Chapter 566 Unexpected Person

GOR Chapter 566 Unexpected Person

“Rules are rules.” Phoenix waved her hand and the man with the silver plate quickly stepped back out of the room.

After the door closed behind the man, everyone left inside the room turned quiet, as still as a cicada in winter.

Phoenix, on the other hand, smiled and gave the tiles on the table a push. “Are we still going to play?”

The punk man and the man in suit both gulped at the same time. “… … play! Play! If you are interested, we will accompany you.”

The old man in retro Tang suit trembled and said, “Ah, that…”

When he began speaking, his words carried with them a strong accent from southern China. “This old man is lacking in vigour … … that…”

Phoenix sighed. “Since you don’t want to play anymore, then forget about it. Let us call it a day for today.”

The old man in retro Tang suit quickly got up. He bowed to Phoenix and said, “This old man will head to the back accounting room and continue my work there.”

After saying that, the old man tried to hide his hastiness as he rushed off.

Phoenix turned to look at the punk man and the man in suit.

The woman behind her had already stepped forward to place a cut of hot tea before Phoenix.

Phoenix downed the cup of tea before slowly speaking up. “You two have been fighting bitterly for the past few days and quite a number of men had died as a result. Thus, I thought of this method of inviting you fellows over to play here. Whatever grievances you may have, end it by gambling on this game. The rules are fair and those who are willing to gamble must be willing to accept the loss. Save yourself from all that killing to the death. Are your subordinates’ lives not lives?”

Those words sounded compassionate. However, the two men were crying foul, inwardly. This little girl looked kind. However, who was the one who had someone else’s hand cut off just because of a disagreement just now?

Naturally, neither of them dared to voice out those words. They simply nodded their heads.

“I am no longer in the mood for it today. Let us call it a day. From tomorrow onward, I do not want to hear any more gunshots in the streets of Bucharest. As for the losses incurred today… … to whom should the street belong to, those who are willing to gamble must be willing to accept the loss. If you are unwilling to accept… …”

“Never! I would never dare!” The man in suit rapidly wiped the sweat on his forehead with a silk handkerchief.

“If so, then leave. I won’t be offering you supper.” Phoenix picked up her cup of tea.

The men from both parties quickly got up to leave, bringing their subordinates along with them as they left through the door.

Phoenix silently drank half the contents of the cup of tea and turned to check the time. A few minutes passed by.

She then placed down the teacup. The woman quickly moved over and said, “Boss… … about tonight…”

“There is no need to talk about it.” Phoenix shook her head.

“Someone was inquiring about you. I think it would be for the best to… …”

“No need.” Phoenix smiled. “The reason I asked you to come over is to bring the guest over.”

“… bring?” The woman’s face sank.

Phoenix sighed. “Head out… … when you reach the door, do not be surprised regardless of what you see. Just walk outside and join the fun for a bit. No matter what happens, do not panic and lose control of yourself. Just forget that it ever happened. Also, do not call for anyone. Do you understand?”


“Is there a need for me to repeat my words?” Phoenix frowned.

A trace of fear flashed across the woman’s eyes. She quickly shook her head and took a few steps backward. “If so, I will be heading out first, boss.”

Phoenix nodded in response.

The woman moved to the door. Opening the door, she stepped out.

After closing the door, she turned around. What she saw shocked her.

The several gun-bearing men stationed outside the room were all lying on the ground.

The iron door at the end of the corridor was open and the bodies of several subordinates could be seen lying on the ground as well.

Standing before the woman was a smiling Chen Xiaolian. “We meet again.”

Soo Soo stood behind Chen Xiaolian. She was playing around with a gun that she had picked up from one of the fellows on the ground. It was the one he holstered on his waist.

The woman’s subconscious reaction was to shout out in shock. However, as she was on the verge of screaming out, she recalled her boss’ words earlier.

No matter what happens… just forget that it ever happened.

She felt extremely shocked. However, she did her best to stop herself from shouting out. What shocked the woman the most was the casual look that Chen Xiaolian was giving her. He appeared unconcerned that she might call the bodyguards.

She took several deep breaths and suppressed the shock shaking her heart. Then, she spoke in a quavering voice, “Boss, the boss is waiting for you inside… … you, you may enter.”

After saying that, she cautiously circled around Chen Xiaolian in an attempt to leave.

“Wait a minute,” Chen Xiaolian suddenly said with a smile.

The woman’s body flinched. “You, is there anything else?”

“I am feeling thirsty. Later, please bring in two cups of fruit juice.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian pulled Soo Soo with him as he pushed the door and made his way in.

The woman’s body went limp and she leaned her back against the wall.

After walking through the door, Chen Xiaolian was able to spot Phoenix through the gaps of the divider.

Phoenix sat at the table, a white towel in her hands. She used it to gently wipe a double-edged sword. The chilling gleam on the surface of the blade reflected upon her face.

