Chapter 442 Roddy Infected

GOR Chapter 442 Roddy Infected

“Hurry, antidote! Xiaolei, buy it for him!”

Lun Tai was the first to react with decisiveness. When he heard that, Xia Xiaolei quickly purchased an antidote from the Exchange System and gave it to Roddy. After accepting the syringe like device, Roddy did not hesitate to jab the needle of the syringe into his arm.

The device then automatically sent its transparent detoxification substance into him and Roddy breathed a sigh of relief.

A few seconds later, a system prompt came.

[System prompt: System detected the usage of [High] class antidote on yourself. This has brought about a mitigation effect on the unknown infection. However, it is insufficient to completely clear away the infection. Recalculating by adding the antidote variable… time before zombified state is now extended to 90 minutes from now. Prompt: Repeated usage of antidotes will not bring any extra effects.]

“Son of a bitch!” Roddy swore out loud.

“What happened?” Qiao Qiao moved over.

Roddy waved his hand and moved backward. “Don’t come close!”

He took a deep breath and spoke in a grim manner, “According to the system, the power of the antidote is insufficient to clear the virus away. It only managed to extend the time before I become a zombie to 90 minutes from now.”

“… … …” There was a horrified expression on Qiao Qiao’s face as she looked at Roddy.

Lun Tai’s heart sank.

The antidote that Xia Xiaolei had purchased for Roddy was a [High] class antidote.

That was the best possible antidote available in the system.

Through experience, Lun Tai knew that this [High] class antidote could perfectly clear out nearly all forms of virus and poison. However, the [High] class antidote could not clear the virus affecting Roddy. It was only able to extend the time before succumbing to it.

In other words, this virus was extremely terrifying.

All the members within the bus entered a state of terrified silence.

There was a worried look on Lun Tai’s face, but he shouted, “Don’t panic! Since this virus came from within an instance dungeon, there must surely be an antidote as well! We still have time! What we need to prioritize for now is our escape! Everyone be careful! Roddy!” Lun Tai shouted and looked at Roddy. Taking a deep breath, he said, “Don’t panic. We will help you find the antidote!”

There was a pale look on Roddy’s face. However, he nodded and said, “Everyone, don’t come near me. I am afraid I might pass it to you all.”

Lun Tai nodded. “All right, from now on, everyone must take care not to make any physical contact with Roddy.”

It was at that moment that Qimu Xi screamed sharply, “Something is coming from behind!”

Lun Tai jolted up and quickly made his way to the rear part of the bus. He raised up his night vision binoculars…

There on the road behind the bus, several figures began crawling up from between the stranded cars. The figures shambled and staggered as they made their way toward the bus.

“There is movement on the left as well!” Qiao Qiao shouted.

“Right side! Ah, we have them on the right as well!” Xia Xiaolei cursed loudly. “Damn it! The Hell is this?!”

The terrifying zombies appeared on both sides of the bus.

From what they can see, there were at least 20 of those things approaching the bus.

They were not too fast, but hardly slow either. Unlike the shambling zombies in the movies, they were moving at a normal walking speed.

Cold sweat trickled down from Lun Tai’s forehead.

However, he quickly shouted loudly, “Don’t panic! Bring out your guns and get into position! Follow our prior arrangement and take aim!!”

In the darkness of the night, a group of zombies moved toward the stranded bus and circled around it.

There was roughly one minute of silence within the bus, which was then broken by Lun Tai, who shouted, “Don’t let them come any closer! Open fire!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Tat tat tat tat tat tat…

The sounds of gunfire roared out from the two sides of the bus.

Lun Tai was standing beside Qimu Xi. He raised the butt of his rifle and slammed the rear window, causing it to shatter. He quickly followed it up by positioning his rifle upon a seat and pulled the trigger.

Bang! Bang!

Lun Tai’s marksmanship was pretty good. The two shots he fired sent two zombies down the ground. But before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he saw the zombies jerk and crawl back up before moving forward again.

