Chapter 466 Weakness Of The Heart

GOR Chapter 466 Weakness Of The Heart

Chen Xiaolian was not some holy Mother.

Back in the African jungle, he witnessed human nature; the ugliness within the ‘refugees’ there made him harden his heart and ignore their plight.

However, that did not imply that he was a cold-hearted fellow.

Let us put it this way. He was just an ordinary fellow.

Although he was quite knowledgeable for his young age – as a webwriter, he had read up on a large amount of books, some useful, some not – he was still an ordinary youngster. He may be a little more mature than most, but that was all.

Chen Xiaolian had felt that those African refugees were not worth saving.

Even so, he would not go slaughter them.

At this moment, looking at the bustling crowd of people on the street before him…

There was no way he could avoid feeling any psychological burden on his heart if he were to kill off these people who were unrelated to him.

Even though he knew this was an illusion.

This illusion may be false, but the way of carnage, the heart of carnage was real.

Those people looked too real. This was not some Dynasty Warriors game where he could just casually mow everyone down.

When killing one of them, his eyes would be greeted with blood and wounds and his nose would be assailed with the scent of blood, his ears would hear the screams of misery…

It was too real; they seemed just like the real deal.

As it was too real, he would end up falling...

“If I really choose to kill… … when I am done, I would probably fall deep into the abyss of darkness.” Chen Xiaolian frowned.

He felt that… … this might be a trap.

A trap that would make him walk into it willingly.

Presently, Chen Xiaolian was more worried about something else: He had encountered such a scene, so… … what about his other teammates?

Especially… … Qiao Qiao!

The side effect of that skill…

Chen Xiaolian’s heart suddenly grew tense.

He straightened his waist.


It must not happen!

If Qiao Qiao were to rouse a heart of carnage and fall into the abyss of darkness…

“I cannot allow that to happen.”

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath.

Then, a change occurred to the red coloured line of text hovering up in the sky.

The text was originally ‘Current status: 8/999’. It suddenly changed and a new line of text appeared.

“Acquired demon points: 10. Current status: 18/999.”

“Acquired demon points: 8. Current status: 26/999.”

“Acquired demon points: 11. Current status: 37/999.”

“Acquired demon points: 8. Current status: 45/999.”

Chen Xiaolian’s face sank.

He promptly opened the car door, jumped up the roof of the car, raised his head and looked around.

The streets of this city remained unchanged, crowded and bustling.

No new riots broke out.

No new deaths.

If so… … the sudden change in the points, they must have originated from…


Chen Xiaolian quickly made two speculations out of the sudden change in the number of points.

Firstly, the ‘1/999’ points. The need to accumulate those demon points was not on him alone. That was for the whole team.

Secondly, there were changes to the points obtained even though he had not done anything. That meant… … his teammates. Something must have happened to them.

A strange expression slowly appeared on Chen Xiaolian’s face. A coldness slowly crept out of his eyes.

If there was a weakness to Chen Xiaolian’s character, then what Roddy said about him a few hours ago had hit the nail on the head.

“His weakness lies in an excessive desire to be ‘needed, ‘relied upon’ and ‘trusted’.”

In short, Chen Xiaolian’s biggest weakness was his extreme fear of being alone. This created an overly heavy sense of responsibility toward his companions.

That was the kind of person he was. Once he considered someone as his people, he would be willing to risk his life for that them.

That was the kind of person Chen Xiaolian was.

Due to what he had experienced in his younger days, he ended up with this feeling of being needed. In fact, it had become an unhealthy obsession.

And now, this weakness of his took hold.

“If that is how it is… … let me be the one to bear it.” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and jumped down from the roof of the car.

He re-entered the car with a cold demeanour.

Starting up the car again, he pressed down on the throttle and vroomed the car a few times as he looked at the street before him.

“If there is a need to use a broken mind in return for carnage… … then, as the leader, it is only natural for me to do it.” Chen Xiaolian let out what appeared to be a smile.

He then loosened his grip on the Sword in the Stone and placed it down on the front passenger seat.

“Since there is a need to sink into the abyss of darkness, let’s have it go faster.”

