Chapter 78: The Terrifying Qiu Yun

GOR Chapter 78: The Terrifying Qiu Yun

The big-breasted woman’s expression showed bewilderment!

She felt as though a pair of iron clamps were pressing down on her wrist. It was such that even part of her body had become paralyzed!

However, the thing that shocked her the most was not that.

This woman, which appeared before her, the time at which she nipped her wrist, her actions, all of those had occurred without the big-breasted woman’s realization. She did not see any of it…

Most importantly… when this woman was standing beside her, she had used a cold and indifferent gaze to regard her. That undisguised attitude of indifference exuding from her eyes…

All of those factors made the big-breasted woman feel as though she was nothing but a tiny existence standing right beside a terrifyingly gigantic beast. It was as though all the other party needed to so was to flex its claws to rip her into pieces!

After finishing her sentence, Miao Yan turned away. She stood silently beside Chen Xiaolian, and watched the proceedings happening far away. It appeared that she had no qualms about exposing her back towards the big-breasted woman.

The big-breasted woman’s face changed several times within that short moment as she stared at Miao Yan’s back, her fists alternating between clenching and loosening.

The humiliation she received earlier gave the big-breasted woman a desire to deliver a vicious blow towards that other woman’s back. However, a voice within her heart warned her: Never, ever try that stunt. Otherwise, there will be dire consequences.

As the big-breasted woman was clenching her fist for the third time, the twins standing atop the stairs leapt down. They landed beside the big-breasted woman and one of them lightly placed their hand down onto the big-breasted woman’s shoulder. The woman turned to look at her team member to see him silently shaking his head. In his eyes, there was grimness.

The other one stared at Miao Yan’s back in stupor.

Finally, the two brothers retracted their gaze. Looking at each other, they pulled the big-breasted woman and the three of them moved past Miao Yan, Chen Xiaolian, Han Bi and Soo Soo, going towards Da Vinci.

It was as if Miao Yan had brought a tremendously profound pressure down upon them! This terrifying feeling could only be dispelled by moving close to their mighty leader!

Nangong had died.

The blood from his body stained the ground beneath him with a crimson colour.

Lun Tai lied on the ground as well, blood flowed out from the exposed flesh and muscle of his pulverized palm.

Alice’s arm was twisted and she kept coughing out mouthfuls of blood.

None of them realized something. When the blood flowing down the ground reached the lines between the tiles, it slowly, little by little seeped down…

“Qiu Yun! How could you be such a coward? Qiu Yun!”

Bei Tai was crying. He had arrived beside Nangong’s corpse and he held on tightly to his Guild Leader, tears flowing down from both eyes.

Alice spat out mouthfuls of blood and coughed out intensely. She too could not hide her look of disappointment as she stared at Qiu Yun with a complicated expression. “Qiu Yun, you, you…”

Da Vinci shook his head and let out a soft laugh. “So, is that the end for warm-up exercise? What a disappointment. From the looks of it, there were 2 Guild Leaders… has the Awakened Guilds become so weak?”

He turned around to look at Qiu Yun. Narrowing his eyes, he asked. “And you? The Awakened known as Qiu Yun, are you really so cowardly that you do not even have the courage to fight me?”

Qiu Yun remained immobile, both his hands drooping down.

Da Vinci suddenly frowned and his eyes turned odd. He suddenly thought of something and used one stride to step before Qiu Yun!

The two of them stood close to one another and Da Vinci used an odd posture to keep his eyes level with Qiu Yun’s!

Their eyes met and yet, Qiu Yun’s gaze remained empty…

Da Vinci raised an eyebrow.

He suddenly extended a hand. Slowly and gently, he poked Qiu Yun’s forehead.

Next, a shocking scene occurred!

Qiu Yun… a change suddenly happened to his body. His body suddenly disappeared… leaving only his clothes, floating there while maintaining a humanoid shape.

As though a certain force had faded away, the clothes dropped down the ground, becoming a crumpled heap.

Da Vinci took a deep breath and bent down to examine them. He extended his hand and picked something up from the heap of clothes.

Surprisingly, it was…

It was a piece of paper the length of a finger. It was cut into the shape of a tiny human.

A small paper person?

Da Vinci’s face sank and he turned silent for a moment before bursting out with laughter.

“Hahahahahahaha! To think that I was actually mistaken! Ha ha ha ha! Good! Good! Interesting!

This one is actually a doppelganger! Excellent! I like this type of cunning prey!”

Da Vinci turned to regard the other Awakened ones and laughed out madly.

“You bunch of fools! It turns out this fellow was not even walking together with you! The one walking with you is actually just a doppelganger!

Hahaha! Looking at your expressions of surprise, it is obvious he had concealed it even from you all.

