Chapter 701 Definitely

GOR Chapter 701 Definitely

“Your words are very reasonable and there is nothing I can disagree with. Truth be told, that is the internal affairs of your Thorned Flower Guild and I don’t care about it,” said Chen Xiaolian as he spread his hands. “The reason I am here is to find out what you think of this instance dungeon.”

“I have a very simple proposal, ignore everything. All we hope for, at the very least, is for all the Awakened ones in this instance dungeon to follow a unified command and its arrangements,” said Jiang Long with a gentle tone. “In order to avoid a scenario in which all of us dies in there, we have no other choice but to do so.”

“Your reasoning?” asked Chen Xiaolian impassively. 

“Firstly, as you have already received the system prompt, you should know all too well that all the participants for this instance dungeon… perhaps even including Players, will be on the same faction. There are no competitions or contrasting positions. Thus, there will be no need for us to be fighting each other in this instance dungeon.”

“True. However, even if there is no need for us to fight each other, why is there a need for a unified command?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a smile. “And most importantly, who will be in command?”

“This is the first time the system has ever made such a large quest. It summoned all the Awakened ones within such a large area without discrimination. Although there is no way to get a proper head count, a rough estimate points to more than 1,000 Awakened participants. Judging by this number alone, we can estimate how difficult this instance dungeon will be. Additionally, looking at the location of the instance dungeon, this instance dungeon will most likely be a battlefield-type instance dungeon.” Jiang Long then slowly said, “Dangyang, Changban. Surely, you must have thought of something after hearing about this location?”

“You mean… the Three Kingdoms?” Although Chen Xiaolian had long since known about it, he put on a slight façade of ignorance. “Assuming that is truly the case, then it will be a battlefield-type instance dungeon with cold weapons. How difficult can it be?”

“Chen Xiaolian. I believe you are not someone who would utter such stupid words, no?” Jiang Long revealed a light frown and continued, “Even if it is an instance dungeon with cold weapons, it is still one that does not restrict any technological-type weaponry. If you do not have any thoughts regarding its difficulty level, I can only say, I am disappointed in you.”

Chen Xiaolian said nothing. Instead, he narrowed his eyes at Jiang Long.

After meeting him, Chen Xiaolian had not once introduced his name to Jiang Long.

“Don’t give me that look.” Jiang Long spread his hands. “Since you have already met Nightmare, you should know very well that we have information about you. I recognized you the moment I laid my eyes on you. There is nothing surprising about this.”

“Fine.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “By the way, I did not kill Nightmare. I had already released him.”

“Killing him, releasing him, either way works,” said Jiang Long with a chuckle. “He is just an eighth-grade syndrome patient. Back then, Shen’s actions of letting him stay in the guild was just the equivalent of keeping an exotic pet. He only appreciated his rarity. Just because Shen gave him a high-ranking title, he actually considered himself a real big shot.”

“I am just telling you about it.” Chen Xiaolian shrugged. “It’s time you answered my question.”

“Since we were the ones who issued out the call, we should naturally take responsibility for it,” said Jiang Long seriously. “This instance dungeon will not simply involve a fight. Rather, it is a war! A war involving over 10,000 men! We, the Awakened ones will be facing a battlefield with a vast number of enemies. Thus, there is a need for us to organize ourselves. Additionally, I believe we are the only guild with both the size and experience right now.”

“It seems you fellows are set on shouldering that responsibility,” said Chen Xiaolian with a faint smile. “If so, how do you plan on utilizing the size of your guild for this instance dungeon without compromising the benefits for the other guilds?”

“We are simply going to create a means of communication with our Starfall Guild as the core.” There was a very frank expression on Jiang Long’s face. “All participants, both individual participants or guilds who are willing to cooperate with us can maintain their autonomy. However, we will have one of our members move together with them. Through the guild channel, we can be assured that our combat strategy can instantly reach every participant. Through this method of communication, every guild can move about independently while having the ability to call for help from us when necessary. Simply put, it is a means for helping each other.”

“A supervisor?” Chen Xiaolian raised his brows.

“No, just a liaison.” Jiang Long smiled as he shook his head. “We are not that foolish to think about asking all the guilds to follow our command. This arrangement is simply to ensure the effective collection of information of the battlefield. We can also efficiently give our suggestions. Take note, suggestions and not commands. In the end, the right to choose remains in the hands of the respective guilds.”

“That sounds acceptable.” Chen Xiaolian considered it for a moment before slowly saying, “Is that all?”

“That is all.” Jiang Long nodded.

“All right. I accept this proposal.” Chen Xiaolian nodded as well. “However, I have one condition.”

Jiang Long beckoned for him to continue.

“I want to designate the liaison for our guild.”

“Designate?” Jiang Long was puzzled. “Who do you want?”


