Chapter 707 Confrontation

GOR Chapter 707 Confrontation

“As expected!”

Chen Xiaolian pulled Nightmare with him and they quickly made their way through several tents.

After the shout, more of Cao Cao’s soldiers began rushing out from their tents. The combat energy shining off their bodies further illuminated the surrounding area.

While the heavy rain continued, their ability to inspect their surroundings improved as a result of that.


“Shut up! This is not the time for you to talk! Only talk to me if there is anything important going on in your guild channel!” 

Chen Xiaolian’s teeth was tightly clenched as he dragged Nightmare with him, darting left and right as their group ran non-stop in the opposite direction.

At that moment, they needed to hide.

The strength of those horse riders was too terrifying. Although even the ordinary soldiers in Cao Cao’s army could utilize combat energy, they could not take even a hit from those horse riders. Fight them directly? Chen Xiaolian was not someone who would do something as foolish as that.

It was not that Chen Xiaolian had no confidence in his guild’s strength. Although the horse riders were powerful, it was not impossible to defeat them. However, should they unleash their full power, they would lose the important identity of soldiers in the Cao army.

Think about it… … if they were to bring out the Tidal Fighter, Thunderstorm Tanks and other equipment out, would Cao Cao’s army not go crazy?

Most importantly, those horse riders were Liu Bei’s soldiers.

It was very peculiar. Why had they appeared at this moment? Making use of the darkness of the rainy night to launch a surprise attack on Cao Cao’s camp? No matter what, Chen Xiaolian did not want to have any conflict with them. 

After all, Zhao Yun was one of Liu Bei’s soldiers.

Only after finding Zhao Yun could he then find Qiao Qiao. Otherwise, Qiao Qiao’s whereabouts would be like a needle in a haystack. Who knows how long it would take for him to find her?

As for the horse riders, just let Cao Cao’s soldiers handle them first.

“There… … there is something, boss.”

Nightmare, who was dragged by Chen Xiaolian, had to run after Chen Xiaolian. Thus, he had to gasp for breath as he said, “The… … Jiang Long said… … to have all the guilds gather around him… … and counter attack!”

“Counter attack? Did he lose his mind?” Roddy, who was running before them, turned around to look at Nightmare. He spat, “There are so many of Cao Cao’s soldiers here. Instead of using them as meat shields, he wants us to step forward and counter attack?”

“His words are not unreasonable,” said Chen Xiaolian as he continued running, taking large strides with each step. “As the saying goes, a rout is like a landslide. If the entire camp collapses, the strength of Cao Cao’s army could be lost. Our side will no longer have support.”

“How is that possible?” Roddy pursed his lips to the side. “This Cao army is likely over 50,000 strong. How many raiders could there be? No matter how strong they may be, once Cao Cao’s army recover from the chaos, they can exhaust those horse riders to their deaths!” 

“He fears they might not recover.” Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly. After considering it briefly, he said, “However, we will not be following his orders to gather up with him. Besides, before entering this instance dungeon, we had already made it clear. He is not the alliance leader. He has no authority to give us orders. This is just a suggestion. Naturally, we have a reason to not obey him.”

“If so, what should we do?” asked Lun Tai without looking back.

“Just… … leave this place.” Chen Xiaolian was silent for a moment before speaking up, “We never had the intentions of going with them. Now that we have the opportunity, we can use this moment to put some distance between our group and them. We will be able to act independently.”

“Act independently?” Roddy was taken aback. “You want us to split up from them so early on? Does that mean we will not be able to borrow the power of Cao Cao’s army after this?”

“Have you gone cuckoo? What we want is to bring Zhao Yun away from here, not kill her!” Chen Xiaolian threw Roddy a dark look.

“Heh! Things were getting too messed up, I forgot…” Only then did Roddy remember. He slapped his head and said, “Then… … where do we go? This encampment is quite large. Not to mention, it is currently in a state of chaos…”

At that moment, more and more of Cao Cao’s soldiers have emerged. All of them were wielding weapons. They followed the orders of their captains and rushed forward together. The gaps between tents, which were not particularly spacious to begin with, had become congested. Some of the soldiers shifted from running to a light trot as a result.

