Chapter 606 There Is Something I Need To Talk To You About

GOR Chapter 606 There Is Something I Need To Talk To You About

Earlier, when Chen Xiaolian was fighting Phoenix, Han Bi already knew that Chen Xiaolian would attack him after defeating Phoenix. However, Han Bi simply stood aside and observed their fight, not stepping forward at all.

Firstly, he had no desire to fight alongside the woman that he wanted to kill.

Secondly, he wanted to understand Chen Xiaolian’s strength and combat techniques.

Unfortunately, even after Phoenix’s defeat, Han Bi had been unable to figure out Chen Xiaolian’s combat techniques. Since their fight started, Chen Xiaolian had made only two moves.

He brandished his swords to block off Phoenix’s talisman symbols and knocked Phoenix out by striking her neck.

For Han Bi, one thing was certain – the present Chen Xiaolian was very strong.

In fact…

A vague thought formed within his mind, one that he found hard to believe.

[S] class!

Although Han Bi had managed to get his hands on Denzel’s Tiger mech armour, the mech armour had received terrible, terrible damage after the fight against Roddy and the Dark Avenger-form Chen Xiaolian.

After obtaining the mech armour, Han Bi spent most of the points he obtained from the subsequent instance dungeons on repairing the mech armour. He had only spent a little on his own skills and physical attributes.

Due to that, his present level of strength was far inferior compared to that of the Tiger Angel Denzel. He was only at [A] class.

If Chen Xiaolian’s strength was also at [A] class, Han Bi would naturally have nothing to fear. Even if he was at [A+] class, Han Bi might still have a chance at emerging victorious.

However, [S] class…

If Chen Xiaolian had actually obtained that kind of strength… …

Han Bi shook his head and expelled those thoughts from his mind.

Whether he was [S] class or not, they will have to duke it out first.

Unlike his earlier battle against Phoenix, this time, Chen Xiaolian chose not to attack first.

The combined might of Phoenix’s True Samadhi Fire and Suppression Symbols of Ten Heavens and Eight Desolations was simply too great. If Chen Xiaolian were to allow her to set up her spells, he would have no confidence of emerging victorious in a duel to the death with her.

Things were different with Han Bi.

Chen Xiaolian had seen the armour before in the punishment instance dungeon. It was Denzel’s Tiger Angel mech armour. Even so, Chen Xiaolian had confidence that Han Bi’s strength had yet to reach the same level as that of Denzel.

The combat power of an Awakened was not something that could be determined through one or two equipment. Skills, combat experience, comprehension of their strength, all of those were far more important than having good equipment.

The Tiger Angel, Denzel, was a veteran of Zero City’s Angel Corps. After defecting from Zero City, he established his own guild. He was someone capable of provoking Thorned Flower Guild. Who knew how many instance dungeons he had gone through, how many life and death battles he had survived.

With his present level of strength, Chen Xiaolian was confident that, even without using Skyblade’s power, there was a 50 per cent chance of him beating Denzel in a one on one fight.

As for Han Bi…

Chen Xiaolian cracked both his knuckles as he strode toward Han Bi, a look of absolute confidence in his eyes.







Seeing the distance between him and Chen Xiaolian reduced to only five steps, Han Bi finally took action.

His right hand moved toward his left, which took the form of a tiger’s mouth, and pulled out a flame-like Tigerfang warblade. Next, he slashed down at Chen Xiaolian.

Among the two swords that Chen Xiaolian had used in his fight against Phoenix earlier, the one in his right hand had melted under the might of Phoenix’s True Samadhi Fire. Despite that, he did not shift the remaining sword in his left hand to his right.

Han Bi’s incoming slash failed to disrupt Chen Xiaolian’s move forward. He continued moving forward as he calmly lifted the sword in his left hand to receive the incoming attack.

Seeing that, Han Bi became overjoyed. He immediately increased the force behind the attack.

The sword in Chen Xiaolian’s hand was just an ordinary sword. Sharpness wise, there was a world of difference between the sword and the Tigerfang warblade. Clashing against the Tigerfang warblade would only cause it to be cut apart. For Chen Xiaolian to use such a sword against his warblade, Han Bi believed Chen Xiaolian to be too presumptuous.


A loud ringing sound echoed out as the Tigerfang warblade struck Chen Xiaolian’s sword. To Han Bi’s surprise, not a single crack appeared on the sword.

The instant the two weapons clashed, a burst of golden light had shone out from Chen Xiaolian’s body before quickly flowing into his sword. In that brief instant where the blades of the two weapons struck each other, Chen Xiaolian’s sword turned completely golden.

After the clash, a powerful shockwave blasted Han Bi’s Tigerfang warblade backward.

The resulting shockwave caused Han Bi’s head to jerk backward, his gaze involuntarily turning upward as a result, creating a small opening.

Chen Xiaolian clenched his right hand into a fist and heavily smashed forward with it.


His right fist ruthlessly struck Han Bi’s tiger helmet, causing Han Bi to stagger backward. It took him four steps to steady himself.

Chen Xiaolian did not press the attack in order to obtain victory. Instead, he stood still. Lowering his head, he looked at his right fist and revealed a smile.

