Chapter 630 Part 1 This World

GOR Chapter 630 Part 1 This World

After all of the little town had come into view beneath them, Chen Xiaolian finally released a sigh of relief.

It was a type of minor town commonly seen in the southwestern part of America. Various shops lined two sides of a major street while smaller streets branched out from the major street like spokes on a wheel, leading to low-rise residential buildings, each built on large plots of land.

There were no high-rise buildings in the little town. The tallest building there was a four-storey shopping mall. Farther away from the mall was a small school.

Considering the size of the town, there should have been around 1,000 people living in there.

Hearing the sound of the fighter aircraft engine, the people inside the residential buildings ran out. When they saw the Devourer fighter aircraft in the air, they began to wave in excitement.

“They still do not know that there are people hunting us,” explained Bluesea as he cast an awkward look at Chen Xiaolian. “At any rate… … they are all civilians.”

“Notify them as soon as possible.” Chen Xiaolian sighed helplessly.

According to Wu Ya, this World’s End had not undergone a clearing process for quite a long time. Yet, instance dungeons were continuously being cleared in the outside world and sent inside.

There were not many Irregularities in World’s End to begin with. Thus, the number of people in that Coalition will certainly be less in comparison. Due to the high number of instance dungeons, the Coalition members had yet to find this place.

However, as time went by, someone from the Coalition will certainly find this place.

The fighter aircraft landed and Chen Xiaolian jumped down from the hatch. Although there were looks of curiosity on the civilians’ faces, they did not immediately rush forward. Instead, they stood a good distance away and whispered among themselves.

“I’ve upheld my end of our contract.” Chen Xiaolian turned to look at Bluesea, who walked down after him. “Do you still remember your promise?”

“Of course.” Bluesea nodded. “Come with me.”

Chen Xiaolian followed Bluesea, who led him to a residential building. “Mm… … this building should be vacant. Rest here first. I will help you ask around for that Qiao Qiao.”

“Good. Thank you.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded before pushing open the house door.

There were several hundreds of these houses within the small town. According to what Bluesea had told him back then, there were only around 100 Awakened ones gathered within this town. Naturally, there was no way for them to occupy all the houses here.

Striding inside, Chen Xiaolian then tossed himself onto the sofa. Then, placing both his hands behind his head, he slowly closed his eyes.

Since entering World’s End, he had not had a proper rest. However, his mind was fraught with a jumble of thoughts. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to enter a proper state of sleep.

Under the management of Bluesea and some other figures, this place had become something of a decent-sized settlement. However, Chen Xiaolian still had no clue about how big this World’s End was.

How many instance dungeons were cleared each day before being discarded, sent into this Recycle Bin? Three to four? Five? Ten?

Counting from the last refresh process, the number of instance dungeons within World’s End had likely reached the hundreds.

Chen Xiaolian had never imagined that the ‘Recycle Bin’ would look like this.

If no one within this little town had seen Qiao Qiao before…

Chen Xiaolian continued to contemplate on various matters for quite some time. Then, he heard a sound coming from the house door. 

He quickly sat up to see Bluesea enter after pushing open the door. He was followed by a middle-aged man with an ordinary-looking face. The middle-aged man had his head lowered and there was a slight look of fear on his face.

After giving Chen Xiaolian a glance, he did not greet him. Instead, his head remained lowered and he sat down on the sofa.

Chen Xiaolian looked toward Bluesea and saw an apologetic expression on his face. Bluesea shook his head.

“I am sorry. We have asked everyone in this town; none of them ever met a girl named Qiao Qiao.” Bluesea sighed. “You need to understand; this world is very big.”

Chen Xiaolian grew silent.

Although he had considered this possibility before, hearing it from Bluesea still brought about an irremovable feeling of loss.

“I am sorry I failed to help you.” Bluesea quickly added, “However, I have some other information which might be able to help you.”

“Go on.” A faint light glimmered from within Chen Xiaolian’s eyes.

“Truth be told… … you, and those who pursued us in Manhattan are not the first metahumans our people encountered.” Bluesea stretched out a hand to point at the middle-aged man on the sofa. “His name is Lu Leiya. He encountered them before.”

Chen Xiaolian immediately turned to look at Lu Leiya.

Lu Leiya raised his head. When he noticed Chen Xiaolian looking at him, he grew slightly nervous and quickly lowered his head once again.

Chen Xiaolian sighed inwardly. Next, he made his way forward until he was standing before Lu Leiya. He patted Lu Leiya’s shoulder and said, “Old bro, are you afraid of me?”

“Ah…” Lu Leiya raised his head. He was only halfway through his exclamation before he immediately shook his head. “No… no!”

“Why? This is our first meeting. Do I look like a bad person?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a smile.

“No… no, you don’t… …” Lu Leiya hesitated for a moment before stuttering, “Bluesea said, you are also that type…”

“So?” Chen Xiaolian crouched down to look Lu Leiya in the eyes. “Those people that you met, did they do something to you?”

“He… … not to me… … just… just…” Lu Leiya kept stammering without uttering a single, whole sentence.

“Look at me, old bro!”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly snapped out in a hushed tone, shocking Lu Leiya, causing him to enter a bewildered state.

“You know that you are here because you died, right?”

“Mm…” Lu Leiya nodded and said in a whisper, “In the beginning, I was unable to believe it. Later on, though… … as more people gathered and exchanged stories, we found out that all of us were the same. Thus, we had to accept… …”

“Do you still remember how you died?”

“Remember… … I… … because my wife divorced me… … also lost my job… … after that, I feel that there is nothing to strive for in life, so…” As he spoke, the tone in Lu Leiya’s voice gradually decreased.

“Suicide, is it?” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “What a coincidence, I also committed suicide. However, I am different from you. I did not do so because I did not want to live. Rather, I wanted to find someone here.”

“Ah?” Lu Leiya raised his head, a look of utter shock on his face as he stared at Chen Xiaolian.

“That is right.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and continued, “You did not mishear me. The reason I committed suicide was to enter this World’s End and find that woman, the one known as Qiao Qiao.”

“You… … you committed suicide in order to find her? How did you know… … you will appear here after your death? Besides, even if you do find her, you won’t be able to return!”

“So, you should understand how important she is to me.” Chen Xiaolian’s eyes glinted as he stared intently at Lu Leiya. “She is my girlfriend, the most important person in my life, and… … she had died in order to protect me. Since I am here, I must find her. The things that you have experienced may help me find her. That is why, please tell me about it.”

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