Chapter 65: Isolated Secret Chamber

GOR Chapter 65: Isolated Secret Chamber

Not a good person.

This was Soo Soo’s approach towards Qiu Yun.

Chen Xiaolian’s heart instinctively argued against this point of view. The reason was, Qiu Yun’s attitude along the way had given Chen Xiaolian the impression that he is quite a good Guild Leader. He took good care of his own team members and even gifted him with the Demon King of Confusion’s Axe Skill Book.

Qiu Yun also accepted Soo Soo as a member of the Meteor Rock Guild, allowing her to wear the protective suit reserved for Meteor Rock Guild members.

No matter how one look at it, a Guild Leader like this is a very good one…

Unexpectedly, Soo Soo stated that he did not have good intentions. Additionally, she also could not give any reason.

Merely… intuition.

Chen Xiaolian felt perplexed.

Instinct wise, he did not agree with Soo Soo’s statement. However, a voice within his sub consciousness was reminding him to pay heed to Soo Soo’s words.

Chen Xiaolian hesitated for a moment before sighing. He brushed Soo Soo’s face and whispered. “Soo Soo, Guild Leader Qiu Yun had been taking good care of us. So, until we have proof, I do not want to consider Guild Leader Qiu Yun as an enemy. However… I will keep your words in mind.”

Soo Soo looked at Chen Xiaolian, her expression showing some disappointment. She gave a light sigh. “Very well, I know you will not believe me now. However… it will be proven to be true.”

“Don’t talk about this anymore,” Chen Xiaolian waved his hands. “Finding a way out takes precedence.”

Soo Soo looked at Chen Xiaolian’s back. Her small hands clenched tightly to forms fists while those eyes within her small face flickered with determination…

… …

“Found it!”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly exclaimed loudly.

After conducting a careful examination for a few minutes, he realized that there was a damaged area somewhere at the top location of the dead end side of the stonewall. It was a very small area amongst the well-constructed stonewall.

The surface of the damaged area… was obviously new!

It seemed to be marks left from using a weapon to pry it open.

As for the black coloured metal fragment, its shape indicated that it was the fragments of a certain weapon.

“Marks made from prying…” Chen Xiaolian frowned and reflected upon it for a moment.

He quickly pulled out a Swiss Army knife from his backpack. Exerting his strength, he stabbed it into the crack within the pried open damaged area. He then applied strength onto his arms and tried prying it.

After testing out several different directions, Chen Xiaolian suddenly heard a “pa da” sound!

The sound clearly came from inside the stonewall.

His heart thumped and he blurted out. “There is movement!”

He quickly pulled out the Swiss Army knife and stared intensely at the stonewall…

The sounds of “ka ka ka” was emitted continuously from within the stonewall. Additionally, the sound itself seemed to be moving; it moved from the top all the way down to both sides.

Chen Xiaolian quickly held onto Soo Soo and retreated a few steps as he stared intently and examined the stonewall.

The sound slowly came to a halt.

“Eh? There doesn’t seem to be any changes?” Chen Xiaolian frowned. “What is going… argh!!!”

Suddenly, the ground below him and Soo Soo and roughly 5 metres of the entire passageway turned over!

After it turned over, all that was left below was a huge, pitch-black hole!

Both Chen Xiaolian and Soo Soo fell directly into the hole!

The floor turned a total of 360 degrees and was restored to its original position. The edges where the turn occurred and the rest of the floor returned to its exact position, making it indiscernible!

No more movements could be seen within the passageway that was shrouded with darkness. It was as though no one had been in there at all.

… …

“A a a a a!!”

Both of them screamed out sharply and Chen Xiaolian struggled to hold Soo Soo close to his chest as the two of them slid downwards.

Indeed, they were sliding down and not falling.

The both of them seemed to have fallen down a very steep passageway heading downwards.

Unfortunately, the passageway has a square shape. On the way down, Chen Xiaolian’s head, shoulders and knees had to endure being slammed upon countless times.

He struggled to hold Soo Soo close to his bosom so that this delicate little loli does not get hurt.

In the dark passageway, the degree of steepness was certainly beyond 45 degrees. Chen Xiaolian felt that he had been turned over and was falling down head first.

After screaming sharply for a good one minute as they descended, the two of them rolled down the passageway and fell heavily onto a flat surface area!

As they fell out of the passageway, their momentum caused Chen Xiaolian who was still holding onto Soo Soo to slide a considerable distance away!

This was a stone platform!

Its size was probably around 5 to 6 square metres. The two of them fell and slid all the way to the edge of the stone platform. Thankfully, Chen Xiaolian’s reaction was fast enough. He quickly thrust the Bone Crusher Axe onto the ground and stopped them from falling down the stone platform!

Having reached the edge of the stone platform, the first thing Chen Xiaolian’s eyes saw was… below the stone platform…

En, it was not that deep. It was probably no more than three metres or so in height, about the same as the height as a second floor.

