught of the golden light, a small percentage of the square formation of Qin terracotta soldiers were felled. Heaps of black stone fragments lied upon the ground. There were also partially dismembered terracotta soldiers crawling on the ground. These soldiers showed no expression as they crawled on the ground, doing their best to move towards the Wind Slasher Guild.

From the rear end of the square formation, sword-wielding soldiers had quickly spread out like a pair of wings. Then, they moved out of formation and strode towards the Wind Slasher Guild.

Once again, Da Vinci remained immobile.

He gave a glance at the big-breasted woman.

The big-breasted female understood instantly and let out a faint smile. With a wave of her hand, two pets appeared beside her.

One of them stood taller than the big-breasted woman. Surprisingly, that was a fully black coloured…

Black Widow Spider!

This Black Widow Spider possessed an even bigger body shape than the one Chen Xiaolian had encountered before in the 72 Demons Instance Dungeon. Its 8 sickle like claws scraped the ground in a restless manner as it moved about.

The other pet was an armoured warrior with ice enveloping his entire body. His entire body was covered by thick armour. The style of the armour gave off a heavy European feeling. His face was hidden beneath the visor and could not be seen.

The big-breasted woman calmly stood behind the flag and gently waved her two fingers. The Black Widow Spider and the Armoured Warrior quickly rushed forward!

The Armoured Warrior wielded a great sword and charged into the ranks of the sword bearing Qin soldiers. Everywhere he slashed would be visited by a frost qi. Everywhere he went, the Qin terracotta soldiers would end up having their bodies hacked apart! That was especially true for those Qin soldiers who approached it. The Qin soldiers were frozen and could only stand rigidly on the spot. Next, the Frost Armoured Warrior’s sword would sweep towards them, cleaving them to smithereens!

In the few moments since the Frost Warrior appeared, he had already cut down 7 to 8 of those Qin terracotta soldiers. On the ground beneath him, a field of frost had spread out!

As for the Black Widow Spider, it was even more powerful!

Despite having a huge body, the Black Widow Spider’s speed was even faster. A black figure rushed out as the Black Widow charged into the midst of the group of Qin soldiers. In but a moment’s time, 5 to 6 terracotta soldiers were thrown out. Next, the 8 sickle like claws danced about slashing in all directions! The Qin terracotta soldiers surrounded the Black Widow and stabbed forward. However, the weapons they wielded struck in vain, creating only the pointless sounds of “ding ding dang dang”. The Black Widow’s sickle like claws on the other hand were incomparably sharp. Every time it slashed down, a Qin soldier would be hacked away!

The warrior and spider became an obstacle on the left side of the Wind Slasher Guild! The Qin soldiers square formation charged in frenzy, but were unable to break through the defences of these 2 pets!

That was especially true for the Black Widow. As a spider, it had seemingly no blind spot at all! Its 8 sickle like claws sealed off every possible direction of approach!

The rearmost archers shot out without restraint and their arrows pierced through the air. They then struck the Black Widow’s body, only to have most of them be repelled off.

The Black Widow did not even show any fear towards these attacks. However, it did rouse its ferocious nature!

The Black Widow suddenly turned around, and then…

A mass of white objects were sprayed out and it fell onto the archers standing far away within the formation…

The white threads formed a dense spider web with strong adhesive powers. It fell onto some of the archers, sticking to them. Then, the Black Widow abruptly turned around…

The Black Widow rotated its body like a gyroscope and the Qin archers that had the spider webs pasted onto them were lifted up! They became a flail, sweeping the area and smashing apart the Qin soldiers in the area!

The Frost Warrior too, had already unleashed his skill. Upon the surface of his great sword, a dazzling white light could be seen. Everywhere he went would be littered with pieces of frozen Qin soldiers! They had become ice figures! The Black Widow that was crushing down on the Qin soldiers with its overwhelming might caught sight of the frozen Qin soldiers and charged towards them. Its charge pulverized them into smithereens…

Chen Xiaolian watched the battle from the distance, his eyes bulging wide.

This was the first time he witnessed someone using 2 pets to do battle!

The strength displayed by the big-breasted woman had far surpassed Chen Xiaolian’s expectations!

The big-breasted woman stood behind the flag with an expression of contempt. She sneered. “Guild Leader, these monsters are too weak. Also… they give too little points. There is only one point for killing 3 or 4 of them.”

Right after she uttered those words, the big-breasted woman’s face suddenly underwent change!

A Qin soldier in the garb of a general charged forward!

