Chapter 71: Peerless God of Slaughter

GOR Chapter 71: Peerless God of Slaughter

Fearing that Soo Soo might ask more, Chen Xiaolian quickly pulled her inside.

After passing through the gates, they were now in the front hall of Epang Palace. It was shaped like the character ‘丁’.

At the very centre of this long, front hall was a giant three-legged ding [1]!

One glance at it caused both of Chen Xiaolian’s eyes to shine brightly. He rushed over using big strides and extended both hands to feel it. He patted and knocked upon the ding that has a height surpassing his, his eyes transfixed. He could not help himself and gave a low sigh. “A good treasure, a good treasure!”

This item was two times bigger than the largest ding unearthed, the Simuwu Ding [2]! Simuwu Ding was only 1.3 metres high whereas this one was higher than Chen Xiaolian by a head!

Resting upon three legs, its handles protruded outwards and its four sides stood upright!

Should this item be brought outside… it would be considered priceless!

However, dings have always been reserved by the ancient dynasties for important ceremonial events. Considering how big this ding is, why has there been no mention of it? It is also not recorded in any literature works.

Chen Xiaolian walked around this giant ding twice and attempted to find inscriptions upon its surface. After one round of examination, he only found patterns and no inscriptions.

“This ding does not even have inscriptions… how strange.”

Seeing this, Miao Yan became curious and asked. “What are you looking for by leaping up and down? Is there anything weird with this big pot?”

… Big pot?

Chen Xiaolian’s mouth tilted as he turned to look at Miao Yan. He gave a bitter smile. “Don’t spout nonsense! What do you mean big pot? This is a ding! It is a ritual object for the people of ancient times.”

He continued in a low whisper. “At present, the biggest ding to be discovered is the Simuwu Ding. Upon the surface of the ding are the three inscription letters ‘Si Mu Wu’. It was created by a King of the Shang Dynasty to be dedicated to the worship of his mother. After his mother’s death, a temple was given the name Mu Wu.”

Pausing, Chen Xiaolian frowned. “That is why, most dings will have inscriptions on them to represent what it was used for. This one though, its shape complies with the standards for ritual objects and yet is missing the inscriptions… its exact use is unknown. There is something else…”

Chen Xiaolian’s face suddenly turned peculiar. “Ding was used for worship rituals, but this is the front hall of an Imperial Palace! This should be the place for Qin Shi Huang to convene with his ministers. Why put a ding here?”

“Is there anything wrong with that?”

“Everything about that is wrong,” Chen Xiaolian spread out his arms. “What is the front hall? It is the equivalent of the living room for the Imperial Family. The living room should be decorated with items like incense burners or copper lamps. Who would place an item meant for worshipping the dead or the Heavens in the living room? But the key point remains the fact that it does not have any name.”

Miao Yan waved her hand. “It is just a broken copper cooker. Who cares about it? Let us hurry up and go inside.”

After saying that, Miao Yan stepped away as she headed into the great hall.

Chen Xiaolian though, kept looking at the giant ding a few more times. A feeling of wrongness gradually increased within his heart. Observing this four-sided ding for an extended period of time caused his heart to feel fearful. It was as though an indescribable atmosphere of ghastliness was being exuded by this ding.

While he was in a daze, Soo Soo tugged the corners of his clothes.

The calm expression was no longer there on Soo Soo’s small face. She stared at the ding with an expression of dread. It was as though she wanted to back away but was trying her best to endure it. She kept pulling Chen Xiaolian’s clothes. “Xiaolian oppa, let us hurry up and leave… this thing, too terrifying!”


Chen Xiaolian was shocked!

Soo Soo’s special sensing ability!

“Soo Soo, what did you see?”

“…” Soo Soo shook her head as she forcibly pursed her lips. “I cannot see it. When I close my eyes… I feel that this item is very, very big.” She gestured with both her tiny arms. “It is as though it is bigger than this big room!”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart trembled!

Soo Soo possessed the Fire Elemental body type, one that was highly sensitive to the forces of darkness.

