Chapter 63: Metal Burst

GOR Chapter 63: Metal Burst

Charlie was the first to be hit with bad luck.

The mounted stone soldier charged towards him and not even his shield could protect him any longer!

The spear shot out. Despite not being pierced through, the powerful strength behind the strike lifted Charlie off his feet and sent him flying!

He was slammed onto a cliff. As he fell, a pole arm cut him on his thigh!

Charlie screamed out in pain. Under those circumstances, he could no longer bother with the shield. Letting go of it, he rolled away. However, he coincidentally rolled to Mars side. As he stood up to run away, he suddenly felt his ankle being grabbed. Turning around, he saw Mars lying on the ground, his body shivering. “Don’t leave! Save me… save me!”

Charlie attempted to break away. However, the leg that Mars caught hold of was the injured one. He was unable to exert enough strength and he furiously cursed out. “Let go! You coward! Are you trying to get me killed?”

Too late!

The mounted stone soldier had already rushed over. The warhorse directly crushed Mars head with its hoof while its head slammed into Charlie’s body!

The strength behind the impact was shocking! Charlie was sent flying into the air, blood spraying out from him. After he fell, an indentation could be observed on his chest! Several terracotta soldiers immediately surrounded him, their pole arms chopping down …

Alice’s speed had deteriorated. It was apparent that her skill has a time limit. Additionally… there were increasingly more terracotta soldiers swarming into the tomb, causing the tomb to be filled with them! Even if she were faster, she would have no space to manoeuvre about! There were pole arms pointing out from every direction; where could she run?

Alice screeched out as her body was wounded time and again. Thankfully, the leather armour that she was wearing was no ordinary goods. It managed to block off several lethal strikes for her.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes were focused onto the mounted stone soldier. Seeing the stone horse reaching the area below him, he gritted and loosened his legs. Wrenching out the axe, he plummeted from above! Before he even reached the bottom, the axe had already chopped down!

The mounted stone soldier was extremely powerful. However, he was unprepared for an attack from above and Chen Xiaolian’s axe directly split his head into two. Chen Xiaolian dropped into a seated position on the horse’s saddle. He had one hand holding onto Soo Soo, hugging her close to his chest while his other hand brandished the axe!

Head Cleaver!

Impish Teeth Displacer!

Ear Gouger!

Head Cleaver!

Impish Teeth Displacer!

Ear Gouger!

Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes! Due to him being on horseback, its execution seemed to have acquired a bonus effect!

The area below the horse was something beyond his control as the horse rampaged back and forth in the tomb. Chen Xiaolian was speechless as he found that the damned warhorse… has no stirrups!

Both his legs dangled in the air on both sides of the horse’s stomach. He could only depend on his waist and pelvic strength to grip onto the horse to avoid falling off the horse.

Despite that problem, Chen Xiaolian remained seated on the horse with the Bone Crusher Axe in his hand. Unleashing the Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes, his entire being seemingly transformed into a fearsome general. In addition, he also had charging power thanks to the horse, allowing him to become an invincible existence within the tomb. In but moments, he had swept up an entire area of the terracotta soldiers. All of them were turned to rubble under the horse he rode on!

However, even more terracotta soldiers charged in through the broken stone door! Their numbers appeared to be endless.

“Xiaolian oppa! The left passageway!”

Soo Soo who was being held by him shouted out. Chen Xiaolian quickly delivered a kick to the horse’s belly while his one hand held onto the horse’s neck – without any reins, he could only turn the horse by twisting its neck!

As the warhorse pummelled out towards the left passageway, the sounds of fighting in the tomb behind them rapidly faded away. After riding the horse for tens of steps, Chen Xiaolian suddenly forced the warhorse to stop by holding onto the horse’s neck!

“Xiaolian oppa! Why aren’t you moving?” Soo Soo raised her head and looked at Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

“Soo Soo, about those matters that you found out, why did you only inform me?” Chen Xiaolian’s face was one of seriousness.

“Because Xiaolian oppa is the only one Soo Soo cares for. I have no interest in helping others,” Soo Soo replied with a calm and indifferent voice.

Chen Xiaolian looked at Soo Soo in the eye and hesitated. He finally gave a sigh. “I can ignore others, but not Guild Leader Qiu Yun. He… is a good Guild Leader.”

After saying that, he suddenly held onto Soo Soo with one hand and moved her to his back. “Hold me tightly and do not let go!”

Next, Chen Xiaolian turned the horse around. Raising the Bone Crusher Axe, he let out a howl and charged back into the tomb.

Qiu Yun was in a dishevelled state. He had at an unknown time joined up with Alice. However, Alice had fainted and was leaning onto Qiu Yun. Qiu Yun used one hand to hold Alice while his other brandished a short sword. His expression remained cold while his eyebrows rose up high.

