Chapter 62: You People Are Too Gullible

GOR Chapter 62: You People Are Too Gullible

See them?

Soo Soo spoke those words using the delicate and clear voice unique to lolis. However, hearing that would cause one to feel a chill going down their spine…

Despite saying those words while being beside Chen Xiaolian’s ears, the silent atmosphere in the tomb caused everyone beside to hear it as well.

Black Knights Guild Leader, Alice’s face suddenly changed. “What did she say?”

Soo Soo ignored Alice and tugged the corners of Chen Xiaolian’s clothes. “Xiaolian oppa, let us leave this place quickly.”

“Hey, what it this child saying?” Alice cried out in annoyance. “What can you see?”

As she was talking, Alice extended her hand to grab Soo Soo. Soo Soo quickly shrunk away, avoiding Alice’s hand. Soo Soo then stared coldly at Alice with her pair of big, dark eyes.

Alice is the Guild Leader of the Black Knights Guild that has quite some fame amongst the Awakened community. However, being stared upon by this little girl caused Alice to feel her hair standing on end…

On such a pretty and innocent face, her expression and gaze was too calm and… cold!

A coldness that signified the absence of any emotions whatsoever.

“Soo Soo, what exactly did you see?” Chen Xiaolian looked at Guild Leader Alice with a slightly dissatisfied expression. He knew though, that now was not the time to get into a fight. He turned around and crouched down, patting Soo Soo’s mushroom like hair and asking in a soft voice. “Soo Soo, tell me. What can you see?”

“If its Xiaolian oppa…” Soo Soo blinked and spoke with a calm voice. “I can see their colour.”


“En, there is a black outer layer, but there is a red colour moving about inside, like a red coloured cotton candy. The black outer layer is getting thinner. They seem very angry; en, they are angry at us. The black layer is about to break… Oh no! He is about to move!”

After saying that, Soo Soo suddenly lifted her hand to point at the Qin terracotta general standing above the stone platform.

After the loli finished speaking out her words, everyone’s face inclusive of Qiu Yun showed change. This was especially true for the timid Mars. He gave a shrill cry and ran behind Charlie, his body shivering.

Charlie and Alice have already pulled out their swords and they vigilantly pointed it towards the Qin terracotta general. Even Chen Xiaolian was gripping tightly onto the Bone Crusher Axe!


“… …”

“… … …”

Three seconds went by… five seconds went by…

However, under their watchful eyes, the Qin terracotta general remained immobile, maintaining its sculpted posture.

“Gegege ge ge…”

Soo Soo suddenly covered her mouth with her sleeve and pointed to the few adults. With a calm and icy voice, she said. “You adults, you are too gullible.”

“Bastard!” The timid Mars abruptly turned furious, he grimaced and he shouted at Soo Soo. “Do you have a death wish!” After saying that, he pointed the wooden stick in his hands at Soo Soo.

“Hey, be polite!” Chen Xiaolian coldly pushed aside Mars wooden stick. “Do you have any grudge against little kids?”

Mars panted and stared viciously at Chen Xiaolian. It appeared that he wanted to attack. However, his cowardly nature held him back. Unable to help himself, he then turned to look at Alice.

Alice’s face turned somewhat ugly and she gritted her teeth. “Enough, don’t argue with a little child about this.”

Qiu Yun pursed his lips to the side, not saying anything. Charlie however, looked around at the surrounding terracotta soldiers within the tomb. He suddenly frowned. “I also don’t feel comfortable here. It is better for us to leave here quickly.”

“Alice, what monsters did you encounter earlier? Did these terracotta soldiers come to life?” Qiu Yun frowned.

“Yes!” Alice replied in a low voice. “We walked for a long time within a labyrinth. Then, we saw a huge number of these statues. Heaven knows what happened! They suddenly came to life! These things are very powerful and their numbers are high, so…”

Qiu Yun immediately made a decision. “We need to leave this place!”

Soo Soo blinked as she observed them discussing. She quietly pulled Chen Xiaolian’s hand. After Chen Xiaolian had moved over, she made a come over here gesture with her finger. Chen Xiaolian then bent down and heard Soo Soo whispering softly into his ear. She said…

“Xiaolian oppa, the top is the safest, remember!”

“En?” Chen Xiaolian was surprised. Soo Soo however, only smiled at him and pointed upwards… towards the ceiling of the tomb.

Soo Soo sighed and counted in a low tone. “Three, two, one…”

Originally, Chen Xiaolian felt peculiar, as he could not understand what Soo Soo was counting for. His face soon changed!


As Qiu Yun was discussing with Alice, the sound of a strong breeze could suddenly be heard!

Qiu Yun responded immediately. His body leaned to the side and a pole arm pierced through the air!

