Chapter 674 Toxin

GOR Chapter 674 Toxin

“The same starting line?” Lei Hu’s face twisted. “Who do you think you are?”

Clenching the serrated blade, he charged forward and hacked down with it.

Even though this was a mental space, he did not believe that Chen Xiaolian could be his equal.

After all, he was… … [S] class.

His one downward hack transformed out five blade images, sealing off all of Chen Xiaolian’s escape routes.

Lei Hu watched as Chen Xiaolian remained in the same position, not evading. Instead, he turned the Sword in the Stone in his hand and released five sword beams from the sword. The five sword beams smashed the five blade images apart.

Next, the Sword in the Stone stabbed into Lei Hu’s lower abdomen area.

Screaming in shock, Lei Hu backed away. The wound on his abdomen slowly healed up.

“You… … what kind of Sword Skill is that?” Lei Hu shouted.

“I know you are [S] class.” Chen Xiaolian’s eyes flashed coldly and he charged forward all of a sudden, taking the initiative to attack. The Sword in the Stone stabbed toward Lei Hu’s heart. “However, I don’t think you are more powerful than me in terms of melee skills!”

Lei Hu swung his blade to deflect the Sword in the Stone, only to find his blade deflecting thin air. The Sword in the Stone drew a crafty arc and swiped toward Lei Hu’s throat.

With a horizontal slash, Lei Hu’s head flew high up.

“Damn it!” Lei Hu’s body recovered quickly. However, Chen Xiaolian’s next blow had already arrived.

“You said it before, although the pain you receive in this illusionary space cannot affect the flesh, it can destroy the consciousness.” Chen Xiaolian kept swinging his sword, cutting Lei Hu without cease. Lei Hu’s body recovered continuously and he kept swinging the serrated blade in an attempt to counter attack. However, every one of his attacks missed. All he could do was allow himself to be cut down by the Sword in the Stone.

Seeing the ever-increasing number of sweat on Chen Xiaolian’s forehead, Qiao Qiao tore off the edges of her robes. Clumping it in her palm, she then wanted to help Chen Xiaolian wipe off his sweat. However, Bluesea caught her hand.

“You cannot touch him right now.” Bluesea gave Qiao Qiao a warning look.

“Fine…” Qiao Qiao nodded her head. She understood that her actions were somewhat reckless. “Uncle Bluesea, Xiaolian… … is he all right?”

“Look there.” Bluesea extended his hand to point forward.

Previously, Qiao Qiao had only been paying attention to Chen Xiaolian’s body. Hearing Bluesea’s words, she turned her eyes to look at Lei Hu.

As they were too far apart, they were unable to properly see the expression on Lei Hu’s face. However, a part of the sand beneath his body had clearly darkened.

“That fellow does not appear to be in a good spot either,” said Bluesea calmly. “Chen Xiaolian’s mental strength does not appear much weaker than his.”

“Then… … can we win?” Qiao Qiao asked hesitantly.

“I do not know.” Bluesea shook his head.


Lei Hu gave a sudden bellow, causing golden light to erupt from his whole body, blasting Chen Xiaolian away.

Chen Xiaolian held onto the Sword in the Stone, but he did not continue to rush Lei Hu.

Since the beginning, he had not revealed any signs. However, the pain he received from his body getting torn apart all those times had still seriously injured him.

Thus, he stared intently at Lei Hu, who was gasping before him, while gripping the Sword in the Stone tightly.

Thankfully, he had previously encountered Zhao Tiezhu, the Second Middle syndrome patient who gave himself the nickname Nightmare. It was with the combat experience he accumulated against him was Chen Xiaolian able to so quickly gather himself within this willpower dimension and extricate himself from Lei Hu’s control.

Lei Hu, he appeared quite miserable.

There were no wounds on his body. However, there was grimness on his face as he stared intently at Chen Xiaolian.

“You… … where did you learn that Sword Skill?” 

“Does it have any relationship with you?” Chen Xiaolian slowly adjusted his rate of breathing. 

“You… … you met the King before! You met Bai Qi! Is that it?”

