Chapter 525 Three Exit Passageways

GOR Chapter 525 Three Exit Passageways

The bottle looked like a wine bottle with a cork acting as its stopper. Inside the transparent bottle was something that appeared like a toy model of a battleship.

This item was a familiar sight in most medieval themed shops. There was however, a difference. There was water inside the bottle and the battleship within the bottle appeared to be gently swaying upon the surface of the water.

It was a beautifully crafted large-sized battleship. It had a thick mast and three layers of cannons jutting out of its body, giving off the imagery of the Victorian era – this was clearly a battleship from the era before the rise of ironclad battleships. The sails of the battleship were fully unfurled and the battleship was seemingly rocked about by tough winds and waves despite the calmness of the water within the bottle.

What a strange object.

Chen Xiaolian muttered to himself. However, seeing the [A] class evaluation by the system, it was only natural for Chen Xiaolian to keep the item into his Storage Watch.

Chen Xiaolian’s action of killing off Captain Scola and his entourage caused an uproar within the Player faction.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he was in the dark about the fact that he had just killed off one of the founding members of the ‘Alliance’. He simply watched as a large number of Players and mechs charged at him from the distance. They all moved to surround him. It was as though he had just poked a hornet’s nest.

Chen Xiaolian however, understood that he had killed off someone with quite the status.

Despite possessing Skyblade’s power, Chen Xiaolian felt no desire to sit around and wait for them to surround him and then bask in the taste of being fired upon from all sides. He quickly decided to turn tail and run.

Instead of running toward the Board of Patriarchs’ building, he circled around the north street area. Although he was still moving in the general direction of the Board of Patriarchs’ building, he deliberately took them on a wild goose chase. While doing so, he also found the opportunity to finish off two Player mechs and several AI battle androids.

Chen Xiaolian also accidentally stumbled upon and saved another combatant from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. This person was one of Yang Yi’s team members. However, he had lost an arm and wounds covered his whole body. Chen Xiaolian used his shoulder to prop the fellow as he strode toward the north side for now.

The south street area had become a meat grinder as well. The sounds of explosions filled the air and flames could be seen everywhere. Zero City’s combat personnel were doing their all to execute something similar to a brutal street fight. They did their best to delay the Players’ advance toward the Board of Patriarchs’ building.

Thankfully, Zero City was a big place and the advancing Players did not have a point of convergence. After entering Zero City, they spread out on their own. This allowed the defenders to garner some success in their defensive retreat of the south street.

However, Captain Scola’s death ended up angering the Players – especially those within the Alliance.

Chen Xiaolian looked at his personal radar and saw a densely packed amount of red dots swarming forward from behind and the other two sides.

At this moment, Chen Xiaolian longed for his good bro, Roddy – Roddy’s ‘Mechanical Heart’ skill would be able to display its utmost value within this battlefield brimming with technology.

Chen Xiaolian’s combat skills were mostly of the physical type. Although he also possessed Skyblade’s power, this [S] class power was not something that could be used all the time. While it may not be an issue for him to slash down a mech, there was a limit to the number of times he could unleash those attacks.

As for his Four-eyed War Cats, Chen Xiaolian did not even bother – Garfield was not bad. However, this was a battlefield where technological arsenals were brought to bear everywhere. Garfield? Forget it.

By the time Chen Xiaolian arrived back in the Board of Patriarchs’ building area, the part of the building that was facing the south street was vastly different from before.

That part of the building had transformed into a metal line of defence.

War Bastions were densely squeezed together before the oval shaped building’s defences.

There were thick artillery barrels, various types of energy weapons, energy shields, energy equipment etc.

There were Mechs of all sizes lining up there. Just by giving them a rough look, Chen Xiaolian estimated that there were over 200 mechs. All of them sported the Angel Corps’ crest.

Although most of them were AI-controlled Sentinel mechs meant to be used as cannon fodders, there were also elites mixed among them.

