Chapter 653 Kill Without Hesitation

GOR Chapter 653 Kill Without Hesitation 

High up in the air, Sister Yun looked up at the mountain known as Mt Olympus.

It was not a mountain range. Rather it was a lone mountain rising straight up like a sword, piercing its way through the sky.

By now, Sister Yun had soared high above the clouds; there was a distance of nearly 10,000 metres between her and the ground below. The chilling, bone-piercing winds swept around the area continuously. Raising her head, however, she was still unable to see the palace above the mountain. 

“Bai Qi, even though you had left so long ago, this restrictive barrier you left behind remain firmly entrenched here in this forbidden land. Today…”

Sister Yun released a sorrowful sigh. Gripping her spear with both her hands, she positioned it horizontally before her and closed her eyes.

The body of the spear slowly glowed with light as streams of light flowed through the surface of the spear in waves.

Her rate of breathing was long and even and her eyes remain closed. The radiance from her spear, however, gradually increased in intensity.

The whistling winds around her abruptly faded into tranquillity and a large hole appeared on the clouds beneath her feet.

“I want… … to break it!”

Her pair of eyes suddenly snapped open as the radiance coming off the spear reached its limit. It was a most dazzling sight.

Next, Sister Yun urged her horse forward. The horse drew an arc through the sky and charged toward the mountain peak.

A silver trail of light was left behind just like that of a meteor.

As Sister Yun as about to smash her way into the mountain peak, numerous sword beams emerged from the mountain itself. The sword beams appeared both intangible and tangible and they formed a large net, which moved toward Sister Yun.

However, Sister Yun ignored it. She continued to charge straight ahead.

The giant net made up of sword beams clashed against the silver radiance coming off Sister Yun’s charge and were sent flying in various directions. Some struck the top of the mountain to leave hacking sword marks upon the ground. None of them could stop the momentum behind Sister Yun’s charge.

Sister Yun’s charging silver radiance finally broke through the giant net and she smashed her way into the mountain peak.

A thunderous sound resembling that of a moving mountain suddenly erupted.

The huge mountain shook. Then, starting from the peak, the mountain rapidly began collapsing. The rate at which it collapsed was as though Heaven and Earth itself was being destroyed.

However, the collapsing process did not last long. The countless heavy boulders that had cracked out of place and were falling down gradually turned ethereal before disappearing.

Soon, all of Mt Olympus, the mountain which rose all the way up to Heaven, had collapsed.

Where it had once stood was another mountain. Only, this mountain was far less magnificent in reach, not even one tenth as large as the mountain before.

At that moment, Sister Yun was hovering up in the sky above that mountain peak. She looked down.

Finally, the thing atop Mt Olympus had been revealed, a transcendent Pantheon Temple.

“Let's go.”

Seeing the appearance of the true mountain after the earlier one had collapsed, Bluesea stood up and spoke to Chen Xiaolian.

Although the Mt Olympus before them had shrunk down to one tenth of its original size, it still had a height of around one to two kilometres. Even if they do not encounter any enemies, it will take them some time to reach the top.

The Sword in the Stone hung down from Chen Xiaolian’s waist while his hand wielded the spear that Sister Yun had given him. He ran up with all his might toward the entrance of the mountain path. To his surprise, Bluesea could casually follow his pace, remaining beside him as he ran forward.

Countless tentacles had spread out around the surface area of Bluesea’s calves, forming what appeared like an exterior layer of muscles. Every time he took a step, the tentacles would act in concert to push Bluesea forward. 

Not even Chen Xiaolian could stop himself from feeling envious.

The present Bluesea was simply an ordinary person without any enhanced attributes. After fusing with the Bug Armour, he could display such a vast increase in abilities.

Additionally, it would appear that the armour’s greatest advantage was its versatility.

Rooting itself into a host, it would then provide its host with enhancements in various aspects through genetic symbiosis. From what Chen Xiaolian could observe, those aspects include melee battle, long-ranged battle, speed and regeneration; four aspects.

And then there was the two-handed energy blaster formed by utilizing all of the Bug Armour’s cells. The blaster could even take down the blood hands that Sebast, an [S] class expert, had summoned out. 

It was possible that it had even more abilities that it had yet to reveal.

If he could get his hands on a large number of these things, then give everyone in his guild one… … just considering that possibility excited Chen Xiaolian.

According to Sister Yun, the reason Bluesea could enjoy such a huge increase in abilities was his high level of genetic compatibility with the Bug Armour. Thus, others may not be able to acquire such a level of boost. Even so, having something was better than having none.

In just moments, the two of them had covered a distance of nearly 1,000 metres. Yet, the mountain peak continued appearing out of reach.

The whole mountain was composed of snow-covered rocks. There at the foot of the mountain was a narrow mountain trail leading up to the mountain.

The mountain trail facing them had a zig-zagging shape, which continued all the way upward. The trail was in the form of steps, all with even surfaces. Every tens of metres up, a pair of statues of the heroes and monsters from the various Greek mythology would be placed on either side of the step.

