Chapter 595 Endless

GOR Chapter 595 Endless

Soo Soo did not know that she had become the one person that Roddy worried about most. 

At present, she sat quietly on the floor, her legs crossed as she gazed up at the sky.

To be exact, there was actually no ‘sky’ where she was at. Regardless of which way she turned, all she could see was whiteness.

“So, is this how this place originally looked like?” Soo Soo gave a gentle sigh.

Tian Lie was checking their surroundings while Nicole quietly wiped the warblade in her hand.

The place where they were at… to call it large, it might be boundlessly large; to call it small… … perhaps it was just an illusion.

After the three of them walked into the curtain of light, they entered this empty space.

“Didn’t you say we would be able to meet up? Where are you? Hey!” Tian Lie shouted aloud.

Soo Soo was shocked by Tian Lie’s sudden outburst. She turned to glance at Tian Lie for a moment. Next, she pursed her lips to the side and continued to look upward.

“Does it look good?”

Words suddenly rang out from beside Soo Soo’s ear.

The voice was pleasant and it carried with it a hint of geniality; it gave off a very warm feeling.

Soo Soo raised her brows but did not turn her head back. She also did not turn to check her surroundings. Instead, she gave a light smile – it was a very cold smile. “So, are you teasing us?”

“Why do you say that?”

“You were the one who said, enter the curtain of light and we will be able to meet you.”

“I was not lying.” The voice had a hint of ridicule in it as it continued, “You fellows have indeed met me – a part of me.”

Soo Soo lowered her head and considered the reply. “If so, this place… … all of it is ‘you’? This empty space?”

“A part.” The voice laughed and said, “Are you very disappointed?”

“I thought I would be meeting a ‘person’.”

“I did not say I would have the appearance of a ‘person’ oh.” The voice continued, “This is really arousing my sense of curiosity, little girl. Originally, I thought that bald fellow is the most interesting of you three. However, after you three entered, I am gradually realizing that you are the most interesting one.”

“Oh.” Soo Soo did not ask “What is interesting?”. Instead, she had calmly responded with an oh.

“Hey, had no one every told you that this way of talking makes it hard for people to continue talking to you?”

“You are not a person.” Soo Soo gave a stabbing reply.

“… … fine.” The voice appeared to be smiling. “Can you tell me, why does this body of yours have two personalities?”

“Have you never met people with split personalities? I had thought this is not a very rare case in this world.”

“Of course I know about split personalities. However, I have never seen a split that is so… perfect.” The voice laughed and continued, “Darkness and light co-existing together… … truly, interesting.”

Soo Soo gave a harrumph in response. She abruptly pulled out a mobile phone from her pocket. After turning it on, she held it and began tapping it.

“What are you doing there?”

“Playing a game. Although there is no connection here, I can still play offline mode,” Soo Soo replied coolly. “Your topic of conversation is too boring. I have no interest in continuing.”

“.. … …”

The voice grew silent for a long time. Finally, it laughed out again and said, “Little one, you are really interesting. I had thought that you would be asking me a lot of questions. For example, who am I, what is this place, what I want to do… …”

“Would you answer?”

“Naturally, I would not easily answer those questions.”

“There you have it. Since you won’t be answering, why should I ask them?”

“… … ha hahahahaha.”

The voice laughed out once more. It did not take long for Soo Soo to hear it speak up once again.

“Do you want to meet me? Get up and keep walking straight. One hundred steps. After that, you will be able to see the real me – come alone. The other two, for now, I have no interest in meeting them.”

Tian Lie shouted, cursing every once in a while as he did, “I thought that the masters of this place should be absolute experts. Could the words of absolute experts be of no value?”

“Enough, you have been raising a ruckus for long enough,” Nicole said coldly. “Why don’t you calm down. Let us discuss how we should get out of this place.”

Tian Lie rubbed his chin. “This place should be a separate space. Getting out of here is simple. As long as we possess enough power to break through this space, we can… …”

As the two of them were chatting, Tian Lie turned his head backward. His face sank.

“Where is Soo Soo?”

Nicole turned her head and found that the spot occupied by Soo Soo earlier was now empty.

Soo Soo had disappeared.

Soo Soo was stepping forward while silently counting. After taking 99 steps, the little girl suddenly halted her steps.

“Hey, I told you, 100 steps. It has only been 99 steps.” The voice rang from beside her ear.

Soo Soo pursed her lips and smiled. “I am just testing to see if you are still looking at me.”

“Well, you have done your test. Take one more step and you will be able to see me.”