After closing the door, Chen Xiaolian brought Soo Soo around the divider to stand before Phoenix.

“We meet again. This is a meeting between old friends. There is no need for you to be holding a sword when facing me, is there?” said Chen Xiaolian wryly as he rubbed his nose.

Phoenix gave a harrumph and raised her head to look at Chen Xiaolian. “You are violating the rules.”

“… … …”

“What happens in instance dungeons stays in instance dungeons.” Phoenix sighed. “You should know, in this outside world, the act of looking for the identity of Awakened ones would be considered as an act of hostility!”

After pausing for a moment, Phoenix coldly continued, “Besides, can we really be considered as friends? Chen Xiaolian! In the punishment instance dungeon, do you know what kind of loss my guild had to suffer?!”

There was calmness on Chen Xiaolian’s face. He looked Phoenix in the eye and said, “Back then, I had told you, I have a way to avoid the punishment and survive. However… … you chose to stay with your guild members.”

Phoenix bit her lips heavily and her face turned red. “You could have explained more! Chen Xiaolian! I know you must have a lot of secrets on you, including that final moment in the punishment instance dungeon! Yet, you are unwilling to divulge your secret… … in that situation, a situation of life and death, how could anyone be willing to entrust their lives to someone else without knowing anything?”

Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “I am sorry… … but I do not feel guilty about that. If it were you back then, would you reveal a life and death related secret to others in an instance dungeon? If that is a personal secret, maybe I would be willing to reveal it to you alone. However, it involves my guild members as well. As for your guild members, I am very sorry, but I am not that selfless.”

“… … …” Phoenix’s chest heaved up and down. She was seemingly struggling intensely with herself inwardly. A few seconds later, she exhaled and a calm countenance reappeared on her face. “Forget it. That matter is not your fault to begin with. That is the rules of the instance dungeon. Getting exterminated due to the lack of points at the end was due to our lack of ability. At the end of the day… … you had given me a choice. However, my members did not have the courage to trust you. And in doing so, they lost their chance to survive.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed inwardly.

Looking at Phoenix, he really wanted to ask her what happened at the end of the punishment instance dungeon.

In that punishment instance dungeon, the rules stated that the participants must accumulate points by killing other participants. The top six would be allowed to live.

There were so many people inside the instance dungeon. Yet, only six people may survive it in the end.

Back then, Chen Xiaolian brought his friends to hide within the base while Phoenix and her entire guild stayed outside.

Sawakita Mitsuo had also remained outside.

Judging by what he could see, Chen Xiaolian was able to tell that Sawakita Mitsuo managed to survive through the punishment instance dungeon – the old man’s nickname of ‘Shogunate Generallisimo’ was well deserved. When his side had parted ways after the punishment instance dungeon was over, Nagase Komi had not received any notifications from the system regarding Sawakita Mitsuo’s death. That meant the old man had managed to survive the punishment instance dungeon. That also meant he had taken up one of the six available spots.

Additionally, there was also that colossal dragon. He most definitely did not die in that instance dungeon – considering how incredibly powerful he was, there was simply no way for Phoenix and Sawakita Mitsuo to finish him off.

At present, Phoenix was still alive.

In other words, three of the six spots had been taken.

As for the three remaining spots… …

Back then, Phoenix’s companions consisted of Monster and the two Titan brothers – coincidentally, there were three of them.

However, with their level of strength, Chen Xiaolian could not imagine them killing off the other game participants to carve out a path of life through the instance dungeon.

The present Chen Xiaolian had yet to know… … Han Bi had taken one of the six spots.

Chen Xiaolian was certain of one thing. Phoenix’s guild must have lost some members in that instance dungeon. However, this was not something he could just ask.

Phoenix on the other hand, simply looked at Chen Xiaolian. She spoke up.

“In that instance dungeon, I was the only one to make it out alive!”

Those words stunned Chen Xiaolian.

“During those final moments, the other participants also made it to the gathering point. A chaotic melee battle broke out! However, in that battle, Jacob ambushed us! The Titan brothers were the first to die. They died to Jacob! That Jacob is extremely cunning. After killing off several participants and accumulating a sufficient number of points, he ran off while we were stuck in the melee. Monster managed to hold on until the end. Unfortunately, he was off by 100 points! Just 100 points more and he would have made it to the sixth spot!” Phoenix clenched her teeth. “Chen Xiaolian, back then, after the points were announced in the end, when Monster found out that he was only 100 points off from the sixth spot… … you would never be able to imagine what his reaction was! As for me, I, who was teleported out of the instance dungeon, I… …”

Phoenix’s eyes turned red. “I watched as he knelt on the ground, his hands outstretched toward me, begging me, hoping that I would be able to save him, take him away from the instance dungeon with me! But I had no power to do so! He was just 100 points off! Someone else had taken it. Someone whom I had never even considered had managed to get before Monster, snatching away his chance to survive. A weakling, someone that all of us had ignored. A damned rat!”

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