“Hey, you fellows! What are you doing?!”

One of the captains finally noticed Chen Xiaolian’s group running in the opposite direction. Their group had run into a group of reinforcing soldiers. The captain pulled out his blade and pointed it at Chen Xiaolian.

“Since we no longer plan on staying together with Cao Cao’s army, why should we care what they think of us?”

Chen Xiaolian snickered as he said to Roddy.

“I am talking to you fellows! Which camp are you from? Who is your officer?!”

The captain ignored Chen Xiaolian and instead looked directly at Roddy. Glaring at him, the captain moved forward. At the same time, the combat energy on his person burned brighter.

“I’ll count to three. Speak up the name of your camp and your officer’s name! Otherwise, you will be treated as deserters! We will kill you all!”

The captain’s combat energy was clearly stronger than that of the squad captain’s. At that moment, his eyes were glaring forward, his face filled with killing intent and his combat energy illuminated their surroundings.

“We are…” Chen Xiaolian spoke with a very low voice as he walked forward empty-handed toward the captain. When there were only five steps left between him and the captain, a sword suddenly appeared in his grasp and he stabbed it toward the captain’s heart area.


Chen Xiaolian’s sneak attack was done out of the blue. Even so, the captain had managed to block the incoming stab by a hair’s breadth. However, his panicked move was no match for Chen Xiaolian’s poised attack. The captain’s blade was enveloped with combat energy and their weapons collided, causing a loud clashing noise to ring out. Even so, Chen Xiaolian’s move had forced him to take several steps back.

Chen Xiaolian was using the attack to test the captain’s ability. After his attack failed to connect, he performed another stab.

This time, he used the Sword Skill that Mr San had left in the painting.

After getting forced back by Chen Xiaolian’s stabbing move earlier, the captain had merely staggered back a little before quickly recollecting himself. He borrowed the resulting backward force acting on him and twisted his body partially. His blade hacked forward with an even greater level of strength.

This time, the combat energy enveloping the surface of the blade formed a luminescent, white-coloured silhouette, causing the blade to expand several times in size.

However, Chen Xiaolian’s sword did not move to clash against the incoming blade. Instead, it simply slid past the surface of the blade as he slashed forward.

Like a viper, it sped through the surface of the captain’s blade, thrumming as it did. The combat energy burning brightly over the captain’s body seemingly became non-existent, incapable of stopping the incoming sword attack at all.

Before his blade swing could reach Chen Xiaolian’s body, the sword had already pierced through his left shoulder area, penetrating accurately through the gaps between his bones.

In that moment of penetration, Chen Xiaolian’s mind flashed. It felt as though every bone, muscle, even the flow of blood within the captain standing before him was being projected into his mind through the tip of the sword.

Instinctively, his wrist flicked gently and a vibration travelled from the hilt of his sword to the tip. 

The very next second, a wretched cry rang out as an arm flew up into the sky. It was a clean cut and the muscle textures was still clearly visible.

The captain took several staggering steps back, the blade on his right hand having fallen to the ground as he cast a look of disbelief at Chen Xiaolian.

“You… you…”

His mouth was opened wide. However, he was incapable of uttering a single complete sentence.

Next, a sword mark appeared on his neck as a line of sword energy shone out.

Next was his chest, abdomen, legs, right arm…

Countless wounds began appearing on his body. Every one of them appearing as line after line of sword energy, which shone out from his body.

Due to the captain’s shout earlier, the surrounding soldiers had already gathered around them. However, when they saw the move from Chen Xiaolian just now, they instinctively stopped moving. Dread was etched on each of their faces as they observed the frozen captain.

They continued holding onto the blades in their hands and their bodies continued radiating combat energy. However, not a single one of them chose to attack Chen Xiaolian. They simply stared blankly as line after line of sword energy shone out from the captain’s body.

Finally, the last sword energy shone out from his body, a body that was so heavily damaged it was not possible to find an inch of undamaged skin on him.

