Chapter 661 Yun!

GOR Chapter 661 Yun!

By the time the flames dispersed away, the surface of the Sentinel mech had turned into a colour of dark red from the scorching heat. Its external metal surface melted under the intense heat and liquid metal dripped down the ground. 

The Sentinel mech was practically ruined.

Beyond the transparent cover of the mech’s cockpit position, which had also been scorched, there was no pilot inside.

By then, the silver longbowman had retrieved his longbow from the ground. As he was pulling the bowstring to aim at Chen Xiaolian, he found that the Sentinel mech was the only thing standing there amid the scorched earth. Chen Xiaolian had disappeared.

His face revealed shock for a brief moment when a piece of the marbled tile on the ground suddenly burst upward. The red-hot marbled tile, still wreathed in flames, shot toward him.

Earlier, in that very instant, Chen Xiaolian had used the Sword in the Stone to dig up the tiled ground beneath him and hid himself underground.

An arrow beam flew out, breaking the flaming marbled tile into pieces and revealing Chen Xiaolian, who was right behind the tile, the Sword in the Stone in his hand.

Before the longbowman could pull his bowstring again, Chen Xiaolian descended before him. The Sword in the Stone hacked down.

The longbowman moved to raise his silver longbow to block the incoming attack. However, he suddenly released a muffled grunt as his body staggered.

A black silhouette had grabbed one of his feet. In a flash, his right foot had crumbled into powder.

Gritting his teeth, the longbowman ignored the incoming sword strike. Instead, he waved his left hand, causing a big-bore revolver to appear in his hand. Aiming it downward, he opened fire.

Qiao Qiao cried out in pain and her shadowy silhouette was forced to transform back to her original body. Her body flew out and fell onto the ground.

Spirit-force gun.

Additionally, it was a very high-grade gun.

In World’s End, materials and supplies were in short supply. Not to mention, they will regularly be refreshed. Not only was the longbowman with the silver longbow strong, he possessed a storage equipment and so many high-grade weapons. That was something that Chen Xiaolian had failed to anticipate.

Chen Xiaolian brought the Sword in the Stone down with all his might upon the longbowman’s shoulder. The sharp blade of the Sword in the Stone hacked its way down from the longbowman’s left shoulder area down through his right thigh area, cleaving the man in half.

The longbowman stared intently at Chen Xiaolian, seemingly filled with unwillingness. In the end, however, his eyes slowly closed.

Chen Xiaolian quickly went to grab the spear that was on the ground. After sheathing it upon his back, he reached out to grab Qiao Qiao. “Are you all right?”

“It is a holy-force bullet. It inflicts a higher amount of damage toward me.” Clenching her teeth, Qiao Qiao lowered her head to look at her lower abdomen area. Blood trickled down continuously from the gunshot wound there. “There is no way for me to recover any time soon. I also cannot assume my Anti-materialization form.”

“There is still one more fellow. Hold on just little longer.” There was a grim look on Chen Xiaolian’s face as he glanced about.

The cockpit of the Sentinel mech was empty. Clearly, its pilot had jumped out from the mech before initiating the attack earlier. The attack itself was done through an automated combat program.

Meaning, the pilot should presently be nearby.

“No more…” Qiao Qiao waved her hand weakly and pointed at an area nearby. “It’s been dealt with.”

Surprised, Chen Xiaolian, who was propping Qiao Qiao along with him, moved closer to see an incomplete corpse on the mountain path. The area above the waist had all but disappeared.

“When you were fighting the fellow earlier, I finished this one off. The Sentinel mech has an electromagnetic shield. If he had not come out, I would have no way to approach him. He only has himself to blame for bringing this upon himself.” Despite her weakened state, Qiao Qiao was able to force out a smirk. “Unfortunately, I had no way of stopping him from setting up the automated combat program.”

Chen Xiaolian breathed a sigh of relief. Letting Qiao Qiao lean against the mountain wall, he quickly made his way to the two corpses to rummage through their belongings.

The Sentinel mech’s pilot had nothing on him. However, the silver longbowman had the silver longbow and the dagger. Those two were fairly good items.

The dagger had managed to clash off against the Sword in the Stone over ten times without getting broken. That meant… … it was at least an [A+] class weapon as well.

However, in World’s End, personal systems were unavailable for everyone. Despite holding the dagger in his hand, there was no way for Chen Xiaolian to view the level or the complementary skill of the dagger.

The same was true of the silver longbow. One thing was certain. Those two weapons were not your average weapons. Taking it along will not be detrimental to him. 

On the longbowman’s left index finger was a ring.

Chen Xiaolian quickly pulled out the ring and slipped it into his own finger.

As expected, it was a storage equipment.

Although personal systems were no longer available, storage equipment were still usable.

The storage space of the storage ring was not particularly large. Inside were a few firearms, plasma mines, a portable life signature detector and some spirit-force bullets.

There were also five crystal arrows, similar to the one that he had shot out earlier.

