Chapter 542 Shen’s Identity

GOR Chapter 542 Shen’s Identity

After a few seconds of silence…

The pieces of crushed stones in the air formed another set of words.

“I know what you are now, you are…”

Without waiting for the words to finish forming, Shen released a sneer and waved his left hand. The pieces of stones that were floating in the middle of the air scattered and fell.

“You know well that even though you are omnipotent within your own space, you have no way of dealing with me. This is the natural setting of the rules. You cannot harm me.” Light shone within Shen’s eyes. “As for this Chen Xiaolian, he seems special to you. Let me guess… … could it be he has obtained the founder’s authority?”

After saying that, Shen looked at Chen Xiaolian, who was still in his grip. “Authority, eh? You obtained the authority over Zero City? If so, this will simplify things. I will be able to seize the authority over Zero City from you right here. Hehe… … interesting, I never imagined things to be this easy.”

After saying that, Shen then sighed. “I am sorry, Chen Xiaolian. This next phase will be slightly cruel. It will hurt a little.”

Next, Shen abruptly extended his left hand. His finger flicked out and poked its way into Chen Xiaolian’s heart.

The finger pierced through Chen Xiaolian’s heart, but no blood spilled out. Shen’s finger had seemingly transformed into countless invisible and formless objects.

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian felt as though an electrical current was coursing through his body and he twitched violently.

Shen narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I… … can feel it! Zero City, I can feel your existence! Authority… … he really is an authority holder!”

All Chen Xiaolian could feel was pain, intense pain in every single one of his cells. He felt as though something was tearing all his cells apart.

“I am getting closer, closer… … Zero City, you cannot escape.” A peculiar smile appeared on Shen’s face.


A beam of light suddenly flashed out from beside Shen!

The beam of light cut Shen’s arm and it flew into the air.

Chen Xiaolian, who was being held by that arm, fell to the ground.

A human figure dashed out rapidly to pick up Chen Xiaolian, who was on the ground. Next, the two of them shot to a distance of over tens of metres away.

Shen’s body gave a shudder. His brows knitted together as he turned his head. The face that was always elegant and nonchalant had finally revealed a hint of rage.

The sheared arm lying on the ground turned translucent before slowly disappearing. No trace of blood could be seen.

Shen then lowered his head to look at the cut area on his arm. His brows furrowed and a translucent arm slowly materialized on his stump. In the end, it condensed into a new arm.

Even the sleeve on the arm was as good as new.

“It seems there are a lot of surprises today.” Shen turned his head and looked at the figure that had attacked him earlier.

A graceful figure and a pair of smiling eyes.

After she pulled off the mask covering her face, a charming face was revealed.

“Miss Miao Yan. I did not expect our second meeting to be like this.” Shen let out what sounded like a sigh. However, thunder seemed to be roiling deep within his eyes.

“Guild Leader Shen.” Miao Yan exhaled. There was an unusual look of seriousness on her face as she held Chen Xiaolian with one hand. Her other hand was holding onto an ancient looking long sword. “You were too careless. Although that teleportation skill is very rare, I just happen to have it.”

Chen Xiaolian opened his mouth to draw breath and looked at this woman who was holding him.

“Miao, Miao Yan?” Chen Xiaolian’s voice was hoarse as he said, “Why are you here?”

“Here to join the fun.” Miao Yan winked. “This level of liveliness is truly wonderful.”

“Thank you for saving me.” Chen Xiaolian said wryly. “But I don’t think there is any way for me to repay you.”

“Don’t thank me yet,” said Miao Yan with a frown as she regarded Shen. “This fellow is very strong. I am probably not his match either.”

“A high-ranking Player with your own Exclusive Account.” Shen smiled. “Miss Miao Yan, you are being too modest. You may not be my match, but under normal circumstances, it would be difficult for me to really harm you.”

Miao Yan narrowed her eyes as she regarded Shen. “Guild Leader Shen, I have always wondered what kind of person you are. Now, I am suddenly curious about one thing… … you, are you really a Player?”

“What is that supposed to mean?” The question shocked Chen Xiaolian.

“Fool.” Miao Yan shook her head. “This fellow is not a Player!”

Chen Xiaolian felt his mind turning upside down.

