Chapter 67: Is It About To Begin?

GOR Chapter 67: Is It About To Begin?

After saying that, the woman in black rushed out!

Her body was extremely strong and she was able to reach the stone monster’s flank in just a few strides. Stepping to the side, her right leg flew out, lashing upwards. The stone monster that had just made it onto the stone platform ended up being kicked down the stone platform by the kick.

The two swords of hers flashed and they shot out, aimed towards another stone monster’s head. The woman in black dashed over and her body soared through the air. As her body was in the air above the stone monster, she made a somersault and pulled out her sword. In the next instant, the stone monster’s head fell down!

By the time the woman in black landed, the stone monster had been reduced to a pile of rubble! Once she made her landing, she quickly bent her body downwards even as she focused ahead.

A thick stone arm arced through the air, buffeting a few strands of the woman in black’s hair.

The woman in black went into a lying position on the ground; both her legs kicked out and her entire body rapidly slid past the gap underneath the stone monster’s body. Her two swords rang out twice and both the stone monster’s legs were cut off. It crashed down to the ground and its upper body struggled desperately to crawl. By then, the woman in black had already turned around. She jumped up and delivered a kick onto its head, sending it flying off a distance of over 2 metres and off the stone platform!

In just a matter of seconds, this woman in black had effortlessly killed off three of the monsters!

Chen Xiaolian watched in a dumbfounded manner!

The woman in black turned her head and spoke out coldly. “Seen enough? If you have, then start helping out!”

Chen Xiaolian curled the corners of his lips. Then, he quickly spoke to Soo Soo. “Stay here!”

He produced the Bone Crusher Axe and headed in the direction of another stone platform.

At that moment, stone monsters were being transformed out from all four sides of the secret chamber’s walls. Those monsters then began to jump towards the centre area from all directions.

Before Chen Xiaolian were several monsters that had just made a jump from over three metres across the mercury lake. Right after they landed, Chen Xiaolian arrived to greet them. He shouted aloud and the Bone Crusher Axe chopped forward horizontally.

The third move of the Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes, ‘Ear Gouger’ swept out. Chen Xiaolian then felt a shock running through both his arms! Both his purlicues felt numb. Even though the Bone Crusher Axe had successfully hacked apart the waist of the 3 stone monsters before him, Chen Xiaolian could still feel his arms turning numb from the shock!

If he had not been paying extra attention, then he feared that the axe would have slipped out of his hand!

With one attack, he successfully swept 3 of the stone monsters off into the gully. However, Chen Xiaolian immediately realized that the stone monsters were certainly not weaklings! It was obvious that he does not hold the absolute position in terms of strength. Most importantly, however… their bodies were too hard!

A string of sparks burst forth from the edge of Bone Crusher Axe. Chen Xiaolian strained himself to continue carrying the axe and protect the edges of the stone platform. He was able to keep guard over an area of around 5 to 6 metres where he would exert all his strength to deny the stone monsters the opportunity to jump over and get close.

Whenever a monster jumped towards that area, he would quickly rush out to kill it off.

The stone platform he was standing upon had a limited surface area. If the few monsters were able to gain a solid footing upon the platform, then… once they manage to hinder him for just a small moment, even more of the monsters would be able to jump over. Should that happen… such a confined space would lead to him being unable to fight back.

By now, Chen Xiaolian had already used the Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes 5 to 6 times. The ground beneath his feet was littered with gravel; although most of the stone monsters had fallen into the gully after being struck down.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he had begun gasping. A feeling of unease arose within his heart as he delivered his final strike. As he did, he could hear a teeth grinding creaking sound being emitted! Gone was the sharp cleaving feeling that was present when he first began his attacks.

Clearly… after having continuously used it for hacking stones, Bone Crusher Axe had begun to wear down!

The feeling of soreness and weakness within his arms became increasingly stronger and Chen Xiaolian started using both hands to hold the axe. He then hacked down onto the stone monster before him, sending it falling down the stone platform. Chen Xiaolian then staggered and took two steps back, the Bone Crusher Axe placed down on the ground and he panted.