After saying that… … he shifted the gear out from the brake position and stamped down on the throttle.

It headed toward… … the centre of the street!

Xia Xiaolei kicked away the gun in Qimu Xi’s hand. Next, he quickly took advantage of the opening to rush forward.

He had a gun in hand while she was left unarmed.

At present, an unprecedented feeling of rage was exploding within him.

There was only one thought in his mind.

Kill her!

Not with a gun, but with his own hands. Using the best way to vent his rage and the most cruel method to kill her.

Twist her neck and break off every bone in her body.

Let her lose every *** drop of blood she had.

Xia Xiaolei slammed into Qimu Xi, throwing them both down the ground. Qimu Xi struggled and her knee shot out, striking heavily upon Xia Xiaolei’s lower abdomen area.

Qimu Xi, who had lost herself to her darker instincts, lost her weak and timid side. She transformed into a very bold and determined figure.

Xia Xiaolei’s body tilted a little as a result and Qimu Xi turned the situation around, getting up on Xia Xiaolei instead as her fingers were sent stabbing toward Xia Xiaolei’s eyes. Xia Xiaolei punched Qimu Xi in her stomach, eliciting a muffled groan from her. Her body fell limp as she rolled over to the side, her body curling like a shrimp.

Xia Xiaolei moved over and pulled at her hands, seemingly attempting to break her arms. Without showing any hesitation, Qimu Xi bit down on Xia Xiaolei’s arm. She bit deep, going into his muscles. It was as though she wanted nothing more than to bite his flesh off.

“Come out! Come out! Why aren’t you all coming out! Why aren’t you coming out!!!”

The house was aflame.

Chasing after Soo Soo’s cries, Qiao Qiao finally found her little sister.

She saw Soo Soo standing before a door, her hands slamming desperately on the surface of the door.

Despite its toughness, the door quickly fell apart under the might of Soo Soo’s flames.

Qiao Qiao quickly moved to grab Soo Soo. However, she noticed that, after breaking the door, Soo Soo did not rush inside the room.

The little girl had seemingly turned into a fool. She stood in the doorway, her eyes staring straight into the room…

Her expression suddenly turned dark.

Qiao Qiao got right behind her and looked at Soo Soo before turning her attention to what was inside the room, at what Soo Soo was looking at.

Behind her, a burnt ceiling beam fell to the floor and sparks flew as a result.

Despite that, Qiao Qiao simply stood there with a dumbfounded expression. She forgot to grab Soo Soo. Instead, she simply stared into the room…

Inside the room was a bed that had been burnt beyond recognition – judging by its outline, it should have been a very luxurious and comfortable bed.

At this moment however, the large bed was not only charred… … it had been cut into two.

The woman lying on the bed… … had been decapitated.

The brutality of the scene caused a wave of nausea to instantly sweep over Qiao Qiao and she almost puked.

She saw another corpse beside the wall of the room.

It was a man in pyjamas. The man was nailed to the wall with a sword.

The man’s head tilted down, one of his hands holding onto the blade that pierced straight through him and the wall.

His legs hung in the air as his entire body… … looked like a specimen that was pinned to the wall.

“Dad, daddy… … mommy, mommy… … mommy…”

Soo Soo fell to the floor with a plop.

In an instant, a bright light shone clearly within Qiao Qiao’s mind.

If this illusion was created according to Soo Soo’s memories, then…

This scene before her was something that Soo Soo had experienced when she was still young. The darkest, most terrifying and most painful to recall.

It was a most horrifying and brutal nightmare.

This nightmare was…

Her parents did not die in a fire.

The fire was no accident.

Soo Soo’s parents were killed brutally inside their bedroom. Clearly, human hands had caused the fire.

Back then, the young Soo Soo must have found out about this somehow and… … she developed a split personality, a cold and dark little loli.

All this while, the reason why Soo Soo would suffer from a split personality was this nightmarish scene.

Due to the self-protective nature of the human consciousness, this terrifying scene was sealed up by her mind.

It was hidden in the deepest part of Soo Soo’s mind.

Thus, Soo Soo lost her memories. She only remembered that her parents had died inside an accidental fire, forgetting the truth of what happened.