Lun Tai gnashed his teeth and opened fire once more. This time, he struck one of the zombies’ knees.

The zombie buckled and fell to its knees. Even so, it continued moving forward, using its hands to crawl forward.

Cold sweat oozed out from Lun Tai’s body.

“Hit the head! If your marksmanship is good, try your best to get a headshot! Don’t hit the body!”

Despite what Lun Tai had said, the younger members in the bus had little military training. While they did undergo training with firearms back in the base, becoming a sharpshooter that can score a headshot with every shot was not something that can be accomplished with such a short amount of training.

Even Qiao Qiao and Roddy, who had survived through the Tokyo instance dungeon, did not possess such a level of marksmanship.

After a wave of gunfire, several zombies were pummelled back as they fell to the ground. However, they quickly crawled back up and continued moving forward.

The distance between the bus and the group of zombies was now less than 20 metres.


Lun Tai blasted another zombie’s head before pulling a grenade out from the bag.

He loaded the grenade into the attached under-barrel grenade launcher and quickly opened fire with it…

He quickly ducked, pressing Qimu Xi down at the same time. A loud “boom” rang out and a wave of fiery air washed over them.

He raised his head to see that several zombies had fallen due to the explosion. One of the zombies caught in the middle of the explosion had its head and limbs blown apart.

To Lun Tai’s despair, several of the zombies continued to crawl up again and move forward.

This is bad!

A chill ran down Lun Tai’s spine.

The power of our firearms is lacking!

He had noticed a certain detail. All the zombies were Awakened ones.

Correct, all of them!

Every one of them was wearing protective clothing.

The protective suits were somewhat negating the impact of the shots they received on their bodies.

Even if their arms and legs were hit, they could still move forward.

The only way to finish them off was to hit them in the head.

Every member of Meteor Rock Guild here was engaged in the battle. Qiao Qiao clenched her teeth as she held onto an M6 and fired away. Xia Xiaolei poked his body out and tossed a hand grenade out.

After the explosion, it was revealed that only two zombies were taken out as a result and the remaining zombies continued approaching their position.

Roddy had already gone to the rear position and smashed apart the window before his position. Among all the people in the bus, Roddy’s marksmanship was second only to Lun Tai. But after firing so many times, he had only managed to land three headshots on the group of zombies.

Lun Tai saw that there were more than 10 zombies approaching them and knew that they would not be able to hold.

But… … fight their way out?

If they were to get too close to these zombies, just by coming in contact with the slime on their bodies, they would end up being infected like Roddy.

Lun Tai was unable to think of anything. Despite his abundance of experience, this veteran Awakened was unable to think of any countermeasures.

It was at that moment that Roddy suddenly shouted form behind. “Lun Tai!”

“What is it?”

“Fight our way out! I will open the way! Follow behind me!”

After saying that, Roddy abruptly kicked down the door of the bus and jumped down.

“Roddy!” Lun Tai exclaimed in shock and watched as Roddy jumped out from the bus. Roddy tossed away the gun in his hand and pulled out two kukri machetes from his backpack.

“I am already infected. I will open the way! Follow me, but don’t get too close!”

Before he was finished, Roddy had already charged into the group of zombies!

With a slash, he decapitated the zombie before him with his kukri machete. The zombie’s head flew up into the sky and Roddy delivered a kick, sending the zombie flying away. He ignored the green coloured slime falling onto his body and turned to face another zombie. He sent the kukri slashing forward. Unexpectedly, the zombie made a slight dodge and the kukri missed, hitting its shoulder instead. The kukri became lodged inside the zombie’s shoulder. Seeing that, Roddy swore loudly and threw himself forward, slamming the zombie away. At the same time, he pulled the kukri back, causing the zombie’s arm to hang limply. The zombie fell to the ground and struggled for a moment only to have Roddy rush forward and crack open its head with a kick.

Roddy bravely charged forward and he hacked about with his kukris. He cut down another three zombies, clearing a path outside the bus and shouted, “Hurry! Get out!”

