Chapter 553 Special Couple

GOR Chapter 553 Special Couple

In the past 10 hours, Chen Xiaolian had attempted to contact Qiao Yifeng many times. However, all his efforts had failed.

Qiao Yifeng had disappeared.

He returned home to find that Yu Jiajia had also disappeared. Yu Jiajia did, however, left him a letter.

A letter left for him using her identity as his ‘girlfriend’.

The letter did inform Chen Xiaolian something. Qiao Yifeng was the one who took Yu Jiajia away. Additionally, he appeared very anxious to leave.

Chen Xiaolian sat on the sofa inside his living room for a few hours.

He pondered…

“I have already done my best.”

Fatty cast a helpless look at Aunt Flame and said, “Like I said, I am not a God. I can only figure out the general whereabouts of the signal source, this city. Damn it, this is a provincial capital! It has a population of 10 million! How am I supposed to deduce which one of these 10 million people is the one we are looking for?”

After a pause, Fatty gave a wry smile and said, “Maybe we can try the emergency contact person…”

“Do not forget; I left Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. They have changed my old emergency contact person. Right now, I have no way to contact any emergency contact person. As for you…”

“My clearance is even lower. I do not even have an emergency contact person. Only field personnel would be given such a thing.” Fatty smiled bitterly.

“Then stop with the nonsense and keep looking! Use that device of yours; use every ounce of ability and talent you possess to keep looking!” Aunt Flame’s face had taken a grave countenance.

“… … all right.”

Fatty pulled out something that looked like a tablet from his backpack and plugged in the communication device he was using earlier to it. A few minutes later, Fatty uttered out, “Eh?”

“What is it? Did you find something? Did you find that person?”

“No.” Fatty raised his head. There was a peculiar expression on his face as he said, “I… … found an acquaintance.”

“Acquaintance?” Aunt Flame knitted her brows.

“Yes. I had once given this fellow a Storage Watch… … you know me, whenever I modify an equipment, I would always leave behind something like a ‘backdoor’ in them. I had taken out some of its functions later on, but… … I ‘forgot’ to take out an automatic positioning device from it.” Fatty pulled a sneaky smile.

“This person you gave the Storage Watch to… … he is a member of Zero City?”

“Err… … it is complicated.” Fatty thought about it and said, “I suppose he is. At the very least, he has a very deep connection with Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild! Bluesea treats him better than he would his own son… … additionally, he is the boyfriend  of Qiao Yifeng’s daughter.”

“He… … where is he?”

“In… … this city!” Fatty’s fingers quickly tapped the surface of the tablet before smiling. “Only seven kilometres away from our location!”

“What do you think? Do these two know about each other’s secret identities?” Tian Lie and Nicole sat inside a car parked beside the street and they looked across the street at a certain residential building.

Light shone out from the windows of the building.

“Could this be a defection? Did your contact person defect to Thorned Flower Guild?”

“Or maybe your contact person defected to Zero City?”

Nicole and Tian Lie exchanged glances. There were peculiar expressions on both their faces.

“All right, all right. We have already done a background check on them earlier. I had gone to talk with their neighbours and the supermarket personnel. This couple is practically the model couple, the standard law-abiding citizens. As for defection… I don’t think so. Should one of them become exposed, they would not choose to stay and continue living as ordinary citizens.” Tian Lie shook his head and said, “Thus, I believe this to be a coincidence, a very interesting coincidence.”

“Fine, I will accept this bizarre explanation for now.” Nicole looked down the street and abruptly said, “The first objective is here.”

Tom Huggins emerged from the end of the street and walked toward his home.

He had just gotten off work not too long ago. Sitting in the subway for half an hour, he had to endure being squeezed like a sardine in a can.

Although he could afford a car, he did not buy one and kept this ‘environmental friendly’ action of his – his neighbours and friends believed that this was the effect of having a wife with such a passion for charity and environmental protection.

Appearance wise, Tom Huggins did not appear to have any special features. He was of medium-height and slightly fat. That was especially true of his waist area. His nose was somewhat red and there were freckles on his face. His hair was brown in colour. As for his clothes, he wore a rather conservative dark grey trench coat.

His right hand held a briefcase while his left held a folded newspaper.

After reaching the door to his house, Tom Huggins pressed the doorbell and heard a sound coming from inside.

“It’s me!” mumbled Tom Huggins.

The door quickly opened up automatically and he strode inside.

The doors for most of London’s houses were all very narrow. The two of them were not living in some luxurious residence.

Tom Huggins pushed open the unlocked door and walked into the living room.

His wife, Jenny, quickly approached to help him take off his coat and scarf. She hung them on the hanger beside the living room.