Next, however, Miao Yan said something else.

“Naturally, I am guessing he is also not like you… … meaning, he is not an Irregularity either.”

After saying that, Miao Yan cast a curious-filled look at Shen.

“Just what are you?”

Shen laughed.

“I am just someone working hard to seek the real!

Shen attacked.

This time, his figure shot out with his finger pointing straight forward. Miao Yan gritted her teeth and sent the sword in her grasp flying forward. The flying sword then shot through the air and transformed into numerous beams of light.

Back in the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang’s instance dungeon, Chen Xiaolian had witnessed the power of Miao Yan’s flying sword skill.

At present however, he did not appear hopeful.

Because Shen’s power was too terrifying.

As expected, Shen easily made his way through the numerous beams of light formed from the flying sword. The sword beams surrounded Shen and clanging sounds rang out in succession. Every time it happened, Shen merely needed to use his finger to block their attacks. The sharp tip of the sword beams struck Shen’s finger only to release the clear clanging sound.

Each time they clashed, Miao Yan’s figure would stagger and her face grew pale.

After Shen had moved 10 metres forward, Miao Yan finally summoned her flying sword back. Nicks and cracks had appeared all over the blade of her flying sword.

“Miss Miao Yan, you cannot hurt me,” said Shen with a frown. “Due to the rules, you cannot harm me. Naturally, I too, cannot kill you. So, why come looking for trouble? Your skill is Life-bound Flying Sword? Why use such a method to stop me?”

“If you want to join the fun, you need to pay money for the ticket.” Miao Yan bit down on her lips.

After saying that, Miao Yan suddenly turned to Chen Xiaolian. “Give me your sword!”

Chen Xiaolian was taken by surprise. However, he quickly recollected himself and threw the Sword in the Stone to Miao Yan.

However, right after tossing the sword over, he recalled something. The Sword in the Stone was a special equipment. Other than him, no one else would be able to use it.

Yet, when the Sword in the Stone reached Miao Yan’s hand, something strange happened.

Gripping the Sword in the Stone, Miao Yan suddenly revealed a faint smile. She swiftly pricked her own palm, letting a drop of blood fall upon the hilt of the sword. Next, light shone from Miao Yan’s eyes.

A pure holy light suddenly radiated out from the Sword in the Stone and it seemingly became daytime for the entire underground factory.

Miao Yan hurled the Sword in the Stone into the air and the Western sword of legend, the sacred artefact, suddenly flew like a flying sword from Eastern myths. It flew straight toward Shen’s head.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes were about to fall off.

The Sword in the Stone can be used as a flying sword as well?

Instantly, Chen Xiaolian thought of something. The Sword in the Stone came from King Arthur.

However, it had belonged to… … Miao Yan’s family. To be more accurate, it was Miao Yan’s family in this world, the Norman family.

Fundamentally speaking, Miao Yan, the Countess of the Norman family was the true owner of the Sword in the Stone.

The holy light descended.

A look of seriousness finally flashed through Shen’s eyes. He raised that one finger once more to take on the incoming tip of the sword.


Boundless shockwaves spread out.

Their surroundings, the ground, the piles of gravel, concrete and steel… … all of them were atomized.

Miao Yan reacted by grabbing Chen Xiaolian in an embrace and the two of them vaulted up into the air.

They shot toward a certain location up near the ceiling of the factory.


The harrumph rang out in both their ears, causing both Chen Xiaolian and Miao Yan to cough out blood at the same time.

There on the ground was Shen. He stood at the same position as he had earlier; however, both his feet had been pushed into the ground. The ground was almost upon his knees.

As for the Sword in the Stone that had transformed into a flying sword… … in the middle of the air… it shattered.

The blinding light from the sword transformed into countless sword beams, which then shot toward Shen’s figure.

Shen then released a harrumph. It was not from pain. Instead, it was of one of harshness and an inviolable majesty.

The Sword in the Stone… … is destroyed.

That was the last thought to form within Chen Xiaolian’s mind.

Next, an intense sensation of pain rocked the very depths of his mind and he fainted.

The air was moist and it carried with it a scent of saltiness.

Seawater submerged his body as his face stuck to the sands on the beach. The scent of the wet sands overwhelmed his nose.

