Chapter 452 Difficulty Increased!

GOR Chapter 452 Difficulty Increased!

For Chen Xiaolian, or even the entirety of Meteor Rock Guild, the name Tian Lie held a very special meaning.

It was like a nightmarish existence!

That was especially true for Roddy.

For Chen Xiaolian, the name Tian Lie signified: Powerful, calamitous, desperation, tragedy!

Chen Xiaolian had gone through quite a number of instance dungeons. In all the instance dungeons he had participated in, the instance dungeon that left the deepest impression on him was none other than the Tokyo instance dungeon.

Because in the Tokyo instance dungeon, they encountered Tian Lie.

In the other instance dungeons, Chen Xiaolian had also encountered other powerful enemies. However, none was able to leave a deeper impression than Tian Lie. The other instance dungeons were also not as difficult and the battles not as tragic.

In the Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum instance dungeon, there was the powerful BOSS, Bai Qi. However, back then, he had Miao Yan to help him. Miao Yan had pretty much taken on Bai Qi alone.

But in the Tokyo instance dungeon…

Chen Xiaolian recalled clearly how Tian Lie pursued him and his team to the point of no escape.

Desperation came for him repeatedly.

They had the help of a powerful Floating Angel from Zero City. But even the Floating Angel was unable to fight off Tian Lie.

In the end, it was a pyrrhic victory. Nicole was sacrificed, Chen Xiaolian was badly beaten and Roddy’s Mech was horribly mauled. They had thrown out every last bit of combat power they possessed to finally defeat Tian Lie.

Tian Lie was too powerful.

Thankfully, this powerful opponent had died.

If he had to go through the ordeal once more, Chen Xiaolian had no confidence that he would be able to defeat Tian Lie again.

Back then, they were able to defeat Tian Lie due to the right time and place and other factors coming together. Additionally, there was the suicidal behaviour of Nicole, the Floating Angel.

Thus, when Shen mentioned Tian Lie’s name, Chen Xiaolian’s face sank.


“Tian Lie was our Thorned Flower Guild’s Inspector. You might not understand, but the position of Inspector in Thorned Flower Guild is not something that anyone can fill. That person must have an advantageous level of strength, extraordinary skill and battle accomplishments that could convince others.

“Let me put it this way. Although the guild possesses a number of experts, someone as powerful as Tian Lie, who can act as a solo Inspector, is very hard to find. And you, you made us lose such an important talent. It is only natural that I would come over to see what kind of person you are.”

Chen Xiaolian grunted. “Seen enough?”

“More or less.” Shen tapped his nose. “Your strength is still only average. However, your character is interesting enough. Additionally… … your rate of growth is also quite good.”

“Didn’t you say you are not here for revenge?”

“I am indeed not here for revenge. I am here to collect the debt.” Shen laughed in a mysterious manner.

Collect debt?

Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

“You made me lose an outstanding Inspector… … so, you will have to compensate me with another.”

Com, compensate?

“Although your strength is only average, it is considered not bad. You are still more or less acceptable… … use yourself to compensate me. Compensate my loss of Tian Lie.” The moment those words left Shen’s mouth, Chen Xiaolian’s eyes widened into circles as he stared at Shen. It was as though a flower had suddenly bloomed out of Shen’s nose.

After a few seconds, Chen Xiaolian recollected himself and said, “You, you are actually here to recruit me into Thorned Flower Guild?”

“Can’t I?” Shen asked with a puzzled tone. “Obtaining extraordinary talents to develop the guild, is that not a King’s way?”

Chen Xiaolian’s pupils suddenly contracted. “You… … could it be, you are…”

“Correct.” Shen sighed. “Let us re-introduce ourselves. My name is Augustine Shen, the present Guild Leader of Thorned Flower Guild.”

“The Demon King.”

Qiao Qiao finally opened her eyes. After standing up, she stretched out her hand, placing it before her eyes.

The skin on her palm looked crystal clear, seemingly translucent.

On the other end, Lun Tai and the others had made it back, albeit with difficulty. There were wounds all over Lun Tai’s body. The same held true for Xia Xiaolei and the others. Thankfully, with the use of healing medicinal substances, their bodies were already in the process of recovery.

“Qiao Qiao, how did you finish off that other fellow?” Lun Tai cast a puzzled expression at Qiao Qiao. There was a solemn look in his eyes.

“Let us not talk about that first.” Qiao Qiao shook her head and continued, “We are in big trouble.”

“Big trouble?”

“Yes.” There was a peculiar look on Qiao Qiao’s face. “The black monster just now. Because I killed it… … the storyline for this instance dungeon has changed. I have received the system prompt.”

Next, Qiao Qiao shared out the system prompt with the others.

[System prompt: You have killed the important target of this storyline’s branch quest, the Demon King’s Feather, completing the branch quest and affecting the main storyline for this instance dungeon. There will be changes made to the later phases of this instance dungeon’s storyline. Modifications will be made known in future points related to the storyline.

[System prompt: Child of Darkness has appeared within the team members of Meteor Rock Guild. This skill’s darkness attribute value has exceeded the norm. Meteor Rock Guild will now have its faction changed for this instance dungeon. It is now kicked out from the light faction and has joined the demon faction.

[System prompt: Meteor Rock Guild’s second phase quest has changed. Go to the Tel Aviv Port and find boats to head to the island located at the coordinate XXX, YYY. Upon arrival, the second phase quest will end.

[Announcement for the third phase quest:

[First requirement: You must arrive at the island before the other game participants. Failure to do so will mean failing the quest.

[Second requirement: You must absolutely ensure the safety of the quest target, Will Beyliah! Should he die, two team members will be killed at random and you will have failed this quest.

[Third requirement: Activate the hidden magic array on the island… … after successfully activating the magic array, the game participants from the light faction will attack. Maintain the array for at least 30 minutes to complete the quest. The death of every member before 30 minutes are up or the destruction of the magic array means the failure to complete the quest.

[Fourth requirement: After scanning the present instance dungeon, the system found that Meteor Rock Guild is the only one in the demon faction. Quest difficulty has increased. The corresponding additional rewards will be given. After maintaining the magic array for 30 minutes, every additional minute will give a corresponding additional reward. For example, for every member who died in battle, the member with darkness attribute can utilize the Blessing of Darkness, giving the surviving members a 15 % increase in total combat powers.]

After seeing the long string of system prompts, the faces of the members of Meteor Rock Guild fell.


Demon faction… activating magic array… that was bad enough…

Two of the prompts were simply bloody and vicious.

Will must survive. Should he die… … two members will be killed off. At random!

In the final battle, if a member were to fall, Qiao Qiao could bless the surviving members, increasing their strength.

This set of rules was too devilish.

Additionally… … the demon faction only consisted of Meteor Rock Guild.

In other words, in this instance dungeon, the other Awakened ones and even the Players… … all of them would become hostile toward them.

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