Chapter 77: Forbid You To Touch Him

GOR Chapter 77: Forbid You To Touch Him

Da Vinci, Guild Leader of the Wind Slasher Guild!

How could Chen Xiaolian not feel anything after hearing the three words: Wind Slasher Guild?

That was something related to Chen Xiaolian’s first instance dungeon experience. It was also the beginning for him within this world!

Feeling wise, Chen Xiaolian held complicated emotions regarding this Wind Slasher Guild. The team members of the guild he met there, the flirtatious and vicious Sara, the mighty and ferocious Damon, the perverted Du Ya and the competent Pattern Man.

Naturally, there was also the Temporary Team Leader of the Wind Slasher Guild, Newton!

Chen Xiaolian’s heart had always felt somewhat guilty towards Newton. Back when he started joining the Player Guild’s team, Newton had treated him very well.

Newton was also a fair and selfless person, a very good team leader. Chen Xiaolian appreciated his way of dispensing rewards and punishments.

In the end though, Newton was possessed by the Demon. In order to protect themselves, Chen Xiaolian, Han Bi and Soo Soo were forced to kill the possessed Newton…

As for the team members of the Wind Slasher Guild that were exterminated, they all left a deep impression into him!

And now…

In his second instance dungeon, he actually ended up encountering the Players from Wind Slasher Guild!

At any rate, Wind Slasher Guild’s Deputy Leader Newton had died by his hands in the last instance dungeon…

Da Vinci focused all his attention onto Qiu Yun’s body. Da Vinci stood haughtily in the centre of everyone’s attention. His face expressing loftiness and his eyes revealed cold indifference. Hearing the word ‘Wind Slasher Guild’, the expression on Alice, Nangong and his 2 companions changed.

This was especially true for Alice. Despite looking pale, she bit hard on her lips. Her body trembled as she stared at Da Vinci, geysers of flames seemingly bursting out from her eyes.

“Wind Slasher Guild! Da Vinci!” Alice gnashed her teeth. “It is you! You owe me at least 3 of my Black Knights Guild members’ lives!”

“Black Knights?” Da Vinci was surprised for an instant before giving off a sneer. “Never heard of it… I have killed so many Awakened ones; if I have to remember the names of all those Dick and Paul, I will be exhausted to death. Heng… a group of virtual aborigines, so what if I killed you?

Do you hate me? Do you want to kill me for revenge?

That is just great! This way, the game would be more realistic, more interesting!”

Da Vinci tightened his fists and placed them together, releasing knuckle cracking sounds. He twisted his head before extending his hand and waved his finger towards the Awakened ones before him. “Come, a little exercise would be good.”


Alice roared out, abruptly going into frenzy!

She leapt to the skies and down towards Da Vinci. One of her palms cut down towards Da Vinci’s neck.

“No!” Qiu Yun’s face changed and he shouted. However, it was too late!

Alice had already reached Da Vinci’s front and her palm came slicing down!

Her skill was in speed!

This move of hers was as fast as lightning!

The hand descended…

Da Vinci simply remained standing with a sneer on his face, not even bothering to move. Watching the sword like palm descending before him, his face revealed only disdain… then…

Shua! Alice’s attack struck empty air and cut down through the space behind Da Vinci’s head! No one was able to clearly see how Da Vinci dodged the attack! Alice did not stop, but continued with both fists and kicks like a rampaging storm!

Palm strike, fist strike, leg whip, sidekick, axe kick…

A series of combinations were executed in one breath!

Her movements were as fast as lightning. In that short 3 to 4 seconds of time, Alice seemingly had three heads and six limbs. Through her flurry of attacks, Da Vinci became enveloped within the afterimages of her palms and kicks…

However, these series of attacks had no effect whatsoever!

Da Vinci was clearly standing right there. Yet, his body seemed like an illusory shadow. Despite the fact that he seemed immobile, all of Alice’s attacks could only strike empty air…

“Faster, faster, faster! Too slow, too slow, too slow!”