A terracotta soldier who had come to life held the pole arm. Despite issuing “ka ka” sounds when moving its arms, he took big strides forward and his pole arm swept out horizontally!

This time, Qiu Yun quickly leapt up and the pole arm swept past him. Charlie used his shield to vigorously impact against it. With a bang, Charlie and his shield slammed into the terracotta soldier, breaking him into countless pieces of rocks!

“Damn it!”

Several of them cursed out angrily!

At that moment, a scene, which sent a chill down Chen Xiaolian’s spine, occurred!

All those rows of terracotta soldiers within the tomb came to life! Those fully equipped Qin soldiers stretched their bodies. Some shook their head while others swayed. Then, they all raised their weapons at the same time!

On the high platform, the high-ranking general suddenly opened his mouth and got into a howling posture. The sound he released was not that loud, almost similar to that of a leaking organ. However, following this strange roar of his…

All the terracotta soldiers abruptly moved in a uniform manner, lining up in an orderly array, like a sharp edge of an incoming axe!

With a “shua”, the pole arms were raised high, resembling a neat row of trees! The crossbows were readied and the front row of terracotta soldiers quickly crouched down!

The general wielded his bronze sword and jumped down from the platform. It then brandished the sword, pointing it at Chen Xiaolian and the rest. “Kill the enemies!”


The Qin soldiers let loose the same roar in unison within the square area! The forest of pole arms pierced over towards them!


Charlie first let out a curse even as his shield was held in front in defence. Several bangs resounded as the pole arms smashed onto his shield. Charlie quickly retreated. “Hurry up and run!”

Alice dodged two pole arms coming at her from both left and right. With a long sword, she parried off a sword strike from a terracotta soldier before her. At the same time, she delivered a kick down onto the terracotta soldier, sending it smashing down on the ground. The lower body of the terracotta warrior were smashed to pieces, but its upper body continued crawling upon the ground. It held onto its sword and attempted to move closer to Alice…

Even more terracotta soldiers charged forward!

These fellows’ actions resembled those of the ancient Qin soldiers. They arranged themselves in teams and charged forward. Pole arms, swords, shields, everything was thrown forward. In addition, there were also the terracotta soldiers who were some distance away. Those soldiers quickly turned their crossbows…

As Alice was vehemently hacking down a terracotta soldier, air-piercing sounds could be heard!

A bronze arrowhead seemingly swept past Alice’s nose! The Black Knights Guild Leader whose face looked quite pretty now sported a bloody mark. The bronze arrow finally struck Mars in his left arm, piercing right through it!

Mars gave a miserable shriek and fell to the ground, rolling about. He was then picked up by his neck by Charlie and thrown to the back of his shield.

“Mars, stop shouting! Hurry up and use your magic!” Charlie used the shield to defend them. At the same time, his hand brandished a sword, desperately trying to prevent the terracotta soldiers from approaching.

The first thing Chen Xiaolian did was to hold onto Soo Soo, throw himself onto the ground and rolled far away. That way, he was able to avoid the pole arms coming from both left and right. As he got up, the Bone Crusher Axe was already held tight in his hand. Seeing a pole arm wielding terracotta soldier charging at him, Chen Xiaolian did not bother to hesitate and chopped down at its head!

Head Cleaver!

“Kacha!” Bone Crusher Axe hacked down onto the terracotta soldier’s head and proceeded downwards, splitting the terracotta soldier’s body in half! Two sword wielding terracotta soldiers rushed forward from behind…

Impish Teeth Displacer!

The axe was lifted up and the terracotta soldier on the left was pulled up… like earlier, this one was also split in half!

Ear Gouger!

The axe descended, drawing an arc through the air, before sweeping out horizontally. The terracotta soldier on the right too had its chest directly spilt off!

Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes!

Chen Xiaolian displayed the strikes in one breath’s time. The three moves took down three terracotta soldiers, one for each move. All of which were displayed with extreme dexterity!

Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt his heart becoming inflamed. After utilizing the axe skills, his entire being seemed to have changed completely. It was as though a surging flow of blood had been unleashed through his heart! Chen Xiaolian’s gleaming axe struck out without restraint. With another Linked Triple Strike, he destroyed a few other terracotta soldiers. His last move Ear Gouger, hacked apart the waist area of three terracotta soldiers at the same time!

Chen Xiaolian was immersed within the ravaging atmosphere of wanton killings. However, as he was losing himself to the heat of battle…

A crossbow arrow suddenly shot over, sweeping past his scalp. That bolt terrified and shocked his entire body, causing him to sober up!

Looking around, he saw that the three from Black Knights Guild were all engaged in a bitter struggle. Alice was waving a long sword with all her might, Charlie held the shield with one hand while the other held a sword as he defended with everything he has. As for Mars… that fellow was screaming as he rolled on the ground.

