Chapter 523 You Must Leave!

GOR Chapter 523 You Must Leave!

Wielding a sword, Chen Xiaolian charged through the south street alone and met a small team of Players.

The Players looked at Chen Xiaolian with the eyes of one looking at an idiot.

The Players had already spread their forces through the whole of the south street area in their efforts to hunt down the remaining combat personnel from Zero City. Those combat personnel could only rely on their terrain. They fought alone and forced themselves to engage in a chaotic battle against the invading Player forces in their attempts to slow down the advancing Player forces – their fights spread all over.

At this moment however, a solitary figure swaggered out into the main street with a sword in such a conspicuous manner.

In the Players’ eyes, his actions were those of one looking for death.

If Chen Xiaolian was piloting a mech or a tank, the Players might have grown vigilant somewhat.

However, the invasion had now developed into total war. Within a war of this scale, the value of cold weapons, physical skills and magic was far inferior compared to equipment and skills of the technological type.

Yet, here was a fellow with a sword. He charged out recklessly to face their three mechs and five Player combatants.

This was no different from feeding them for free.

“What is the fellow up to?”

The three mechs were advancing while maintaining a ‘品’ shaped formation. The five Players that were advancing on foot were protected within their formation. The three mechs had activated their defensive shields at the same time.

Clearly, the five Players in the middle had quite the status.

One of the Players was standing on a hovering walkerbot. He wore a strange set of uniform, something that resembled the uniforms of medieval times. He also wore an exaggerated looking hat over his head that sported a feather.

However, his most striking feature was his thick, red beard.

This Player was none other than Captain Scola – the one who influenced the Players to form the ‘Alliance’ to go against Thorned Flower Guild.

When Captain Scola first noticed Chen Xiaolian rushing forward, he became dumbfounded for a moment and he blurted out that question.

The Player beside him was surprised as well, but he quickly sneered and replied, “He probably entered some kind of bloodlust state. That is why he ran out.”

“Kill him.” Captain Scola laughed. “Our target is the Board of Patriarchs’ building! Contact those advancing on the north area and tell them to assemble ASAP. We must prioritize the capture of the core location of Zero City. Seize the Board of Patriarchs’ building! I hear that the main control system for Zero City is in there! As for the other areas, it would not be too late to advance on them after we seize Zero City’s main control system – tell those greedy fellows to rein in their greed! Humph, a bunch of people with no vision!”

Scola ignored the young man who was approaching from afar. Instead, he and his subordinates who were standing inside the mechs’ formation and their defensive shields turned to look at the south street area that had fallen into a ruined state. They listened to the sporadic sound of explosions coming from afar and observed the flames raging everywhere.

At that moment, all Captain Scola could feel was complacency.

The advance into Zero City, all of it was done following his plans.

“Captain, that fellow is still rushing toward us… … has he gone cuckoo?”

“What are you hesitating for? Just shoot him.” Scola glanced at Chen Xiaolian, who was still tens of metres away from his position. The sword-wielding youngster looked alone and helpless.

Nothing more than stamping an ant.

Scola sneered.

The mech in the front position raised its energy rifle and aimed at the incoming Chen Xiaolian.

Next, Scola noticed the youngster use both his hands to raise the sword in his hand, eyes staring right at him…

There seems to be… a… .. golden light?

Eh? Golden light?

“I told you before, do not disturb me until I finished this stage!”

There was a frustrated expression on Shen’s face as he looked at the muscular driver, who stepped into the control room. Shen then tossed his mobile phone aside and said, “Something happened? Surely our men did not rise up in revolt?”

“Not quite there yet.” The muscular driver spread his arms helplessly. “Still, everyone is feeling resentful. Due to your order, our Thorned Flower Guild’s members are forced to stand by while those ‘Alliance’ fellows all charged into Zero City. Everyone is unable to understand your order.”

“Let them be.” Shen shrugged indifferently. “It is not a bad thing to let those Alliance fellows pave a path forward for us. Someone has to take the role of cannon fodder after all. So, why not? Besides, everything is in the palm of our hands. That Scola is quite the good pawn.”

The muscular driver sighed and said, “That is why I am here… … I am here to report that your wonderful pawn is now a dead pawn.”

“… … …” Shen was startled. There was finally a look of seriousness on his face as he raised his head to look at his subordinate. “You mean to say… … he died?”

“Dead, 100 per cent absolutely certifiably dead.” The muscular driver revealed a wry smile and continued, “If you wish to see his corpse, I can get our men to retrieve his corpse.”

Shen’s expression turned solemn. “Dead?”

“Yes, Guild Leader,” the muscular driver said seriously. “I sent some men to follow them to gather information. The one who came back just now informed me that Scola was killed. No, it would be more accurate to say that the core powerhouses of his guild, all six members, him included, were all killed.”

Shen took a deep breath and light flickered across his eyes. “Scola killed? I recall that Scola’s strength is at [A] class.”

The muscular driver looked at his leader and replied in a hushed tone, “Clearly, the men from Zero City have finally deployed their [S] class combat powers!”

Yang Yi was in a partially unconscious state.