When Chen Xiaolian rushed out before the front most line of defence, he quickly became the target of the rows of cannon muzzles. He quickly raised up the Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild member that he was carrying and shouted, “Same side!”

There were some Angel Corps personnel among the defensive perimeter and one of them recognized Chen Xiaolian and the one he was holding. One of them quickly shouted the order to hold fire. Two War Bastions moved to open up a small crack, allowing Chen Xiaolian to move inside.

“Where is Angel Wu?”

After stepping through the line of mechs, Chen Xiaolian shouted. Then, he heard Angel Wu’s voice coming through a loudspeaker. “You are looking for me?”

Turning his head, Chen Xiaolian then saw Angel Wu. He was sitting inside the cockpit of a large-sized mech and was looking down at Chen Xiaolian.

Angel Wu had changed into a half-humanoid, half-animal shaped mech. The base of the mech had eight legs just like a spider. However, its upper body had six arms.

Each arm was holding onto different types of weapons. There were ranged weapons, melee weapons… it was equipped to respond to any situation.

The shape of the mech was so similar to a demon from some legend that Chen Xiaolian was momentarily taken aback. However, he quickly recollected himself and shouted, “I have an important matter to discuss with you! And Mr Bluesea as well! Where is he?”

After giving Chen Xiaolian a glance, Angel Wu said, “Come up!”

After handing the wounded Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild combatant to an Angel Corps member who was beside him, Chen Xiaolian jumped upon the mech. Angel Wu gave Chen Xiaolian, who had jumped upon his mech’s shoulder, a glance before grunting. Next, he moved his mech inside the Board of Patriarchs’ building.

The mech’s eight legs practically flew as it strode forward and they quickly arrived inside the Board of Patriarch’s building.

“We have no other choice! There is no option for retreat! No place to back off to! Our homes are right behind us – no, that is not right. We are already inside our home. Our enemies have already invaded our home! We have neither a way of retreating nor escaping!”

Bluesea stood before a round table within the Board of Patriarchs’ conference hall as he shouted, “Should we continue wasting our time arguing about this?”

There should have been seven seats around the table. However, there were now only five, inclusive of Bluesea’s.

Due to the abruptness of this turn of events, two of the Guild Leaders for Zero City’s resident guilds were presently not within Zero City. One of them was in the outside world while the other had entered his guild’s pocket space. [1]

Thus, there were only five members of the Board of Patriarchs left at the moment.

“We can still retreat back to the minor resource worlds that each of our guild possesses,” a male Patriarch said in a heavy tone. “There is no point in defending Zero City. Each of the guilds has their own small resource world. There is plenty of space there. The smallest of the pocket space has an area over tens of thousands of square kilometres. The biggest has over hundreds of thousands of square kilometres. We can fight against the invading Players there. Zero City is just too small to be doing that! How is putting all our battle strength into a small place any different from throwing the flesh of our people into a meat grinder?”

“The minor resource worlds?” Bluesea was so furious he ended up laughing. “Even now, in this desperate situation, you could actually think of something like this? Guild Leader Juncker! Where is your Rodriar Guild’s courage?! Back then, your Rodriar Guild completed six large-scale instance dungeons consecutively, killing off six Player Guilds and heavily damaging Thorned Flower Guild. What happened to your courage from back then? Retreat into the resource pocket space? Do you not understand? Once they seize Zero City’s main program, what happens if they successfully gain control of Zero City? You can hide inside the resource pocket space, but once they gain control over Zero City’s main control system, they can just have the resource pocket space disappear! Our enemies do not even have to raise a single cannon to exterminate all of you!”

“At the very least, we can buy more time. The more time we buy, the bigger the chance for something to happen.” Guild Leader Juncker shook his head and said, “I am not without courage! Bluesea! I am responsible for 136 combat personnel, 300 engineers and 600 peripheral members! I cannot recklessly send them to their deaths within Zero City! This is not Blood Verdict! Not a competition arena! Your courage is just recklessness!”

