Chapter 593 Never Felt So Angry Before

GOR Chapter 593 Never Felt So Angry Before

After the heavy rain came to an end, the whole world appeared as though cleansed. Everything was laid out clearly.

It was a rather peculiar spectacle. The forest that had been devoured by the flames was washed off by the heavy rain. Even the scorched trees and earth were seemingly washed away. The ground had turned into the colour of grey while the sky was that of clear blue.

In addition to that, nothing else.

Empty. That was it, empty.

“Do you know what this place looks like?” Tian Lie, who was digging his ear, said with a smile.


“A vacated photo studio.” Tian Lie laughed loudly. “A very, very, very big photo studio.”

After saying that, he raised his head up high and shouted to the sky. “Am I right?”

Suddenly, a round of applause came from the sky.

Next, Tian Lie heard a voice speaking into his ear.

“Wonderful, truly wonderful. You are the smartest one among this batch of toys. When I made the wager, I did not expect that you would be the first to see through it.”

Tian Lie did not appear surprised to hear the voice. Instead, he said coolly, “Oh? Who did you put your money on? Did you win?”

“Unfortunately, for this batch, I lost. However, I like unexpected events. Otherwise, my stay here would be too boring.”

Nicole and Soo Soo frowned as they looked at Tian Lie. Nicole asked, “What are you mumbling about?”

“Me? I am communing with the Gods.” Tian Lie sighed.

The voice in his ear laughed and said, “Well then, since your group has seen through it, enter.”

Following those words, a beam of light appeared between the sky and the earth.

A green coloured curtain of light descended from the sky. It was similar to the scanning curtain of light that would appear each time an instance dungeon began. However, this one appeared larger.

“Walk into the curtain of light and you will be able to meet me.”

Chen Xiaolian jumped for the third time to dodge zombie Qiao Qiao’s attack. After landing, he hacked down the trunk of a large tree beside him with one stroke. Next, he lifted up the hacked off tree and swung it forward.

The swing sent zombie Qiao Qiao flying. After falling to the ground, she attempted to jump up, but the tree descended and pressed her down the ground.

Zombie Qiao Qiao screamed sharply and her clawed hands gripped the tree trunk. As she was about to toss the tree trunk aside, Chen Xiaolian landed, one foot on the tree trunk. In the end, she became pinned down and was no longer capable of throwing the tree trunk aside.

Chen Xiaolian panted. He stared at zombie Qiao Qiao, who was struggling to extricate herself from under the tree trunk.

“Kill it,” said Hossein, who stood by the door. “That is just a monster.”

“I know her.”

“It’s fake! You idiot! That is just a spawned monster.” Hossein said coldly, “Surely you understand this simple logic?”

“I understand.” Chen Xiaolian harrumphed. Then, he ignored Hossein and retrieved something from his storage equipment.

A rope made from the Black Widow’s spiderweb. The silver coloured rope was used to tie up zombie Qiao Qiao. Although she had opened her mouth in an attempt to bite it, Chen Xiaolian had stuffed an iron walnut into her mouth. After that, he placed an iron mask over her face.

“You are wasting your strength.”

Chen Xiaolian continued to ignore Hossein.

He spent over 10 minutes to bind up zombie Qiao Qiao until she was like a sticky rice dumpling. In the end, after he placed the iron mask upon her face, he stood up, panting.

“How do you plan on dealing with this thing?”

After forwarding that question, Hossein saw Chen Xiaolian brandish his sword. He cut the tree trunk with the sword. It did not take long for the tree trunk to become several pieces of wood. Next, he made a few holes on the pieces of wood and put a rope through them.

“Damn it! Don’t tell me you plan on taking it with us? You want to bring a zombie monster along?”

Chen Xiaolian turned around to look at Hossein. He took a deep breath and said, “You do not get it, you do not understand either. So, there is no need for you to spout any other nonsensical words. I also do not feel like answering your questions. The things I am doing may appear foolish and idiotic, but I have my own reasoning. At any rate… … if any issues arise, I will take responsibility for it. Now, our talk is over!”

Hossein grunted and chose to ignore him.

Lin Leyan finally mustered the courage to step forward. She tugged at Chen Xiaolian’s clothes and said, “You know… … this… this…”

“Yes, I know her.” Chen Xiaolian bit his lip.

“She… … mm, who is she?”

“She is my girlfriend.” Chen Xiaolian replied without any hesitation. His words caused Lin Leyan’s face to turn pale.

