Chapter 675 King! Lei Hu's Fear!

GOR Chapter 675  

Carrying Chen Xiaolian on her shoulders, Qiao Qiao quickly made to rush backward.

Lei Hu’s eyes flashed. The finger on his right hand flicked out and a seed flew out like a bullet.

As Qiao Qiao was carrying Chen Xiaolian, she was unable to enter her Anti-Materialization form. She was also incapable of dodging it in time. Thus, the seed struck her shoulder and the two of them tumbled down the ground.

A bud quickly sprouted out from the wound on her shoulder.

Black energies flashed out and the bud instantly withered, turning into ashes.

“The power of darkness, attribute: devour.” Lei Hu watched as Qiao Qiao flipped herself up, carried Chen Xiaolian again and ran off. Then, he nodded his head. “Not a bad skill. However, useless as well.”

“Lei Hu!”

Bluesea shouted loudly, quickly slapping both his arms forward. The tentacles from his arms quickly emerged to form a large, organic heat blaster. Aiming the blaster at Lei Hu, he opened fire.

This time, Bluesea had unleashed the blaster’s maximum power.

The beam from the organic heat blaster was nearly half a metre thick and more dazzling than the one he had used against Sebast.

However, Lei Hu merely reached out with his left hand to suspend the beam before him.

“Your attacks are just as useless.”

The organic heat blaster continued shooting for a few seconds. When the light from the beams finally dissipated, Bluesea had fallen to a seated position on the ground.

As for Lei Hu, he remained standing on the very same spot. The surrounding sand had been turned to a flat glassy surface by the heat. Yet, Lei Hu remained unharmed.

“Just a normal human. Even if you have the highest degree of compatibility with the Bug Armour, it is useless. A three-year-old with a deadly weapon is just a three-year-old, after all.” Lei Hu sneered. “If you possess your original attributes as an Awakened and time to grow, you might be able to give me a little headache.”

Both of Bluesea’s arms were trembling. The organic tissues wrapping his arms began to wither and large parts of it fell off. Bluesea wanted to stand up, but found that he was unable to find the strength to do so.

Lei Hu moved to stand before Bluesea. Without even lowering his head to look at Bluesea, he kicked Bluesea, sending him flying far into the distance. Bluesea tumbled through the ground and remained motionless after that.

Qiao Qiao, carrying Chen Xiaolian on her shoulder, had run a distance of over 100 metres. Lei Hu watched her from the back and snorted a couple times. He pulled out a submachine gun, pulled out its magazine and slipped a new one in. Then, aiming it at Qiao Qiao, he opened fire a few times.

Qiao Qiao screamed out in pain, tripping on the ground. As she was about to get up, she felt a sharp pain coming from her back. It was as though her soul was being burned.

“For minor characters, they might rejoice at having one or two equipment. However… … did you think that I won’t even have a few spirit-force bullets with me?” Lei Hu sneered as he kept his submachine gun. Next, his right hand made a forward grasping motion.

Qiao Qiao felt as though an invisible hand had caught her by the neck and she was dragged all the way toward Lei Hu.

The invisible hand was like an iron hoop around her neck. Qiao Qiao wanted to break free. However, no matter how hard she tried, she was incapable of breaking free.

Although Qiao Qiao wanted to enter her Anti-Materialization form, those bullets remain deeply embedded within her body, burning her continuously. Despite attempting it a few times, she was incapable of properly transforming into her black shadow form.

In the blink of an eye, Qiao Qiao had been dragged before Lei Hu.

Lei Hu sneered. Raising his right hand, he extended out two adjoining fingers. Without pulling out any equipment, he sent a blade of light out from his fingertips. The blade of light stabbed into Qiao Qiao’s left shoulder, nailing her to the ground.

Qiao Qiao, who was nailed to the ground by the blade of light, cried out wretchedly. The high temperature from the blade of light was vaporizing her blood, causing a charred and pungent smell to rise.