“What about the other guilds?” Suppressing his rage, Bluesea turned to look at the others.

“I agree with Guild Leader Juncker. We have at least over 30 resource worlds. There is plenty of space inside for us to do battle against our enemies. We should not stay inside this meat grinder. Maybe Zero City’s main control system will recover – besides, the Players may not be able to gain control of Zero City’s main control system.”

“But there is also the Development Team! The Development Team from the outside world! And the Electronic Guardians!” Bluesea clenched his teeth.

“I agree with Bluesea. As of now, we can only fight! No retreat! A preposterous idea like running into the minor resource worlds is simply the act of courting death! A cowardly behaviour!” A lean figure stood up.

He wore a black coloured hooded cloak. The moment he stood up, two men who were standing by the wall inside the conference room quickly moved to stand behind him.

“We, the Knights of Darkness Guild, hereby announce our participation in this war!”

The lean man in hooded cloak turned to look at the two fellows behind him and said, “Theodore, Oswald. Do you two have any objections?”

“None! I have been itching to kill those Players!” Theodore grinned savagely. “Those that want to continue discussing things can continue their discussion here! We will be going out to make war!”

The Guild Leader of the Knights of Darkness Guild smiled. He then nodded toward the rest who were sitting around the table. “Very well. Now then, you gentlemen can continue on. We of the Knights of Darkness Guild will be setting off for war!”

Bluesea turned to look at the lean man in hooded cloak. A trace of appreciation appeared and he nodded at him. “You… …”

“Bluesea, do not misunderstand me. I still hate your Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. If not for this incident, I will still be doing my best to kick you off the Board of Patriarchs! A guild without an [S] class expert has no right to sit on equal terms as us. However, right now… … all of those are no longer important.

“I wish… … everyone good luck!

“I, Aderick, announce once more, the Knights of Darkness Guild will be joining the war!”

After saying that, Aderick turned and left the conference hall. Five to six experts from the Knights of Darkness Guild followed him as he left.

The Guild Leader of Rodriar Guild, Juncker was clearly feeling rather embarrassed. He looked at the departing Aderick’s back and hesitated for a moment before saying, “I am not being weak. I am responsible for the guild.”

“Should Zero City be taken, our guilds will be no more,” Bluesea said coldly. “Maybe you believe that you could still survive if you leave Zero City and hide in the pocket spaces. However, I think differently.”

Juncker stood up. “Then let us proceed with our own plans and see who lives longer.”

After getting up, Juncker retrieved a hat that was placed on the table and placed it over his head – it was a very strange looking metal hat that looked like a helmet. After putting it on, he turned and left as well. Several men from Rodriar Guild followed him.

“What about you two?” Bluesea turned to look at the last two Patriarchs that were still sitting before the table.

“The Prestige Guild will never back down.” One of the Patriarchs stood up. He was a white-haired ashen-faced old man with a thick atmosphere of might and hot-headedness about him. However, after he stood up, it was revealed that he was actually quite short. Even so, he had broad shoulders.

However, the Patriarch opposite him shook his head. “I am sorry. I agree with Guild Leader Juncker’s thoughts on this. I will send out two teams of combat personnel to help you with your battle. However, most of our guild will be retreating into the resource worlds – this is the decision of our Miracle Blades Guild.”

“Humph!” The white-haired old man snapped coldly, “Forget about sending your two teams! We don’t need some half-hearted people to fight.”

After a pause, he glanced at Bluesea. “I will go out to arrange my guild members first! Also, Bluesea… … that ill-tempered fellow is now in the outside world so we cannot contact him. However, what about that magic light fellow? Why is that person not here?”

Bluesea’s face was somewhat ugly to behold.

One of the seven resident guilds of Zero City, the Light of Magic Guild. When this incident first occurred, its Guild Leader became trapped inside one of the resource worlds completing a task. Thus, when Zero City suddenly shut down, they lost contact with that person.