“… I am sorry.” Chen Xiaolian said in a whisper. Then, he walked over and placed the rope tied to the pieces of wood over his shoulder. Zombie Qiao Qiao was placed on the tied-up pieces of wood while he pulled the rope. It was like pulling a sled. Chen Xiaolian pulled the makeshift sled carrying zombie Qiao Qiao and walked into the forest. After having taken a few steps, he turned around to look at Hossein. “It is time to head out. Are you fellows coming?”

“… … we’ll go!”

It was presently late in the night and the forest was covered in darkness. As for Chen Xiaolian, he appeared indifferent to that fact. Instead, he simply pulled the makeshift sled as he walked in the front. Appearance wise, it would seem as though he had calmed down. However, Lin Leyan, who was walking beside him, could sense it. This man… … his heart, there was seemingly a tempestuous fire raging within his heart.

Zombie Qiao Qiao, who was on the makeshift sled, continued struggling. Although her mouth was gagged, a whining sound could still escape her mouth.

As they moved forward, the low-pitched “wu wu” sounds coming from zombie Qiao Qiao’s mouth followed.

After walking for a moment, Hossein suddenly snapped in a hushed tone. “Stop!”

He quickly made his way to the front. There, he thrust his sword into the ground, leaned over and listened.

After a few seconds, Hossein’s face turned ugly to behold. “Something is coming, a lot of somethings!”

Chen Xiaolian did not reply. He simply continued standing there with an indifferent look on his face.

“This thing you brought with you had lured them over!” Hossein said furiously. “I told you, bringing it along is a stupid thing to do.”

“The things headed this way, are there a lot of them?” Chen Xiaolian slowly let go of the rope and gripped his sword. He took a deep breath and traces of a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. 

Within his eyes were the flames of rage.

“A lot of them, that is very good,” Chen Xiaolian said slowly. “Right now, I am really, really angry. I have never felt so angry before. Right now, I want to kill. If there are none to kill, anything will do. At any rate… … I want to kill! Kill lots and lots! I have never felt this way, this desire to kill, to rip apart!”

Within the forest, something was charging toward them. And there were plenty of them.

The sounds of their footsteps grew clearer and louder. The sounds came from every direction around them, front, back, left, right.

Moreover, the sounds were growing close.

Chen Xiaolian quietly pulled out a stack of glowsticks from his storage equipment. After snapping them to light, he tossed them all around. Instantly, the area around them became illuminated with a green light.

Silhouettes could be seen within the forest thickets. Immediately, following a low growl, a howling silhouette charged out from between two big trees.

Chen Xiaolian did not bother looking at the charging silhouette. He simple swung his sword down in a hacking motion.

A silvery light burst out and the charging silhouette was hacked into two while it was still in the middle of the air. By the time it landed, it had become two pieces of a corpse.

It was hacked apart vertically, from the head down to the bottom. Surprisingly, the silhouette was a… …

“Werewolf?” Chen Xiaolian only gave it a glance. Then, he turned his gaze away from the corpse lying on the ground.

Several howling figures charged out from the thickets again. Thanks to the fluorescent illumination of the glowsticks, he could clearly see the figures. Shockingly, those figures were monsters resembling wolves. However, those figures were bipedal. They bared their fangs and brandished their claws as they charged forward.

The sword in Chen Xiaolian’s hand flew up and made a circular motion. The blade of his sword gleamed and soon, seven to eight hacked off corpses flew into the sky.

Blood sprayed out, but Chen Xiaolian continued standing there, ignoring the blood spraying onto his body.

Blood covered his face and he wiped them off with the back of his hand. Then, he shouted, “Come! More! I have not had enough!”

Even more werewolves jumped out from the thicket. Chen Xiaolian charged forward, like a torch attracting the gunfire of the other party. Under the dim illumination of the glowsticks, a swarm of uncountable werewolves could be seen charging toward Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian growled. He abruptly swung his sword in a circular motion again. This time, a dazzling gold coloured light flashed out.

The golden coloured light represented unparalleled power. In that instant, Skyblade’s power was unleashed.


The low-grade sword in Chen Xiaolian’s hand was unable to bear the strain from the [S] class power that Chen Xiaolian had displayed. In just an instant, it broke apart into countless fragments.

However, the fragments that were imbued with the golden coloured light shot out like bullets from a machine gun. As they flew out, the golden streams of light took the shape of a fan.

The golden streams of light swept through the countless werewolves charging at Chen Xiaolian and their bodies instantly blew up as a result. The golden streams of light shone amid the bloody atmosphere. The area before Chen Xiaolian, an area shaped like a fan, around 60 degrees in angle, was immediately cleared out.

The fan-shaped area spread forward to nearly 100 metres. Within the area, countless limbs fell onto the ground.

