Chapter 546 The Odd Soo Soo

GOR Chapter 546 The Odd Soo Soo

After returning to base, he found that every guild member was inside the base.

As everyone had known that Chen Xiaolian was returning, they could be seen waiting in the central resting area when Chen Xiaolian and Roddy walked in.

The only one missing was Soo Soo.

Chen Xiaolian gave them a glance and saw that Lun Tai and Bei Tai appeared the same as they had been. The new arm on Bei Tai did not appear too uncommon. As for Lun Tai, he had a serious expression on his face.

Xia Xiaolei had a rather excited expression on his face. He appeared to be the most joyful to see Chen Xiaolian return and wanted to rush out to receive him. However, he also appeared hesitant about something. He clutched his hands tightly and stood beside Lun Tai.

Chen Xiaolian noted that there were some scars on Xia Xiaolei’s face. The clothes he wore tore in places and his hair was greasy. It seemed as though he had just undergone an intense fight.

However, if he were to compare Qimu Xi with Xia Xiaolei, it would seem as though Qimu Xi had just emerged from a battlefield.

The young girl was wearing a protective suit. However, the rest of her clothes were in tatters and wounds were evident on all her limbs. Her face was bruised and swollen.

When there were only a few steps between them, Chen Xiaolian could smell the strong scent of smoke coming off Qimu Xi’s body. It was the scent that clung to the body after engaging in the use of gunpowder.

There was also the scent of oil among them.

Qimu Xi had also cut her hair short and she looked like a boy.

It was as Roddy had said, Qimu Xi had undergone a drastic change. The cowardice and weakness of her past self could no longer be seen in her eyes.

She received Chen Xiaolian’s gaze straight on.

Her eyes did not dart away nor shake. They simply looked on, reddening as tears filled them.

Chen Xiaolian also noticed that Qimu Xi’s position was somewhat far from Xia Xiaolei’s.

Seeing that, Chen Xiaolian was unable to stop himself from raising his brows.

Xia Xiaolei did not step forward to receive him. On the other hand, Qimu Xi took several steps forward.

Chen Xiaolian too, stepped forward. When he was standing before Qimu Xi, he did not hesitate to open his arms to embrace the little girl for a bit.

“It has been hard on you,” said Chen Xiaolian in a hushed tone. “Truth is, you don’t need to torture yourself like this.”

Qimu Xi, who had been putting on a strong front, broke down and the tears flowed down from her eyes.

Chen Xiaolian released his embrace and patted her shoulder before turning over and hugging Lun Tai.

Next were Bei Tai and Xia Xiaolei.

Xia Xiaolei spoke with a rather hoarse tone, “Guild Leader, you, you…”

“I am back, it is all right.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head and continued, “Roddy tells me that Lun Tai and Bei Tai have been drilling you really hard.”

Xia Xiaolei choked and was unable to say anything in response.

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and swept a glance at his guild members.

He understood. The negative emotions from the last instance dungeon were still clinging onto his small guild. There was a rather awkward atmosphere in here.

“All right. There is something important that I want to tell everyone.” Chen Xiaolian looked at them and continued, “Everyone come over and sit down. It is a bit long.”

The members gathered and sat down in a circle within the central resting area. Qimu Xi gingerly poured a cup of coffee for Chen Xiaolian.

“Thanks.” Chen Xiaolian accepted the cup of coffee and took a sip. Next, he waited for everyone to be seated. Looking at the eager expression on Roddy’s face, he gave Roddy a look to stop him from saying anything first.

After that, Chen Xiaolian slowly spoke up, “For the past few days, I was at Zero City…”

Chen Xiaolian used the next hour or so to recount what happened to him in Zero City, the encounters related to Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, the great change that rocked Zero City, the miraculous way he acquired authority over Zero City, the disappearance of Zero City’s passageway security program, the invasion of Zero City…

He recounted all that happened to his members.

As he was recounting what happened in the end, the looks of shock on their faces gradually increased in intensity.