Lei Hu raised his right hand and the blade of light became separated from his fingertips. However, the blade of light did not disappear. Instead, it continued to exist, nailing Qiao Qiao down by her shoulder.

Another blade of light appeared from Lei Hu’s fingertips. Using the same move, he stabbed it into Qiao Qiao’s right shoulder.

Qiao Qiao’s painful scream rose up. Then, it faded just as quickly as she fainted from the pain.

“How naïve. You have already tried to escape so many times before, only to fail. Did you think you can succeed this time?” Lei Hu shook his head at the unconscious Qiao Qiao before turning toward Chen Xiaolian.

“You want to let go the lever? No, you do not have this chance.” Once again, Lei Hu extended the two adjoining fingers on his right hand. This time, the thing to emerge from his fingertips was not a blade of light but a vine.

The vine emerged rapidly from Lei Hu’s fingertips. Seemingly possessing a life of its own, it moved toward Chen Xiaolian’s fingers and slipped its way around the plasma mine, replacing Chen Xiaolian’s finger in pressing down on the lever.

After confirming that the lever had been pressed, Lei Hu picked up the plasma mine. Weighing it in his hand, he scoffed and hurled it far into the sky.

Even before landing, the striker lever hit the explosives within the plasma mine and an energy explosion erupted in the sky, sending countless dazzling plasma streams in every direction.

“It is done. Now… you have lost even the right to choose how you die.”

Lei Hu smiled. Then, he crouched down to look at Chen Xiaolian.

The paralyzing toxin within Chen Xiaolian had yet to subside and he had lost all senses below his neck. All Chen Xiaolian could do was to glare to Lei Hu.

“Are you very surprised?” Lei Hu grabbed a handful of sand and held it above Chen Xiaolian’s head, slowly letting it spill down on his face. “I will admit, in the willpower dimension, seeing you break free from my control had indeed shocked me. However, that matters not. Being able to directly destroy your mind is good. However, even if that does not work, with enough time, my Soulbinding Vines can make its way from beneath the sand to your location. I believe that the toxin of the Soulbinding Vines is not something that you can break down using willpower.”

An organic heat blast suddenly flashed out, striking Lei Hu from the back. However, it left no mark on him. As for Lei Hu, he maintained his crouching posture, looking at Chen Xiaolian without even turning back. All he did was extend his right hand and made a shooting form with his palm.


Following the sound coming from Lei Hu’s mouth, a beam of light shot out from his fingertips, striking the organic heat blaster on Bluesea’s right hand and leaving it in a charred state.

The next beam of light pierced through Bluesea’s chest.

Lei Hu did not even turn his head backwards. As for Bluesea, despite having laboured to gather his strength, he fell back down to the ground.

“I really do not understand.” Lei Hu sighed. “People like you, how did you all defeat Sebast? He is, after all, an old guy from the same generation as me. Even if he has yet to reach [S] class, he should not die to the likes of you.”

Several vines drilled out from the ground around Bluesea to wrap around him. 

The vines continued growing, becoming increasingly thick and long. Finally, they hoisted Bluesea up.

Lei Hu was not looking at Bluesea. Instead, he extended a finger; there was a very small seed at the tip of his finger, which he gently thrust into Chen Xiaolian’s chest.

Although his whole body had been paralyzed, Chen Xiaolian could still feel an itching sensation within his body.

“That is a puppet plant, like the ones you encountered earlier. It will slowly eat away your nerves, spinal cord, all the way to your brain and eventually replace their existence. However, I have suppressed a small portion of their function so that its growth is limited to below your neck. It will not kill you. After all… … I still need you to return.”

“All right, who should we start with? You choose.” Lei Hu pointed at Bluesea, who was wrapped up by the vines, and Qiao Qiao, who was nailed to the ground by the blades of light. “The rate of growth for the puppet plant is very fast. I do not want you to lose consciousness before watching them die.”

“I… choose… you!” Gritting his teeth, Chen Xiaolian glared at Lei Hu.

