Chapter 749 Second Phase Completed

GOR Chapter 749 Second Phase Completed 

Following the roar from its engine, the Devourer fighter aircraft quickly rose up into the sky. At the same time, barrages of suppressive fire were concentrated upon the stretch of sands before the aircraft.

All the heavy artilleries were temporarily raised up high to fire up front to pave a road for the Devourer fighter.


The moment the fighter rose up, Riche pushed its thrusters to their maximum output and the fighter charged forward.

The fighter did not continue to rise up into the sky; there was simply no time left for him to do so. The most important thing for them was to kill off Anubis as fast as possible.

Anubis, who was standing far away, continued waving the sceptre in his hand. However, the actions from the jackal-headed monsters changed.

The monsters armed with blades and shields continued assaulting the defensive perimeter atop the hill without any regard for their own lives. As for those armed with bows and javelins, they began shooting upwards.

Although the earlier burst of suppressive fire had cleared a path for the fighter, the monsters were quick to rush in, filling up the empty space there. Meanwhile, Anubis continued waving his sceptre and more monsters rose from the sands. The monsters too, began shooting up the sky.

A high number of arrows and javelins were shot into the sky. Due to how far up the fighter was though, many of them fell to the ground before making contact with the fighter. However, some of them did successfully hit the fighter.

Both arrow and spear contained faint magical fluctuations. Despite the faint concentration of magic, every time it struck the fighter, a small burst of light would erupt.

The burst of light seemingly contained corrosive power. After erupting outwards, it would melt down the body of the fighter, creating a fist-sized hole in its wake. 

In but moments, more than 10 holes had appeared upon the main body of the fighter.

“Damn it!” Within the shaking fighter, Terraflame grabbed a handrail and shouted at Riche, who was in the front, “Activate the shield, idiot!”

“This is a basic version! There is no shield!” Riche shouted back at Terraflame. “We are about to arrive! Stop shouting!”

The pathway that the artillery had paved out earlier was gradually filling up with monsters once more. A growing number of arrows were striking the main body of the Devourer fighter.

Even the engines on either side of the fighter were struck by the arrows. A spear could be seen inserted into the engine on the right. The fighter flew about in a slanting position and its altitude fell.

They had only covered half the distance between them and Anubis.

Anubis raised the sceptre in his right hand up high and a hurricane suddenly emerged upon the sandy desert. Sweeping up the sands, the hurricane rapidly moved towards the incoming fighter.

“Damn!” The fighter was moving forward at full power. Riche quickly pulled the control shaft to turn the fighter to the left, avoiding the hurricane.

However, most of the sands swirling around the hurricane had still made their way into the engines of the fighter.

The engine on the right, with a spear stuck inside it, suddenly burst into flames. As for the engine on the left, smoke had begun to spill out from it.

“It can’t take anymore! Everyone, prepare to meet the enemy!” 

Riche knew they would be intercepted. However, he did not expect to be stopped after just covering half the distance between them. Now, they could no longer move forward. Gritting his teeth, he slammed down on a button to open up the hatches on either side of the fighter. “Hillghost!”

The moment the two hatches were opened, Hillghost took the lead to jump out. There was only a distance of ten plus metres between the fighter and the ground. While Hillghost was still in the midst of falling, he summoned out a large mech.

The mech was three times bigger than a Sentinel mech. Appearance wise, it looked very sleek. The moment it was summoned, the hatch on its chest automatically opened up and Hillghost slid right into the hatch. Next, the mech began moving. It readjusted its posture while in mid-air. By the time it landed, both its arms had ejected out large-calibre Vulcan autocannons. The two autocannons sprayed its bullets left and right. 

The others jumped down from the opened hatches at the same time.

“Damn! There is still one kilometre left!” Terraflame shouted upwards after landing on the ground.

The last one to jump, Riche, placed one palm upon the Devourer fighter as he was falling down. With a flash of light, the fighter returned into his storage equipment.

“Enough nonsense! Charge!” After landing, Riche slapped his palms together before quickly pulling them apart. A fire dragon emerged from both his palms before rising up high to charge forward.

Terraflame rushed forward, taking the frontmost position. The war hammer in his right hand slammed the surface of the shield that he was carrying with his left hand. Next, countless electrical currents flowed through the two weapons.

Aliosha carried a large laser minigun with her right hand and fired upon their surroundings with it. Her left hand appeared unarmed save for a black-coloured circular hole on her palm. The hole was as large as an egg and it was impossible to tell how deep the hole was.