“Xiaolian, why did you agree to it so casually?” After leaving the hotel lobby and entering the jeep, Roddy was unable to stop himself from slapping Chen Xiaolian’s seat as he said that. “Although it sounded like there are no issues, I keep getting a feeling that there is something wrong.”

“Of course. Did you think they are here to do good deeds?” Chen Xiaolian started up the jeep and pressed down on the throttle. “How can you find so many good comrades?” 

“In that case, what are they planning?” Roddy’s eyes glinted. “Hurry up and explain it to me! I have been wanting to ask you that since the beginning. I have had to hold it in all this time!”

“The one they will be sending out truly cannot be called a supervisor. However, to simply call that person a liaison is a joke. More accurately, the one they send out to each guild should be called an observer.”

“Observer?” Roddy was taken aback, but he quickly understood. “You mean, they want to get information on the affairs of the other guilds?”

“Looks like you aren’t too stupid,” said Chen Xiaolian with a chuckle.

“However, even if that is their plan, how effective can their plan be?” Roddy pondered the matter before saying. “If you can figure this out, the other guilds must surely suspect something as well. Will they simply agree?”

Chen Xiaolian gave Roddy a glance and said, “Correct. The most important aspects, for example, the critical Exclusive Skills are things that all guilds will actively seek to hide from others. Even so, just some easily exposed information will be valuable. Even without going through great lengths, it will be very easy to tell who the veterans and rookies are in battles. Additionally, they can also make some deductions regarding the general direction of development that the guild is taking.”

“In that case… what kind of guild would accept their proposal?” Roddy frowned. “The way I see it, the price for accepting their proposal is too high.”

“However, the advantage gained is bigger.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “This instance dungeon is just too irregular. Looking at the details given by the system, every Awakened can tell just how difficult the instance dungeon will be. Fighting on their own without coming together is too risky. By accepting Starfall Guild’s proposal, they can receive their assistance when they need it. There should be quite a lot of guilds who choose to accept the proposal. After all, doing so can increase their chances of survival. If they fail to survive, what is the point in concealing their secrets?” 

“That makes sense.” Roddy nodded his head and he abruptly cast a reverent gaze at Chen Xiaolian. “I say, back then, you choose not to kill that Tiezhu kid. Could it be you have already expected this will happen? You wanted him to be our liaison?”

“What am I? A god?” Chen Xiaolian rolled his eyes. “It was just that the kid is not our real enemy. I just hate unnecessary acts of murder. However, I also cannot let him expose the matter of our base. To be able to make use of him in an instance dungeon is a surprise for me as well.”

“Oh? So, this is the so-called stepping on an auspicious dog poop?” said Roddy as he put on a façade of seriousness and a straightened body. “I say, as a webnovel writer, could you have grasped the knowledge of how to break the dimensional barrier and give yourself the main character’s halo? Considering our many years of friendship, how about you give me some of that?” 


After that, they stayed and rested in the hotel for a day before Nightmare arrived.

When he opened the door, Chen Xiaolian saw that Nightmare had a terribly exhausted and dejected appearance. The expression on his face was like that of a mouse that had just spent his all to pull himself out of a mouse trap only to find himself face to face with a cat.

Back when Chen Xiaolian left him, he had not given him anything but the clothes on his person. Judging by Nightmare’s looks, it would appear that he had gone to great lengths to reach the instance dungeon area.

“I…” Nightmare stammered, “Jiang Long was the one who wanted me to come. He said… … I am to become your guild’s liaison…”

“Of course, I was the one who specifically asked for you.” Chen Xiaolian extended his hand with a smile on his face. Pressing his hand down on Nightmare’s shoulder, he then steered Nightmare into the room. Closing the door, he then moved to sit down. Crossing his legs, he regarded Nightmare. “For us to be meeting again so soon, are you surprised?”

Every member of Meteor Rock Guild was gathered within the small room, either standing or sitting down. All of them looked at Nightmare.

“Big bro… please just let me go!” As Chen Xiaolian had not beckoned Nightmare to sit down, he dared not do anything. He simply wringed his hands as he stood by the door with a mournful expression on his face. “I did not particularly offend you in any way after all!”

“What? You don’t want to meet me?” Chen Xiaolian snickered a few times before continuing, “It would be for the best if you only meet me once every half a year, right?”

“Yea… NOO!” Nightmare had only uttered one word before quickly recollecting himself. Placing both his hands before him, he said, “Big bro, my antidote is still with you. How can I not want to meet you?”

“That is more like it.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head with satisfaction. “As long as you are obedient, you will be given the antidote. I believe… … you are a smart person, am I right?”

“Yes! Definitely! Absolutely!” Nightmare furiously nodded his head.

“Excellent. Now, sit down. Let’s talk.” Chen Xiaolian pointed at the chair placed beside him. “First, tell me about that Jiang Long fellow.”


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