The pack of werewolves were originally like an unending swarm. With just one attack, Chen Xiaolian had cleared out nearly every single one of them. Only around three to five of the werewolves had managed to, by a stroke of luck, stayed alive. However, the astonishing attack earlier had scared them. They let out a terrified growl before turning tail to frantically run away.

“I have not had enough! Don’t even think about running!” Chen Xiaolian’s whole body was dyed in blood. He strode forward and caught up to two of the werewolves, however, he no longer had a sword in his hand. Thus, he simply balled up his fist and sent it right through the werewolf’s head, bursting it open in the process. Next, he sent a kick toward the other werewolf, sending it flying. It slammed down upon the ground like an artillery blast, leaving a large crater in its wake.

Chen Xiaolian sneered and shouted, “Come on! What other monsters do you have? Bring it all out!”

“How long has it been since we last encountered such a young [S] class?”

“… … …”

The image shown on the surface of the crystal ball was that of Chen Xiaolian standing in the forest. The corpses of the werewolves were scattered all around him.

Finally, a sigh rang out.

“I am done playing. Send in all the remaining ones. I am curious to see how much power this kid has.”

Hossein observed Chen Xiaolian, who was screaming out with his head raised up high.

Hossein sighed and said, “What a foolish move. Doing so will only attract even more monsters.”

He was already gripping the sword in his hand. Next, he retrieved a piece of healing substance and placed it in his mouth.

Suddenly, a change seemingly came over the forest before them. The trees automatically separated and their vision grew clearer. Soon, a clearing opened up before them.

The forest surrounding them had... … split away on its own. 

Before them was a flat ground. There, no more than 100 metres before them was the towering… …


“Are you going to pull out your trump card now?” Chen Xiaolian gave a savage laugh. Then, he turned around and put the rope over his shoulder once more before dragging zombie Qiao Qiao forward. Taking large strides, he took the lead as he moved toward the castle gate.

Before the castle gate was a gravel road. A stone bridge connected the road to the castle gate.

Standing before the castle gate, Chen Xiaolian showed no hesitation to raise his hand and punch the thick doors of the gate.


A loud booming noise rang out.

Chen Xiaolian harrumphed. He turned to look at his fist. The knuckle part of his fist was slightly reddened and he could feel a slight sensation of pain in his arm.

He ignored it. Tightening his fist, he sent another punch forward. Then, the third, the fourth… …

Finally, when he sent out his fifth punch…


The doors of the castle gate shattered.

Chen Xiaolian observed the castle that was now open. After taking a deep breath, he strode inside.

“He is quite an interesting fellow, when he is mad.” Hossein sighed. Making sure to protect Lin Leyan and his own wife, Jenny, he followed Chen Xiaolian. 

Within the castle was a corridor. The torches on either side of the corridor automatically lit up, leading all the way into the hall inside.

The hall was an arched, rectangular hall. The ceiling rose to a good six metres. There at the end of the rectangular hall was a metal throne, seemingly cast from iron. A tall and lanky figure sat on the throne.

Black coloured cloak and black coloured robes.

A pair of gaunt looking hands rested on the armrests while a pale face lay hidden beneath the shadows. Chen Xiaolian and the others, who were making their way in, could vaguely make out a pair of red coloured eyes on the black-robed figure. The eyes stared at them coldly. 

After reaching the hall, Chen Xiaolian moved toward the throne. Then, when there was less than 10 metres between him and the figure, he stopped.

He put down the rope and turned around. Grabbing hold of zombie Qiao Qiao, he placed her on the ground.

“I do not want to ask you who are you, I also do not want to ask where this is, even more so, I do not want to ask you what schemes you have up your sleeves.” Chen Xiaolian’s face was lowered, but his eyes continued to coldly stare at the man seated on the throne.

“I just want to ask you one question… … this dirty, disgusting thing on the floor, the one who deliberately copied out my beloved into this thing…” As Chen Xiaolian spoke, he slowly raised his head. “Was it you?”

The man on the throne cackled out. His voice was like that of a night owl.

“What’s the matter? My dear guests, do you not like this greeting gift?”

“Oh.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “You fellows thought that by creating something like this, I will become weakhearted and saddened? Seeing her would weaken me? What a laughable way of thought.”

Chen Xiaolian pointed at his heart. “Let me tell you, the only thing I feel, is fury! An indescribable fury! In my memories, I have never felt this angry before! Now, answer me! This thing! Did you create it?”

“It is I. All the monsters in this place, the Bloodclan members you killed in the forest, the werewolves, and also this zombie before you are mine. Well then, now that I have answered your question, what do you have to say, my little guest?”

Chen Xiaolian exhaled. “Mm, since everything is now clear… next, I will kill you. I will use all my power, and the most brutal methods I can think of, to… Kill. You. Dead!”

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