… bigger than this great hall?

He suddenly had a thought. He bent his body down to the bottom of the ding and groped about at the bottom area of the ding.

“Ah! It’s here!”

Chen Xiaolian exclaimed with a soft voice. He could not see clearly within the dimly lit great hall and could only use his hands to sense it. Finally, he was able to make out two characters.

The written script characters of Qin Dynasty was something that Chen Xiaolian had learnt before in his younger years. Although he did not learn much, these two characters were not too difficult to read. After touching it a few times, he finally made it out.

“Gong Sun?”

Chen Xiaolian frowned.


What does Gongsun mean?

Is it the name or surname of a certain person?

Why place a ding to worship a certain ‘Gongsun’ within Qin Shi Huang’s great hall?

Gongsun? Is there any super powerful person within Qin Dynasty with the name Gongsun? The surname of the Qin Imperial Family line should be Ying.

Moving away from the ding, he saw that Miao Yan had already moved tens of steps away and had reached the front area of the hall.

A single jade throne was placed up high in the central area.

At the end of the day, Miao Yan remained a member of the younger generation. She stepped forward and brashly sat down on the jade throne. Looking around, she said loudly. “This is Qin Shi Huang’s dragon seat? There is nothing special to it, hard and not comfortable at all.”

After saying that, she slapped down on the throne with force.

A “pa” sound rang out.

Chen Xiaolian could not discern if it was simply an illusion but he suddenly felt a burst of chilly wind sweeping past the great hall! In just moments, a chill permeated his body and he could not help but shudder. The sense of dread in his heart became increasingly unbearable.

“Quick, come down!”

Chen Xiaolian was unable to control himself as he blurted out those words. He pulled Soo Soo and ran over quickly.

Miao Yan’s face turned amiss. She jumped down the throne and stood before Chen Xiaolian, frowning. “You… did you feel it?”

Chen Xiaolian nodded seriously. “There seemed to be a wind? This is a mausoleum; we should expect the unexpected. It would be best for us to quickly leave this great hall.”

“What is there to fear? It is merely a fight,” Miao Yan snorted. “Didn’t the quest state that there are guardians? It is likely to be this place’s BOSS. As for Qin Shi Huang’s soul essence… if he wants to be resurrected, he must first ask for my permission.”

The three of them went pass the throne and moved towards the side of the front hall. After passing through a corridor, they encountered a stone door.

Miao Yan pushed it away and stepped forward. Behind her, Chen Xiaolian remained distracted. He could not help but think back on what the two characters ‘Gongsun’ meant.

In his dazed state, he did not notice the sill located on the ground.

His feet stumbled on the stone sill and he fell forward, crashing into Miao Yan’s back. Miao Yan turned her head and laughed. “Are you an idiot (báichī)?”

At the very moment that those words were uttered, a bolt of lightning flashed through Chen Xiaolian’s mind!

Idiot (báichī)… [3]



He suddenly turned around and gaped at the hall behind. The giant four-sided ding remained standing in the centre, seemingly emanating a thick, coercing, chilly killing intent!



Chen Xiaolian’s face changed and he blurted. “Ah! I got it! It is the Lord of Martial Peace!”

“What Lord of Martial Peace?” Miao Yan knitted her brows. “You seem distracted.”

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and stared at Miao Yan. “I just discovered something. I think I have figured out who the guardian is!”

“Who? Is it this Lord of Martial Peace? What is that?”

“The number one God of Slaughter of the Warring States, the invincible general of the State of Qin, Bai Qi!”

“Bai Qi, the invincible general of the State of Qin, the crazed slaughtering demon, the human butcher,” Chen Xiaolian felt his teeth turning cold as he continued slowly. “I was careless. Truth is, Bai Qi’s surname is not Bai. He is the descendant of the Qin nobility, the Gongsun clan. Thus… hey!”

Miao Yan frowned. “This Bai Qi… is very powerful?”