She aimed her left hand at Terraflame and a red beam shot out to strike Terraflame’s back. Terraflame’s body responded with a shudder before doubling in size. His muscles throbbed energetically.

Aliosha shifted her palm to aim at Myriad Baiter behind her. This time, the beam shooting out from the black hole was a purple-coloured beam.

A purple glow enveloped Myriad Baiter, who used both palms to form a seal. Immediately, six hurricanes emerged. The six hurricanes came together before rushing forward. Although the six hurricanes were smaller compared to the one that Anubis had summoned earlier, they were much faster. There were seemingly countless swords spiralling within the hurricanes as the fine grains of sands sucked into the hurricanes would all be shredded into fine particles.

The jackal-headed monsters caught in the hurricanes path were all sucked in and minced into sand puree.

The six smaller hurricanes clashed against the larger hurricane. Immediately, an explosion of air currents erupted, blowing away all the surrounding monsters to clear out a path forward.

Despite the magic buff given by Aliosha, unleashing such a large-scale spell without chanting had still taken a toll on Myriad Baiter and he appeared weakened from that.

The mech that Hillghost was piloting scooped Myriad Baiter up and placed him on its left shoulder without missing a beat in its suppressive fire role. As for Ghostfox, he had jumped upon the mech’s right shoulder even before that. 

Ghostfox had not attacked at all since the beginning. His combat style was focused upon single targets. To do battle against so many enemies would be highly inefficient. The moment their team arrived before Anubis was the best time for him to attack. At present, every drop of energy was invaluable and he could not afford to waste them.

Terraflame was at the front, paving a way forward. His war hammer, enveloped by electrical current, would swing about non-stop. Every monster struck by the war hammer would be sent flying, their bodies broken apart before disintegrating into sand.

The monsters with long-ranged equipment kept firing their arrows and spears at the team. However, the fire dragon that Riche summoned out swirled around to incinerate most of the arrows and javelins. Even though some of them would make their way past the fire dragon, they would all be deflected by the mech’s arm. Unlike the Devourer fighter, the mech came installed with a high-grade electromagnetic shield. The corrosive burst caused by the arrows and javelins were all stopped by the shield and they failed to cause any damage.

Aliosha took big strides as she rushed forward, the laser minigun in her hand sweeping around while continuously firing out buffing beams from her left palm at the rest of her team mates. Every time a beam was fired out, it would accurately strike her team mates to greatly increase a single attribute.

Myriad Baiter, who was seated on the mech’s shoulder, continued to unleash smaller spells without respite, clearing off the monsters on the side.

“Don’t stop! Don’t delay a single step! If we get held back, we will all die!”

Shouted Riche as he continued to summon out another fire dragon.

“Nonsense! Our Starfall Guild doesn’t need a lecture from you!” Terraflame snorted. “Just keep an eye on your own Thorned Flower Guild members!”

The surrounding jackal-headed monsters continued surging forward. However, they were incapable of stopping the raiding assault of the six figures.

One kilometre. It did not take them long to cover half that distance.

Anubis observed them indifferently for a moment. Suddenly, it opened its mouth and spoke in a low tone.

“Idiotic foreigners! Those who dare infringe upon the dignity of the Gods in the very land of the Gods will receive God’s judgement!”

He raised the sceptre up high and issued out a series of indecipherable chants from his throat.

Tens of black-coloured halos descended from the sky to envelop the jackal-headed monsters around Terraflame and the team.

After the black light coated the jackal-headed monsters’ body, their strength and speed, even their toughness, were increased several times over.

“Damn it! It is the same skill as mine!” Aliosha pulled out the exhausted energy cartridge from the laser minigun in her hand and placed in a new one before opening fire again. “But its level is higher! Be careful!”

Terraflame’s war hammer struck a jackal-headed monster who was standing before him in its chest. However, the strike only managed to knock it backwards. It knocked down several of its companions in the process and the electrical currents sizzled upon its body. However, the electrical currents were only capable of moving on the surface of the black glowing light and were incapable of fatally wounding the monster. Flipping up to its feet, the monster shook its head before charging forward once more. Its scimitar heavily struck Terraflame’s shield.

Terraflame’s body merely jolted once as a result of the strike. With a sweep of his shield, he pushed the monster away. Next, his war hammer swung right down upon the monster’s head.

