Chapter 757 Pleasant Cooperation


“Thank you.” Riche performed a courteous bow.

Chen Xiaolian looked at Riche. “However, I am very curious. When did you first suspect me? I had killed Anubis with one blow. Logically speaking, in the face of this level of power, you should not hold any treacherous thoughts against me.”

“Coincidentally, amongst the guilds participating in this instance dungeon is someone who had met you back in Zero City.” Riche extended a finger to point at the entrance of the Divine Temple. “Nearly everyone from his guild, from top to bottom, were killed by you. Your face is something that he will never forget.”

“A regretful coincidence.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head, a bitter smile on his face. “Even so, how can you be certain that you will not die under my hands?”

“Because of this.”

Riche slowly raised his hand to press his left eye.

He took out a contact lens and let it rest on the tip of his index finger.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes flickered slightly as he regarded the contact lens. However, he could not figure anything out.

“You sure are willing to waste money, Riche.” Terraflame, who had been maintaining a state of silence, suddenly said, “Portable Truth Lens. If you sell it, you can get at least 5,000 points for each one, right?”

“It’s not that expensive.” Riche smiled. “This is a one-time consumable version. After reading the attributes of the target, it would permanently engrave the attributes on the lens. It is something to be discarded directly after use.”

After saying that, Riche rubbed the contact lens with his finger tips and tossed it to the ground.

“Naturally, it is not cheap either. If not for the fact that I am too suspicious of you, I would not have secretly worn it to investigate you. [D+] class Physique, [D] class Endurance, [C] class Agility, zero Energy Points, [C-] class Comprehensive Melee Ability and zero Comprehensive Ranged Ability … … these attributes look too terrible. Back when you were in Zero City, you appear much stronger than this. Did you lose your attributes?”

“It seems you are certain?” Chen Xiaolian revealed a faint smile.

“Originally, I was not too certain. However… … the fact that you have not killed me even though I have said all these things, this final point made me certain.” Riche spread both his arms. “A young kid wearing a super shell is actually able to deceive veterans like us.”

“Smart, meticulous, courageous and good at masking yourself. If I am Shen, I would not have simply let you become a minor Team Leader,” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and praised.

Suddenly, a sword beam flashed out.

An alloy sword suddenly appeared in Chen Xiaolian’s hand and it stabbed towards Riche.

Three Four-eyed War Cats appeared behind Riche. They opened their mouths and roared to send three air blasts at Riche from behind. 

Wielding a spear, a formidable general in golden armour bellowed as he thrust his spear forward to pierce the air, piercing towards Riche.

Donglai - Taishi Ci!

Riche did not reveal any look of panic or surprise. Instead, he was slightly relieved.

From the moment he started unravelling Chen Xiaolian’s identity, Riche had maintained a 120 % level of vigilance, on guard against Chen Xiaolian’s attacks at all times.

The attacks displayed by this kid was as he had expected, far too weak to be able to kill off Anubis.

The air blasts struck the bodies of the swirling fire dragons, failing to produce any effects. After getting blocked, the air blasts dissipated without a trace.

Two fire dragons swirled forward to battle Taishi Ci. Although his spear was powerful, the fire dragons’ movements were incomparably dextrous. Thus, Taishi Ci was incapable of instantly destroying the fire dragons.

As for the sword attack from Chen Xiaolian…

Regardless of its speed, force or skill, all of them were average. Rather, it looked like an attack from someone who did not know martial arts at all. From start to finish, his move was filled with flaws.

Skilfully evading Chen Xiaolian’s sword attack, Riche then swung his right hand to send a fire dragon forward, smashing furiously against Chen Xiaolian’s chest.

However, the fire dragon had only just made contact with the chest portion of the armour when it disappeared. It did not even erupt in flames before disappearing without a trace.

“As expected, its defence is very strong!”

With a grim expression on his face, Riche kicked the ground to back away even as he pulled out a minigun from his storage equipment. Then, he aimed at Chen Xiaolian and pulled the trigger.

Six barrels spun to unload bullets forward. It looked as though it was unleashing a torrential rain down on Chen Xiaolian. However, the countless bullets striking Chen Xiaolian’s body – like the fire dragon before them – failed to produce any effect. After giving rise to clanging sounds, all the bullets fell to the ground.