“… … but I am suddenly feeling hesitant,” Soo Soo suddenly said. “What happens if you are ugly?”

“… … eh?”

“Good looks are justice,” Soo Soo said as-a-matter-of-factly. “Given my age, it is only natural for me to judge a person by their looks. If you have a very ugly appearance, I will not want to see you. Tell me first how you look. I will consider it for a bit. If it does not meet my expectations, let us not meet up.”

“… well then, how do you wish me to look like?”

“Mm…” Soo Soo frowned as she pondered the question. Then, she slowly said, “Not too tall, a bit lean, no need to be too handsome, but must have a very clean look. Have the air of a scholar, a little on the elegant side and… … nails must be cut. Very clean attire. Mm… … when laughing, there must be a very warm feeling and when talking, the tone must sound pleasant. Right, preferably… …”

“Preferably someone who writes novels, right?” The voice spoke up with a hint of ridicule. “Just say you want to see Chen Xiaolian, won’t you?”

“Sigh.” Soo Soo sighed. However, she spoke with a solemn tone. “You got that right. I have no interest in meeting you at all. Right now, the one I want to meet the most is Xiaolian oppa.”

“Is that so? Then, continue ahead and take your hundredth step. I will fulfil your request.”

Soo Soo took a deep breath. She looked down at her feet before slowly moving her left foot out to take one more step forward.

The final, hundredth step.

The thin figure seated upon the throne stood up. After he stood up, they saw that this person was astonishingly tall. His eyes seemingly looked down at Chen Xiaolian as he cackled. “Oh, kill me? This is not my first time hearing something like this. Hopefully though, your words match your skills.”

Chen Xiaolian pulled apart the wooden sticks from the makeshift sled that was on the floor, creating two pieces of club. Gripping the clubs in his hands, he strode toward the man without any hesitation.

However, he had just taken two steps when the thin fellow suddenly waved his right hand.

With a swoosh of his hand, three doors appeared before him.

“It is not that easy. You people are rare toys for my entertainment.” The thin man cackled gleefully and continued, “Three stages. Pass three stages; only then can you truly face me.”

“Oh, trying to be mysterious?”

“Of course not.” The thin man’s voice contained traces of provocation. However, it would appear that his provocation was not aimed solely at Chen Xiaolian. 

He then said in a low voice, “Because this is originally a game. According to the rules of the game, shouldn’t things progress in such a manner? First, make your way through the stages laid out before you. Only after you successfully passed the stages can you face the BOSS.”

After saying that, the thin man pointed at himself and said, “I am the BOSS. You want to face me? Then first clear the stages before you!”

Chen Xiaolian frowned. He stepped forward, attempting to circle around the doors, only to hear the man saying coldly, “You cannot circle around it. This is the rule of this space. Unless you complete the stages before you, you will be unable to meet the real me – this body before you is just a manifestation.”

Chen Xiaolian harrumphed. Suddenly, he raised his hand. Next, the wooden club in his hand shot out like a javelin toward the man on the platform.

The wooden club shot through the man’s body and fell onto the floor.

“As expected, that is just an illusion.” Chen Xiaolian frowned.

“Three doors, three stages, begin from the one on your left. You have a total of one hour, beginning now. After the one hour is up, if you cannot complete the three stages, all of you will be sent out of my castle into the forest outside… … trust me, this time, you will not be able to get out from the forest.”

After that, the thin man disappeared.

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath.

Forcing down the impetuous fury in his heart, he turned around to look at Hossein and the others.

“Enough, since there is a need to fight, we’ll take it one step at a time.” Hossein put on a straight face and walked over to assess the three doors before them.

The frames of all three doors appeared normal. There was nothing out of the ordinary about them at all. The cherry wood was engraved with carvings and had a metal door handle. Hossein reached out with his hand to feel it. It was cold to the touch.

Chen Xiaolian turned to look at the two women. Lin Leyan said nothing, she simply looked at Chen Xiaolian.

He then took a deep breath and said, “Let’s go. There is no easy way out in battle. No matter what, killing that fellow is our objective.”

The first door, open.

Hossein had been the one to twist open the door handle.

The knight had taken the lead while the two women stayed in the middle. As for Chen Xiaolian, he stayed in the rear position.

The door was clearly some form of spatial translocation portal. After stepping through the door, the four of them found themselves in an open area.

Looking at their surroundings, they found that it appeared like a large, circular colosseum – it was as large as a football field.

The stands on the bowl-shaped colosseum were empty. The structure also appeared somewhat dilapidated.