However, what lied below the stone platform…

Was something that flowed faintly, resembling a flowing river!

“Underground river?” Soo Soo leaned over.

“No, it is not river water,” Chen Xiaolian’s face suddenly turned ugly to the extreme. “It’s mercury!”

He raised his head: This seem like a secret chamber…

A very big secret chamber!

The searchlight affixed to Chen Xiaolian’s hat had long since been smashed. Chen Xiaolian turned on a flashlight and directed it around… they were in a square shaped chamber about the size of a football field!

The terrain here caused him to gasp!

Looking up, he could see that the chamber’s ceiling was flat. The distance between the ceiling and the ground was about 7 to 8 metres.

Within this secret chamber the size of a football field, the ground was split into countless platforms of varying sizes. Criss-crossing gullies filled the area between each platform; and below the gullies was the bottomless, flowing mercury!

It was as though this was a lake of mercury. As for the platforms, they resembled islands!

Chen Xiaolian and Soo Soo were occupying a position on the left corner of this square shaped secret chamber. Turning around, he saw that the passageway from which the two of them came out from had already… utterly collapsed!

The stone tiles of the passageway silently dissolved into a viscous liquid and the passageway collapsed together!

As flowing sounds gushed into his ears, Chen Xiaolian could not be bothered to investigate the collapsed passageway. He rushed to another side of the platform and discovered something surprising!

On the walls surrounding this secret chamber…

There were countless holes of various sizes, arranged in a row. The largest were as big as a water bucket, while the smallest were as small as an arm.

Their numbers were extremely high!

In addition, all these holes were pouring out… mercury!

The mercury poured down and flowed into this secret chamber, sending even more mercury into the lake of mercury below the platform!

There were holes on the left side of the stonewalls, right side of the stonewalls… backside of the stonewalls…

Even the front…

Chen Xiaolian used the searchlight to search around.

At that moment, he suddenly caught sight of a figure positioned far away. The figure was on a very big platform located in the centre area of this secret chamber, roughly tens of metres away from him!

It was a person!

A woman!

She wore a black leather jacket. If the searchlight had not shone onto her body, the black leather jacket would have made it difficult to notice her amidst the pitch-black surroundings.

This woman who wore black leather jacket was seated cross-legged on the ground. Her head was drooped down and her long, black hair flowed down. Upon the ground before her, two swords were pierced into the ground. As for this woman, she sat there without making any movements.

“Xiaolian oppa!” Soo Soo pulled Chen Xiaolian with force and pointed to the woman.

“I see her,” Chen Xiaolian frowned. He took a breath and shouted in a loud voice. “Hey!”

The woman seemed to have raised her head. However, the distance between them was too far and he could not see her appearance clearly. Despite that, Chen Xiaolian felt a pair of sharp eyes being casted over!

“Could it be a monster?” Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank. He glanced at Soo Soo to see her shaking her head. “Not a monster… her body does not have the light that the terracotta soldiers have.”

“It is a person?” The corners of Chen Xiaolian’s lips curled. “It seems she is an Awakened.”

The woman seemed to have raised her head to glance at Chen Xiaolian. Then, she lowered her head back and ignored the two of them.

Chen Xiaolian felt that this place was thoroughly bewildering. He gave up on shouting and carefully investigated his surroundings. He went to the edge of the stone platform to make his observations.

Then… his face instantly changed!

Firstly… Chen Xiaolian realized that this was a genuine ‘secret chamber’! There was no way in or out!

Secondly… he discovered a particular detail: The height of the mercury below the stone platform was slowly rising!

In other words… the mercury pouring out from the surrounding holes on the stone walls were little by little, little by little, filling in the secret chamber!

As Chen Xiaolian’s heart was feeling heavy, he suddenly heard a sound!


That was the sound of stone being shattered!

Chen Xiaolian abruptly turned and saw that the other side of the stone platform that he and Soo Soo were standing on had collapsed! A part of the stone platform the one meter in width cracked off and slipped down onto the lake of mercury!

The collapsing area was still slowly spreading!

Feeling a sense of foreboding, Chen Xiaolian grabbed hold of Soo Soo and rushed to the other side of the stone platform. After determining the right direction, he leapt straight ahead!

A gully with a width of around 4 metres stood between them and another stone platform! Chen Xiaolian held onto Soo Soo as he made the jump and landed onto another uninhabited platform. They then heard a booming sound!

Behind them, the stone platform that they were standing on earlier had completely collapsed! As dust floated in all directions, the stone platform collapsed into the mercury lake!

“Damn it!”

Chen Xiaolian could feel his heart pounding madly. He could not help but feel somewhat parched.

At that point, he heard a voice.

The black clothed woman on the stone platform in the central area of the secret chamber uttered one sentence.

“If you do not wish to die, do not move about!”

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