Riche tossed away the minigun and pulled out an elegantly shaped laser rifle. Aiming at Chen Xiaolian, he fired again.

Again, the laser beams struck the surface of the Moonless Fivefold Light Armour, which was flowing with light. The laser beams were not even deflected. Instead, they simply disappeared. It was as though they were sucked away into a black hole.

Keeping the laser rifle, Riche pulled out a long metal staff. He then swung the black and heavy staff down against Chen Xiaolian’s head.

As one of Thorned Flower Guild’s Team Leader, Riche’s abilities could not possibly be terrible. Although his main combat ability was to summon fire dragons, he was not lacking in the ability to utilize other weapons and equipment.

This time, Chen Xiaolian did not attempt to dodge. He simply stood there, allowing Riche’s staff to smash against his head.


A loud sound rang out as the staff smashed against the armour’s helmet. Not only did it fail to inflict any damage, it instead triggered a formidable backlash. The resulting vibrations caused the staff to fly away from Riche’s hands. It shot upwards, smashing into the ceiling of the Divine Temple and causing sparks to fly about.

A searing pain rocked the purlicues on Riche’s hands as the force behind the backlash tore open two wounds there.

Riche looked at Chen Xiaolian, who was standing right before him. It would appear as though nothing had happened to him at all.

Riche’s face grew ugly to behold.

This Chen Xiaolian kid. Although his strength was terribly average, the armour he wore was quite something.

Magic attacks, bullets, energy weapons, melee attacks… … all of them seemed incapable of damaging him in the slightest.

Originally, Riche had assumed that, no matter how tough the armour Chen Xiaolian wore was, it could not possibly be capable of defending against everything.

However, despite changing his types of attack again and again, he was incapable of harming Chen Xiaolian at all.

“Terraflame! Attack together!” Riche took a few steps backwards. As he was gasping, he growled. “That armour, do you not want it?”

“Enough. You two, take a step back and listen to me.”

Terraflame, who had been silent all this time, stretched out both his hands and pressed forward. “Stop fighting.”

“What?” Riche jerked his head to look at Terraflame, a look of shock on his face. “Have you gone nuts? The armour he is wearing is an equipment of the highest grade!”

“Firstly, I don’t think you have the ability to harm this… … mm, Mr Chen Xiaolian.” Terraflame smiled. “Look? You have already tried for so long, but you still cannot damage him in the slightest. Even if I join in, the results would be the same. 

“Secondly, there is only one set of armour. Even if we succeed in snatching the armour, how should we divide it? Surely we are not going to wear half each? You wear the top half while I wear the bottom half? Or… … have you already made up your mind? You will first get me to help you snatch the armour before you kill me for it?”

Riche laughed. “Why would I?”

“Stop with the jokes.” Terraflame narrowed his eyes. “If you are truly given the chance to kill me off, you won’t even bat an eye. If it weren’t for the fact that this instance dungeon’s level of difficulty is too high, only one of us would remain alive right now. Am I wrong?”

“If so, what is your plan?” Riche’s face suddenly froze. He looked at Chen Xiaolian before turning his gaze back at Terraflame. Immediately, he took one step backwards.

Since Thorned Flower Guild’s split, his strength and Terraflame’s strength were almost on par with one another. It was difficult to determine who was stronger. However, if Terraflame and Chen Xiaolian joined forces…

Although Chen Xiaolian was weak, the armour he wore was simply too strong. He could neither touch it nor break it. If the two of them truly joined forces, it was possible for them to kill him.

“Relax. It is not what you are thinking.” Terraflame smiled and shook his head. “Now is not the time for infighting. Although the description for the fourth phase of the quest did not say that we need to fight, this is an instance dungeon, after all. Anything can happen. What if, when Osiris is awakened, he ends up becoming at powerful boss? What do we do then?”

“How caring of you.” Riche sneered, a look of suspicion on his face.

“I am just scared of dying.” Terraflame shrugged. “We should focus on finishing this instance dungeon first. Make sure that we can survive before deciding on anything else.”