“Not bad. In the end, I still can’t bring myself to ruthlessly beat up a female. Beating up a tin can like you is more enjoyable!”

Han Bi growled. Next, a sturdy looking shield appeared on his left hand. A stream of light particles gushed out from the turbines behind him and he shot toward Chen Xiaolian.

There were only a few steps between the two of them. With the thrust from his turbines, Han Bi was able to shoot before Chen Xiaolian at a speed that was outside the limits of what the average human could react to. He positioned the large shield before him, protecting his whole body as he barrelled toward Chen Xiaolian.

However, Chen Xiaolian did nothing to dodge.

Still standing at the same spot, he twisted his body to nearly 180 degrees just like a pulled bow. When Han Bi was right before him, he abruptly twisted back.

The momentum from the tip of his toes, his calf, his thigh, every muscle in his body, all of them, flowed into his fist in one singular moment.


Similarly, the instant Chen Xiaolian’s fist made contact with the shield, a golden light shone out from his body and flowed to concentrate upon his fist.

Despite the weight of his mech armour, despite the force of propulsion from the turbines, Han Bi’s entire body was sent flying from that punch.

Thankfully, the shield, that was materialized by the Tiger mech armour was tightly affixed upon the armour itself. Otherwise, that punch would have caused the shield to fly away.

Even so, the punch sent Han Bi flying a distance of roughly eight metres away. After falling on the ground, the momentum of the fall caused Han Bi to further roll back three times before getting up, unsteadily. A clear punch mark could be seen on his shield.

In the white space, the red-haired woman and the punk youngster observed a holographic projection of the battle between Chen Xiaolian and Han Bi; one was seated while the other stood. 

Han Bi had seemingly realized that he was no match for Chen Xiaolian in a melee battle. He attempted to create some distance between the two of them and utilize the energy blasters on his Tiger mech armour to attack Chen Xiaolian. However, no matter what he did, he was unable to shake Chen Xiaolian off.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he had never used the sword in his left hand to attack Han Bi. Since the beginning, he had only used it to block off Han Bi’s Tigerfang warblade. The only thing Chen Xiaolian used to attack was – his fist.

After catching up to Han Bi and blocking his attack, Chen Xiaolian would use his fist to ruthlessly punch Han Bi’s body. Every time his fist connected with the mech armour, Skyblade’s power, the golden light, would flare out from his fist.

Within just a short period of time, several parts on Han Bi’s Tiger mech armour had been damaged.

“This kid is quite the quick learner. Although the [S] class power on him did not actually originated from him, he has already learned how to utilize it in short bursts. As long as it is not some protracted battle, he is not that far off from a real [S] class,” said the punk youngster with a snicker.

“Not far off?” There was the same look of haughtiness on the red-haired woman’s face. “Even without this instance dungeon’s authority, I could still easily crush him to death.”

“You are always like this. Will you die if you don’t bicker with others?” replied the punk youngster with a sigh. “Still, I feel very curious. Why did he suddenly go crazy like that after going out?”

The red-haired woman gave the punk youngster a glance. “After being trapped here for so many years, we finally have a bunch of participants to provide us entertainment. What are you dissatisfied about?”

The punk youngster gave a muffled grunt. “Trapped? To think you could say something like that with a straight face. Since you feel like you are trapped in here, why don’t you just go out?”

“Me? Go out? Why not you?”

“If you do not go out, why should I?”

“If you go out, I too, will go out!”


“You what?”

The punk youngster sighed and waved his hand. “Enough… … this bickering, who knows how long this has gone on for. You are not tired, I am. The two of us want to have this instance dungeon, unwilling to let the other have the chance to monopolize it. If so, other than this battle of attrition, what else can we do?”

“Just… fall!”

Chen Xiaolian stamped one foot down on Han Bi’s lower abdomen area, pinning him to the ground. Then, with a bellow, he threw away his sword, clenched his fists, raised them up high above his head, and savagely swung them down upon Han Bi’s head.

The pair of eyes on the tiger helmet that Han Bi was wearing suddenly flashed. The jaws of the tiger helmet suddenly opened up and a beam of light blasted out from within to greet Chen Xiaolian’s incoming fists.

Skyblade’s power gathered once more on both his fleshly fists. The beam of light was unable to break through the layer of golden light coating the fists. Like tides hitting the rocks on the beach, the beam of light split into two and shot to the sky.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. After splitting the beam of light, both of Chen Xiaolian’s fists slammed down heavily upon the tiger helmet.

Han Bi felt his vision blacken for a moment. Not even the Tiger mech armour’s defence could withstand this attack from Chen Xiaolian. The attack slammed his entire head down, burying it underground, breaking through the stone tiles of the arena.

After unleashing that attack, Chen Xiaolian did not follow up with any other moves. Instead, he jumped away from Han Bi’s body. Next, he raised his head up and released a howl. When he finally lowered his head, that piqued atmosphere around him had disappeared.

“That feels good! I’m done fighting!”

Han Bi used both his hands to prop himself up from the ground. The joints of the Tiger mech armour automatically provided the strength needed to pull his head out from the ground. Then, he straightened himself. Due to Chen Xiaolian’s attacks, however, part of his tiger helmet had become partially deformed and looked somewhat comical.