This swing was performed with Terraflame’s full might. The monster cried out wretchedly as its head was crushed.

“Shit!” Terraflame swore as several more monsters rushed at him.

After receiving a buff from the black-coloured halos, the monsters were immediately capable of slowing down the advancing speed of the assault team. The killing power of the fire dragon from Riche and the spells from Myriad Baiter were greatly reduced. The large-calibre Vulcan autocannons on the mech was the exception as it continued destroying the monsters at the same rate.

However, its ammunition was not limitless. Despite only having engaged the monsters for a short period, the mech’s actions of firing out non-stop had reduced the ammunition reserve of the mech to less than two thirds of its full reserve. Hillghost could see the state of the reserve from the dashboard within the mech cockpit.

By then, they were already several kilometres away from the hill. The defenders were continuously besieged by the monsters. Even so, they continued providing supporting fire for the assault team.

“Myriad Baiter! Aliosha! That move you two pulled earlier, do it again! Hurry!” Riche shouted loudly.

“Understood.” Myriad Baiter, who was still on the mech’s shoulder, nodded his head and made a seal with his fingers again.

“Don’t use a commanding tone with me!” Despite the dissatisfaction on her face, Aliosha aimed her left palm at Myriad Baiter once more to fire a purple beam at him.

Six hurricanes, bigger than the previous six, spread out from Myriad Baiter’s position.

The instant Myriad Baiter unleashed the spell, Riche thrust both his hands up to the sky and his whole body erupted with flames.

Like setting off fireworks, a gigantic fire dragon instantly burst out from Riche’s palms before rising straight up into the sky. When it reached the sky, the fire dragon them exploded into six fire dragons. Each of them spun before flying into the eye of each hurricane.

After entering the eyes of the six hurricanes, the fire dragons were immediately sucked into the hurricanes to transform into six gigantic pillars of fire. The six pillars spun around the assault team.

The wind bolstered the fire and the twisting pillars of fire turned the sand on the ground into glass. The monsters caught in the path of the twisting pillars were instantly burned into black-coloured glass statues before getting shattered apart by the sharpness of the wind.

“My skill has a time limit! Hurry up and charge!”

Summoning out six fire dragons in one go had greatly exhausted Riche. A slight paleness could be seen on his face. As for Myriad Baiter, who was seated on the mech’s shoulder, he had to support himself by placing his hands on the surface of the mech while his body bent down and he panted heavily.

The thrusters behind the mech ejected flames out as the mech charged forward. The other members of the assault team accelerated their pace, taking advantage of the clearing created by Riche and Myriad Baiter’s spells to charge at Anubis, who was not too far away from them.

However, they had only covered a distance of 200 metres when the twisting pillars of fire began slowing down as they gradually faded away. Meanwhile, the monsters popping out from the sands continued to emerge before getting showered with black-coloured light.

Terraflame bellowed furiously. Every swing of his war hammer was performed at full strength to pulverize the monsters rushing him. However, the rate at which he was killing the monsters was far lower compared to the rate at which the monsters were rushing forward. Eventually, the number of monsters in their surroundings grew. Some of them had managed to land attacks upon Terraflame. Although Terraflame’s war hammer and shield were coated with electrical currents, its effects on the buffed monsters were noticeably inferior compared to before.

The red beam from Aliosha was for buffing melee abilities. Thanks to that, Terraflame’s strength and defence were greatly increased and the attacks from the monsters’ scimitars failed to cut his skin. Even so, every time their attacks landed, Terraflame would feel a faint sensation of pain.

Additionally, every time the weapons – covered in the black-coloured glow – struck Terraflame, they would cause the red-coloured glow on his body, Aliosha’s buff, to become dimmer.

The black-coloured light could counter Aliosha’s buff.

All Aliosha could do was to continuously raise her left palm to send beam after beam towards her other team mates to buff them. However, it would appear that the consumption for the skill was quite considerable. It did not take long for her to begin gasping for breath as well. Her muscular right arm, which had been able to easily wield the laser minigun, began growing shaky.

“Captain! Ammo is almost out! Even the reserve energy is at less than half!” Hillghost shouted into the microphone in the cockpit. “What should we do?” 

“Keep charging! Don’t let up on the rate of fire!” Riche gasped as he shouted. By then, the advance of their assault team had almost come to a halt. Every step forward required a great deal of effort.