“How is it?”

“A terrible day.” Tom Huggins grumbled, “My boss is an idiot. As for the new writer, she must have depended on her breasts to get to that position. I swear to God I personally saw her sneak out of the boss’ office. Damn it! She cannot even type up a simple report draft… she should go work in The Sun instead of our radio station.”

“Enough, dear.” Jenny pecked her husband’s cheek and said, “Wash your hands and get ready for dinner. Our friend is coming soon. Oh right, where are the things I asked you to buy?”

“It is there.” Tom Huggins pointed at the briefcase he placed on the table. “Don’t worry, I would never forget your requests.”

Jenny kissed her husband’s cheek once more.

Contrary to her age, thirty plus years old, Jenny appeared very young – this was probably thanks to Zero City’s forces. She must have utilized some special genetic serum, which made her look as though she was only in her twenties. Her charming looks remained on her. Additionally, she also had less wrinkles than her peers.

Jenny pulled out a can of caviar that her husband had just bought from the briefcase and walked back into the kitchen.

Tom Huggins went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of beer from it. Popping it open, he went to sit down on the sofa in the living room. Then, he turned on the television and watched the sports news.

From all outer appearances, they seemed like a very normal, very ordinary family.

Then, their doorbell rang.

“Go get the door, dear. Our guest is here.” Jenny’s voice came from the kitchen.

Tom Huggins got up, the can of beer still in his hand and moved toward the door.

The moment he opened the door, he froze.

A firearm was aimed at his forehead.

“Don’t move. You know as well, this is no ordinary gun. Once it goes off, half a building will be destroyed by it.” Tian Lie stood before the door.

Nicole was standing behind Tian Lie.

Tom Huggins face flickered quickly consecutively.

Tian Lie noted the can of beer in Tom’s hand. Next, his eyes turned to look at Tom’s watch. It looked like an ordinary Tissot watch.

“Raise your right hand and slowly stretch it over,” said Tian Lie coolly.

Tom Huggins took a deep breath and asked, “Who are you people?”

“Cocoa butter cake plus banana chocolate pie,” replied Tian Lie with a smile.

Tom’s face flickered. “You… … you were sent by the guild? Damn it! This is my home! You cannot just come directly to my place of residence!”

“Sorry, I am not one of your guild mates. Just consider me an enemy.”

Tian Lie’s finger flashed out and Tom Huggins watch suddenly broke. Next, Tian Lie snatched the watch. Lowering his head, he examined it.

“A concealed-type equipment, [B+] class storage equipment. Let me guess, your knightly sword is inside it, right? Knight Ivan?”

Hearing the name ‘Knight Ivan’, Tom Huggins’ face turned extremely ugly to behold.

He took a deep breath before saying in a hushed tone, “I beg you, my wife is just an ordinary human. Do not drag her into this. I will go out with you, I promise I won’t resist… … please?”

Tian Lie sighed. “Truly… … touching. However… … I am sorry, it is not that I want to be an evil person. However, I am unable to agree to your request.”

A trace of fury flashed across Tom Huggins’ face. He abruptly swung both hands upward and a look of violence instantly appeared on his eyes. However, Tian Lie was faster.

Tian Lie held Tom Huggins’ neck in a chokehold and pushed him down.

“Be obedient and do not resist. I am not here to kill people.” Tian Lie smiled as he forced Tom Huggins into the house with him. They moved into the house and Nicole, who was behind, closed the door.

“Dear, why are you taking so long? Hurry up and invite our gest in.” Jenny’s voice came from the kitchen.

After that, Jenny walked out from the kitchen, a plate of sliced fruits in her hand.

The instant she stepped out from the kitchen, she caught sight of Tian Lie pinning her husband to the living room’s wall. Additionally, there was also a gun in Tian Lie’s hand.

As for Nicole, she stood behind Tian Lie while casting a tangled look at her.

Jenny subconsciously cried out. Next, it became clear that she wanted to take action. However, she quickly stopped herself.

“We… … we are just ordinary people. We have no money at home, we do not have any cash! Please do not harm us! We will not resist!” Jenny shouted with an anxious voice.

Nicole sighed. She took several steps forward and slowly spoke to Jenny, “Number TSE77056421.”

Hearing Nicole’s words, the expression on Jenny’s face shifted. Her whole body turned stiff. Instantly, like a deflating balloon, she limply leaned back against the wall and cast a complicated gaze at her husband.

Likewise, Tom Huggins was looking at his wife in shock and disbelief.

A few seconds later, Jenny turned to face Nicole. “An emergency?”

“Yes.” Nicole nodded.

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