The sound of the lapping waves woke Chen Xiaolian up. After waking up, he forced himself up only to be greeted by the glaring sun. The sight made him momentarily dizzy.

The sounds around him grew gradually clear. The sounds of laughter filled with joy and harmony came from the distant beach.

Patio umbrellas, bikinis, beach volleyballs, surfboards…

This was a beach.

Chen Xiaolian crawled his way up the beach and was barely able to maintain a kneeling posture. He turned his head and saw Miao Yan lying beside him. However, she was facing upward. Her eyes were open as she observed the blue sky and the sun.

“We… … got out.”

Miao Yan exhaled deeply and turned her head to look at Chen Xiaolian. She revealed a strange smile and said, “Listen up. This time, you owe me; you owe me so bloody seriously bigly much!”

Chen Xiaolian had a look of loss on his face. There was utter shock in his heart. It was an indescribably feeling of loss. Not only that, there were also countless questions coursing through his mind. He subconsciously nodded and said in a whisper, “We… … got out?”

“Yes, the temporary teleportation portal. I heard you mumbling to yourself when you were talking to Zero City earlier. I had arrived before that.” Miao Yan laughed and continued, “If it were not because I knew there was a way out, did you think I would come out to assist you and face such a terrifying opponent? I am simply no match for him.”

“… … …”

Chen Xiaolian’s mind was a swirling maelstrom of chaos.

I have left Zero City?

If so… … what is going to happen to Zero City?

And, that terrifying Shen…

Miao Yan sat up. The seawater had permeated her clothes and the skin-tight outfit she wore over her graceful body now stuck tightly upon her skin. As a result, she looked even more sensual than usual.

“Clean clothes, water to wash up and the best bottle of whiskey.” Miao Yan blinked as she looked at Chen Xiaolian. She continued, “Those are the things I want the most right now… … I don’t want to wait even a second longer for it.”

The two of them got up. Although their outfits were somewhat weird, they did not attract attention from this beach filled with many tourists.

After leaving the beach, Chen Xiaolian and Miao Yan walked for around several hundred metres and arrived at a beachfront mall.

After casually buying a few beach clothes, Miao Yan took the clothes and walked into the dressing room. By the time she stepped out, she was already wearing the new clothes. In fact, it would appear that she had gotten a shower as well.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he continued to stand there with a dazed look on his face.

“You may not be an ordinary human who fears catching a cold, but leaving the seawater sticking on your body will feel uncomfortable.” Miao Yan shoved the flowery beach clothes into Chen Xiaolian’s hands and pushed him into the dressing room.

“I will wait for you outside. You have 10 minutes to wash up and get changed.”

After 10 minutes, Chen Xiaolian stepped out from the dressing room. There was a serious look on his face. He looked around and found Miao Yan standing there, chatting with a handsome bronze-skinned Caucasian. Next, the handsome Caucasian left with a slightly dejected look on his face.

Miao Yan laughed while facing Chen Xiaolian and waved her hand. “All right, got it. We are now in South America. Also… … there is a pub nearby. Let us go there for a drink. We just underwent a battle of life and death. Getting a drink to sooth the nerves would be the best.”

After a pause, Miao Yan, who was looking at Chen Xiaolian, suddenly showed a serious look. “Besides, I believe the both of us have a belly full of questions to ask each other!”

The beachfront pub was not too big. It was a semi-open type of pub.

Chen Xiaolian and Miao Yan did not elect to sit outside. Instead, they went inside the shed and sat side by side before the counter.

The bartender in charge of mixing drinks was clearly charmed by Miao Yan’s beauty. He cast several glances at Miao Yan. She had tied up the bottom corners of her clothes, thereby revealing part of her slender waist.

Miao Yan nonchalantly ordered a certain brand of whiskey. “One bottle, two cups.”

“It is still noon.” The bartender gave a whistle. “It is not time for alcohol, my dear.”

Miao Yan gave a chuckle. Her two fingers pulled out two dollar bills of a large denomination and tossed it over. “Bring my whiskey and shut your mouth.”

After taking the money, the bartender no longer dared to say anything else. After placing a bottle of whiskey and two cups before them, he quickly left.

“Now, let us talk.”