Teng teng teng teng teng teng!

The deep sound of horse hooves reappeared within the tomb. Chen Xiaolian trampled through countless terracotta soldiers, reducing them to pieces. He rushed before Qiu Yun and quickly held out his hand. “Guild Leader!”

Qiu Yun gritted his teeth and threw Alice, whom he was holding up. “Hold her!”

Chen Xiaolian caught her, then turned to see that Qiu Yun had already turned back and used his sword to cut apart several terracotta soldiers. Qiu Yun shouted. “Go first!”

“Guild Leader, what about you?”

“I have my own methods! You take her away!” Qiu Yun did not even bother looking back.

Chen Xiaolian exerted his strength to shatter two terracotta soldiers on both his left and right with the axe. He then heard Qiu Yun’s voice. “Why are you still not going? I have my own ways to escape!”

Chen Xiaolian bit heavily on his teeth. Then, he held onto the horse’s neck, turning it around and galloped away…

Upon Qiu Yun’s face that was originally calm, a trace of maliciousness flashed out!

Just as Chen Xiaolian was making his way past the doorway of the tomb, he heard a series of intense explosions!

Turning around, he did not see any trace of fire. All he saw was stone scraps flying about as smoke filled his vision…

“Guild Leader?” The surprised Chen Xiaolian shouted out.

Just as he finished his shout, he heard Qiu Yun let out one long roar out from within!

From within the smoke, Qiu Yun’s body flew up to the air. He leapt onto the war chariot and hacked down the pole arm-bearing soldier with one sword strike. He then turned around and jumped onto one of the horses pulling the war chariot!

The two horses have long since come to life. However, the war chariot was locked into place, causing the two horses to be unable to move about. They could only neigh at their original spot. Qiu Yun delivered two sword strikes and broke off the iron chains holding the two warhorses. After that, he roared once more and used his sword to stab at the horse’s buttocks – stone scraps and sparks flew!

The horse’s hooves rose high up into the air and it flew out! With just a few gallops, it pummelled its way out of the tomb, using the same passageway Chen Xiaolian had taken!

From within the tomb, countless terracotta soldiers swarmed forward as they chased him. After charging out of the tomb’s passageway, Qiu Yun suddenly turned his body around. He raised his hand and threw out a mass of sparkling bright items. It fell onto the stone door of the passageway with “ka ka ka ka” sounds…

“Hurry up and run! Are you distracted by the view?” Qiu Yun turned around to look at Chen Xiaolian and laughed out loudly. “Move quickly!”

Chen Xiaolian had discerned out what Qiu Yun threw out.

It was…


More accurately, it was coins. A huge sum of coins!

Qiu Yun let out another long laugh as he urged his horse to chase after Chen Xiaolian. Behind him, the sound of a loud explosion suddenly erupted!

Amidst the booming sound, the entire passageway shook. There were also the terrifying sounds of cracking and collapsing! A wave of thick engulfing dust swept towards them from behind…

After they covered a distance of a hundred metres, the horses suddenly froze. Then, their agile bodies instantly broke apart… in just a moment, the mighty galloping horses were reduced into a pile of stone debris.

Everyone who was on horseback fell down. After they fell, both Chen Xiaolian and Qiu Yun gasped as they sat on the ground. Both of them were unable to help themselves and they shouted out.

“Hahaha! Hahahaha! How dangerous! How risky!”

Chen Xiaolian forced himself up and first pulled Soo Soo up. After checking up on her, he handed the unconscious Alice to Qiu Yun.

“Guild Leader, back then I saw you… throw money to hit those terracotta soldiers?” Chen Xiaolian could not contain his curiosity. “What kind of skill is that? A skill that uses money to smash your enemies?”

Qiu Yun glanced at Chen Xiaolian and replied lightly. “That is my skill, Metal Burst. Any metal that I put my hands on can be turned into bombs and set off. Unfortunately, not all battlefields will have metal items. Take today’s damned place as an example, those terracotta soldiers are all made of stones. That is why I made it a habit to carry enough coins with me to be used as weapons.”

Metal Burst?


Chen Xiaolian stared with wide-opened eyes.

This skill sounds extremely powerful eh!

Qiu Yun then glanced at Chen Xiaolian again. “You have seen my skill. For fairness sake, shouldn’t you tell me what your skill is?”

“My skill?” Chen Xiaolian thought about it before smiling bitterly. “If I say my skill is the Great Art of Demonic Dissolution, would you believe me?”

He thought that this joke from him would give Qiu Yun a shock. However, after hearing that, Qiu Yun’s face turned very strange.

“Great Art of Demonic Dissolution?” A peculiar look flashed through Qiu Yun’s eyes. “Could your skills be… something akin to the purification of personal attributes?”

It was Chen Xiaolian’s turn to be surprised!

He… knows?!

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