Lei Hu gripped the hilt of his blade tightly as he laboured to recall the memories that had been laid down to gather dust for so long within him.

In his whole life, he had only seen Bai Qi attack once. It was that day.

He had been huddling in a corner within the Pantheon Temple, with only enough courage to look at the fight from afar. Even so, Lei Hu had been able to grasp a trace of the Sword Skill that Bai Qi had utilized.

The Sword Skill that Chen Xiaolian had just displayed earlier had reawakened his memories of that day.

He… how did he learn this Sword Skill?

“So what I have met him before?” Chen Xiaolian shrugged. Suddenly, a mischievous thought rose up from within his mind. With a smile, he said, “If I am to tell you, not only have I met Bai Qi before, he is also my pet, will you believe me?”

“You… what did you say?” Lei Hu stared at Chen Xiaolian.

“You do not believe me?” Chen Xiaolian sneered. “If so… feast your eyes on this move!”

With the Sword in the Stone in hand, Chen Xiaolian drew an arc in the surrounding void. Next, he thrust the sword downward.

Countless sparks of light shot out from the sword, flying forward in every direction.

Lei Hu’s body was struck and pierced through by the countless sparks of light and his whole figure was thrown backward.

“I believe you should have seen this move before.”

Chen Xiaolian smiled as he retracted the Sword in the Stone. Next, he watched as Lei Hu stood up once more, the wounds on his body rapidly healing up.

That was the Sword Skill he learned in the painting, the one where he met Skyblade.

Back then, Mr San had said that he originally intended to have Chen Xiaolian learn another Sword Skill. However, by mistake, Chen Xiaolian ended up learning the Sword Skill within the painting.

It would appear that the Sword Skill was left behind by Bai Qi.

Lei Hu silently stood up. However, his head was lowered. He made no action, not even uttering a single word.

After a long time, he raised his head. “You… … really know Bai Qi?”

“Do you want me to summon him out for you?” Chen Xiaolian spread out both his hands.

“Fine.” Lei Hu directly nodded his head.

Next, the illusion broke apart. Of the two scenes before Chen Xiaolian, only one remained.

“Release your fingers, then.” Lei Hu stood up from the sand dune, his pair of eyes bloodshot. “Let it blow up.”

Chen Xiaolian’s face flickered.

Lei Hu, he wants to… … destroy his means of returning?

Lei Hu took a step forward. “Release it, then. Didn’t you say that as long as I make a move, you will release your grip? Why aren’t you releasing?”

Lei Hu stepped forward, gradually closing the distance between them. However, Chen Xiaolian found himself incapable of loosening his fingers, which were pressing down on the plasma mine’s lever.

It was not that he did not want to. Rather, he could not.

His mind had already sent the order to his fingers. However, his fingers were not listening at all. It was as though he had become paralyzed from his neck down.

“Why aren’t you releasing it yet?” Lei Hu sneered as he stepped forward through the sand. “Look at me! Look at me! I am already halfway through!”


Qiao Qiao’s body flashed and she stood before Chen Xiaolian, watching Lei Hu warily. At the same time, she gave Chen Xiaolian a side glance. There was a worried look on her face.

It appeared as though, in the end, Chen Xiaolian was unable to make the final move.

However, if that was the case, he should at least throw the plasma mine away, stand up and fight. So, why was he just sitting there?

“I… can’t move.” Chen Xiaolian uttered through clenched teeth.

“A smart strategist will never prepare only one set of plans. You should learn this in the future. Assuming… … you still have a future.” Lei Hu stepped forward, a victorious smile on his face.

“Damn it!” Bluesea’s face sank. Reaching down with his hand, he pulled Chen Xiaolian up.

Beneath Chen Xiaolian, several fine vines were pulled up along with his body. Their roots were firmly embedded into the sand.

“Qiao Qiao, take him away.”

Bluesea broke the vines. Bringing them to his nose, he sniffed them and his face darkened. 

“Useless. The paralyzing toxin can last for at least four hours. Within these four hours, he will not be able to move even a finger.” Lei Hu continued to move at a pace that was neither hurried nor slow as he moved forward. “As for you fellows… prepare to die!”

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