Qiu Yun…

Qiu Yun…

Chen Xiaolian desperately searched around and finally caught sight of a shocking scene!

Qiu Yun’s body was leaping up, his body in the middle of the air…

His target…

The Qin general on the platform!

In Qiu Yun’s hand was a short sword! He swooped down from the air like a huge bird, hacking down on the general’s head! The Qin general aggressively raised his bronze sword to block the strike and retreated several steps backwards. Several cracks appeared upon his legs.

The Qin general was extremely fierce. He howled loudly and raised his bronze sword to stab forward! The imposing atmosphere of an elite soldier from the Warring States Era was unleashed, carrying with it a raging surge of killing intent 1!

Qiu Yun brandished the short sword against the Qin general and their battle was joined. At that moment, Chen Xiaolian turned around and held Soo Soo towards his bosom. Soo Soo suddenly pulled at him and whispered rapidly. “Xiaolian oppa! The top!”

The top?

Chen Xiaolian raised his head to look up top. This time, he finally understood what Soo Soo meant!

At the ceiling of the tomb was a raised area shaped like a sun wheel. It looked like an embossment.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Xiaolian held onto Soo Soo with one hand and the Bone Crusher Axe on the other, then he vigorously jumped up!

The jumping ability of a B Class Physique was stunning! With one jump, Chen Xiaolian rose up by nearly 5 metres into the air. The Bone Crusher Axe was sent out with intensity and the crescent shaped edge of the axe pierced into the stone, hooking onto the sun wheel!

Chen Xiaolian forced his legs up to hang onto the sun wheel. Mustering his strength, he hooked himself onto it… and so, his entire body came to resemble a gecko, sticking onto the ceiling.

The battle below was no longer avoidable.

It was unknown what material Charlie’s shield was made of. However, after being hacked upon countless times, numerous cracks finally appeared on the surface of the shield. He rolled and scrambled upon the ground in a seemingly miserable manner. In fact however, he was fiercely slashing out at the lower part of the Qin terracotta soldiers with the sword in his hand. Around 8 of those terracotta soldiers have already had their legs cut apart under his sword. Charlie’s body was also wounded as a crossbow arrow struck him in the shoulder. He jumped up and threw out a pole arm that he had snatched away. A crossbow-bearing terracotta soldier that was standing on the chariot was struck and thrown off the chariot.

As for Alice, it appeared that she is not a pure strength type of fighter. It was clear that she was in a disadvantage in terms of strength. The long sword in her hands could only defend and no longer attack.  Under the relentless assault of several terracotta soldiers, she had been pushed to the wall!

At that moment, Alice abruptly let out a sharp cry. Chen Xiaolian suddenly found that Alice had turned completely different! This woman’s body speed had suddenly accelerated by who knows how many times! Her body slipped out from between the bodies of the few terracotta soldiers! Her long sword lashed out once and two of the terracotta soldier’s head fell off! Alice’s figure was like the wind, no, not the wind! It was so fast; it created after images of her! Chen Xiaolian’s eyes were unable to keep up with her!

“What skill is that?” Chen Xiaolian watched on with surprise.

Alice’s speed had seemingly increased by tens of times. With “shua shua shua” sounds, several after images appeared within the tomb. She slipped back and forth through every corner like the wind and the terracotta soldiers ended up being dismembered by her! This speed could only display its strength in flat terrain; currently, against these orderly but slow terracotta warriors, this speed was an invaluable weapon.

During that time, the fight between Qiu Yun and the Qin general had been concluded. Qiu Yun had already cut off the sword-wielding arm of the Qin general. He followed it up with a kick, throwing the Qin general off the platform, causing him to be directly smashed into pieces.

After Qiu Yun jumped down from the platform however, a few terracotta soldiers quickly engaged him.

At that moment, the only one who did not have to fight was probably Chen Xiaolian who was hanging onto the ceiling.

As Chen Xiaolian was watching on with surprise, he heard Soo Soo who was being held upon his bosom whisper out. “Xiaolian oppa… do you know how to ride a horse?”

Ride… ride a horse?

Before Chen Xiaolian could react…


Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A heavy crashing sound continued three times in a row!

The stone door that the Black Knights Guild members ran in from was suddenly slammed open!

The stone door broke down and two terracotta soldiers standing close to the door were smashed down the ground by the fallen debris.

Outside the door, holding onto a spear in his hand… a stone mounted rider charged in!

The stone warhorse held its front hooves in the air and neighed. The horse-riding terracotta soldier immediately raised his spear; with a roar, he charged towards Charlie who was closest to him! Behind him, even more terracotta soldiers charged in through the broken stone door… like an incoming tide…

1 The Qin Dynasty emerged from the Qin State, which existed alongside six other states during the Warring States Era. The Warring States Era occurred somewhere between 475 BC to 221 BC. [Source: Wiki].

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