This truth was boxed away in the deepest corner of her memories.

At present however, this truth was dug out and its bloodiness exposed.

Now, Soo Soo suddenly turned her head around.

Her jade like face was expressionless as she looked at Qiao Qiao, her eyes the colour of pure black.

“Sister… … I think, I remember everything.”

Her sound was cold, calm, devoid of emotions.

Looking at the strange expression on Soo Soo’s face, Qiao Qiao felt her heart shuddering.

“Sister, it turns out this was what happened.” Soo Soo whispered. “Daddy and mommy did not die due to the fire.”

The little girl’s soft voice was so cold and calm, it brought forth an atmosphere of dread.


Her following words shocked Qiao Qiao.

“Sister, do you know who set this house on fire?”

“I… I do not know.”

Soo Soo suddenly pointed at herself. “It was me.”

She suddenly broke into a smile. The corners of her mouth trembled and there was a bewildering look on her face. “I remember. I was sleeping then and someone broke into my room. I heard daddy and mommy crying out… … I was so scared. Back then, I was really, really scared.”

Qiao Qiao remained silent.

Soo Soo continued, turning and moving closer to Qiao Qiao as she did. When she was right in front of Qiao Qiao, she raised her head. Although her forehead could barely reach Qiao Qiao’s shoulder, she did her best so that her eyes could look right into Qiao Qiao’s eyes. “Back then, for an instant… … mm, how should I put it. It was as though a power suddenly awakened inside me.

“The man who broke into my room and tried to kill me, he died from the flames I unleashed.

“Flames, so much flames. I ran out of my room, ran through the corridor. Everywhere I go, flames would rage.

“I charged into daddy and mommy’s room and… mm, I had opened it the same way I did just now.

“After that… …  I saw this.

“Mm, that is right. All these years, I had forgotten all about this.

“Why would I forget about it?”

Soo Soo talked with a tone so cold it was terrifying. At the last sentence, she knitted her eyebrows.

“Soo- Soo Soo… … you really remembered?” Qiao Qiao asked with a slight quaver in her tone. She saw that Soo Soo was acting rather strange… … too strange.

“Yes, sister… unnie.” Soo Soo nodded her head. “It is not just these… … just now, when I burnt down the door, it seems… … the door to my memories was also burnt down.

“Do you know? Besides what happened in daddy and mommy’s bedroom, I also remember something else.”

“Something… else?”

There was seriousness in Soo Soo’s voice. “Yes, something else. Logically speaking, I should not remember it. Back then, I was so young… … mm, maybe they thought I would not remember. After all, I was just a little girl who was scared silly.

“However… … since I was little, I had always been different.

“Human memories, are they all this strange? Unnie?”

A chill rose up within Qiao Qiao’s heart. “Soo Soo, you… … just what did you remember?”

“I remember. The man who broke into my room to kill me, he said something.”

“Said something? What was it?” Qiao Qiao asked quickly.

“Back then, I did not know.” Soo Soo shook her head before lowering it. Her shoulders trembled lightly. “Back then, I could not understand those words… … but memories are such strange things. Although I did not understand those words then, I could recall what it sounded and its pronunciation, all of it!

“I sealed up this memory and all that happened this night.

“Today, I finally remembered… … unnie, what should I do? I remembered! What should I do? Unnie?”

“Soo Soo, just what did you remember…”

Soo Soo looked at the trembling Qiao Qiao and the little girl suddenly broke into a smile.

The sight of her smile at this moment was extremely ghastly.

“Sister, unnie. The truth is, you are so kind.” Soo Soo suddenly reached out to touch Qiao Qiao’s face. “But what to do? I now remember.”

Pausing, the little girl whispered. “Back then, I could not understand those words because the me back then… … haven’t learnt Chinese!”

Next, Soo Soo’s little hand, which was touching Qiao Qiao’s face moved down, tracing a line down her neck until it reached Qiao Qiao’s stomach.

“Sister, those words are… …” Soo Soo took a deep breath before exhaling. Each word she said became like a nail, hammering into Qiao Qiao’s heart.

“Traitors will be executed, Blade… Mountain! Flame! Sea!”

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