Da Vinci stood in the middle of the storm of attacks and his mouth continuously issued out those ridiculing words…



A miserable scream was uttered and Alice’s body flew out.

None of them was able to see Da Vinci’s actions. All they could see was an after image seemingly interlapping with his body and Alice crying out in misery as she was thrown out. Alice fell on the ground and rolled back twice. Her left arm had already been bent in a horrifying angle. The bones above her elbow were protruding outwards and her muscles were exposed!

Blood flowed all over the ground!

Watching that happen, Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank!

Alice’s skill was known for her speed! Back when she was being surrounded by the terracotta soldiers within the tomb, that ghostlike speed of hers was used to deal with the terracotta soldiers as she shuttled around. That scene had left a deep impression within Chen Xiaolian.

Yet, at this moment… facing Da Vinci, Alice was just like an infant that has no ability to fight back!

One hit KO!

Da Vinci curled the corners of his mouth. “Body Technique Division eh? Heng… a speed type skill, what a pity… it is too weak. In my eyes, you are slower than a snail.”

Alice howled loudly. Her right hand slapped down heavily onto the ground and her body was propelled upwards. Her body seemingly broke through the airflow!

Seeing Alice charging at Da Vinci again, Nangong let loose a roar. “What are you waiting for! Charge together!”

Guild Leader Nangong wielded the bronze spear and rushed forward. Lun Tai and Bei Tai too, showed no hesitation. They raised the bronze censer and rushed forward.

The four of them surrounded Da Vinci. The bronze spear slashed through the air and its yellow brilliance shone, bringing with it a vigorous breeze.

Although he was injured, Lun Tai bellowed out and his body suddenly swelled up. His originally skinny figure abruptly expanded. His clothes were almost split in the process! His pair of eyes glowed red and he madly swung the bronze censer.

Da Vinci sneered. “Another Body Technique Division one, a strength type eh? Pathetic…”

Da Vinci casually dodged the incoming bronze spear from Guild Leader Nangong while seemingly remaining immobile. Nangong’s spear struck thin air! Alice then grunted, her waist bent and she fell back, blood spraying out from her mouth.

Lun Tai’s hands jerked and he saw that the bronze censer had been gripped tight by Da Vinci’s right arm… the transformed Lun Tai bellowed. He clenched his other fist and sent it smashing forward!

“You are looking for death,” Da Vinci’s face was set in a sneer as he too sent his fist forward…


The two fists smashed against one another and the air exploded outwards!

Lun Tai’s fist was like a clay pot. A bang resounded and his fist and even his bones burst out! Flesh and muscle flew out and all his fingers were broken! It was as though an iron hammer had pounded down onto dough!

Lun Tai screamed out in pain and his body fell. Bei Tai who was at the back held onto his brother, his pair of eyes turned red and he howled. The bronze censer in his hands were sent flying forward…

Da Vinci scoffed and casually reached out with his hand, catching the bronze censer with ease. Both his hands came together and the bronze censer within his hand was crumpled like a piece of paper and thrown aside!

“Use your skill! Hold him!”

Nangong gnashed his teeth and retreated rapidly! After putting a distance of roughly 7 to 8 metres between them, he saw Bei Tai placing both his palms together. Extending his thumbs and forefingers, he made a triangular pattern. In the middle of the triangular pattern was none other than Da Vinci.

The airflows around Da Vinci’s body suddenly transformed into restraining airflows. The layers of shapeless airflows wrapped up Da Vinci’s body!

Da Vinci’s eyes flickered slightly and he smiled contemptuously. “Interesting, to think there would be a spatial incarceration.”

Both his arms jerked about lightly and he frowned. After that, he spread them open. “A pity…”

Pa pa pa pa pa…

A series of sounds that resembled beans being fried burst out from around his body!

Cracks appeared upon the translucent restraining airflow!

Bei Tai sprayed out blood from his mouth and his body faltered. “Guild Leader, hurry! I cannot hold on!”