Later on, Zero City returned to normal. The one exception was that their main gate was left undefended. However, that meant that it should be possible for that person to exit the resource world.

And yet, even now, despite the crisis they were in, despite being one of the seven resident guilds, the Light of Magic Guild did not come to participate in the Board of Patriarchs’ conference. Their Guild Leader had not appeared and there was no news about them at all.

“That fellow has always been a cunning one, a most selfish bastard. Who knows, that bastard may have chosen to hide inside the minor resource worlds even before Juncker! Humph, are we supposed to spill our blood to help that fellow defend Zero City!” The white-haired old man said with a reddened face and he shook his head. “Screw it, forget that ass. In the end, life and death depends on our own efforts.”

“Mr Ronan.” Bluesea looked at the white-haired red-faced old man. “I am honoured to be able to fight alongside you! I hope we…”

“Let us hope for a hero’s end!” Ronan broke into a loud laughter and strode out the hall.

Bluesea did not turn around to look at the final Patriarch, who was still inside the hall. Instead, he shook his head and left.

He had just stepped out of the conference hall when he suddenly saw Chen Xiaolian and Angel Wu standing beside each other.

Angel Wu had simply brought his mech into the Board of Patriarchs’ building. His large mech stood there, its head nearly making contact with the ceiling – thankfully, the architecture of the Board of Patriarchs’ building was high enough. The lobby had an arching shape and was close to 20 metres high.

Chen Xiaolian, who was standing beside Angel Wu’s mech looked like a little dot in comparison.

“Xiaolian? You are back?” Bluesea’s eyes shone and he quickly ran over. He lowered his voice as he said, “You… … did you find anything?”

“There is a discovery that might prove worthwhile.” Chen Xiaolian sighed and checked his surroundings. “Find us a place where we can talk. I need to explain it to you for a bit.”

“Right now?” Bluesea appeared somewhat troubled.

“Judging by the current position of the enemy, there should be at least another 20 minutes before the Player forces advance upon this Board of Patriarchs’ building. They are still running around in a disorderly manner. We will have some time before they get organized.” Angel Wu said with a heavy tone.

“All right!” Bluesea nodded his head.

A few minutes later, inside a room within the Board of Patriarchs’ building, Bluesea listened to Chen Xiaolian as he summarized what happened earlier. His face took on an odd expression.

Angel Wu’s face however, was filled with excitement. “You mean to say… … there are still exit points in Zero City? We can escape?”

“Yes.” Chen Xiaolian checked the time and said, “Thanks to Adam’s calculations, we were able to find many temporary passageway portals.  However, after screening away those that were unsuitable in terms of position and timing, we only have four suitable exit points…”

He then checked the time again. “Mm, the time for the first exit point is already over. If there were no accidents, this first exit point should have been used. Gibbs brought Miss Tina with him to leave via this first exit point and Guan Shan followed them to confirm it. Once confirming it, he will turn back to report.”

At that very moment, a member of Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild knocked the door softly and entered. Without waiting for the member to report the situation, Guan Shan swiftly entered from behind.

“Sir! I am back! There is an important issue I need to… Xiaolian! You are back?”

Guan Shan had a very wretched appearance. Blood and dust covered his whole body and his figure appeared like a mix of black and red. The clothes he wore were ruined as well. Scorch marks were evident seen on them. Additionally, his right arm appeared wounded. However, it would appear that he was still in an alert state.

“Has Gibbs and the others left?” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath. “I tried to use the communication device that Gibbs left to contact you, but mine was damaged.”

As he spoke, Chen Xiaolian produced a damaged device that looked like a matchbox. “I encountered several mechs. In the middle of fighting them, I jumped down from a building and this thing got damaged in the process.”

