Chapter 608 Part 2 Stop?

GOR Chapter 608 Part 2 Stop?

Having come to that conclusion, Chen Xiaolian realized that the two old monsters’ action of splitting them was the best possible scenario.


Phoenix suddenly spoke, interrupting Chen Xiaolian's contemplation.

“Ah?” Chen Xiaolian looked up. He quickly understood that Phoenix was referring to his promise to help her resurrect her guild members.

“Since I have promised you, naturally, I will uphold my promise. It is just… … right now, there is something more important that I have to do.” Chen Xiaolian considered for a moment. Then, with an apologetic face, he said, “Trust me, once my business is done, I will definitely go find you.”

“All right.” Phoenix nodded her head. “You know where to find me.”

“That..” Chen Xiaolian nodded as he opened his mouth only to halt himself.

Seeing that Chen Xiaolian was concerned about something, Phoenix looked at Chen Xiaolian before smiling. She said, “You are worried that I will go look for that War Tiger?”

“Mm.” Chen Xiaolian nodded. “His name is Han Bi. He is also… a friend of mine. Back then, I did not know he had seized your guild member’s… spot.”

Phoenix thought to herself for a moment before turning to face Chen Xiaolian. With a serious expression, she said, “Chen Xiaolian, I do not have many friends. You are one of them. From the moment we came to know each other, you have never lied to me. This time, too, I believe you are not lying to me.”

“Thank you.”

“I do not know how long your matter will take. However, after you are done with it, remember your promise to me. Before that, I will not go look for that War Tiger fellow. However…”

Phoenix suddenly revealed a smile. “Chen Xiaolian, if what you said about being able to resurrect my guild members is nothing more than empty words to stop the fight between me and that fellow… … even at the cost of my life, I will kill you.”

“I know.” Chen Xiaolian nodded.

“Well, then. Goodbye.” Without saying anything else, Phoenix turned and walked toward the lights coming from the little town.

“Hey, wait up!” Chen Xiaolian called out.

Phoenix turned around and cast a questioning look at Chen Xiaolian.

“I think we… … will be going in the same direction for a while longer.” Chen Xiaolian shrugged. “When looking for you, I had a friend help me. Right now, he should be waiting for me in Bucharest. I need to go look for him first.”

“Only you?” Tian Lie knitted his brows as he looked at Nicole, who stood before him.

The two of them were in an alley. It was a little town within Europe. As it was a remote alley, there were no pedestrians around them.

There was a sign within the alley that read ‘Brasov’s Casa Wagner Bar’.

Nicole cast a frosty glance at Tian Lie and said, “You think I wanted to be with you? The two old monsters must have teleported us out according to the groupings we were in when we entered the instance dungeon.”

Tian Lie rubbed his chin and nodded. “When you put it that way, it’s not too bad. At the very least… … Chen Xiaolian would not be troubled.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Tian Lie turned to look at Nicole and said with a peculiar tone, “You do not understand?”

“You are an adult, talking in such a convoluted way is an unbearable sight, you know?” Nicole harrumphed. “Just spit it out.”

“Fine, there is no need to keep it from you.” Tian Lie hesitated only for a moment before laughing out. “I want to go find Shen. However, that… is something that Chen Xiaolian probably does not want happen. Now that the two old monsters had split us apart, there is no need for me and Chen Xiaolian to feel awkward.”

“Find Shen?” A grim expression immediately appeared on Nicole’s face. “Didn’t you say that Shen is most likely within Zero City?”

“Yep.” Tian Lie rolled his eyes. “I did say that before.”

Nicole hastily grabbed hold of Tian Lie’s wrist. “You mean… you have obtained the way to enter Zero City? From those two monsters?”

“Hey, hey! Calm down, woman!” Tian Lie waved Nicole’s hand away and said, “If I did not get a way to enter Zero City, how would I go about finding Shen? One of the two monsters, although he is unable to leave the instance dungeon, he did give me… mm, a key. As long as I reach a certain location, by using the key, I can – according to him, open up a back door that he had once left behind.”

“Excellent.” Nicole nodded her head and turned to look at the signboard within the alley and said, “Looks like we are in Brasov, not too far away from Bucharest. Come on, we’ll head to Bucharest first. Next… we will head to the place you mentioned. Oh, right. Where is it?”

“What did you just say?” Tian Lie frowned. “We?”

“We.” Nicole looked at Tian Lie. “Do you have any problems with that?”

“Problems… … not that many, just one.” Tian Lie rolled his eyes. “I am going to find my friend. What are you going there for? According to the members of Thorned Flower Guild, those who came back alive from the battle, Zero City has been completely destroyed.”

Nicole immediately straightened her body. With a solemn expression, she said, “I am the Floating Angel of Zero City’s Angel Corps. Even if Zero City is destroyed, there must still be survivors. I… … want to go find them!”

Tian Lie cast a profound gaze at Nicole, a threatening look in his eyes. “After so long, I nearly forget that you are still a member of the Angel Corps. I believe… … you should still remember my nickname, don’t you?”

“Angel Killer. Of course, I remember. I also remember… … back in the Tokyo instance dungeon, I had worked together with Chen Xiaolian and the others to kill your Angel Killer self. You died together with me, the Floating Angel.” Nicole dismissed the threatening look within Tian Lie’s eyes and simply sneered in response.

“You said it yourself, you worked together with others to do it. Do you want to go for another round here and see who dies this time?” Tian Lie flexed his neck and a ferocious grin appeared on his face.

“Very well. If you are unwilling to bring me with you to Zero City, I will just finish you off and take the key from you. Floater!”

Following Nicole’s shout, the Floater appeared out of thin air and swiftly equipped itself upon Nicole’s body.

The silvery white mech armour covered her entire body and a pair of wings spread out from her back. However, no gust of wind resulted from the appearance of the wings.

Nicole’s charming face was completely covered by the armour set. There were only two red coloured lines on the visor where her eyes were at.

“Let us finish this quickly while there are no one here.” The pair of wings on Nicole’s back flapped and her figure rose to a height of several metres in the air. At the same time, the armour piece on her shoulders transformed into two small energy cannons, both of which were aimed at Tian Lie.

Tian Lie narrowed his eyes, staring at Nicole, who hovered before him. Although Nicole had already equipped herself with the Floater, her two energy cannons, which had already locked down on Tian Lie, did not open fire.

“Attack, then. You should know the difference in strength between us. Although you will lose in the end, if you open fire first, you can at least gain some advantage. Why are you not firing?” Tian Lie had both his hands folded before him and he cast an indifferent gaze at Nicole.

“Why do you care?” Nicole sneered from under her visor.

Even so, Tian Lie continued to fold his arms. He did not try to close the distance between them, nor did he transform himself into metallic streams of data.

The two of them simply confronted each other in this peculiar manner.

After the longest time, Tian Lie finally waved his hand and laughed out, “Forget it.”

“What?” Nicole was taken aback. However, the two energy blasters on her shoulders continued to lock down on Tian Lie.

“Killing you is not hard. However, I have no confidence I can beat you without killing you.” Tian Lie spread open his hands and continued, “After thinking about it, I don’t feel like breaking my rules of not killing women with you. So, I’m not fighting.”

“Tian Lie, you…” Nicole grew silent for a moment. She then descended. After landing, the energy blasters on her shoulders retracted and transformed back to its original form.


Tian Lie turned away and walked toward the end of the alley. “That place is Moscow.”

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