The thing that left the deepest impression on the four of them was… … the air. It was filled with a foul odour.

Yes, a foul odour.

Be it on the ground or the stands in the corner, all of them were stained in dark red colour. It was as though they had been sprayed with blood. A number of the places had also gone to ruin, seemingly due to something striking or impacting upon them.

Craters and cracks could be seen upon certain stands.

“I do not like this place.” Hossein retrieved a piece of handkerchief. Flicking it open, he used it to cover his nose. At the same time, he also pulled out another piece for Jenny.

A piece of paper suddenly drifted down from the sky above to fall on the ground before the four of them.

Chen Xiaolian bent down to pick it up and saw that there were words written upon the paper.

“Prompt: First stage of the game begins: Objective: Kill every monster you can see within this arena. Time limit: 20 minutes. If you cannot kill off all the monsters here within the allocated time limit, you will have failed. If the combatants die, you will have failed. Special prompt: Shutting down the monster re-spawning program is necessary to complete the second stage. Thus… … you may choose to split your forces to forcibly end the second stage of this game. Lastly, death may not be the end, but you fellows… … are dead.”

This highly mischievous note made Chen Xiaolian feel dubious.


This was an attempt to imitate the ‘system prompts’.

As for the ridiculing words in the note…

Kill all the monsters…

What is the monster re-spawning program? Complete the second stage first?

Before Chen Xiaolian could discuss the matter with Hossein, creaking sounds suddenly came from a distant spot within the colosseum. It sounded as though some metal winch was being turned

On the far side of the colosseum, two brick walls on the stands separated to reveal a wooden door inside. On the surface of the door were the words ‘Second Stage’.

At the same time, the brick walls on either side of the wooden door suddenly swung forward…


A swarm of black coloured silhouettes charged out from the openings created by the opened brick walls.

Werewolves, vampires, zombies, monsters… … Chen Xiaolian even saw something he had seen in another instance dungeon. Wearing broken armour, it was none other than the Demon Soldiers.

The swarm rushed toward them like a tidal wave. There appeared to be at least hundreds of thousands of them.

“Bring it!” Chen Xiaolian bellowed. He caught hold of Lin Leyan, who had already turned pale, and moved her behind him. As he was about to pull out his sword, he suddenly noticed Hossein stepping forward.

This former knight got down on one knee. He had one hand on the ground while his other hand was placed upon his lips. He kissed his middle finger… … then, a halo of light burst out from his middle finger. Like a ring, the halo of light became imprinted upon his finger.

When Hossein stood up once again, the air around him shuddered violently.

“Heretics, all of you, disperse before the Light of the Lord!”

Hossein roared out and raised his right hand up into the sky. His hand grasped the air and a golden coloured sword appeared in his hand, just like a lit torch.

His hand still raised, this knight stood tall as he observed the wave of monsters swarming him. Next… … he abruptly sent the sword in his hand swinging down.


Dazzling golden light descended.

Facing the golden light, the charging swarm of monsters became like snow under the blazing sunlight; they burst apart and disappeared.

The countless monsters that were charging forward screamed wretchedly as the golden light showered them. Then, they burst into dust and crashed down to the ground.

All of that happened in the span of only mere seconds. After the golden light faded away, the entire colosseum returned to a tranquil state.

It was as though nothing had happened.

Chen Xiaolian was stunned. He stared at Hossein’s back.

This knight’s power… … was far beyond his imagination.

Earlier, when he was using the ‘purification’ skill, Chen Xiaolian could clearly feel it.

That vaguely felt like… …

[S] class?

Hossein exhaled deeply before turning around to look at Chen Xiaolian. His face appeared calm, though slightly pale. “I have not used this power for a long time now. I think… … I can still hold on.”

Chen Xiaolian took another deep breath and said, “You are more powerful than I had imagined.”

“This first stage doesn’t seem too difficult. Let us move forward,” said Hossein with a snort.

Next, however, the faces on the two of them sank.

The creaking sounds came once again…

The brick walls on every stand within the circular colosseum opened up simultaneously.

This time, not only did the brick walls on the ground floor opened up. Even the walls on the middle part of the stands, the top part of the stands, every entrance and exit points, every place with brick walls swung open to reveal a passageway within. 

Roaring sounds came from every corner.


It was as though the gates of Hell had been opened. Innumerable monsters swarmed out from every corner of the colosseum.

The countless horde of monsters marched forward, seemingly intent on inundating the four in the middle of the colosseum.

Endless! Limitless!

“Damn, damn it… … just how many… …”

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