Chapter 726 Stop It!

GOR Chapter 726 Stop It! 

“Are you… … really my daughter?” Qiao Yifeng opened up his cracked lips and asked in a hoarse voice.

“Look, Qiao Qiao unnie. He doesn’t remember you at all.” Soo Soo sneered. “Right now, in his mind, his daughter is only Yu Jiajia. I know you want me to do this as well, right? Kill off this… … girl who has taken over your identity, the girl who has stolen the fatherly love which should have been yours!”

Soo Soo slowly stepped forward. “I know, you are incapable of doing the deed yourself. She is indeed innocent. However, don’t you hate her? You must really hate her, right?”

Qiao Qiao turned to look at the approaching Soo Soo. Her tender voice brought with it an inexplicable feeling of temptation. It was as though a devil from the depths of Hell was whispering into her ear.

“So, just let me do this thing that you cannot do. I am the most suitable person to be doing this despicable act that will stain the hands. As for you, Qiao Qiao unnie, all you need to do is to simply stand aside and wait. Just wait, just wait…” 

There was a sweet smile on Soo Soo’s face as she stepped toward Qiao Qiao. Finally, she arrived before Qiao Qiao.

As she was making her way past Qiao Qiao, Soo Soo suddenly turned around to place her mouth close to Qiao Qiao’s ear. “Qiao Qiao unnie, don’t worry. Once all of this is over, your good little sister will return as well. This memory… … I will help her erase it. This is the best ending, no?”

Qiao Qiao remained still, an impassive expression on her face as she allowed Soo Soo to walk past her.

Chen Xiaolian simply stood there as he watched everything coolly. He showed no signs of moving at all.

The sweet smile on Soo Soo’s face had turned peculiar. Next, she took a step forward.

However, the moment she took that step, Qiao Qiao’s left hand swiftly shot out with lightning-like speed to grab Soo Soo’s wrist.

“Stop it, Soo Soo.”

Qiao Qiao made a partial turn to cast a solemn gaze at Soo Soo before slowly shaking her head.

“Just an hour ago, I found out that my father has an illegitimate daughter.” Qiao Qiao’s voice was very soft. “However, I had long since known about what happened to your parents. You remember, don’t you? Back in the Jerusalem instance dungeon, we had entered the same dreamscape.

“After that, I was killed. However, even when I was in World’s End, even during the half year that I spent in the Changban Hillside instance dungeon, that nightmare would constantly replay itself within my mind.

“I… … could never figure it out. What should I say after meeting you once more? Sometimes, I think that it would be better if I never get resurrected. That way, I don’t need to worry about how I should face you.

“However… … in the end, this is an issue that has to be solved.”

Qiao Qiao closed her eyes. “I read before in a novel, the heroine fell in love with a man. However, the two of them later found out… … her father had killed the man’s parents. But the man did not know…   … he did not know that his parents’ killer was his lover’s father. Thus, on a fateful night, the heroine disguised herself as her father to trick the man into killing her. She thought that… … by doing that, she could wash away the resentment between the two parties. It was a huge sacrifice indeed, but… … in the end, it led to the man living in misery. Finally, in face of ten thousand enemy soldiers, he killed himself. [1]

“Truth was, the girl’s father had nothing to do with the deaths of the man’s parents!

“I love you, Soo Soo. However, I will not make such a stupid move of using my own life to substitute for my father. Or even… … Yu Jiajia’s life. That will not wash away the grudge within you. It will only cause you to live in eternal pain.”

Soo Soo stood there quietly as she looked at Qiao Qiao.

“However… I really do not know what to do, Soo Soo.” Qiao Qiao opened her eyes to reveal a pained look. “Yes, Yu Jiajia’s appearance is a huge surprise for me. You could say… I hate her existence. I hate that she has become my substitute, becoming my father’s daughter. Even so, I am still clear on the fact that she is innocent. Even if I am not the one to do it, to simply stand by and watch as you kill her is the equivalent of allowing you to kill her. How is that any different from doing the deed myself?”

“As expected, humans are selfish…” Soo Soo revealed a smile. “So, Qiao Qiao unnie. No matter what, you really want to stop me?”

Qiao Qiao was silent.

It would appear that they have reached an impasse.

Her father had killed Soo Soo’s parents. This was a fact that no one could change.

If she was in Soo Soo’s shoes, she would have no way of simply ignoring this grudge.

