Chapter 55: Return Even If I Have To Crawl

GOR Chapter 55: Return Even If I Have To Crawl

Qiao Qiao was seated at the side, embracing Soo Soo and maintaining her silence. Suddenly, she opened her mouth. “What other advantages are there in a guild?”

“We can exchange out the guild’s special equipment,” Chen Xiaolian laughed. “Each guild will have its own special equipment available for exchange.”

What Chen Xiaolian found most satisfactory was that the guild’s special equipment exchange function was something he could use. Thank the Heavens, he finally have a working form of Exchange System.

It appeared that a guild’s special equipment exchange function does not lie within the restrictions faced by his castrated system!

Chen Xiaolian smiled as he continued. “However… the number of items within the guild’s special exchange is small. The special exchange of ‘Meteor Rock Guild’ only has two purchasable items. The first is a medicine that greatly increases strength; known as ‘Meteor Rock’s Might’, priced at 80 points.

"The other is ‘Meteor Rock’s Protective Suit’.

"As the name suggests, these two things belong solely to ‘Meteor Rock Guild’.

"I checked it out. The Meteor Rock Protective Suit is a [B] class equipment, priced at 300 points.”

Han Bi’s eyes lit up. “300 points? In the personal Exchange System, a B Class protective suit is priced at 500 points!”

His expression then turned gloomy. “Unfortunately, I have too little points… in the last 72 Demons instance dungeon, I obtained a total of only 60 plus points. The difference is too big; I cannot afford to buy it.”

“You won’t be able to use it even if you want to,” Chen Xiaolian sighed. “The guild’s configuration will not allow us to exploit any loopholes. With such a good and inexpensive item, the guild members would want to bring them out to sell it to others to gain points.

"But there is a system restriction: Guild’s special equipment, useable only by guild members. Others will be unable to utilize it.

"Additionally, once the guild member leaves the guild, all the special equipment that member possess will be recovered by the system.”

Seeing everyone in the room quieting down, Chen Xiaolian clapped his hands forcefully. “All right, now we will discuss our battle tactics for this instance dungeon!”

Han Bi’s expression turned solemn; Qiao Qiao sighed and pulled out the bunny earphones that Soo Soo was wearing and brought her beside Chen Xiaolian.

Roddy blinked. “Err, do I have to listen as well?”

“En, there are matters that we need you to do. Naturally, it does not involve entering the instance dungeon. It is something else.”

Then, Chen Xiaolian lightly held onto Soo Soo. He caressed Soo Soo’s nose and smiled. “Soo Soo, tomorrow you will have to come with me to join a game event. When that happens, your big sister will not be by your side. Will you be scared?”

Soo Soo shrunk her head and glanced around at Han Bi, Roddy and Qiao Qiao. Finally, she took a deep breath and looked at Chen Xiaolian. “Oppa… I will be obedient.”

“Good, as long as you listen to me obediently, I will definitely protect you,” Chen Xiaolian gently patted Soo Soo’s mushroom like hair.

Qiao Qiao who was at the side turned her head away, wiping her tears.

“All right, now it is time to assign the tasks,” Chen Xiaolian slowly said. “Qiao Qiao and Roddy, the two of you are responsible for getting two cars with a full tank of gasoline. Prepare several walkie-talkies with at least two in each car. Make sure to have them fully charged!

"From the moment we enter the instance dungeon, the two of you will be on standby at the two entrances situated to the south and north of the mausoleum area respectively. Qiao Qiao in the south and Roddy in the north.

"Should we encounter any danger when we exit the instance dungeon, such as meeting other Awakened ones with ill intent, then we need a means of transport to quickly leave no matter which exit we take!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian produced a map of the mausoleum area he had prepared prior to his. Using a black brush pen, he marked the two entrance positions situated south and north upon the surface of the map.

“Get cars that are fast, it would be best if you could get those with high speed. Also, it needs to be able to accommodate at least 4 people! Please do not bring a two-seater sports car!” Chen Xiaolian glanced at Qiao Qiao.

“All right!” Qiao Qiao clenched her teeth.

“Han Bi,” Chen Xiaolian looked at Han Bi. “What I am going to say next, you can refuse. Because this idea of mine is still not complete. I just want to discuss it with you.”

“En, go ahead.”

Chen Xiaolian pondered. “Originally, I was thinking of getting you to join Meteor Rock Guild with me. By the looks of it though, it is unnecessary since the instance dungeon has already selected you. Unless you die, the list of participants will not change. Thus, joining a guild holds no meaning for you… For you, there is no practical significance to joining a guild. Instead, it will only expose our relationship and identities.

