Chapter 76: Players

GOR Chapter 76: Players

Chen Xiaolian gave a faint smile.

“Clues? What clues does this story have?”

The one who asked that was Nangong.

As they tried their best to listen to Chen Xiaolian’s story, Nangong, Lun Tai and Bei Tai stared.

“It is a very important clue!” Chen Xiaolian’s expression lit up.

Suddenly, he spread open both his arms, as though he was trying to embrace the entire area within the palace. He gave another faint smile. “Truth be told, there is a correction that I would like to point out for regarding what you may be thinking.

The people of Qin valuing the Water De are true.

However, the Water De remains as one of the components of the Five Elements. It will never exist as an independent entity.

The Five Elements forms a circle, and can only achieve perfection with all Five Elements present.

In other words, all the five elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth needs to be present. As for the people of Qin, they believed that they hold the Water De. Coincidentally, the Heavenly passage of time stated that the time has come for the Water De within the circle of Five Elements to rise. Thus, the people of Qin were able to obtain the world.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian smiled. “The story of Duke Wen of Qin felling the tree… is actually not about felling the tree. It also does not mean that the people of Qin possessed the protection of the Water De… if we are to carefully examine it, this is actually… a story about the circle of Five Elements!

Additionally, the implication of this story is that amongst the circle of Five Elements, the one to acquire the final seat of honour is the Water De!”

Circle of Five Elements?

Within the story, there is only the big tree… en, the big tree represents Wood. Then there is Water… but, where is the rest?

They all looked at one another, not knowing how to solve it.

Chen Xiaolian exhaled and slowly said.

“Cutting the catalpa tree. The tree is thus Wood.

As for the swords and axes used by the Qin soldiers, those can be considered as Metal.

Later on, the Qin soldiers wore red coloured clothes and utilized a red rope. The colour red signifies Fire. Thus, this incident tallies with the element of Fire.

At the end, the river’s water and the Qin soldier’s black dishevelled hair represents Water.

That means: Wood, Metal, Fire and Water has appeared.”

“What about Earth?” Nangong asked.

Soo Soo who had been hiding beside Chen Xiaolian pouted her bun like face again and frowned. “Since there is Wood, how can there not be Earth? Could the big tree grow on air?”

Chen Xiaolian stroked Soo Soo oval-shaped face and laughed softly. “Soo Soo is correct. In this story, Earth is hidden.

The important part that requires reflection in this story is the order in which Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire and Water appeared. This is a very important clue!”

Seeing how everyone was maintaining their silence, Chen Xiaolian force out a smile. “Please do not think that I am deliberately showing off. There really are particulars of note within it.

As I said before, the Qin Dynasty is of the Water De.

Then, what about the time before the Qin Dynasty came to being?

The dynasties that preceded Qin, beginning with the eldest followed by its successors are: Yellow Emperor, Xia, Shang, Zhou and then, Qin.

The people of ancient times had made clear records regarding them.

Additionally, the teachings of the circle of Five De had also made records about it:

Yellow Emperor represents Earth De.

Xia represents Wood De.

Shang represents Metal De.

Zhou represents Fire De.

Qin represents Water De.

Observe, the order of dynasties coincides with ‘Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water’, each representing Yellow Emperor, Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin respectively.

Did you notice? In the story, the order of appearances by the Five Elements also coincides with ‘Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water’.

First came the Earth. From the Earth, the catalpa tree was born. Thus, Wood appeared. Next, the Qin soldier took up their swords and axes, signifying the appearance of Metal. It was then followed by them wearing red clothes and using red ropes, signifying the appearance of Fire. In the end, the ox falling into the river and the dishevelled hair of the Qin soldier signified the appearance of Water.

See? The order is completely the same: Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire and Water. There is no discrepancy in this order at all!

In fact, this story is suggesting that: according to the order of preceding dynasties of the Yellow Emperor, Xia, Shang, Zhou, the next in line is Qin!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian forcefully clapped his palms. “Circle of Five Elements has thus appeared!”

“… although I do not understand what you are saying, it sounds very powerful.”

The speaker was Bei Tai.

He then stared forward. “But, how does those things you said relate to our present situation?”

“I believe there is a relation… with how to solve our current situation. This open square seemed to have a seal upon it, preventing us from entering the main palace building.

I believe that this restriction is likely something similar to a formation array.