Lun Tai shouted with a heavy heart, “Everyone, come! We are abandoning this place! Let us move!”

Lun Tai dragged Qimu Xi, whose head was trickling with blood, and jumped down the bus. He then directed the others down as he continued opening fire at the zombies. After shooting down one of the incoming zombies, he gestured with his hand. “Get down! Hurry! Qiao Qiao, protect Will! Xiaolei, guard the rear with me!”

Roddy was 20 metres in front of them. He had cut down up to eight zombies; each time he cut a zombie down, he would kick the zombie away to clear a path.

“Don’t step on the green coloured slime! Hurry! Run!”

Qiao Qiao carried Will with her. Will was pale from fright and his body trembled as Qiao Qiao charged forward with him in tow. Soo Soo followed up behind Qiao Qiao and Qimu Xi ran after them. Next were Xia Xiaolei and Lun Tai, who took the rear guard position.

The two of them kept firing, knocking down the incoming zombies. Xia Xiaolei’s marksmanship was relatively inferior and was only able to shoot the zombies’ torso. He was unable to kill them off and could only slow them down.

Thankfully, that was enough. With Roddy clearing the path for them, they were able to quickly make their way up the road. They continued running along the road for a few minutes before making their way out from the area.

The zombies continued chasing after them. However, it would appear that they were incapable of running and could only walk. Thus, the members from Meteor Rock Guild were able to increase the distance between them and the zombies. A few minutes later, they lost sight of the zombies behind them. It was only then that Lun Tai and Xia Xiaolei rushed forward to check up on Roddy.

His entire body was covered with the disgusting green coloured slime. Seeing Lun Tai approaching, Roddy quickly retreated and shouted firmly, “Be careful! Don’t come too close!”

Lun Tai nodded his head. “I know. Roddy, how do you feel? Just now, you came in contact with this thing plenty of times. Did the level of infection increase?”

Roddy revealed a wry smile and shook his head. “I don’t think so. There is no prompt from the system.”

That was the first good news. Lun Tai was somewhat relieved.

However, a frown soon overcame his face. “We must think of a method to counteract the virus. Did the damned system not give any prompt for that?”

Roddy’s expression turned gloomy. Then, he suddenly spoke up, “Lun Tai, something is not right with this situation. Did you notice? Those zombies earlier, all of them were Awakened ones, not ordinary humans. And then there were all the cars involved in the accident on the road. I suspect that they were all part of a guild that were simultaneously infected. To simultaneously infect every member of a guild in an instance dungeon should not be an easy feat.”

“Could this be Thorned Flower Guild’s doing?” Lun Tai pondered but soon shook his head. “Unlikely. This does not fit their method of operation. Whenever Thorned Flower Guild does something, they will do so in an overbearing manner. However, there is no information of them having acted in such an insidious manner before.”

Roddy shook his head. “Let us not dwell on that first. We need to leave this place now but we have lost the bus. We cannot just go on foot. We need to find a means of transport.”

Lun Tai’s face was ugly to behold.

Means of transport?

Now that they have encountered this issue, the safest means of transport was naturally a Thunderstorm Tank.

With the tank, they could simply charge forward. Zombies? Who cares?

There was a problem with that. Their Thunderstorm Tank was in Chen Xiaolian’s new Storage Watch.

Chen Xiaolian’s old Storage Watch was given to Lun Tai, who placed two vehicles in reserve inside it: A bus and a jeep.

He had taken out the jeep back in Jerusalem when he set out with Xia Xiaolei and Qimu Xi to find the quest target. In the middle of their endeavour, they had encountered the battle between Thorned Flower Guild and another guild. When that happened, they had to abandon their jeep and run for it – thus, the jeep was lost.

As for the bus… … they had just lost it.

Lun Tai thought about it. “Stonecutter’s Mountain is just up in front. We will head there and go look for some. I am sure we will be able to find it.”

He made the calculations and said, “It is the closest spot from our present location. An industrial park must certainly have some means of transportation. Everyone, let us increase our pace.”

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