“It seems you are not as weak as I thought.”

The woman in black’s voice came from behind him. Chen Xiaolian turned around to see the woman standing tens of metres behind him, the ground below her feet too was covered with the broken bodies of the stone monsters. She had already cleaned up all the monsters on her side and was leisurely using the edge of her sword to trim her fingernails.

Chen Xiaolian raised his head to glance at her and was just about to say something when the woman in black opened her eyes and laughed out. “Be careful, they are coming again.”

Hastily turning around, Chen Xiaolian saw that three of the stone monsters were leaping over. He bellowed and lifted the axe, cleaving down onto the one in the middle.

This Head Cleaver strike was executed properly; however, Chen Xiaolian had run out of strength. After the axe cleaved down and split the stone monster’s head, it became lodged onto it. Despite trying his best to pull it out with both hands, he failed. A stone monster then launched its fist, which came screaming towards him from his right!

Reluctantly, Chen Xiaolian dodged away. He let go of the Bone Crusher Axe and rolled back by 2 to 3 metres. The stone monster charged forward and stamped down on him. Chen Xiaolian had to roll away awkwardly yet again. As he struggled to get up, he heard the woman in black’s voice. “Seize the sword!”

With an air-piercing sound, the sword arrived before him! Chen Xiaolian was shocked and he instantly reached out to grab the handle of the sword. Then, he shouted. “You nearly hurt me!”

Turning his hand, he lashed out with the sword. He was still using the axe moves, but when the sword struck out, Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt a difference!

The blade of the sword sliced through the stone monster’s body as one would slice through tofu! There was no sense of the resistance generally felt when cleaving a hard object!

With a “ca”, the stone monster was split into two! As for the sword in his hand, it remained light to the touch!

“Good sword!”

Chen Xiaolian subconsciously looked at the gleaming light on the blade of the sword.

He had a sudden thought. He struck out with the sword as he faced the last stone monster, slashing out twice in succession!

Sword Skill, Cross Slash, Linked Dual Strike!

Two condensed edges of light were emitted out, turning into the shape of a cross!

It imprinted itself onto the stone monster’s body… then, the stone monster’s body was abruptly…

Pierced through by the cross shaped light edges!!!

After penetrating through the body of the monster, it continued travelling forward for a distance of 7 or 8 metres before dissipating.

The stone monster turned into a pile of rubble…

“Good item!” Chen Xiaolian’s face showed astonishment!

This sword turned out to be so sharp!

Even though I was only using basic sword skill, it could release that much power?

He immediately used his system to subconsciously scan it…

However, the prompt he obtained was:

[Prompt: Unknown equipment, Class: ???. Your level is too low, cannot identify target].

Holy shit!

The woman in black walked over with a slight smile on her face. Her hand flashed out, retrieving the sword from Chen Xiaolian’s hand. Before Chen Xiaolian could even react, he heard the woman in black laugh in a soft voice. “Seen enough yet? Shouldn’t you pick up your axe now?”

Chen Xiaolian was silent for a moment. He first strode over to retrieve the Bone Crusher Axe, then he turned his head to look at the woman in black. “You…”

He realized that he must have encountered a master! An absolute master amongst the Awakened ones!

“Your strength is not bad,” The woman in black curled the corners of her lips. “Just by looking at you, I can tell that you are a rookie – it is rare for a rookie to be able to attain your level of accomplishment. En, although barely, you are now qualified to become my temporary ally – tell me your name, rookie.”

“Chen Xiaolian… and you are?”

“My name is…”

The woman in black laughed and was about to say something.


Chen Xiaolian’s face changed! His system had received a line of update.

[System prompt: Instance dungeon 100 per cent unlocked. Five minutes from now, the Players will arrive].

Five minutes from now…

Players! Will! Arrive!

Chen Xiaolian’s face changed and he turned to look at the woman in black. Her brows puckered and her elongated eyes narrowed. “Is it about to begin?”

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