Chapter 524 Synergistic-type Equipment

GOR Chapter 524 Synergistic-type Equipment

Gibbs’ eyes were filled with determination as he said, “You must leave! Tina! For you, and for us!”

“… … …” Tina cast a silent gaze at Gibbs.

“I will go lure away the mech in front. However, as for the mech at the side…” Gibbs turned to face Guan Shan.

“I will lead it away,” Guan Shan was quick to respond. “There is no need for you to feel grateful. I just want to verify the validity of your method! That is very important.”

“My method will work!” Gibbs clenched his teeth. “So now…”

“Tina, you will leave through the portal. Mm, take Yang Yi, who is on the ground, with you. The more we could send out, the better! As for us, we will be luring the mechs away.” Guan Shan was now displaying the qualities of Bluesea’s youngest, most outstanding and most trusted assistant. He said decisively, “That is how it is. Do not waste any time. I will count to three. Then, Gibbs and I will charge out. Tina, ignore everything and just charge toward the coordinate. We will get you the time you need.”

Tina’s eyes were red. Unexpectedly, after giving Gibbs a deep glance, she nodded her head.

She bit her lips to the point where blood began trickling down. Then, she abruptly stepped forward to kiss Gibbs. After that, she said hoarsely, “You must make it out alive and come find me! I will wait for you, I will wait until the day I die!”

“… … …” Gibbs kissed back passionately.

Guan Shan, who was looking at the two of them, frowned. There were looks of complexity and disapproval in his eyes when he looked at Tina. However, he had frowned in secret. Next, he began counting.

He quickly counted to three.

Like arrows that were let loose from the bow, the two men quickly rushed out from behind the statue.

The mech on the left was quick to notice Guan Shan. As it was relatively smaller, the mech was able to respond faster. It quickly moved its body to face the running Guan Shan. Next, the roaring sound of minigun fire rang out as the mech unleashed a barrage of fire on Guan Shan.

Guan Shan ran and jumped around like a wild monkey. Thankfully, the light-sized mech was not using its energy-tier weapons – or perhaps it had depleted the energy source for its energy-tier weapons.

Although a normal minigun was still dangerous, Guan Shan was an extraordinary talent. He was thus able to dodge the attacks.

Guan Shan ran furiously while the barrage from the incoming bullets left behind a gully made of bullet holes. Next, the light-sized mech activated its aerial equipment and soared to the sky as it began chasing after Guan Shan.

There before the fountain, Gibbs took a simpler approach.

The armoured exoskeleton suit that he was wearing enhanced his speed to a shocking level as he charged out.

In just the blink of an eye, Gibbs made it before the medium-sized mech. By then, he had already pulled out an energy-tier weapon that looked like an automatic rifle.

He opened fire even as he ran, gaining the mech’s attention before fiercely charging through the door of a nearby building.

Gibbs smashed the door off, bringing it with him as he charged inside the building. Next, his figure continued smashing through the wall of the building to break through to the outside of the building. As he did so, the mech fired its energy-tier weapon and instantly demolished the building.

Gibbs jumped a distance of five to six metres onto the rooftop of another building. He tossed his energy-tier rifle and pulled out a long shaped weapon from his storage equipment.

The weapon looked like an RPG. However, its ammo was clearly not a normal rocket grenade.

Gibbs only had enough time to fire once with it. Then, he quickly rolled away and jumped off.

It was an electromagnetic-tier cannon.

The blast from the electromagnetic cannon struck the medium-sized mech. However, the blast was blocked by the mech’s energy shield. All it managed to do was to force the mech back a few steps. After that, the mech continued moving forward as it gave chase. At the same time, it also released a miniature drone, which locked on to Gibbs.

Tina, who was hiding behind the statue, ran out in the direction opposite to the ones taken by the two of them. She did not forget to grab Yang Yi, who was on the ground, before rushing toward the fountain that was located 20 metres away.

She reached the side of the fountain just in time…

Gibbs! I believe that you are a genius! Your theory will surely be correct!

After reaching the side of the fountain, Tina did not hesitate to jump into the water.

At that moment, a miracle occurred.

A green light flashed and the two figures disappeared.

The green light was similar to the one from the teleportation matrix.

It however, did not last long. After just four seconds, the light disappeared.

As for Tina and Yang Yi, they were no longer inside the fountain pool.

Tina fell out from thin air only to find herself within a sandy area.

Yang Yi was beside her.

The first thing she did was to pull out the dagger on her waist and an energy-tier gun. She put her weapons up before her and then proceeded to survey her surroundings.

Then, she gave a sigh of relief.

It was a beach.

A real beach.

It was not an artificial beach like Zero City’s Sea of Love.