With a popping sound, Miao Yan opened the bottle of whiskey and poured a cup for herself. After gulping it down, she exhaled, “Too scary… … I have never encountered such a terrifying opponent. Back then, I expected him to be very strong. However, I never expected him to be this strong.”

Chen Xiaolian said nothing. He gulped down a cup of whiskey as well. As the spicy taste flowed down his throat, he felt his state of mind recovering slightly.

“Let us talk then. What should we talk about?”

“It is very simple. The both of us have plenty of questions to ask each other, so now… ..” Miao Yan considered it and said, “Let us be fair. Each of us can ask the other three questions. The other party must answer the question! Regardless of what the question might be, the other party has to answer the question! However, I should put it out there. If you ask me questions about the Upper Plane or something that is forbidden by the rules, I will not be able to answer.”

After a pause, this woman smiled and said, “Seeing as how I just saved your skin, you owe me big time. So, I will be going first!”

“… … very fair.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head.

“Then, I will be asking.” Miao Yan’s face turned serious. “Although I have speculated this for quite some time, I would still like to confirm this… … you are neither a Player nor an Awakened. You are an Irregularity, right?”

“… yes.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and poured himself another cup. Then, he gulped it down.

“Your turn,” said Miao Yan coolly.

“… … why did you appear in Zero City, why did you appear there?”

Miao Yan regarded him before replying, “This question is worthless. With your intellect, I did not expect to hear this question from you. Fine, my answer is: I am a high-ranking Player. I received a system notification to attack Zero City. This is such an interesting quest; it is only natural that I would go in to join in the fun. So, I secretly slipped into a certain guild and snuck into Zero City. After that, the system locked down on you and marked you as the primary objective. Again, it is only natural for me to go check it out. As it so happens, I possess the same space breaking, teleportation skill that Shen has. So…”

After saying that, Miao Yan shrugged.

“Fine, ask your second question then.” There was a rather odd look on Chen Xiaolian’s face.

“You… … what is the relationship between you and Zero City?”

Miao Yan stared at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian considered it before replying, “Due to some special circumstances, I obtained some authority over Zero City. More accurately, my authority is of the same level as the founders of Zero City.”

Miao Yan gave a whistle. “Cool!”

“My turn.” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath. “That Shen, just what is his identity?”

“Guild Leader of Thorned Flower Guild.”

“That is not what I am asking.” Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes. “You know what I mean. Don’t play dumb with me, woman.”

“Fine.” Miao Yan knitted her brows and pondered for a moment. “To be exact, I am not quite sure of it myself. It was only just now that I found out he is so powerful. Besides, it would appear that he… … has gained mastery over a certain power… … no, not power, but rules. You can assume it as a form of authority. I cannot harm him, the same goes for you! This is not a matter of how strong or how weak you are. This is a matter of rule and order. A certain rule is protecting him, making it so we cannot harm him.”

“So, just what is he?”

“I really do not know. However, I have an interesting speculation in mind.” Miao Yan poured another cup for herself. This time, Chen Xiaolian noted that this woman’s hand was actually shivering slightly.

“… …this speculation of yours, what is it?”

“It is very simple.” Miao Yan exhaled. “From what I know… … of course, I believe you know this too. You are not the first Irregularity. In truth, the founders of Zero City are the first group of Irregularities. The Irregularities of this world has always been a hidden existence. According to legends, the first generation of Irregularities cooperated with the GM and later founded Zero City. I believe you know more about that first generation of Irregularities than I do.”

After saying that, she paused for a moment. Her face took on a very odd expression.

“Now, have you ever wondered what happened to the first generation GM?”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian frowned at that. “Wasn’t it… … refreshed?”

“Refreshed is just a way of putting it. What it means is to use a new mind to overwrite the original one. However, will the original mind just disappear?  You are an Irregularity, so you know as well that after an Awakened dies, he or she would be refreshed back as an ordinary person. However, that refreshed person, would that person be the same one as the original? Of course not! If so, that original person who died, his consciousness, his data, where did it go? Did it disappear completely? Or could there be another possibility?”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt his scalp tingle and he looked straight at Miao Yan. “You mean to say?”

“My guess is… … that Shen, he may be… … the first generation GM!”

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