Even though Qiao Yifeng’s decision to kill her parents was for the sake of killing off the traitors from his guild…

Even though Qiao Yifeng had adopted Soo Soo after that…

For Soo Soo, all those reasons were insufficient for her to wash away the festering hatred within her.

Besides, the one she wanted to kill was Qiao Yifeng’s illegitimate daughter.

That person was neither Qiao Qiao’s guild mate nor lover. She was simply a stranger who shares part of her blood.

“Yes. We will definitely stop you.”

Unknowingly, Chen Xiaolian had quietly made his way forward to stand behind Soo Soo. He extended his hand to press down on Soo Soo’s head.

“This is not for Qiao Yifeng’s sake. Not for Qiao Qiao and not for Yu Jiajia.” There was a very heavy tone in Chen Xiaolian’s voice. “It doesn’t matter who you want revenge on, I will not let you do it.”

“Is that so? Xiaolian oppa…” Soo Soo did not turn back. “Why?”

“Because I am unwilling to have your hands be stained with blood.”

“Xiaolian oppa… those words of yours are very strange.” Soo Soo revealed a faint smile. “We have gone through so many instance dungeons. My hands… … they have been stained with who knows how much blood long ago. Be it the other Awakened ones or Players or even the instance dungeon monsters, do you think… … it can get any dirtier?”

“That is not the same.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head as he gently stroked Soo Soo’s head. “The blood you spill for the sake of surviving and the blood you spill for the sake of hatred, they are different.”

“They are all the same.” Soo Soo maintained the smile on her face. “If it’s blood, it’s the same. That pungent and sticky thing. After seeing so much of it, you’ll get used to it. Just like the one flowing out from daddy and mommy back then… … all right, Xiaolian oppa, Qiao Qiao unnie. Here comes the question.”

Soo Soo turned around to look at Chen Xiaolian. “You two… … how do you plan on stopping me?”

Her face maintained that sweet smile. “As long as I am alive, I will never let it go. So… … in order to deal with this problem, there is only one way you can go about this. And that is to kill me, just like how Qiao Yifeng killed my daddy and mommy. Mm… this is very reasonable. It is just like my daddy and mommy’s deaths. After all… … they are traitors to Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild.”

Another blazing phoenix, much bigger than the previous one, suddenly emerged from Soo Soo’s body.

“Now! It is time for you two to make the decision!”

Chen Xiaolian’s face sank. A sword appeared in his hand and he swung the sword to intercept the blazing phoenix’s advance.

The blazing phoenix struck the alloy sword and its high temperature instantly melted the sword down into molten iron. The exchange only managed to stop it for a moment. Next, with a cry, it flew toward Yu Jiajia.

“Stop it, Soo Soo!”

Qiao Qiao’s face sank. She jumped back, spreading both her hands to stand in the way of the blazing phoenix. However, the phoenix appeared to have a life of its own. When it was about to make contact with Qiao Qiao, it abruptly soared high up. Reaching the sky, it did not even curve down. Instead, it simply shot toward Yu Jiajia again.

However, as the blazing phoenix was about to strike Yu Jiajia, a sword light radiated out.

Chen Xiaolian was standing before Yu Jiajia, his right hand wielding an alloy sword similar to his previous one. This time, however, the sword remained intact. The blazing phoenix, on the other hand, had frozen in its tracks. Next, it dispersed apart, transforming into countless motes of flames before dissipating into the air.

The thing that had destroyed the blazing phoenix was not the sword, but sword energy.

In that critical moment, that same feeling of epiphany that Chen Xiaolian had experienced when he was in the Changban Hillside instance dungeon reappeared within his mind and he displayed the Sword Skill that Mr San had left for him. 

Soo Soo’s face sank. She then stretched out both hands at the same time to unleash two blazing phoenixes. The two phoenixes flew toward Yu Jiajia, one from the left and one from the right.

The two phoenixes charged forward at about the same time. However, Chen Xiaolian merely unleashed one sword strike.

A strike which severed Heaven.

The sword energy reigned through the sky, shredding the two phoenixes apart.

“As expected…” Seeing the two phoenixes she summoned shredded apart, Soo Soo stopped attacking. She gently shook her head. “The current Xiaolian oppa is already so strong. As long as you are here, I will have no chance of killing her.” 

The sounds of running engine could suddenly be heard coming from the sky. It was not a loud sound. However, it was still at a level where it could be heard.

A transparent outline had appeared atop their heads.

It was the cloaked Tidal Fighter.

Roddy had finally arrived.

