Chapter 562 Unbelievable

GOR Chapter 562 Unbelievable

The youngster pointed to his own pocket in frustration.

Chen Xiaolian extended his hand into his pocket and pulled out a wallet.

Inside the wallet was an ID card.

Sure enough, the name written upon the ID card was: Zhao Tiezhu.

Checking the youngster’s birth date, he saw that this youngster was only 16 years old.

His home was a township under a certain county.

The thing that successfully forced out a smile from Chen Xiaolian was a photo he found inside the wallet. It was a photo of the youngster.

In the photo, he had dyed his hair with various colours, making him look like a freak. He also bit on a piece of cigarette in his mouth while his face had a smoky makeup. He looked just like a patient from a mental asylum. He had even put dark purple lipstick on his lips.

He wore a set of clothes bought from a suburban store, a leather jacket of poor quality. On his face was an expression that he thought to be unrestrained, domineering and cool.

The moment he saw it, Chen Xiaolian burst into laughter. “You are actually a punk as well, Zhao Tiezhu?”

“Call me Nightmare! Nightmare! Nightmare!”

The youngster was unable to stop himself from shouting madly.

A few minutes later, the youngster obediently answered Chen Xiaolian’s questions.

He was here to recruit Chen Xiaolian on behalf of an organization known as ‘Awakened’s Vengeance Corps’.

However, Chen Xiaolian had expressed his doubts on that… … it was obvious that this youngster was a late stage Middle Second (chuunibyou) syndrome patient. Additionally, he was also heavily into punk. Which crappy leader would send someone with no brains like him out to recruit others?

As expected, after inquiring the youngster further, Chen Xiaolian found that the so-called ‘Awakened’s Vengeance Corps’ was still in the process of establishing itself.

At present, there was no formal leader.

“Our companions are scattered throughout every corner of the world. We had agreed that whoever manages to recruit the most would be able to become the Guild Leader.” Zhao Tiezhu, ah no, Nightmare had replied with a sigh.

Chen Xiaolian however, was somewhat taken aback by the youngster’s skill.

He had an extremely powerful skill.

Because his skill had a rating of [A-] class.

It was just a little bit lacking compared to [A] class.

What was an [A] class? Back in Zero City, the opponent Chen Xiaolian had to fight in the Blood Verdict was of [A] class.

That was a true expert.

This Middle Second syndrome patient?


A little bit lacking compared to [A] class?


“I am telling the truth,” said Nightmare with a mournful expression. “My skill is a rare skill within the system. Thus, it received the [A-] class. The evaluation that the system gave my skill is: It ignores all defences.”

Ignores all defences!

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian sucked in a breath of cold air.

Powerful indeed.

However, after inquiring even further, Chen Xiaolian came to an understanding.

The skill was indeed powerful, but… … not that powerful.

Nightmare was the skill’s name – clearly, Zhao Tiezhu, who was unsatisfied with his own name, decided to use the name of his skill as his nickname.

The name alone was enough to reveal that this was a mental-type of attack skill.

Nightmare, true to its name…

By locking down on a target, he could send the target into a fantasy world.

Everything in the fantasy would come from the target’s own memories.

In other words, it would be as if the target was in a dream. However, the dream would feel more real.

As for Nightmare, he could enter the dream and…

Simply put, it was a deceptive type of mental skill. That was the best it could do, deceive. Its lethality on the other hand, was limited.

“The most I can do with it is to deceive the target’s brain into thinking that he or she has really suffered from an injury. They would feel some degree of pain… … however, I am unable to inflict serious levels of pain. I also have no way of letting the target die in their dream. Thus… … if the target falls for it and believes the fantasy is real, I would be able to trick the target into surrendering. If not… …”

The most powerful aspect of this skill was: It ignores all defences, regardless of the difference in level! Physical, spiritual, and mental defences, it would ignore them all.

Theoretically speaking, even if he were to face an [S] class expert, he would be able to send the expert into his dream. After getting struck by the skill, the [S] class expert would not even realize that he had fallen under a mental-type attack.

This skill would unknowingly draw the target into his or her dream.

That was amazing.

Ignoring all defences, regardless of difference in level…

However, the main factor to consider here was… … this skill was not a lethal one.

Even if he could successfully send the target into the dreamworld, he would be incapable of harming the target. If the target fell for it, then he or she may surrender. However, if he were to encounter an incredibly unyielding type of character… … or those who have no fear of death, who would fight to the bitter end… …

This youngster would have no way to deal with that kind of opponent.

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian said, “Can you not use other methods? For example, utilize the dreamworld to lockdown the target’s movements. What would happen to the target when he or she is in the dreamworld? Will the target just stand still?”

“Yes, the target will just be standing still.”