There was also a small, golden-coloured bell. However, he was unable to figure out what it was for.

The discovery that excited Chen Xiaolian the most was that it also contained a Black Hawk transport helicopter.

It was not some high-grade system-produced item. Rather, it was one that could be found in the outside world. Even so, it was a good item.

Machines the likes of the Devourer fighter aircraft were not something that could be found easily.

Chen Xiaolian waved his hand, the one with the ring, and the helicopter appeared. Then, after Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao brought Bluesea up the helicopter, they started it up and flew toward the designated rendezvous location.

The eight Irregularities hovered behind their respective bronze mirrors. Each of them had one hand on the back of their mirror as they chanted with solemn expressions.

As they chanted, eight dark red rays of light shone out from the eight bronze mirrors toward Sister Yun.

However, Sister Yun simply hovered in the same spot with her eyes closed. It was not just her white horse, even the spear and armour she wore on her body had disappeared.

Countless faint and fine silver-coloured motes floated around her, dancing about like stars within a starry night.

When the dark red rays of light struck the silver motes, they became like stones falling into a sea, disappearing without a sound.

Seeing that, the eight Irregularities could not help but continue to channel their bronze mirrors. The rays of light shone continuously but were unable to pierce through the starscape around her.

“Enough! Resisting after getting cornered, how long do you think you can last?”

The purple-faced man’s face was slightly sweaty. However, his voice was still as loud. “Be obedient and just give up! You will feel less pain when you get refined!”

Sister Yun’s eyes remain closed, not moving in the slightest. It was as though she had not heard him at all.

“Push harder! I don’t believe this Antecedent Heaven's Eight Trigram Furnace cannot refine her!”

The purple-faced man shouted loudly as he glanced at his surrounding companions. Once again, they channelled their power into the bronze mirror to release the rays of light at a more frequent rate.

Despite failing to break the protective barrier of the starscape around her, the red light within the bronze furnace of light grew more intense. It grew from a dark red colour to a bright red colour. Then, a faint yellow colour.

The eight Irregularities were outside the spell array. However, the heat from within the furnace was still able to seep out somewhat. A few of the relatively weaker Irregularities were already sweating all over. Even their hair had shrivelled up.

As for Sister Yun, who was in the middle of the starscape, she appeared completely unaffected.

Only, her two shut eyes gradually glowed, brighter and brighter. Two rays of light shone from her pupils at such an intensity that not even her eyelids could block them off.

Her lips moved slightly as she seemingly said something. However, not a single one of the Irregularities could hear what she had said.

“Bai Qi, this move was made for you. I had thought that you would be the first to see it.”

Sister Yun’s voice was as soft as a mosquito’s. She appeared to be talking to herself, though, it also appeared as though she was talking to the one whose whereabouts were presently unknown to her, Bai Qi. “A pity, today, this move will be used on a bunch of nobodies.” 

The light within her closed eyelids grew brighter and brighter, even brighter compared to the red light around her. Her eyes became like stars, the only stars shining amid a sea of fog.

Sister Yun abruptly opened her eyes. Next, the light gathered within her eyes shone, expanding outward from her position.

The white radiance swept through the bronze mirrors and the Irregularities around her.

Even so – nothing changed.

The bronze mirrors continued floating in the sky while the Irregularities remained in their respective positions and stances, their palms placed upon their respective bronze mirrors. Even the image of the bronze furnace and its red rays of light remained.

The only one who did not remain immobile was Sister Yun.

She raised one foot and put it down. When her foot descended, Sister Yun’s figure appeared before the purple-faced warrior.

As for the purple-faced warrior, he remained immobile, the expression on his face the same as that from earlier, seemingly having frozen. Only his eyes moved, looking at Sister Yun. A profound look of fear seeped out from his eyes.

Sister Yun calmly looked at him before turning away. All she did was to reach out with her hand and make a swiping motion toward the purple-faced warrior’s face.

It was as though she was swiping at a sand castle made by children on a beach. With a swipe, the purple-faced man’s head disappeared, leaving only his body there.

His neck held onto nothing. Yet, not a single drop of blood spurted out. His body, too, did not fall down. Instead, it continued to hover in the sky.

After having executed that swiping motion, Sister Yun no longer bothered with the purple-faced warrior. She turned to face another Irregularity. Likewise, with just one step, she appeared before the Irregularity.

The white-robed Irregularity stared at Sister Yun, his eyes filled with an imploring look. He did his very best to move his body. However, no matter how much he tried, he was incapable of moving even the tip of his finger. 

Once again, Sister Yun extended her hand to gently swipe the air before her.

The next step.

In just moments, Sister Yun had moved past all the eight Irregularities and swiped their heads.

After that, she turned calmly. With a wave of her right hand, her white horse and silver spear reappeared. Then, riding the horse, she galloped far away without giving the Irregularities behind her a second glance.

Only then did eight fountains of blood sprayed out through the eight Irregularities’ necks. Their lifeless bodies then fell to the ground.

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