Chapter 74: Bronze Men And Big Tree (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 74: Bronze Men And Big Tree

Nangong produced a piece of paper and scrawled out a map of the area.

“The shape of the palace is roughly similar to the character ‘品’ (grade). Three palace buildings are situated around while the middle area is an empty square. At the centre of the three ‘口’ are an arch bridge and an upward platform.

However, there is a problem. We have been moving around in this area for nearly 2 hours. We have explored every place of the bottom two palace buildings, the two ‘口’ at the bottom. Both of them have gates and stairs leading down to the empty central square.

However, the main palace building up top remains inaccessible. The gates are closed and we were not able to even ascend the stairs. It was as though an energy of some sort was blocking us.

As for the other two great palace buildings, Qin terracotta soldiers will patrol about. These things are like ghosts, appearing all of a sudden at short intervals at unknown locations. We fought with them twice and killed no small number of them. However, when we returned, we found that the broken stone debris left by them on the grounds where we had fought had disappeared. It seems there are no end to these things.”


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