“That simplifies things.” Chen Xiaolian clapped his hands. “This skill can be viewed as a body-binding skill. Find someone to cooperate with you. Then, use the skill to bind the enemy, sending him or her into the dreamworld. Next, take advantage of that time to attack his body, killing him… …”

“… … you think I never thought about that?” Nightmare rolled his eyes. “Check your watch.”

Chen Xiaolian checked the time and quickly came to an understanding.

“My skill can send the enemy into the dreamworld. However, it doesn’t matter how long that dream lasts, in the real world… … the amount of time that will have passed is set to 0.1 second.

“In other words, I can find a way to have my enemy stay in the dreamworld for an hour, a day, a year, 10 years or even a lifetime… … however, only 0.1 second would have passed in the real world.

“The flow of time within the dreamworld and this outside world operates differently.

“Once I enter the enemy’s dreamworld, I must also spend the same amount of time inside the dreamworld as the enemy.

“However, I can only bind the enemy’s movements in this outside world for 0.1 second.

“Only 0.1 second. Even if I successfully bind my enemy’s movements by sending him or her into the dreamworld, how could I do anything to kill the enemy with such a limited amount of time?”

Chen Xiaolian frowned and said, “This amount of time is very short and it would be rather difficult to make use of. However, it is not completely impossible. Between experts, an advantage of 0.1 second is enough for one to deal a lethal blow.”

“Yeah.” Nightmare rolled his eyes once more. “That is one way to look at it, but… … when experts are fighting, could someone like me get the chance to enter the fray? An enemy that could be killed off with a 0.1 second advantage must certainly be an expert. However, even if I manage to bind this enemy for 0.1 second and someone executes a fatal blow… …

“My skill has a limitation. Once the enemy’s body in the outside world feels pain or receives any form of harm, the enemy would immediately wake up from the dream.

“Let’s use you as an example. If I stab you with a blade, that would be a fatal blow, right? Your death is certain. However, the moment you wake up, you would be able to kill me off with just one hand.

“This Nightmare skill is the only skill I have. With his or her dying breath, the enemy would be able to kill me off with just one move.

“I don’t want to take down the enemy with a suicidal attack! I am only 16 years old! I have not had enough of life!”

“Can you upgrade this skill? For example, if you can only make the targeted enemy feel pain right now, maybe, after upgrading it, you would be able to give the targeted enemy an even bigger sensation of pain. Maybe, you could even kill off the enemy?”

“… … no, according to the system, the parameters of this skill is fixed and it cannot be upgraded,” said Nightmare coolly. “If it can be upgraded, our positions right now would be reversed!”

“Final question.” Chen Xiaolian diverted his attention away from this unique skill and continued with his inquiry. “Your so-called revenge corps, what is up with that? Are there any other members beside you? And you, how did you even find me?”

The last question was the most important one. Chen Xiaolian was curious about this one thing. How did this fellow locate him?

“I… …” Nightmare sighed. “Originally, I was … … a high-ranking peripheral Awakened member of Thorned Flower Guild in the China region.”

Thorned Flower Guild? Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

“You are talking about the Thorned Flower Guild? Thorned Flower Guild actually accepted a Middle Second syndrome patient, someone with brain damage like you as their member?”

“Hey! My skill is very special!” Nightmare shouted in a displeased manner. “At the very least, my skill level is one of the highest among the peripheral Awakened members. Furthermore… … even Guild Leader Shen knows of my skill. Guild Leader Shen was the one who gave me the position of high-ranking peripheral member.

“You met Shen before?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

“No.” There was a tinge of regret in Nightmare’s voice. “However, I heard that he was very interested in my skill. I just never had the chance to meet him. Forget me, only a small number of people within Thorned Flower Guild could meet Guild Leader Shen.”

“Then, what is up with this Awakened’s Vengeance Corps?”

“Guild Leader Shen has gone missing,” Nightmare said in a hushed tone. “After the attack on Zero City, the front-line combatants for the quest returned. However, Guild Leader Shen alone went missing. After that… … a civil war broke out within Thorned Flower Guild. The clashes were extremely intense. Those Players kept tossing us Awakened members around. Thus… … some of us, the peripheral Awakened members, and especially the high-ranking Awakened members from some large regions decided… … to establish our own guild!”

Chen Xiaolian regarded the youngster. “Establish your own guild? You? A Middle Second syndrome patient?”

“I… …” Nightmare was so infuriated, his face turned red. However, he quickly deflated and said, “Thorned Flower Guild divides the world into seven big regions: The Europe region, Central Asia region, Mainland China region, North America region, South America region, Australia region and Africa region. I am the only high-ranking member among those in the Mainland China region. That is why I have the chance to take part in this matter. Additionally, Thorned Flower Guild’s presence in China has always been very weak. They have the least number of Awakened members in this Mainland China region. The places with the most members are Europe and South America. Thus…  in order to get a sufficiently high position for myself in this soon to be established guild, I needed to recruit enough to be qualified for an executive position in the guild. Since there are too little Awakened members from Thorned Flower Guild in this Mainland China region, I could only try to recruit outsiders such as… … you.”