Guan Shan looked at Chen Xiaolian and said in a hushed tone, “The usability of the passageway is confirmed! Yang Yi, whom we found on the way and Miss Tina had left using the temporary passageway! But… … Gibbs died.”

“… … …”

“… … …”

“… … …”

After a few seconds of silence, Angel Wu whispered, “Gibbs died?”

“Yes, he contacted me just before he died.” Guan Shan gritted his teeth and continued, “He is indeed dead.”

Angel Wu tightened his fists.

“Enough, now is not the time to be sentimental.” Bluesea clenched his teeth and said, “Xiaolian, continue!”

“Three more temporary passageways will be opening up. The first passageway will open up in 18 minutes time. The location for this exit point is quite good. It is at the back of this Board of Patriarchs’ building. In other words, the back area of where we are defending. It is very safe and we need not worry about enemy attacks while retreating. However, this passageway will only last for 16 seconds.”

16 seconds?

This duration made Bluesea and Angel Wu somewhat disappointed.

There were thousands of them in Zero City right now. If they were to add the outsider Awakened ones into the mix, the number would go even higher.

How many would be able to make it out in 16 seconds?

“The second passageway will open up in 24 minutes. For us, its location is the worst possible. It is at… … the Sea of Love.” Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly as he said, “This passageway will be maintained for 67 seconds.”

The Sea of Love was now considered an ‘occupied territory’. While 67 seconds was considerably more in comparison… … not many would be able to make it out as well.

“I believe the third passageway is the most suitable one for us. It will be appearing in 56 minutes’ time. Additionally, it will continue existing for… … 30 minutes!” Chen Xiaolian looked at Bluesea and Angel Wu.

Both their eyes shone.

30 minutes.

This duration was very appealing. Even though there were thousands of people, as long as they were willing to make sacrifices and abandon whatever large-sized equipment that they could not bring with them, 30 minutes was enough for many to escape.

“Don’t get too happy just yet. I fear that this temporary passageway’s portal location would dampen your mood,” said Chen Xiaolian with a sigh.

“Where is it?”

“In… … the south street.”

Angel Wu and Bluesea fell silent.

“South street, close to this Board of Patriarchs’ building. To be exact, I checked it out for a bit when I returned. It is less than 50 metres from your defensive perimeter,” said Chen Xiaolian with a bitter smile.

“It is outside the defensive perimeter?” Angel Wu asked further.

“Yes, it is outside the defensive perimeter!”

Angel Wu’s face turned ugly to behold.

If only he knew, he would have spread the defensive perimeter tens of metres forward… … however, things were not that simple.

At present, their defensive perimeter was more or less set up. To try to adjust the perimeter and have the properly placed War Bastions move tens of metres forward was simply impractical. Not to mention, spreading the perimeter forward by tens of metres would increase the surface area and stretch their combat forces thin.

“There is not enough time to adjust the defensive perimeter. If it comes down to it, we will just have to brace ourselves and charge forward. At any rate, it is only 50 metres. Arrange some combat personnel to lay down support fire to cover the escape efforts! The more we can send out, the better!” Bluesea said decisively.

Chen Xiaolian waited for him to finish before releasing a sigh. Then, he continued, “I am sorry, I was not finished. Although this third temporary passageway that will last for 30 minutes will be appearing 50 metres outside our defensive perimeter, its position might cause extra problems.”

“Extra problems? What do you mean?”

“It is not on the ground.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “It is up in the sky! There is a distance of 168 metres between it and the ground.”

The room fell silent.

1 The Guild Leader parts might be confusing. That is because there has been a revision to the Guild Leader who is outside and the Guild Leader who is stuck in the resource world in this chapter. Anyways, Chapter 494 has been edited to reflect this revision.

Juncker. Raw: ‘容克’, pinyin: ‘Róng kè’.

Aderick. Raw: ‘阿德里克’, pinyin: ‘Ā délǐ kè’.

Ronan. Raw: ‘洛南’, pinyin: ‘Ronan’.

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