“At a time like this, your mouth can remain so stubborn.” Lei Hu sneered and stood up. “Just because you know a few of Bai Qi’s moves, you think of yourself as Bai Qi? Right, you mentioned earlier… … he is your War Pet? If so, why aren’t you summoning him out? Ah, sorry. I forgot, in World’s End, personal system does not exist. You cannot use your pet.”

“Fine, since you are unwilling to choose, I will choose for you.” Lei Hu looked at Qiao Qiao, then turned toward Bluesea.

Bluesea was tightly restrained by the vines while both of Qiao Qiao’s shoulders were pierced by the blades of light. Her eyes were shut as she lay on the ground, unconscious.

Lei Hu thought for a moment before moving toward Qiao Qiao. “Then, I will start with your little girlfriend.”

After Lei Hu said that, Bluesea’s eyes suddenly snapped open. He stared intently at Lei Hu. Fine tendrils emerged from his left shoulder, which was not wrapped up by the vines, to form miniature organic heat blasters, all aimed at Lei Hu.




Every time the organic heat blaster opened fire, Bluesea’s face would appear weaker. However, he maintained a determined and stubborn look.

Lei Hu lowered his head to watch as the heat beams struck his body again and again, seemingly not having any effect at all. He raised his head to reveal a puzzled expression.

He let the beams strike him, beams that he could practically ignore. Then, he stepped toward Bluesea. Standing before Bluesea, he reached out with his hand to pull him out from the vines. Frowning, he stared at Bluesea and said, “Just what is wrong with you? After all that has happened, don’t you understand that these attacks have no effect on me?”

Bluesea’s body hung limply as Lei Hu lifted him up. Bluesea’s eyes had gone cloudy, but the organic heat blasters moved to aim at Lei Hu’s chest. It opened fire again and again. 

“You guys are crazy! Crazy!”

Lei Hu finally lost his temper. Furiously, he grabbed the organic heat blasters on Bluesea’s shoulder and forcefully pulled them off.

After getting pulled out from Bluesea’s body, the organic heat blasters transformed back into tendrils. The tendrils shrunk and Lei Hu squished it into powder.

“Since you are so eager to die, I will start with you!” Lei Hu slammed Bluesea heavily on the ground. Then, pulling him by his ankle, Lei Hu dragged him toward Chen Xiaolian.

Unnoticed by Lei Hu, after he said that, Bluesea, whom he was dragging behind him, revealed a slight look of relief.

Chen Xiaolian’s thumping heart was on the verge of jumping out from his chest. However, he was incapable of moving at all.

The paralyzing toxin from Lei Hu’s Soulbinding Vines had yet to subside while the Puppet Plant had begun to quickly grow within his body.

That was a real skill. There was no way for him to break it using his mind like he did in the willpower dimension.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes were on the verge of popping out from rage. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not move a single finger. All he could do was watch as Lei Hu dragged Bluesea before him.

“Tsk! He does not have long. I have to hurry.” Lei Hu lowered his gaze at Bluesea. Pressing Bluesea’s head down on the ground before Chen Xiaolian, Lei Hu said, “I will give you 10 seconds to say goodbye to your friend. Or… … summon your War Pet. War Pet Bai Qi, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”


“Lei Hu! Kill me!”


“Lei Hu!”


Chen Xiaolian’s face was one of utter despair. Hearing Lei Hu’s counting, he felt as though he had fallen deep into an icy pit.

“… nine!” Lei Hu smiled at Chen Xiaolian and shook his head. “It seems your pet Bai Qi is not very obedient.”

Lei Hu raised his right hand up high, fingers joined together to form a blade as he aimed at Bluesea’s neck. Then, as he was about to hack down…

Light suddenly burst out from Chen Xiaolian’s body.

Even Lei Hu was left incapable of opening his eyes before this unexpected flash of dazzling light. He could only turn aside to avoid eye contact with the light.

When he opened his eyes once more, he saw someone standing beside Chen Xiaolian.

Someone fully clothed in white, with long black hair, which flowed down his shoulders, and jade-like skin.


Lei Hu screamed out.

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