And the requirement for this formation array is the circle of Five Elements!

All Five Elements must be present!”

“The 12 bronze men can be considered as Metal, the catalpa tree as Wood,” Qiu Yun quickly said. “Where do we find the other three?”

“We don’t really have to go look,” Chen Xiaolian pointed towards the palace. “This huge building, in addition to our current location within the mountain meant that Earth could be considered present.”

“What about Water?”

“The people of Qin regarded Water as their De. This place is the Imperial Palace of Qin. Additionally, they adorn every place with the colour black. Thus… the Water element is considered present.”

After that, Chen Xiaolian’s eyes flickered. He then said his next sentence with emphasis on each words. “So, in order to break this formation array, the one thing we lack is… Fire!”

“No Fire?”

Miao Yan laughed. She suddenly grabbed Chen Xiaolian’s spear. With a spear in both hands, she struck the two together and a series of sparks suddenly burst out!

“Isn’t it easy to get fire? Just a few minutes and we will have a fire.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “It would be nice if it were that simple. Still… there is no harm in trying. I fear that this Fire element is not that simple.”

Nangong brought over a piece of paper. Miao Yan then used the two bronze spear and struck them together. Soon, sparks burst out. After a few tries the paper caught on fire and a small fire came into being.

The small fire flickered, its light shining upon their faces. Everyone’s expressions were fluctuating.

“What now?” Nangong was the most impatient, and he turned to look at Chen Xiaolian. “We have fire now. How should we proceed with the Five Elements formation array that you said?”

“…” Chen Xiaolian let out a resentful smile. “It seems… the element of Fire is not a literal one. It won’t work simply by making fire. I feel that there is a profound meaning behind it. This formation array is like a puzzle. The literal meaning is not enough to solve it.”

“Fire is not fire, what the Hell!” Nangong grumbled.

At that moment, several voices could suddenly be heard.

On the side of the great hall, the gates from which they came down earlier were pushed open again.

Several people dressed in odd-looking clothes entered.

The one in the lead was a pale faced youngster. Sporting a thick pair of eyebrows, it could only be Han Bi!

Han Bi was walking at the front. Suddenly, the one behind him pushed him down. Han Bi stumbled and fell, rolling down the stairs. Blood flowed down from his head, dripping down onto the ground!

The one who pushed Han Bi down the stairs was a tall and thin man. His upper body was left bare, a necklace made of animal teeth hung around his neck and his long hair was set into countless braids.

Beside him were a female and two males. From a distance, the woman seemed to be wearing a leotard. However, her breasts surged out like billowing waves. Every step she took would cause the two gigantic mountains to quiver, causing others to helplessly turn their heads.

As for the other two men, they were a pair of twins. They have the same face, one was wielding a wooden staff, while the other held onto a bronze censer.

The braided man stood on top, looking down on every single person within the open square. The corners of his lips lightly curled up as he sneered.

“To think that we are not the first to arrive. The Awakened ones strength in this game is not bad. They were actually able to get before us.”

After those words were spoken, the expression of those standing within the square changed!

Chen Xiaolian had already run over. He propped Han Bi up from the ground and whispered. “Are you all right?”

“I am fine,” Han Bi gritted his teeth. “Be careful, they are Players! Also… they are…”

The braided man descended the stairs. His body flashed and he leapt down with incredible speed. He landed beside Chen Xiaolian and Han Bi, causing Chen Xiaolian to be shocked. Seeing the braided man looking at him, Chen Xiaolian quickly clenched his fists.

“Ants,” A trace of disdain flickered in the braided man’s eyes. He ignored Chen Xiaolian and moved straight ahead.

The braided man’s eyes scanned through everyone there before focusing on Qiu Yun.

“Awakened? I seem to have met you before,” The braided man contemplated for a moment. “Ah, I remember now. You are the one known as Qiu Yun. I fought against you people before in an instance dungeon. Back then, you brought your men to run away to escape being killed by us. However, one of your companions was left behind and fell into my clutches. I broke all four of his limbs and threw him down a snake hole.”

Qiu Yun’s expression turned fearful. “You are…”

“Da Vinci (dá fēn qí)… Guild Leader of the Wind Slasher Guild!”

Hearing that name, Chen Xiaolian’s body quaked!

Wind Slasher Guild!

Da Vinci, raw: ‘达芬奇’, pinyin: ‘dá fēn qí’.

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