This was clearly some tourist destination. Men and women of all ages were in swimwear on the beach and some could be seen surfing in the distance.

Tina’s sudden appearance and the gun and dagger that she was holding shocked the surrounding people. Some exclaimed in shock, attracting the attention of even more people.

Tina quickly got up. She propped Yang Yi up and quickly ran off, disappearing into the crowd…

Guan Shan ran with all his might.

He had never run so fast in all his entire life.

Even back when Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild was holding the special training and selection years ago, Guan Shan had not run as fast as he was right now.

Several times now, Guan Shan felt the urge to turn around and give the mech hunting him a lesson.

Don’t joke around! I am Sir Bluesea’s most promising disciple!

A bloody light-sized mech thinks I am not its match?

However, Guan Shan’s rational side suppressed the fury that he was feeling.

He understood that finishing off the light-sized mech was not an issue for him – even though he did not possess any powerful equipment with him at the moment, he was strong enough to defeat the mech.

However… … he could not stop.

He had to keep running.

He also understood that should he stop, the mech might be able to force him to engage it for just enough time to allow the invading Player forces to surround him.

Then, Guan Shan suddenly heard a loud explosion coming from afar.

He glanced to the side and saw a building engulfed in flames.

It was at that moment that the mini communication device on his person rang out. It was Gibbs’ voice.

Gibbs gave them this device when they left the Rubik’s Cube building.

Gibbs’ voice spoke out through the communication device. However, he did not sound too good.

“Guan Shan.”

“I am here.” Guan Shan continued running with all his might. With a single bound, he leapt across a building. He turned his body and quickly tossed out an electromagnetic net.

The electromagnetic net caught the light-sized mech, causing its pace to fall sluggish. Guan Shan took advantage of this to rush into an alley. Next, he made his way around an artificial river and jumped into the area beneath an arch bridge.

“Gibbs? What happened to you?”

Gibbs’ reply came in ragged bursts. “Tina has made it out. I am certain of this. Her communication device is no longer responding. She is no longer inside Zero City. We did it.”

“… … … you did it.” Guan Shan exhaled.

“Consider how I have found a path of life for everyone, do me a favour.” Gibbs voice gradually grew faint. “After you make it out, find her, take care… … of her!”

Guan Shan suddenly halted his steps.

His heart sank.

He could hear Gibbs panting through the communication device.

“You go take care of her! Bastard! Where are you? I will go find you!”

“No, it is too late for me,” answered Gibbs as he exhaled. “Promise me!”

Guan Shan suddenly felt infuriated.

He wanted to just shout: That woman is not worth it, you idiot!

Guan Shan’s thoughts about this were very simple. Back then, when Gibbs suggested the plan to lure away the mechs, Tina did not try to stop him. Rather, she just accepted it.

That woman should have known what the plan meant. It meant that Gibbs was giving the only chance of surviving to her.

True, there were other temporary passageways that would open up later on. However, considering the present situation within Zero City, staying here for even a moment longer meant they might die.

And yet, when Gibbs proposed the plan which involved him sacrificing himself to lure the mech away, Tina simply went along with it.

Guan Shan did not understand what they were thinking. However, he was clear on one thing. If that were his lover, he would never allow her to sacrifice herself so that he could survive.

If that were Guan Shan and his lover back then, he would rather die together with her than escape alone.

Guan Shan was silent for a few seconds before finally replying to Gibbs.

“I promise you!”

“… … thank you.” Gibbs finally sighed. “Also, I know you are misunderstanding something… … it is not what you think… …”

After this battle was over, Gibbs’ corpse would be found by a building that was around 300 metres away from the flea market.

His armoured exoskeleton suit was heavily damaged. A steel pile as thick as an arm pierced through his body and he was nailed upon the wall of the building.

Not far away was a wrecked medium-sized mech.

The geek who helped save Zero City died without any fanfare.

As Gibbs was breathing his final breath, Chen Xiaolian stood on the south street.

He looked at the three mechs that had been hacked apart and moved until he was in between them.

Chen Xiaolian was able to recognize the corpse belonging to the red bearded fellow instantly – his appearance was just too unique.

Chen Xiaolian then crouched down to pick something up. It was something that the red bearded fellow was holding.

The item looked like a glass bottle.

Clearly, the red bearded fellow was trying to utilize this item in the final moments before his death.

Unfortunately for him, he was insta-killed by Skyblade’s power that Chen Xiaolian unleashed.

After acquiring the bottle, Chen Xiaolian received a prompt.

[????: Picked up an equipment: Fearless Dreadnought. Equipment classification: [A] class. Growth capacity: [A+] class. Prompt: This equipment is a synergistic-type equipment. When used in conjunction with equipment of the same type, its power will be enhanced.]

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