“Take them up the fighter.” Chen Xiaolian stared intently at Soo Soo’s hands, remaining thoroughly vigilant. “I didn’t have the time to properly explain all the details to Roddy. When you have boarded the fighter, have him take off immediately. The farther, the better.”

Nodding her head, Qiao Qiao turned around to pick up both Yu Jiajia and Qiao Yifeng. Then, she ran backwards.

The Tidal Fighter had already switched off its cloaking function, landing not far in front of Qiao Qiao.

As she was carrying two people with her, Qiao Qiao was unable to run too fast. Even so, she did not turn her head around at all as she did.

With Chen Xiaolian behind her, Qiao Qiao believed that he could block off all of Soo Soo’s attacks.

And yet, feelings of confusion and unease remained within Qiao Qiao’s heart.

Even if they do manage to run away this time, this issue remained unresolved.

She could bring Qiao Yifeng away from calamity this time. However, what about the future?

“Take them… away? To a place so faraway that not even I can find them. Is this your solution, Xiaolian oppa?” Despite having seen Qiao Qiao running toward the distant Tidal Fighter after picking up both Qiao Yifeng and Yu Jiajia, Soo Soo remained still.

“For now, this is all I can do. I am sorry, Soo Soo. I am really sorry.” Chen Xiaolian could see the sorrow within Soo Soo’s eyes. It felt as though something was stabbing his heart.

When they were running over earlier, Qiao Qiao had already informed Chen Xiaolian about everything she saw back in the dreamscape.

The burning house, the blood flowing through the floor, the two corpses, and…

The little girl sobbing aloud from panic and dread.

“I can understand your predicament, Xiaolian oppa.” As she spoke, Soo Soo’s eyes did not look at Chen Xiaolian. Instead, they were directed at Qiao Qiao, who was running toward the Tidal Fighter. “Qiao Qiao unnie as well. You two are kind-hearted people. If possible, I really do not want to trouble you two. However… … right now, I have no other way.”

After saying that, Soo Soo’s whole body floated upward to transform into a clump of raging fire.

“I know. Your swordsmanship is very strong. It is so strong that, even with an ordinary sword, you can destroy my flames using sword energy. Thus, conventional methods will not allow me to kill Yu Jiajia.

“However… … this is something I have to do.

“Well then. Let this next attack bring an end to it all.”

Another blazing phoenix, bigger than all the previous ones, rose into the sky before charging toward Yu Jiajia, who was being carried away in Qiao Qiao’s right hand.

Chen Xiaolian had only just raised his sword when he suddenly stopped. He had not unleashed his sword energy this time.

For this attack, Soo Soo had transformed herself into the blazing phoenix!

Stopping this attack would mean… … killing Soo Soo.

However, by not stopping it, Yu Jiajia would be killed by Soo Soo.

In that moment of hesitation, Soo Soo’s phoenix form flew past Chen Xiaolian, shooting toward Yu Jiajia.

Goodbye, Xiaolian oppa! Goodbye, Qiao Qiao unnie!

Soo Soo mumbled to herself as the flames coming off her body raged to its limits.

“No one will die here today!”

With a furious roar, Chen Xiaolian leapt up, dashing to reach Yu Jiajia before Soo Soo. Pushing Qiao Qiao and Qiao Yifeng aside, he embraced Yu Jiajia tightly.

“Go away! Xiaolian oppa!”

This move from Chen Xiaolian was too fast and Soo Soo had no time to stop herself. She screamed out in shock as she slammed into Chen Xiaolian’s back. 

A pillar of fire punched its way into the sky.

Chen Xiaolian felt immense pain coming from his back as Soo Soo’s flames instantly burned their way through the [A] class protective suit that he was wearing. Next, the flames began ravaging his body.

He clenched his teeth, using his body to protect Yu Jiajia.

The flames lasted for only half a second before extinguishing away, transforming back into Soo Soo, who fell on the ground.

With one knee on the ground, she raised her head to look at Chen Xiaolian, tears falling down from her eyes.

“Xiaolian oppa!”

The surface area on a small portion of Chen Xiaolian’s body had been completely charred by the attack.

Yu Jiajia, despite being fully protected by Chen Xiaolian’s embrace, had already passed out from excessive shock.

“Soo Soo… … stop it.”

Chen Xiaolian turned his head to reveal a tired smile on his face.

 1 The author is probably referring to one of Jinyong’s novels, Demigods and Semidevils.

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