"My suggestion is for you to enter the instance dungeon as a solo participant. When the time comes, one of us will be moving in the light and the other in the dark within the instance dungeon. We will also be able to complement each other. In addition… I also dare not put all my trust in the Meteor Rock Guild’s people. So… it would be for the best if we are not together. Just in case something happens to one side, the other side can come to the rescue. That way, we will not be caught in one fell swoop.”

Pausing, Chen Xiaolian frowned. “However… Awakened ones who enter the instance dungeon alone will face a high level of danger. You will be preyed upon by Player Guilds. Moreover, you do not have any members to act alongside you. Perhaps, the level of danger would rise even further.”

“I will accept this idea,” Han Bi nodded his head without hesitation. “If it comes to it, I will just follow that Xia Xiaolei’s example and find a place to hide.”

“All right. After we enter the instance dungeon, we will use mobile phones to keep in touch. Oh, right. Bring along a walkie-talkie. In case mobile phones cannot be used, we can use walkie-talkies to keep in touch.

"In case communication devices cannot be used… we will paint special signals on the wall.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian grabbed a piece of pen and paper and wrote down a few words.

“No updates, it means there is danger, stop advancing!” Chen Xiaolian pointed to the words on the paper. “Eruption, it means I am in front, come find me quickly.” [1]

Han Bi saw those words and could not help but let out a smile. He glanced at Chen Xiaolian, the both of them shared a tacit understanding.

Chen Xiaolian then looked at Soo Soo. “Soo Soo will follow by my side. I will bring Soo Soo together to meet up with the people from Meteor Rock Guild.”

After their discussion was completed, everyone carried with them a glum atmosphere.

Chen Xiaolian though, intentionally put on a relaxed smile. “All right, let us just consider this a real life online game. Oh, right. There is another 30 hours, right? Everyone, do not be so worried before a battle. How about we get some alcohol to drink?”

“I will go buy it.”

Roddy stood up. Han Bi too nodded and said. “I will go with you… I suddenly want to smoke.”

“You smoke?” Roddy glanced at Han Bi.

Han Bi smiled bitterly. “No. However, since I have never tried it, I feel like doing so.”

The two of them looked at each other, then they turned to look at Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo who were within the room. They smiled in a mysterious manner and then opened the door and went out.

In the room, the ones left were Qiao Qiao, Chen Xiaolian and Soo Soo.

Chen Xiaolian felt the mood turning somewhat awkward. He then stood up. “I am going to go wash my face.”

He went into the washroom, turned on the water faucet and splashed the water onto his face. When he turned look at the mirror, he found that Qiao Qiao was standing behind him.


Chen Xiaolian turned around to see that Qiao Qiao had already softly shut the door to the washroom.

“Xiaolian,” Qiao Qiao stared directly at Chen Xiaolian’s eyes as she bit hard on her lips.

“En?” Chen Xiaolian’s face was a little blushed. The distance between the two of them had become very small. He could even feel Qiao Qiao’s breath on his face.

“Soo Soo’s safety is now in your hands,” Qiao Qiao whispered.  “No matter what the outcome may be… I, Qiao Qiao owe you a life.”

“I will do everything I can to protect Soo Soo,” Chen Xiaolian forced a smile. “Besides… do not forget Soo Soo’s second personality. If something were to happen, it is still unknown who will be the one to take up the mantle of protector.”

“Her second personality is unpredictable. You should not depend on her,” Qiao Qiao shook her head. “I know, you have been treated unfairly in this whole matter. You are someone who simply does not need to participate in this instance dungeon, yet…”

Chen Xiaolian let out a bitter smile again. “I am not only doing it for Soo Soo. I am also doing it for Han Bi. He is someone who can be considered a friend through life and death.”

“You… be careful,” Qiao Qiao bit her lips. Her face was flushed red and her eyes flickered. “You must return alive!”

“En?” Chen Xiaolian was no fool. Seeing Queen Qiao’s rather peculiar gaze, he suddenly laughed. In order to lighten up the mood, he deliberately laughed. “Queen Qiao, could it be that by saving you two those few times, I have moved your heart? You are not thinking about giving your body as payment, are you?” [2]

After hearing those words, Qiao Qiao’s body trembled.

Her beautiful pair of eyes narrowed and stared at Chen Xiaolian, causing him to feel frightened.

“You have saved us three times now. First was in the train. Second when we were in the fields,” Qiao Qiao spoke slowly. “Your participation in this instance dungeon is the third. But, I only have one life. As I said, my life is yours. If you really want that… then I will give myself to you!”

“{Nani}?” Chen Xiaolian stared with wide opened eyes.