Be it the mech’s energy and ammunition reserve, the team members’ stamina, magic power and their various skills, all of them were about rock bottom.

Anubis was less than 200 metres away from them. However, within the 200 metres were countless jackal-headed monsters. Not to mention, more of them were being continuously spawned.


Riche swore inwardly.

Although he continued to open fire without respite, he realized that their assault had failed.

Even if they pushed themselves to their limits and reach Anubis, they would no longer possess the strength to defeat this BOSS.

It was capable of summoning so many monsters while casting such a powerful buffing skill. Although it had yet to reveal its melee capabilities, there was no way a BOSS could be defeated in one blow.

The six members of this assault team were the elites from both Starfall Guild and Thorned Flower Guild. Before those from Starfall Guild split up from Thorned Flower Guild, they had fought alongside each other many times before in instance dungeons. The coordination and combat plans they used to utilize remained strong. Before this, Riche had felt confident. He believed that with the six of them combined, they could easily kill off Anubis. At present, though, it had become a distant hope.

Five of them were already near their limits. The only one who remained at full strength was Ghostfox, who had yet to attack. His skill and combat abilities were unsuited to fighting large number of mobs.

“My magic power is used up!”

Myriad Baiter unleashed one last wind blade out before his whole figure fell unsteadily upon the mech’s shoulder, incapable of moving anymore.

Several scars could now be seen on Terraflame’s body. Although they were not deep, the number of monsters was increasing and the rate at which he was getting hit increased.

Aliosha gritted her teeth and attempted to continue firing out her buffing beams. However, the interval between each beam was growing longer. The resulting glow from her beam was also growing weaker.

The energy shield installed upon both the mech’s arms had intercepted over a thousand arrows and javelins. Finally, the energy shields flickered a few times before dissipating completely. Following the sound of a machine getting powered down, the two Vulcan autocannons on the mech’s arms stopped firing.

“Energy for the shields is gone! Ammo is gone as well! Only the energy for the Proton Cannon module remains now! Do I fire? Or use it to power the energy shield?” shouted Hillghost. 

The Proton Cannon was the most powerful weapon for the mech that Hillghost was piloting. However, the large consumption limited its number of usage to just one during combat. Additionally, it required 10 seconds to initiate. During that 10 seconds, it would be incapable of moving or utilizing its other weapons. In other words, it would become a target that could do nothing but allow itself to be beaten.

Given their present circumstances, there was no way the Proton Cannon could land a hit.

Additionally, Riche was uncertain if one hit from the Proton Cannon could deal enough damage to kill Anubis.

Riche was silent for a mere two seconds before Hillghost shouted, “Captain, hurry up and decide! If we don’t open fire now, we won’t have the chance to do so again!”

A loud explosion sudden rang out from behind. Riche jerked his head back to see that a small gap had opened within the hill’s defensive perimeter. A large number of jackal-headed monsters were surging in through the opening. The explosion earlier had been from one of the Thunderstorm Tanks. Its turret had been blown up.

Previously, the hill could be defended for so long because the four Thunderstorm Tanks were sieged up and serving as hubs for their defence. At present, one of the four mighty hubs had fallen.

With the counter attack from the Sentinel mechs and the quality of his team members, Riche believed that the defenders could continue to hold the hill for a while.

However, should they fail to kill Anubis soon, the defenders would not be able to hold on for long. It was just a matter of time before their defences break down.

Should that happen, everyone will die.

Riche was feeling regretful.

In hindsight, his decision back then was a serious mistake.

He gave Terraflame a glance and saw the same look from his eyes.

“To Hell with it! Hillghost! Pull out the energy cartridges for the Proton Cannon and put them into the reactors and thrusters. After that, switch the mech to remote control!” Riche spat out a mouthful of blood as he summoned out three fire dragons. The fire dragons swirled around them. This time, however, both the size and speed of the fire dragons were far inferior compared to the previous ones.

“What are you up to, Captain?” Hillghost was surprised.

“There is no guarantee that one hit from the Proton Cannon can kill Anubis! We need to make a Hail Mary!” Riche gnashed his teeth. “Either go all out or die! Overload the mech’s reactor and set it on a collision course with Anubis! The power behind the mech’s self-destruct is higher compared to that of the Proton Cannon. We’ll use the explosion to kill him off!”

“Motherf-” Hillghost’s mind raced, but was unable to find a better alternative. “Understood!”