“Powerful?” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly. “The Warring States produced many great generals. In terms of who was the most powerful, there is no good way of comparing. However, if we are talking about who was the most terrifying, most brutal, then it was undoubtedly him! Bai Qi spent his entire life waging wars for 30 years. Yet, in both official and unofficial records of history, there were no records of him ever having lost.

He emerged victorious in every battle. In addition, he had a terrifying habit… killing prisoners!

In his entire lifetime, the total number of soldiers from the other six states that were slaughtered by him, totalled up to… 1.65 million!

This God of Slaughter, in 30 years, killed 1.65 million people!

Hey! I have read up on historical materials before. During the Warring States Era, if we exclude the State of Qin, the total population of the other six states does not exceed 15 million.

Additionally, due to the number of constant and mutual warfare between all of them, there were more females than males.

Within the population of 15 million people, the number of young middle-aged males added up to no more than one third!

What kind of notion is that? Amongst the total of 5 million young adults, less than half of them were completely slaughtered by Bai Qi alone!

It could be said that the six states exhausted forces and declining strength were accomplished by Bai Qi alone!

Later on, Qin Shi Huang was able wipe out the other six states and unify the world. Half the credit for that goes to the foundation laid during Bai Qi’s generation!

In terms of who has the most accomplishments in war, the most number of kills, the most brutal methods, the amount of prestige that his name holds was second to none under Heaven!

The Warring States Era has four great generals: Bai Qi, Lian Po, Li Mu and Wang Jian. The number of people killed by the other three combined could not hold a candle to the number of men Bai Qi killed!

You ask how powerful this person was?

I only know… after Bai Qi’s death, the people from the six states poured wines and greeted one another in celebration, joyful to finally be rid of this terrifying God of Slaughter!”

Miao Yan’s face was one of seriousness. “What you mean is… that ding, is to worship Bai Qi?”

“At the bottom of the ding are two characters ‘Gongsun’,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “Bai Qi’s surname is actually Gongsun. He is a member of the Gongsun Clan, part of Qin nobility. Thus, the name Gongsun makes sense. Additionally… with the exception of Bai Qi, is there any others with the name Gongsun that has a bigger prestige than him? Is there any who is qualified for such a big ding, and have it placed within the Imperial Palace?”

Pausing, Chen Xiaolian’s eyes flickered. “In his lifetime, Bai Qi’s crime of killings were too heavy and was thus lauded as the God of Slaughter. While he was still alive, the mention of his name would cause the people from the other six states to burst into tears of agony.

I believe that when Qin Shi Huang created this Qin Mausoleum, he placed a ding to worship Bai Qi here in order to deter minor spirits. [4]

With the honoured God of Slaughter here, evil spirits or demons can only kneel before him.

Having an honoured God of Slaughter within the Imperial Palace would assure that Qin Shi Huang could continue holding his position as the Honoured One of Nine and Five in the underworld!”

“So, the guardian?”

“Undoubtedly, it must be the God of Slaughter, Bai Qi!”

1 Ding = ‘鼎’, pinyin: ‘dǐng’. It is an ancient cauldron with two facing handles. Two kinds of ding exist; a round one with three legs or rectangular one with four legs. It was used for cooking, storage and ritual offerings to Gods or ancestors. [Source: Wiki].

2 Simuwu Ding, presently revised as Houmuwu (Queen Mother of Wu) Ding is a rectangular bronze ding from the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC to 1046 BC), supposedly dedicated to the wife of King Wu Yi of Shang by her son, King Wen Ding.

3 ‘白痴’, pinyin: ‘báichī’, literally translated to ‘clear stupid’.

4 The Chinese believes that the dead can return to protect and bring good luck to the family.

[Author’s Note: Err, about the final few words in the last chapter. How did Xiaolian guess that Miao Yan was not wearing bra?

To think that there would actually be some brothers who do not know why. You fellows are too pure.

I will announce the answer then: Bras will have metal in its interior for support. Miao Yan was able to enter the gates after taking off those clothes, but she did not take off any bra. That meant that she was not wearing any. Otherwise, due to the metal within the bra, she would not be able to enter the gates ~ ~].

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