“I am not trying to use sex to deceive you to protect my sister,” Qiao Qiao slowly said. “Although it has only been a few days, I already understand what kind of person you are. I know, even if I do not do this, you will still do everything possible to save her. I…”

After saying said, Qiao Qiao’s lips suddenly quivered. She abruptly inhaled and moved in…

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes remained wide open as he watched Qiao Qiao closing in. A spark blossomed upon his lips – this feeling, so soft…

Unfortunately, before Chen Xiaolian could relish the feeling, Qiao Qiao had quickly pulled away.

“You… just now… that is…” Chen Xiaolian’s face was flushed red as he became somewhat paralyzed.

Qiao Qiao’s face glowed red. “You… you still don’t understand?”

“Err… I understood a little, but I cannot be certain,” Chen Xiaolian smiled awkwardly, then pointed to himself before pointing to Qiao Qiao. “Me? You?”

Qiao Qiao nodded.

“You… really like me?” Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt a rather sweet feeling budding within his heart. “When did it begin?”

“Since we got on the worn out bicycle. Back then, you did not forget to leave a few hundred yuan. I felt that you are someone reliable!” Qiao Qiao stared at Chen Xiaolian. “Return alive! You must return alive! Promise me!”

Chen Xiaolian’s virgin heart pounded vigorously!

Damn, after living for eighteen years, I actually managed to experience a confession from a beauty?

At that moment, he felt his entire body overflowing with strength!

“Do not worry! I will return even if I have to crawl my way back!”

Chen Xiaolian has been roused!

He looked at Qiao Qiao and a desire to hug her welled up. However, he felt hesitant; he whispered. “I… earlier, that kiss…”

“I heard from Roddy, you have never had a girlfriend. I thought… you are about to go risk your life, you cannot do that without having your virgin kiss,” Qiao Qiao gritted her teeth.

Chen Xiaolian was momentarily rendered senseless…

Virgin kiss?

Err… I recall having given that to the Japanese flight attendant back in the first instance dungeon?

However… only someone with a problem with his head will speak about that matter now!

“That… my virgin kiss is no more now, but… my virginity is still intact… don’t you think you should also…”


“Aiya! If it is not possible then just say no. I was just making a suggestion! Do not hit me! Aiya, why are you biting!”

In the bathroom, the two of them threw a ruckus for a while. Finally, Chen Xiaolian held Qiao Qiao in an embrace and she stopped struggling. Qiao Qiao squinted her eyes and leaned onto Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder. Chen Xiaolian however, did not do anything out of line.

“Xiaolian, do you have any wish?”

“Hey… those are some ill-omened words you are saying,” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly.

“Just tell me, do you have any wish,” Qiao Qiao asked.

“Err… do you know of the highest storeyed building with purple coloured top in the city we live in?”

“I know,” Qiao Qiao glanced at Chen Xiaolian.

“A few years ago, I passed by that place for the first time. Back then, I thought to myself: If I ever become filthy rich, I will buy up the highest level!”

Qiao Qiao glanced at Chen Xiaolian. “Very well! Return alive and I will buy up the highest level for you!”

“Err, can you not be so ostentatious with your money, beautiful lady?” Chen Xiaolian let out another bitter smile. I feel as though I am being supported (duang~) by you [3]. However, I now have a different wish. I feel that buying up the highest floor holds no meaning. If I return alive… I will stand at the highest level and pee down!”

1 No updates = ‘断更’, pinyin: ‘duàn gèng’. A term used in Qidian and other novel sites to indicate a novel that is no longer updated. It could be either short term (one or two days) or forever.

Eruption = ‘爆发’, pinyin: ‘bàofā’. This term is often used by Dancing (Author) when he updates more than 1 chapter a day.

2 ‘Giving body as payment’ = ‘以身相许’, pinyin: ‘yǐ shēn xiāng xǔ’. A term used in old times for a female who had received a rather considerable favour (being saved etc.) and repays it by marrying or giving herself to the benefactor.

3 ‘Duang~’ is a word that has no meaning in Chinese but became highly popular around 2015 in China thanks to Jackie Chan, a famous action star. In 2004, he shot an advertisement for a shampoo.

His words were then edited to: “When I first learnt that I was to shoot a shampoo ad, the truth was, I had rejected it. I told the director, I reject, because, truthfully, I don’t have hair… director told me: after the shoot, add special effects, hair becomes very black, very shiny, very soft… after 1 month of adding in special effects, my hair DUANG – later on I learnt that the shampoo is also fake, made from chemical ingredients. As for the current me, I still add special effects every day, I add a lot of special effects, so my hair DUANG – DUANG – DUANG – my hair is dark black and thick, because I added special effects…” [Source: Baidu]

Those edited words were then synchronized with the song ‘My Skateboard Shoes’, raw: ‘我的滑板鞋’ by Joseeh Pumanlon/ ‘庞麦郎’. It became a huge hit.

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