A faint burst of buzzing sound suddenly rang out as rays of light abruptly shone from the gaps between the limbs of the mech. At the same time, the thrusters of the mech were pushed to their maximum output. 

“Hurry! Hurry!”

Riche shouted impatiently. However, he knew as well that it would take some time to overload the mech’s reactor.

Every time his three fire dragons devoured one of the jackal-headed monsters, the black glow on the monsters’ bodies would affect them, shrinking their bodies by several notches. The flames on the fire dragons grew dimmer and their flying speed grew increasingly slow. In about 10 more seconds, those fire dragons were likely going to lose all their power.

Who knows if the mech’s reactor overload could be completed before the fire dragons disappeared?

The wounds on Terraflame grew increasingly high and his movements were getting slower and slower. Aliosha’s buffing beams could no longer maintain their previous level of effectiveness.

Myriad Baiter, who had exhausted all his magic power and supplements, could only open fire into their surroundings with light firearms.

Ghostfox had jumped off the mech’s shoulder. He pulled out a katana and darted about quickly around the mech. Every slash he made would cut apart a jackal-headed monster. However, his single target attacks were not as efficient compared to the area-of-effect attacks launched by the others earlier.

The surrounding monsters rushed forward to encircle them, making sure that nothing could slip past them. As for the fire dragons, the more monsters they devoured, the weaker they became.

“Ten more seconds!”

“Five seconds!”




Hillghost shouted loudly before jumping out from the abruptly opened hatch. In but an instant, the thrusters behind the mech blasted out at its maximum limit and propelled it towards Anubis.

All six of them were covered in wounds. However, in this moment of life and death, their eyes were not fixed upon the monsters before them. Instead, they were fixed upon the thing ejecting long flaming trails, the mech charging towards Anubis.

Everyone’s heart was palpitating at its fastest record ever.

However, the result was something that none of them could have imagined.

Anubis revealed a peculiar smile. He raised his right hand to grab thin air before raising it up high.

The sand beneath, seemingly raised by a giant hand, rose up to form a large shield before Anubis.

Before the mech could reach the shield, it had already grown to a thickness of several metres, like a wall. Furthermore, its thickness was still growing even as it kept Anubis safely behind it. 

At the same time, a black halo descended upon the sand shield.

The mech slammed heavily into the sand shield and halted for half a second. Next, a dazzling light erupted and the surrounding area seemingly became still.

After that, a gigantic ball of light spread out to engulf the entirety of the shield and Anubis, who was behind it.

The ball of light remained for only 10 seconds before shrinking.

Only after the ball of light had completely disappeared did they raise their heads to look forward.

If they had not lowered their heads and shut their eyes for the earlier explosion, they would have become blind by now.

Before their eyes was a gigantic, circular-shaped crater, glowing with bright red light.

At the centre of the crater was a spherical glass. Its surface, which was emitting bright red light, had been utterly burned to the point of melting. High temperature liquid glass was flowing down from it.

“Dead… … it’s dead, right…”

Hillghost stood up shakily and spoke in a quavering voice.

That was his mech, equipped with a neutron reactor. Thus, he knew best. By overloading the reactor, the resulting power from its explosion was comparable to a small nuclear bomb.

There was no defence for this level of power.

Even the sand shield had been reduced to glass. There was no way Anubis could survive it.

“It must have died.” Terraflame gritted his teeth as he swallowed two Healing Beast Bloods. There were wounds all over his body and both his hands were shaking to the point where he could barely hold on to his war hammer and shield anymore. 

“Look, the monsters aren’t moving anymore.” Myriad Baiter turned around to look at their surroundings. The jackal-headed monsters summoned by Anubis were all immobile.

“This is not right! We haven’t received a system prompt from the instance dungeon!” Aliosha cried out in alarm as she recovered from her shock. “If we haven’t received a prompt, it means the monster is still alive!”

Seemingly acting in concert with Aliosha’s words, the glass sphere suddenly broke apart.

The inner layer of the sphere was sand, yet to melt under the heat; the middle layer of the sphere was hard glass; the outer layer was liquid glass. All of them exploded outwards at the same time.

As for Anubis, he stood in the centre of the sphere, not a wound on his body.

“It is as I have said earlier, those who dare infringe upon God’s dignity in this very land of Gods will receive Gold’s judgement!”

An apparent smile appeared on Anubis’ jackal head. Then, he waved both hands.

