Chapter 695 Idiot

GOR Chapter 695 Idiot

Gabriel swiftly leapt forward to catch Cheng Cheng, who was hurtling through the air like an artillery blast.

“Get lost!”

Before Gabriel could hold onto Cheng Cheng properly, Cheng Cheng roared out even as she was hurtling through the air. Lashing out with her hand, she pushed him away and flipped her body to land on the ground.

However, the moment she landed on the ground, her figure staggered somewhat.

“Cheng Cheng…”

“Shut up!”

Cheng Cheng turned to glare furiously at Gabriel.

“I was afraid that you will fall, but you are so unappreciative…” Gabriel gave a harrumph as he too, glared back at Cheng Cheng. “If I had known, I would not have gone to save you.”

“I never needed your help!” Cheng Cheng gently wiped her lips with the back of her hand. Looking down at the blood on her hand, she raised her head to look back at Shen. This time, the furious expression on her face turned into a smile.

“You… have grown stronger eh, Shen?”

Gabriel let out a cough from behind her and said, “Cheng Cheng, look here.”

Cheng Cheng turned and saw a small piece of armour within Gabriel’s palm. A dazzling radiance flowed across the surface of the piece of armour. Cheng Cheng faltered for a moment as the same shocked expression that had appeared on Gabriel’s face earlier appeared on her face.

“Moonless… Fivefold Light Armour?”

“Yes.” Gabriel nodded his head slowly. “If Chris is wearing the Moonless Fivefold Light Armour, wielding the Flash Bow of Ketu-Rahu, then change his left eye with the Tearlight Crystal, can you beat him up to that extent?”

Cheng Cheng’s gaze followed Gabriel’s finger, which had pointed toward the exhausted Chris. She then slowly shook her head. “Maybe, but not so quickly. Additionally… … I cannot destroy the Moonless Fivefold Light Armour.”

“It is not just the Moonless Fivefold Light Armour.” Gabriel smiled wryly. “Shen had also destroyed the Flash Bow of Ketu-Rahu and the Tearlight Crystal. Chris informed me of that just now.”

“I am very sorry, but I have no other choice.” Shen slowly shook his head. There was an impassive expression on his face. “Only one last step remains. I cannot allow anyone to stop me.” 

“Last step? In other words…” Gabriel smiled. “In other words, you are certain that you have found the ‘right path’?”

“Yes,” said Shen coolly.

“It also appears that you have no intentions of sharing this path with your old friends?” Gabriel raised his brows. “Shen, I don’t care what is going on between you and Cheng Cheng. However, we are still at least friends. Without even giving me a greeting, you secretly snuck back into Thirty-three Heavens to claim the Oddity for yourself. Given our friendship, this is not right.”

“If possible, I wouldn’t have minded sharing it. However, this path is too narrow. It cannot accommodate anymore people.” Shen shook his head. “That is why, I am truly sorry.”

“So, if we insist on stopping you… … what will you do?” Cheng Cheng suddenly interrupted, a smile on her face. “Kill us?”

Shen sighed softly. “If possible, I sincerely hope it does not come to that.”

“Sincerely? I understand.” The smile on Cheng Cheng’s face grew. “Shen, I was not mistaken. Since the day you left me, my judgement toward you is correct!”

She hissed out every word, seemingly labouring with all she had just to speak.

Despite the smile on her face, there was no sign of humour in her eyes, only an endless expanse of iciness.

“I have no intentions of explaining anything. I will say thing once more. Do not stop me. Or else…”

Cheng Cheng broke him off. “Or else what? Or else you will kill me? Do you really think you have the ability to do that?!”

Shen turned his gaze toward Cheng Cheng and was silent for a moment before nodding his head gently. “I think I do.”

“Hey! Hey! Are you two for real now?” Gabriel furrowed his brows as he looked at Cheng Cheng before turning toward Shen. “I say, this joke is getting too far! Stop it!”

“Gabriel, you know I am not one to make such a joke.” Shen shook his head.

Cheng Cheng maintained the sneer on her face. She did not bother turning to look at Gabriel. Instead, he raised her left hand to roll up her long, red-coloured hair. Next, the Dimensional Rip Blade on her right hand swung forward.

As a result, her waist-length hair, which was within her grasp, flew out. Strangely, they did not drift down to the ground. Instead, they continued hovering beside Cheng Cheng.

Seeing Cheng Cheng’s actions, Gabriel’s face finally sank. “Have you gone mad?!”

“Gabriel, if you don’t want to get sucked in, then get away.” Cheng Cheng’s voice was as sharp as the chilly mountain winds. “You have seen me use this move before.”

“You…” Gabriel had only just uttered one word when Cheng Cheng’s cut hair began spreading outward. He swiftly shut his mouth as his right hand hastily summoned a sphere of light, which he then slammed down on the ground.