“However, we have already become enemies.” Riche pointed at Chen Xiaolian. Although the two of them had stopped fighting one another, they were both still casting wary looks at one another.

“The enmity between the two of us is even greater, no?” Terraflame laughed. “In this world, there is no such thing as an eternal enemy. There is also no such thing as an eternal friend. During times of necessity, one must pinch their nose to maintain peace. I believe Mr Chen Xiaolian agrees, no? Besides, who knows how long it will take before we encounter one another in future instance dungeons?”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Terraflame and pondered for a moment before slowly nodding his head.

He simply had no room to refuse.

Although Riche’s equipment and skills were seemingly incapable of harming him, he was also incapable of posing any threat towards Riche.

As for Terraflame, it was still unclear what his actual motives were. However, without his interference, neither Chen Xiaolian nor Riche could defeat one another.

Next up, Chen Xiaolian would have to be attentive as to whether or not Riche and Terraflame would do anything. Terraflame was Thorned Flower Guild’s traitor and there was a deep level of hatred between the two sides. Even so, what happened earlier in the instance dungeon had proven that there was a possibility of them working together if the situation called for it.

Chen Xiaolian only needed to complete the quest and clear the instance dungeon. That way, he would be completely safe.

“Then, let’s go.”

Terraflame took the lead. Riche and Chen Xiaolian looked at one another before respectively summoning back the fire dragons and Taishi Ci. Next, they walked deeper into the Divine Temple. 

At the foot of the hill outside the Divine Temple, somewhere far away from the position of the participants, Aliosha and Hillghost were standing face-to-face as they talked to one another.

“Damn it! Why didn’t you help earlier?” Although the words coming from Hillghost’s mouth was fierce in nature, the tone and expression on Hillghost’s face was monotonous. It was as though he was simply repeating the words from somewhere else. “Only the defence of his armour is strong. It cannot possibly be impervious against all forms of attacks! If the two of us work together, we will surely be able to figure out its flaws!”

“Who asked you to start attacking without saying a word? Do you think that I have no doubts about the kid?” Aliosha, too, spoke with a monotonous tone. “However, it would still be impossible for the two of us to finish him off. Besides, didn’t I mention it earlier? There is only one set of armour. How will the two of us split the spoils?”

“Didn’t the instance dungeon prompt mention? Only one person may obtain the immortal body reward. The armour and the reward. Each of us will choose one. If it comes down to it, I will just let you choose first!”

“All right. I didn’t say I won’t help kill the kid. However… … we need to come up with a proper plan. How do we break this kid’s tortoise shell?”

“And, what is your plan? The entrance to the Divine Temple is already sealed and there are only the two of us inside. Even if we try to plan it, the only things we can rely on are our equipment and skills.”

“There is the Twin Share version Four-Dimensional Spatial Bags. It allows the transfer of equipment between team mates regardless of the distance. One is in my hands and the other one is in your hands, did you forget?”

“… damn it! More of the things that you stole when you turned traitor!”

“Is there a point in discussing that right now? That equipment consists of two parts, each part is with one of us right now. Thus, it cannot be used at all. As long as you give it to me temporarily, we will be able to transfer in items from the outside. The most important issue now is, is your part with you or is it outside?”

“It’s with Myriad Baiter. What about yours?”

“It’s with me.”

“Then… all right. However, why should I trust you?”

“It’s only temporary. I can give you something as collateral.”

“If so… hand over the Eye of Cronus. Damn it. That is also something you fellows stole.”

“Deal. However, that is only for collateral, not a permanent exchange. After this instance dungeon is over, we will be exchanging the items back.”

“… that is Thorned Flower Guild’s item to begin with, you despicable fellow!”

“Enough. Don’t talk nonsense anymore. We don’t have much time. We need to come up with a proper plan. By adding up our two guilds, what items can we use?”

“… I say, will the kid realize our plan?”

“Of course not. Aliosha and Hillghost are outside this Divine Temple. We are now using our guild channel to have them relay our words so that we can communicate. If this kid can hear us, he will really be someone from the Development Team.”

“Humph! You are right. Then, I hope… we can have a pleasant cooperation.”

“A pleasant cooperation.”

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