I do not know what is it that he is trying to do. He used this method to conceal his disappearance from all of you even though you are his companions. Meanwhile, his real self must be up to something at some other place. Hahaha!”


Everyone including Chen Xiaolian and Alice were shocked!

Qiu Yun… was just a doppelganger?

Chen Xiaolian clearly recalled that he and Qiu Yun had entered the instance dungeon together! He clearly recalled the time when they had killed off the fearsome Zombie Wyrm and the time when they had to fight off the terracotta soldiers. Back then, Qiu Yun had to display his powerful strength.

But then, why did he now become a paper man?


Naturally, Alice was also feeling doubtful. The Black Knights Guild Leader stared at the piece of paper in Da Vinci’s hand with eyes that were filled with shock!

As Da Vinci burst out in laughter, Chen Xiaolian knitted his brows.

A thought suddenly flashed through his mind:

That is not right!

When they were battling the Zombie Wyrm, Chen Xiaolian had accidentally hurt the Zombie Wyrm. However, Qiu Yun was the one who singlehandedly finished off the Zombie Wyrm that had killed off several Awakened ones in the end!

When they were battling the terracotta soldiers, Alice and her guild members were engaged in a bitter fight against the terracotta soldiers. As for Qiu Yun, he had personally finished off the Qin general standing above the platform!

That level of strength cannot possibly be that of a doppelganger!

In other words… the one who accompanied him into this instance dungeon was Qiu Yun’s real body!

The one who fought alongside him, was Qiu Yun’s real body!

However… at a certain point in time, Qiu Yun had quietly left, leaving his doppelganger here.

But… why did he have to hide it from his own team mates?

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian suddenly recalled Soo Soo’s warning to him!

That man… terrifying?

… …

“So… it is the Five Elements formation array eh? Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth…”

At the front hall of Epang Palace, within the great hall not far away from the ‘magnet’ gates, the huge four-sided ding…

Qiu Yun stood there, focusing his attention onto the ding that was higher than himself.

His gaunt and pale face revealed traces of a pleasant smile.

“I thought I merely acquired a decent chess piece. Unexpectedly, he actually helped me unravel this mystery. Five Elements formation array, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth… hmph, interesting.”

Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows.

“Eh? The doppelganger technique was seen through?”

Qiu Yun extended out his right hand. Within his palm, a tiny humanoid paper suddenly caught on fire, turning into ashes in but moments.

“No matter.”

Qiu Yun smiled coldly. “It does not matter if it is Alice, Nangong or even that interesting little guild member of mine. You have displayed your value to the utmost. And now… I will use you all to help me complete my final step.

Da Vinci? What an unexpected surprise. However, with your participation, my chances of winning becomes higher!”

Qiu Yun stood before the gigantic ding and his body slowly floated high above the gigantic ding.

He produced something out from his sleeves. It was long and narrow, roughly the size of a palm, and thick.

Judging by its looks, it was a form of copper or jade. It appeared ancient, displaying years’ worth of sediment and was fragmented.

Upon the surface of this item was carved the outline of a simple yet deep pattern.

This pattern was shockingly…

A tiger pattern!

The item turned out to be an ancient symbol of military authority… the Tiger Tally [1]!

Even though it was partially damaged, Qiu Yun lifted this ancient item up high.

He extended the index finger of his left hand and made a light cut upon his right palm, letting his blood flow onto the surface of the Tiger Tally…

Then, the blood that had flowed across the surface of the Tiger Tally dropped down onto the gigantic ding…

“Red, red represents fire!

Chen Xiaolian, thank you for your reminder. I am really reluctant to let someone as interesting as you die.”

Qiu Yun let out a faint smile. “A pity, in the last instance dungeon, I had to pay a great price in order to acquire this half broken Tiger Tally legacy from the King of the State of Qin. All of that is for this one opportunity!

By acquiring his soul, my 'Starchart of Generals' will finally attain the most perfect, most powerful, most dominant main star! [2]!”

His blood dropped down onto the giant ding and seeped into it in just moments…

Qiu Yun’s eyes turned maniacal. He inhaled deeply and shouted in a low voice.

“Come out! God of Slaughter, Bai Qi! By the order of this Qin Tiger Tally, I awaken you! All those people within the palace hall are the lifeblood offerings for you! Savour them, and then… condense out your God of Slaughter’s soul!”

1 Tiger Tallies were often used as proof of authorization by a King or Emperor when commanding or dispatching an army. Other shapes have been used for the tally, but tiger remains the most widespread one.

2 This sentence is quite vague and would not be explained until far in the future chapters. Raw: ‘得到他的魂魄,我的‘将星图’,就终于得到了最强大最圆满的一个主星’.

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