Things were not as bad for Xia Xiaolei and Qimu XI. As they were both still somewhat at a rookie level, they were not able to understand the magnitude of importance Zero City represented in the Awakened circle. While it was true that Xia Xiaolei had been to Zero City before, he had yet to truly grasp that.

As for Qimu Xi, she did not even know what Zero City was.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai on the other hand, revealed a very blunt response.

There were expressions of shock on both their faces. Their mouths were agape and their eyes bulged widely. In the end, Lun Tai’s rate of breathing turned ragged and his face took a reddish hue. Several times, he had wanted to interrupt Chen Xiaolian to ask for more details. However, he suppressed that urge.

“Finally, thanks to the assistance of the high-ranking Player, Miao Yan, I was able to escape.” Chen Xiaolian finished up. “I do not know what happened to Zero City in the end. Maybe… … maybe it has really fallen. However, a large portion of Zero City’s forces did make it out, at least. They made it out into this world. As to their whereabouts, I do not know. Mm, that is more or less what happened.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian raised up the cooled cup of coffee and took another mouthful.

Seeing that Chen Xiaolian was finished giving his account of what happened, Lun Tai was finally unable to stop himself from asking in a whisper, “You mean to say, Zero City, had really, really, really, really fallen?”

Lun Tai repeated the word “really” several times, as though he was in disbelief.

“As it is, I myself do not know if it has fallen or not. I was not there to witness the end after all. However, considering the situation there when I made my escape, it would appear that there was no chance for Zero City to turn things around. The main system had found Zero City and the Electronic Guardians had begun infiltrating Zero City. There were also so many… … so many Players. Especially that Shen, he is so powerful that others could only quaver before him. Thus, I believe there was no chance for Zero City to make a comeback,” said Chen Xiaolian with a sigh.

“But, but that is too unbelievable. That is Zero City! Zero City! It is the holy land of every Awakened ones! It is the sanctuary eternal! Additionally, it possesses such power, those guilds with permanent residence in Zero City are all super guilds. And then there is the legendary Angel Corps… …” There was a look of loss on Lun Tai’s face.

“What is in the past is the past, it is pointless to dwell upon them.” Roddy waved his hand and said in a loud and impatient tone. “Zero City, Guild Leader of Thorned Flower Guild, Shen… … put all those things aside first. There is an even more important piece of news that Xiaolian has yet to reveal, isn’t that right, Xiaolian? Hurry up and say it! This piece of news will certainly shock everyone!”

Roddy’s face was flushed with anticipation as he rubbed his palms vigorously.

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and looked at the puzzled filled expressions on the others’ faces.

Then, he slowly said, “The high-ranking Player with her own Exclusive Account, Miao Yan… … she informed me of one thing. Maybe, there is a way to resurrect Qiao Qiao! In other words, a method to resurrect Irregularities might exist.”

In an instant, the atmosphere in the room fell silent.

Looks of incredulity filled everyone’s faces as excitement shone within their eyes.

It was at that moment that a voice spoke out from behind Chen Xiaolian.

A soft and immature voice. Yet, the tone appeared rather…


No, it was not one of complete calmness. It would be more accurate to say it was a suppressed type of calmness. At the same time, it also had an indescribable feeling of oddity to it.

“You mean to say sis can be resurrected, is that it, Xiaolian oppa?”

Chen Xiaolian turned around to see Soo Soo standing behind. She was standing in the doorway to her room.

The little girl was wearing a simple white gown and she stood there barefooted. Her hair was dishevelled.

Her face however, showed no emotions. That was especially true of her large, black pupils. She simply stared at Chen Xiaolian in a seemingly… … emotionless manner.

“Sister can be resurrected, right? I heard what you said just now, Xiaolian oppa. Is that right?”

Chen Xiaolian knitted his brows as he regarded Soo Soo. It appeared that, for the first time, he felt that this girl had become…



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