“Good… … swordsmanship…”

The captain uttered those words with great effort. After that, his body lurched and fell heavily upon the ground.

This… … what is this feeling?

Chen Xiaolian lowered the sword in his hand, feeling the non-stop thumping sensation coming from his heart.

The sudden feeling of epiphany felt as though he had suddenly opened his Inner Eye. The sword in his hand was the most ordinary of alloy swords. However, the sword energy unleashed during that moment was something that he had never utilized before.

That was not Skyblade’s power. Skyblade’s power, while peerless and tyrannical, was that of unrefined hacking. It relied solely on pure brute force to defeat its enemy.

However, when he was using that Sword Skill he acquired from Mr San, it was skill over force, creating unlimited changes through none.

Relying solely on having the tip of the sword within his opponent, Chen Xiaolian seemingly placed the body of the captain under a microscope. He was able to observe every single cell in the captain’s body. Even that sword energy explosion was something that he had unconsciously displayed.

At that very moment, Chen Xiaolian was trying grasp the feeling from earlier once again only to find obscurity and a feeling of fleetingness. He could no longer sense it. 

“Xiaolian! What are you spacing out for? Hurry up and run!” screamed Roddy as he pulled Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder. At the same time, his right hand pulled out an electromagnetic rifle to unleash a spray of shots in front.

After the captain fell, Cao Cao’s soldiers only faltered for a moment before charging forward once more. They were instantly repelled by the electromagnetic bullets.

“Son of a bitch! These guys are tough!”

Roddy clenched his teeth. He fired non-stop as he pulled Chen Xiaolian. “Hurry! Stop spacing out! Let’s go!”

The combat energy enveloping each of Cao Cao’s soldiers was certainly not weak. While it was incapable of fully blocking the power of the bullets, every bullet which made contact with the layer of combat energy had its speed significantly reduced.

Although the electromagnetic rifle was classified by the system as energy-tier weapons, it was still bullet-based firearms. It simply made use of electromagnetic power in discharging its bullets. It was of the lowest level among energy-tier weapons. In their negotiations with Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, this was the best Chen Xiaolian could get. At that moment, in face of the besieging Cao Cao soldiers, they needed tens of shots to bring down a soldier.

Lun Tai instructed the other guild members to pull out their firearms. Assembling together, they fired at the surrounding soldiers. Due to the increase in firepower, a good number of the surrounding soldiers immediately fell, creating a large, empty area.

“Xiaolian! Tidal Fighter!” Roddy, who was firing non-stop, shouted at Chen Xiaolian.

“Let’s go!” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. He knew there was no time for him to be thinking about what just happened. He quickly summoned out the Tidal Fighter, placing it on the large, open space. Opening the hatch, he quickly jumped inside first.

“You fellows get on the fighter! I will cover the rear!” Lun Tai activated his Muscle Fruit skill. His figure swelled up like a balloon and he pulled out a six-barrelled minigun. He held the minigun with his right hand and the electromagnetic rifle in his other, firing both at the besieging soldiers furiously.

Roddy pulled Soo Soo and threw her up the fighter, followed by Qimu Xi, Xia Xiaolei and Bei Tai. There was also Nightmare, who was so terrified, his legs were practically about to give up on him.

“Lun Tai, get on the chopper!” After jumping up, Roddy shouted at Lun Tai. As most of their members had gotten into the fighter, their firepower had decreased and the besieging soldiers grew in number.

“Coming!” Lun Tai laughed. He kept the minigun on his right hand before hastily pulling out a bundle of cluster grenades. Using his thumb to flick open its safety, he pulled off the ring. The muscles on his right hand suddenly expanded and he hurled it to the area with the highest concentration of Cao Cao’s soldiers.

A loud explosion erupted as flames shot into the sky. Taking advantage of the moment, Lun Tai jumped into the Tidal Fighter.

“Xiaolian! Go!” 

Roddy pulled the hatch and shouted to the front. Chen Xiaolian swiftly pulled the control shaft and the bottom part of the Tidal Fighter discharged two plumes of fire before rising up into the sky.

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