“But why did you end up deciding on me? And how did you find me?” Chen Xiaolian asked with a serious tone.

For Awakened ones, their identity in this outside world was a most important secret. After the fighting and killing they had to face and commit inside instance dungeons, resentment was an inevitability. If they could find out the other party’s identity in this outside world, they would most certainly go seek vengeance – if so, there would be no peace.

“There is one fellow… … when we Awakened members chose to defect from Thorned Flower Guild, he had rendered us some assistance. This fellow is extremely peculiar. He would always communicate with us on a one-to-one basis. All the high-ranking members from  the seven big regions had been in contact with him at least once.

“The fellow had contacted me through a video call once and gave me a list. On the list are the identities and addresses in this outside world for several Awakened guilds from this Mainland China region. Among those priority targets, your Meteor Rock Guild is number one.”

Someone had given them a list of Awakened guilds from Mainland China.

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian raised his brows.

“Who is this fellow? How could such a list exist?”

“I… … I really do not know. He had just video called me once.”

“What does he look like?”

“Err… …” Nightmare hesitated for a moment. “I can’t remember. When we were on the video call, he was on the road and it was raining… … ah right, he was holding onto an umbrella. A very strange, very old looking umbrella.”


Chen Xiaolian’s heart abruptly grew tense.


Could it be?

Chen Xiaolian grabbed Nightmare by the collar and said, “Can you still make a video call to him?”

“No,” answered Nightmare bitterly. “I don’t even know what methods he used to find me. After video calling me through my mobile phone, he deleted his information. I could not find him anymore.”

“The others in your organization must surely have a way to contact him, right?” Chen Xiaolian was quick to latch onto another possibility. “Didn’t you say he secretly helped you when you fellows decided to establish your resistance? He is helping you fellows defect from Thorned Flower Guild and establish your own guild, right? Who was the first to make contact with him? There must be a contact person!”

“That I do not know.”

Chen Xiaolian fell silent and pondered it for a moment. “Where is the list? Let me see it!”

Nightmare obediently handed the list over.

Chen Xiaolian’s gaze fell upon the list and he was immediately stunned.

The list was very short.

To be exact, there were only four guilds on the list.

The first in the list was his own Meteor Rock Guild. There was a tag on him. Guild Leader Chen Xiaolian, coordinate: Nanjing City, XX Area, XXX Street…

The second one in the list was surprisingly…

Coffeehouse Guild.

Guild Leader Phoenix.

The third in the list… … Shogunate Guild from Japan. Guild Leader Sawakita Mitsuo, nickname: Shogunate Generalissimo.

These are all my acquaintances! Chen Xiaolian became puzzled.

However, the last one in the list was unknown to Chen Xiaolian.

War Tiger Guild. Guild Leader’s nickname: War Tiger. Number of members: Five.

War Tiger? I don’t know this guy.

That was it for the list. Other than the War Tiger, the others were old acquaintances.

It would appear that someone had deliberately compiled the list in such a manner.

“I understand now. The one who gave you this list did not intend to have you recruit me. He is making use of this opportunity to send you to me.” Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly. “Right, did the one who sent you this list say anything else?”

“… … …” Nightmare thought about it for a moment before replying, “Nothing else. He is a very strange fellow. The time we spent on the video call was very short… … he had suggested that I follow the order in the list when I go recruit my members. Ah… right! He did say something else. He said… …”


“We Awakened ones must unite as soon as possible, because a serious test is coming. Mm… … it doesn’t seem like he is talking about a test, rather… … a calamity. Ah right, a calamity!”

“When was the video call made?” asked Chen Xiaolian.

“Two days ago.”

“So, how did you find me today?” Chen Xiaolian had a very solemn expression on his face.

His decision to come out today was an impromptu one. Turning the tables on Fatty and secretly following him… … that was also an impromptu decision. How did this youngster find him?

“That man was the one who told me,” replied Nightmare with a bitter face. “He said, on XXXX time this evening, you will appear here in this parking lot. Thus, I came here in advance and waited for you. I don’t know why I chose to believe him. However, I didn’t exactly have a choice. I did not want to become someone with no status after joining the new guild! At the very least, I was a high-ranking member. I should at least be able to recruit a few juniors.”

Chen Xiaolian ignored what Nightmare said about juniors.

What he was more concerned about was… … Mr San, how did he know exactly when I would appear in this parking lot?

According to Nightmare, they had talked to each other two days ago.

Two days ago, Mr San already knew that I would be appearing in this parking lot at this time?

Could he possess the ability to see the future?

That is simply unbelievable!


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