The instant the sphere of light made contact with the ground, it erupted with an explosion which enveloped Gabriel. After the explosion faded, Gabriel was no longer there.

In the meantime, Cheng Cheng’s cut hair, which had been bundled up and hovering in the air, suddenly dispersed into her surroundings.

Despite standing a considerable distance away from Cheng Cheng, Tian Lie could feel a terrifying aura radiating out from Cheng Cheng. The aura began spreading alongside the dispersing lines of hair.

“Damn it! Hide! Make sure you hide properly!” Tian Lie gripped Nicole’s shoulder and shoved her behind him.

Just by the aura emanating out from Cheng Cheng’s body and Gabriel’s panicked response, there was no need for Tian Lie to consider anything else to realize that Cheng Cheng will be unleashing a horrifying attack that will consume all in its path.

Even Gabriel, an old monster at the same level as her, was afraid of getting caught in it… … just how powerful was this move of hers?

No matter what, it was too late for them to escape. If they do not want to get swept up into the calamity, they will have to endure it with their bodies.

Hopefully… … this metallic data stream body could handle the monster’s move.

The thought had only just flashed through Tian Lie’s mind when several strands of hair arrived before him.

As he tensed his body, making ready to face the incoming impact, the strands of hair simply flew right through him. Not only did they not hurt him, they did not even make him feel any sensation of pain.

The red-coloured strands of hair covered every corner of the large hall of the Longevity Palace. However, the strands of hair simply floated silently in the air. Some of the strands even flew through the beams and pillars without causing any damage to them. It seemed as though they were simply an illusion. 

And yet, just moments ago, Tian Lie had personally witnessed Cheng Cheng cut those strands of hair out from her own head using the Dimensional Rip Blade.

Additionally, despite displaying an illusionary quality, the countless strands of hair continued to radiate the terrifying aura.


“What?” Nicole, who had been shoved to Tian Lie’s back earlier, was caught off-guard by his reaction.

Tian Lie turned to look at Nicole and patted her shoulder. “If… … there is still time.”

In the next second, his hand suddenly became like iron clamps as he gripped her arm and abruptly hurled her out of the hall.

Nicole’s figure hurtled out of the hall like an artillery blast.

“Although I do not know if it is possible to escape… … I wish you good luck.”

Whispered Tian Lie as he looked at Nicole’s figure, which was quickly moving far away.

Two lights burst out from behind Nicole. Those were the Floater mech armour’s thrusters.

By giving it your all, and the power of your thrusters, maybe… … you can escape before the red-haired female monster’s move takes effect.

The thought had only just cross Tian Lie’s mind when he saw Nicole making a perfect curve through the void as she rushed toward him.

“Have you gone mad?!” Tian Lie glared at Nicole. His right hand was balled up tightly and he suppressed the impulse to punch her in the face.

Nicole released a cold harrumph. When her figure arrived before Tian Lie, she turned, drawing an abrupt arc to arrive behind Tian Lie.

Her slender arms lashed out from beneath Tian Lie’s armpits to hold his chest tightly.

Next, she quickly flew back the way she had come.

“You idiot!”

Although it was not hard for Tian Lie to extricate himself from Nicole’s hold, he simply grunted.

The addition of Tian Lie caused Nicole’s speed of flight to drop far below her norm. Even after a few seconds had ticked by, they had not been able to fly out from the hall. Meanwhile, they could see the surrounding strands of red hair rapidly growing longer.

Cheng Cheng’s red hair was originally only down to her waist. Thus, the cut strands of hair were at most only one metre in length. At present, however, every one of them were growing longer at a maddening rate. It was as though a caterpillar was spinning its cocoon. It would not take long for the whole Longevity Palace to be enveloped by the hair.

Although several strands of hair had flown right through them earlier without causing them harm, neither Tian Lie nor Nicole had any desire to make contact with them again.

“Put me down! You won’t make it like this!” Tian Lie growled.

The red strands of hair were growing longer from the ground and the eaves on top. Given Nicole’s present level of speed, they will be enveloped by the strands of hair before making it out of the hall.

“If I can’t make it, then I can’t make it!” Nicole gnashed her teeth. “It’s not as though I have never died together with you!”

“Are you a real idiot?” Tian Lie’s right arm twisted into the metallic stream of data form. Instantly, a black short sword appeared on his hand. “Do you think I won’t cut your arm off?”

“I won’t let go. If you have what it takes, then just cut it!” Nicole cried out hoarsely as she exerted more strength into her hands.

Just as Tian Lie’s black sword was about to stab into Nicole’s arm, an irresistible force suddenly appeared in between the two of them.

“Damn it!”

Tian Lie swore and his short sword stabbed toward his chest area, toward Nicole’s arm.

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