Although Guan Shan had shoved in a healing substance into his mouth in a timely manner, Yang Yi was suffering from a heavy injury and had lost too much blood. It was not a wound that could be instantly healed.

Guan Shan carried him and ran through the buildings. After crossing a street, they reached a certain spot.

If Yang Yi were still fully awake, he would immediately recognize this familiar place… … this was none other than the ‘flea market’ of Zero City, also known as the public trading district.

When Guan Shan brought Yang Yi there, the place was still somewhat secure. The Players had yet to advance upon this area – however, judging by the sound of explosions, they may not have much time before the Players arrive.

Guan Shan checked the time. There was a very anxious look on his face.

Gibbs and Tina quickly stepped out from the gate of the flea market. Seeing Yang Yi, who was being carried by Guan Shan, Gibbs frowned. After looking closer, he recognized Yang Yi. “Yang Yi from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild?”

“Yes, he is injured.” Guan Shan exhaled and said, “How much longer?”

“46 seconds.” Gibbs shook his head. His face was ugly to behold.” Where is that fellow?”

“Xiaolian is helping us seize some more time.” Guan Shan shook his head. “We need time. You know that.”

“This portal will only be open for four seconds,” Gibbs said in a hushed tone. “Additionally, we do not know if our speculation is right or not. At any rate… … we need to test it first.”

“If it is successful, we may be able to save many people.” Guan Shan checked the time once more.

Another sound of explosion spread out from afar as a building suddenly exploded with blue light.

“Plasma Bomb explosion.” Gibbs and Guan Shan were quick to come to the same conclusion.

The woman known as Tina revealed a grim expression and she said, “Hear that? That sounds like… … a large-scale mech!”

Up in the sky, a distant combat aircraft swayed and plummeted toward their location.

Even as it was plummeting down, the combat aircraft continued firing away. After firing twice, an energy beam shot out from within a building and struck the combat aircraft. The combat aircraft caught flames and fell.

The place where it was crashing toward happened to be right where Guan Shan and the others were standing.

“It is our men!” Guan Shan noticed the Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s crest on the aircraft.

His face sank and he rushed forward.

The pilots on board the aircraft were clearly still struggling to get the aircraft under control. Although the aircraft was falling down in a circular trajectory, the nose cone of the aircraft continuously attempted to rise.

It finally slammed down beside a building. It skidded its way as it decelerated and finally came to a halt between two buildings. As it did so, it crushed a green space and a pool.

Guan Shan tried to go over to save the people inside. However, he had only taken two steps when the sound of an explosion reverberated outward. The aircraft had transformed into a huge fireball.

Guan Shan’s face turned furious. At that moment, Gibbs suddenly stepped forward. He held Guan Shan in a bear hug and threw the two of them down the ground. Next, Gibbs quickly rolled the both of them to the side.

“What are you doing?” Guan Shan got up in fury. However, Gibbs used his hand to push Guan Shan’s head down. Tina’s voice rang out from beside him. “Mech!”

One part of a broken building was thrown aside and a Player’s battle mech swiftly stepped forward.

It was a medium-scale mech with a height of less than 10 metres. It had silver coating and its defensive shield and energy weapons were glowing with light. Clearly, it was fully charged and ready for battle.

“Damn it!” Gibbs swore. “Just… … 30 more seconds!”

“There is another on the left side!” Tina was crouched between the two of them and they hid behind a statue located near the gate of the flea market.

Another Player mech emerged from the other side of the flea market, the left side of Guan Shan and his group’s position. The mech emerged from an alley and trampled its way through the lampstands and green space like a bulldozer.

It was a light-sized type of mech. It held a long metal blade in its hand while aerial equipment was installed upon its back. Clearly, this mech could engage in aerial battles.

The two Player mechs appeared from their front and left at the same time, throwing them into a tight spot.

“25 more seconds!” Gibbs clenched his teeth. “The temporary passageway will open up soon! Damn it!”

The three of them turned around to look at the central area of the flea market, at a spot beside a fountain – that was the coordinate for the portal!

This was the portal for the first temporary passageway that will appear according to Adam’s calculations.

The temporary passageway would only appear for four seconds before disappearing.

Out of the few temporary passageways that would appear temporarily, this was the only one with the sufficient time factor for someone to use it.

The three of them came here for the opportunity to test out this passageway – to verify Gibbs theory.

The coordinate for the portal was about 20 metres away from them.

Unfortunately, it would appear that the two mechs did not intend to leave this place.

The two mechs turned on their scanning devices and began scanning for signs of life.

Guan Shan and his group were likely unable to continue hiding behind the statue for long. It was only a matter of time before they were discovered.

Additionally, there was also the semi-conscious Yang Yi. At present, he was lying on the ground – thankfully, a green space platform blocked his body from view.

“There is not enough time!” Gibbs gritted his teeth.

“It is all right… … we can wait for a while.” Tina looked at Gibbs. “No need to be anxious. Wait for these two mechs to leave. We do not have any large-scale equipment. We cannot fight them off.”

Gibbs suddenly turned to look at Tina. “No! You must leave! I have to send you out!”

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