Nangong was standing behind Bei Tai, two fingers of his right hand placed onto the spot between his eyebrows…

His pair of eyes suddenly opened wide and brilliant light shone from within them!


A golden, yet transparent doppelganger appeared upon the surface of his body! A dense electrical current enveloped it!

Once it appeared, this golden, humanoid doppelganger was like a sword that had been drawn out! The golden doppelganger extended two fingers to act as a blade and stabbed towards Da Vinci!

A boom resounded, as though a thunder had struck down!

The golden doppelganger struck onto Da Vinci’s body. The golden light shone brightly, enveloping Da Vinci! Due to the brilliance of the golden light, Da Vinci’s figure could no longer be seen…

Nangong’s pair of eyes were wide open as he stared. Finally, he let out a deep breath. His expression faded and both his hands were left hanging down. He panted for breath like a leaking bellows.

“Did, did we finish him?” Bei Tai’s eyes were bulging widely.

Suddenly, Nangong’s body shook!

From behind his ears, the indifferent and disdainful voice of Da Vinci came. “Is your display of skills over?”

Nangong’s body stiffened and his throat issued out “ge ge” sounds. A terrifyingly cold feeling instantly paralyzed his entire body…


A hand suddenly burst out from his chest!

Da Vinci scoffed and withdrew his hand with lightning like speed. With a huge hole in his chest, Nangong sprayed blood out and fell to his knees. His head tilted and his forehead smashed down onto the ground.

“Guild Leader!”

Bei Tai roared out and scrambled forward.

Nangong exhaled and his body too sprawled down on the ground. His eyes though, were directed to the side, staring at Qiu Yun.

Qiu Yun had been standing still, not moving in the slightest, his face devoid of expression.

“What… are you… waiting for! Bastard…”

Nangong died.

“Qiu Yun!”

Bei Tai raised his head and howled, and then he stared at Qiu Yun with grief and indignation. “What are you standing there for? What are you waiting for?”

Qiu Yun said nothing, his expression as dead as wood and his eyes unfocused.

Chen Xiaolian’s body had become paralyzed.

Several Awakened ones had surrounded Da Vinci. However, after being toyed with for just a few moments, Nangong had died miserably, Lun Tai and Alice had been seriously injured… everything that happened ended too rapidly!

It was so instantaneous that Chen Xiaolian did not even have the opportunity to react. When he had seen them surrounding Da Vinci, he had attempted to rush forward. However, despite the storm like momentum behind their encirclement, it was torn apart instantaneously…

Before Chen Xiaolian could even rush out…



A figure suddenly appeared beside Chen Xiaolian.

Da Vinci’s subordinate, the woman with astounding breasts had appeared beside him, standing side by side.

“Do not interfere… our Guild Leader is in the midst of enjoying the game. An ant like you should refrain from going up there to disappoint him.”

After saying that, she pressed one hand down onto Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder. Despite having B Class strength, this slender hand made him no different from a worm. He was held down. No matter how he struggled, his body could not move!

“Our Guild Leader is responsible for having fun while we take out the trash,” The big-breasted woman gave a faint smile and squinted her eyes at Chen Xiaolian. She then turned to look at Han Bi. “Guild Leader said that he wants this little one alive for questioning. In that case, you should die first.”

After that, the big-breasted woman extended a finger towards Chen Xiaolian’s forehead.

Just as the finger was about to reach the area between Chen Xiaolian’s brows…

Suddenly, a hand reached out and lightly nipped the big-breasted woman’s wrist.

The big-breasted woman’s face suddenly changed!

She caught sight of a pair of smiling eyes. Unbeknownst to her, a woman wearing skin-tight garment had appeared before her.

“I have no interest in meddling with your killing of others. However, this fellow is mine. I forbid you to touch him.”

[Author’s Note: Naturally, Xiaolian would not continue to be so weak ~ Be rest assured, he will soon shine brilliantly!].

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