Chapter 72: Temporary Alliance (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 72: Temporary Alliance

The three of them moved through a long promenade, heading towards the interior of the palace; all the while thinking about how the interior of the palace extended in all directions. On their way, they were able to observe those eye dazzling pavilions.

As they were passing through two bends, they three of them suddenly heard a sound emanating from the front!

The droning sounds of drumbeats!

The sounds of drums stirred, seemingly filled with killing intent! Anyone who came to hear the sounds would be unable to stop their hearts from pounding madly!

Chen Xiaolian and Miao Yan’s faces changed and they peered ahead. Suddenly, several figures appeared from the end of the corridor located far away. Those figures hastily ran madly towards them. Surprisingly, there were three figures!

The one in the lead has an average build. He ran in a frenzy, his hands holding onto something with a long shape. Behind him, two fellows followed closely. One of them was covered in blood while the other held a shield in his hand.

It appeared that the three of them were being chased by something. They ran miserably and caught sight of Chen Xiaolian, Miao Yan and Soo Soo who were situated across them. The one in the lead quickly screeched out in a loud voice. “Quickly help us! Otherwise, we will all die here! Quick!”

Chen Xiaolian was able to immediately recognize the person.

Surprisingly, he knew who this person was.

It was the...

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