The Frost Warrior sent out 2 consecutive frost qi slash, but they were deflected by the Qin general!

Clearly, the strength of this Qin general far exceeded that of the ordinary Qin terracotta soldiers! After deflecting the 2 frost attacks, the Qin general rushed before the Frost Warrior! The long sword in his hand hacked down onto the Frost Warrior’s head!


The Frost Warrior immediately took several steps back. An indentation appeared at the centre of the helmet on his head!

The Qin general gripped onto the hilt of this sword and took 2 steps forward. He then viciously delivered a stab onto the Frost Warrior’s chest!

The tough armour worn by the Frost Warrior was not pierced through. However, the tremendous momentum behind the strike forced him back again! The Qin general unflinchingly bent his knees and leapt up. He soared through the air and slashed down!

This time, the sword hacked down onto the junction point of the Frost Warrior’s left shoulder armour. With a breaking sound, his whole arm fell off!

From the broken area, a white coloured cold qi flowed out

The Frost Warrior was beaten senseless and he futilely waved the great sword in his hand. The Qin general moved rapidly, moving behind the Frost Warrior and hacked down onto the Frost Warrior’s head once again.

The helmet was indented inwards once more!

“Not good!”

The big-breasted woman cried out involuntarily and she immediately summoned back the Frost Warrior. The Frost Warrior transformed into a white beam of light and disappeared.

The Qin general turned around and his stone face gazed at the big-breasted woman. The big-breasted woman turned furious. “You damaged one of my pets! You’re looking for death!”

The Black Widow rushed over and its long sickle like claws descended, piercing through the Qin general before throwing it away.

When the Qin general fell to the ground, his body broke into pieces.

However, another 7 to 8 Qin soldiers wearing general garbs quickly appeared from the back of the Qin soldiers. They rushed forward!

These terracotta soldiers wearing general garbs were clearly a notch stronger compared to the ordinary terracotta soldiers!

Despite its ferocity, the encirclement by the terracotta generals caused the Black Widow to retreat. That was especially so when the terracotta generals used their swords to hack down onto the Black Widow. The tough shell of the Black Widow’s body was unable to endure the attacks and were broken. After being struck several times, it let out a sharp cry and shot out its spider webs, wrapping one of the generals into a white ball of web. Its sickle like claw arced out and cut the ball into two.

However, another general leapt up onto the Black Widow’s back…

The Black Widow panicked and struggled to turn its body. However, the general stubbornly held onto the Black Widow’s body. The general was hurled around, but he remained infallible. Then, even more Qin generals followed suit.

Three more generals jumped up and the Black Widow brandished its sickle like claws to stop them. It managed to cut off the waist area of 2 generals. However, one of them managed to leap onto the Black Widow.

The Qin general stabbed down with his sword onto the back of the Black Widow at random. The Black Widow was able to resist most of the attacks. However, one of them finally stabbed down onto the Black Widow’s eyes…

The Black Widow’s body violently thrashed about, screaming in a sharp voice. Despite crushing several Qin terracotta soldiers, its body was tilting…

The big-breasted woman’s face turned increasingly distorted. She heavily gritted her teeth and summoned back the Black Widow. The Black Widow became a beam of light and disappeared into the air.

One of the Qin general who fell to the ground broke his leg. Despite that, he used his sword to prop himself up and vigorously rushed towards the big-breasted woman.

The big-breasted woman was in a rage!

She waved her hand and summoned out another 2 pets!

A War Wolf and a War Bear!

Both pets transformed into humanoid forms. Standing upon their rear legs, they let loose a roar and pounced onto the Qin soldiers!

Chen Xiaolian who was observing from afar was thoroughly shocked!

This woman… just how many pets does she have.

The Wolf Warrior and Bear Warrior were obviously warriors of the strength type of build specializing in warfare. They rushed forward and engaged in a melee battle with the Qin generals. Swords flew up and down and 2 Qin generals were crushed to pieces. Another one was bitten by the Bear Warrior before being thrown out!

The Bear Warrior had 2 swords stabbing into his body. One onto his back and another onto his thigh.

The Wolf Warrior was more agile compared to the Bear Warrior. He stretched out his claws and pounced up and down, killing off two Qin generals before being surrounded by a group of Qin soldiers. Tens of pole arms stabbed into him and he fell dead onto the ground. His body then turned into a beam of light and disappeared.

The big-breasted woman’s face was livid. She sneered and waved her hands once more. Two Wolf Warriors appeared beside her!

Chen Xiaolian no longer had the strength to be surprised.

This bitch… is she playing a sea of pets?

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