Han Bi shook his head, seemingly aware that his armour was not in good shape. His body gave a quiver and the Tiger mech armour broke apart, exposing his body, before converging into a gauntlet on his right arm.

Despite the mitigation force provided by the Tiger mech armour, the force behind Chen Xiaolian’s fists earlier had made it through the armour, leaving several bruises on Han Bi’s face.

Han Bi’s face was pale and he gasped for breath. Staring intently at Chen Xiaolian, he said, “Chen Xiaolian, what is the meaning of this?”

“Meaning?” The furious look on Chen Xiaolian from earlier had disappeared. Instead, there was now a tired look on his face. “Nothing much. I was in a bad mood, so I found two people to beat up to vent my feelings. Phoenix is a female, I cannot beat her too much. Thanks to your armour, though, you can take more hits.” 

“Just because of that?” Han Bi’s face twisted.

“And… … to stop you two from fighting.” Chen Xiaolian sighed. “She is my friend, you are also my friend. No matter who kills who, I will feel sad. That is all.”

“Wang Sheng is my little bro. She killed my little bro.”

“You also got her guild member killed. To be exact, in that punishment instance dungeon, you ended up taking her guild member’s spot.” Chen Xiaolian then waved his hand and said, “But… … that is not important.”

Han Bi suddenly interrupted Chen Xiaolian with a harsh tone, “Not important? What is important to you? If the one killed was one of your companions, will you think it is not important? If the one to die is your girlfriend, Qiao Qiao, would you also think it is not…”

Instantly, killing intent burst out from Chen Xiaolian’s eyes. Before Han Bi could respond, one of Chen Xiaolian’s hand had clamped around his neck.

Like hooks, Chen Xiaolian’s fingers choked Han Bi, nearly suffocating him. That was not all. The killing intent surging out from Chen Xiaolian’s body overwhelmed Han Bi, causing his heart to palpitate furiously, seemingly on the verge of exploding.

Just as quickly, however, it faded and Chen Xiaolian released his grip. He sighed softly and said, “I am sorry, I lost control.”

Han Bi’s face turned into one of rage. He flicked his right hand and was about to cover his body with the Tiger mech armour once more when he heard Chen Xiaolian said in a soft voice, “Qiao Qiao… … is dead.”

Han Bi turned speechless. The Tiger mech armour that had partially covered his body stopped moving. Then, it slowly shrank back to gauntlet form.

“But… … your little bro and Phoenix’s guild member…” Chen Xiaolian continued. “There is still a chance for them, for resurrection.”

“Resurrection? Of course?” Han Bi sneered. “After Awakened ones die, of course they will return to life. However, they will be refreshed as normal humans. They will no longer have the memories of fighting and facing life and death situations together. Such a life… even though they are still alive, for people like us, how is that any different from someone who is already dead?”

“Go on. This resurrection you are talking about, it is not merely a refresh, is it?”

Phoenix’s voice rang out from behind them. She had, at an unknown moment in time, woke up. She stood behind Chen Xiaolian, listening to the conversation between Han Bi and Chen Xiaolian.

“Of course not.” Chen Xiaolian turned around to look at Phoenix. Shaking his head, he said, “The resurrection I am talking about is… … to let them regain their previous memory and even their abilities, all of them.”

“What are you talking about?” Han Bi was dumbfounded. He looked at Chen Xiaolian in disbelief.

Phoenix, on the other hand, appeared calmer compared to Han Bi. She stared at Chen Xiaolian without blinking for a moment. Then, she nodded her head. “Fine, I will trust you.”

“Xiaolian oppa.”

Soo Soo walked behind Chen Xiaolian and tugged his sleeve. She had her head raised as she silently looked at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian responded with a wry smile.

Although Soo Soo had not said anything, Chen Xiaolian understood what she was thinking.

The matter about Irregularities had always been their most highly guarded secret.

Resurrecting Phoenix and Han Bi’s guild members meant revealing the secret to them for sure.

“Trust me, I won’t do anything stupid.” Chen Xiaolian considered it for a moment before patting Soo Soo’s head. Then, he turned to look at both Phoenix and Han Bi. “If I can resurrect your guild members for you two, does that mean the grudge between you two will disappear? Give me a clear answer.”

Phoenix and Han Bi exchanged glances and hesitated for a moment before nodding their heads.

“Good.” Chen Xiaolian then said, “From this moment on, I don’t want to see you two screaming about killing anymore. I… … feel very frustrated, and very tired. So, just let me have some peace.”

“Fine. When?” Phoenix directly nodded her head.

Likewise, Han Bi directed the same questioning look at Chen Xiaolian.

“Wait for me… … I need to go to a certain place and do something. After I return, I will resurrect your guild members for you two.” After saying that, Chen Xiaolian raised his head and shouted up at the sky. “You two undying old buggers! Are you done watching the show? Hurry up and let us out! Is it that fun to watch?”


Tian Lie strode over and stood beside Chen Xiaolian. He too, shouted up at the sky, “To the one whose hair is not red, I have something to talk to you about!”

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