Looking upward from the foot of the mountain, they could see the resplendent Pantheon Temple. Be it the Parthenon Temple in Athens or the likewise named Pantheon Temple of Rome, they were all far inferior in terms of size.

Chen Xiaolian’s mind suddenly drifted away as he was reminded of the Saint Seiya anime that he used to watch in his childhood days.

The scene before him reminded him of the scene where the five mystical warriors made their way through the Twelve Temples.


He recalled Bai Qi and imagined him in State of Qin’s clothing residing in a stone palace with Greek architecture. It was a rather out of place imagery.


Bluesea suddenly whispered out and he immediately yanked Chen Xiaolian, pulling him behind a statue.

There, Chen Xiaolian saw several dark silhouettes rise up from the Palace before flying to the back of the mountain.

“My senses have been enhanced as well,” said Bluesea after seeing the look of surprise on Chen Xiaolian’s face. Reaching up with his hand, he pointed to his pair of eyes. A layer of translucent, red-coloured membrane covered his eyes. Without searching for it, he would have missed it. “This thing… … seems to have changed my body considerably.”

It was then that Chen Xiaolian recalled how Bluesea was the one who had sensed the spell array that Sebast set up.

Although the one known as Hammer was quite strong, he appeared more reliant on his own enhanced attributes. The Bug Armour had only provided him with some level of protection and the two bone blades. Who knew just how much stronger Bluesea’s genetic compatibility with the Bug Armour was compared to Hammer?

The two of them waited until the dark silhouettes had flown to the back of the mountain. Then, they rushed out from the back of the statues. This time, however, they dared not make their way up through the centre part of the steps. Rather, they stayed close to the wall. They also decreased the speed of their ascent. The steps leading upward was pure white in colour after all. The two of them would appear too conspicuous if they were to run up with all their might.

Sister Yun, who had broken the restrictive barrier, was not having an easy time. Her face turned from red to white, then to red, then to white again. The process repeated three times before she could gradually calm herself down. Even so, her rate of breathing remained ragged.

On the surface of the spear in her right hand were countless sword marks. It appeared terribly damaged, seemingly having taken countless swords head on.

Ten plus figures rushed out from the Pantheon Temple beneath her. Raising their heads, they saw Sister Yun hovering in the sky behind them. Among those who rushed out, around eight of them flew into the sky. They were either flying up on their own or were doing so using some flight equipment. They then approached Sister Yun.

As for the remaining people down on the ground, they had pulled out long-ranged firearms and aimed them at Sister Yun.

The Irregularities who flew up quickly spread out to surround Sister Yun. There were looks of shock on each of their faces. However, as they had yet to figure out what was happening, they did not immediately take action.

Sister Yun observed the Irregularities. Most of them were flying using their own power; only two had jetpacks behind them.

To be able to fly in the sky without using system props meant their strength had reached a fairly good level.

“Lady, who are you?”

The one who had first spoken was a purple-faced man. He wore a set of Western-styled armour while his hand held a Chinese halberd. He looked quite incongruous. [1]

When he spoke, his voice was like a large bell, causing the air around him to shake.

“You, the leader?”

Sister Yun gave him a glance but did not answer. Instead, she asked him in an indifferent manner.

“Right now, I am the one asking questions! Answer me!” The purple-faced man brandished his halberd furiously in the sky as he glared at Sister Yun. “You! Why do you want to break Mt Olympus’ restrictive barrier?! And…”

He regarded Sister Yun from head to toe before continuing, “Those people in charge of clearing the three instance dungeons, did you kill them?”

Sister Yun slowly shook her head. “No…”

The purple-faced man continued glaring at Sister Yun. Without waiting for her to finish, he interrupted her. “Not you?”

“No.” Sister Yun gave them a faint smile. “I mean to say, it is not three.”

She looked down as she extended her hand to count with her fingers. Then, she raised her head and said, “In total, I have killed… … mm, six.”

Excluding the purple-faced man, looks of shock emerged on the faces of the others who were there beside him. They turned to look at each other.

“Kill without hesitation!”

The purple-faced man bellowed out. The halberd in his hand suddenly vibrated, causing the air around it to seemingly crack as it shot toward Sister Yun.

Sister Yun gave a snort. With a twist of her waist, her spear shot out, a beam blade covering it as it met the halberd head on.

The two weapons collided and a mighty force travelled through the spear to send Sister Yun back several metres. Her face reddened for a bit once more as even her arms trembled slightly from the confrontation.

That earlier attack she unleashed to break the restrictive barrier had consumed too much of her power.

The rest of the Irregularities there raised their weapons, both melee and ranged, and began attacking Sister Yun.

1 Purple-faced has a few meanings. It could mean that someone is either handsome (male) or beautiful (female). It could mean it is an upright-looking face. Or it could mean that guy just painted his face purple, for whatever reason. Due to lack of further context, I’ll just stick to purple-faced man for now.

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