The jackal-headed monsters that had gone stiff earlier began moving once more as new monsters spawned out from the sands. This time, they did not charge the six participants. Instead, they stepped backwards to create an open space.

Anubis stepped forward. The surrounding monsters stepped aside to make way for Anubis.

A broad path appeared between Anubis and the six-man assault team.

“Your group is very strong and your powers are most peculiar. However, with this little power, you are still unqualified to violate the dignity of the Nine Chief Gods! And now…”

Anubis strode forward, laughing loudly as he did. “I, the son of Osiris, Adjudicator God of the Dead, will personally give you God’s judgement!”

“It is over.”

Riche’s face was as pale as paper.

The BOSS, Anubis, was too strong.

His power was not simply limited to his strength. His ability to handle battles, the tricks he possessed, they were similar to his head – as sinister and everchanging as a jackal.

This time, all of them will probably die in this instance dungeon.


Terraflame, who had swallowed two Healing Beast Bloods, turned to face Ghostfox, his whole body stained with blood. “You are the only one who can still fight. Let’s go all out!”

Although Healing Beast Blood could heal wounds, the exhausted stamina was not something that could easily recover.

At present, the only one with a near intact stamina was Ghostfox.

His skill, Soul Ripper, and his weapon, Dojigiri Yasutsuna, complemented each other. They were both focused on spiritual damage. According to Riche’s plan, after they reach Anubis, Ghostfox was meant to serve as their main damage dealer.

However, that required the cooperation from the others.

At present, Ghostfox was alone while the limit of Anubis’ power remained unknown to them. To have him face Anubis alone, the possibility of him winning was infinitely close to zero.

Ghostfox took a deep breath and gripped his katana.

He did not have the slightest bit of confidence. However, in this desperate situation, he could not simply roll over and die.


Ghostfox raised the blade up high and entered a stance. He watched intently at the approaching figure, a figure with a height of over five metres, as he gathered his strength.

Life and death will be decided in one slash!

“Prepare yourselves… … for the endless suffering after death!”

Anubis raised the sceptre in his hand up high.

In the very next second, however, a loud crashing sound reverberated from up above.

The crashing sound was so loud that even the ground beneath their feet quaked violently.

Up in the sky, a shockwave erupted, tearing an entire stretch of space.

From within the shockwave, a black shadow shot down at a diagonal angle like an artillery blast, heading straight for Anubis.

The moment the black shadow appeared, a terrifyingly powerful fluctuation filled the entire space.

Anubis jerked his head backwards. Ignoring what might be shooting towards him, he waved his right hand and a large number of sands rose up once more to form a thick shield comparable to that of a city wall.

Although he could not yet get a clear view of the other party, as the BOSS of this instance dungeon, the mighty Egyptian God, Anubis could sense danger.

Several black halos descended simultaneously upon the sand shield until the entirety of the sand shield was glowing with black light.

Given the limited amount of time available, this was the strongest defence that Anubis could mount.

This shield was even more powerful compared to the one he had summoned out for the self-destructing mech.


The black shadow struck the sand shield. Next, the sand shield, which had successfully protected Anubis earlier, became as fragile as a paper.

The moment the black light coating the shield made contact with the black shadow, they became like water vapour exposed to extreme sunlight, evaporating until there was nothing left. As for the sands used to form the shield, the impact scattered them everywhere.

Like an artillery blast, the black shadow pierced through the shield and struck Anubis.

Anubis did not even have the opportunity to scream as his body, struck by the black shadow, exploded into fine, bloody mist.

Due to the impact from the collision, his torn limbs flew out along with his blood into the surrounding areas. Meanwhile, the ground beneath Anubis was now painted red to seemingly form a dazzling flower from Hell.

At the same time, the six of them received prompts from the instance dungeon through their personal system.

[God of the Dead, Anubis has been killed. The instance dungeon’s second phase is complete. Killer: Cannot be identified.

[The instance dungeon’s third phase has begun. Objective: Offer up the Pharaoh’s blood as a sacrifice and undo the seal on Horus’ statue.

[After Horus is defeated, the fourth phase will begin.]

Their hearts thumped wildly.

The bloody mist from Anubis’ blown up body continued to drift about. It was thick enough to cover the light of day.

The six of them strained their eyes only to barely make out a silhouette.

Within the bloody mist, a silhouette was slowly standing up.

Behind the silhouette's back, was a pair of wings.

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