Chapter 440 Heavily Wounded

GOR Chapter 440 Heavily Wounded  

Beneath the visor, Gattuso’s eyes swept through the street like an eagle.

The sound of unicorn hooves striking the street rang loudly.

Checking his personal radar, Gattuso saw that there was nothing notable. He guessed that the fugitive must have entered a non-combat state or was using some concealing prop.

Using their guild channel, their members reported that they were unable to find anything. In response, Mene informed them that they had most likely surrounded the fugitive, confining him within this area. He had them continue the search while maintaining their vigilance and to report in once they found anything.

Gattuso released a light exhalation. There was a feeling of anxiousness and suffocation within him.

In fact, this feeling of anxiousness had been hovering around his heart since before this instance dungeon even began. It had begun since Shen broke into their headquarters.

Suffocation, vexation, furiousness!

Gattuso was not the only one to feel this way.

However, everyone continued to obey Mene’s command and leadership.

Gattuso reached out with his hand to gently stroke his unicorn’s neck. When he felt that his mount was also feeling uneasy, a sense of vigilance rose within Gattuso.

This holy animal was extremely perceptive toward danger.

As a battle hardened veteran, Gattuso hesitated for a moment before urging his mount forward again. He looked to the left side and saw a junction leading into an alley. These old looking houses near him had a spot that turned inward, forming a concave of sorts. It was also a potential hiding spot.

After urging his mount to take another few steps forward, Gattuso reined his mount and sneered.

There on the opposite side of the alley was a parked car. Through the reflection of the car’s window, he could see into the alley.

He saw a gun muzzle protruding slightly from the hiding spot through the reflection on the window.

This fool is actually planning to ambush me.

Gattuso sneered. He was not afraid.

He pretended not to realize it and urged his mount to slowly trot forward. While maintaining an even speed, his hand reached out to his back and gripped onto a short hand bow.

As he closed the distance, Gattuso prepared himself. He had already considered what actions he should take.

He decided to allow the other fellow the shoot him with the gun… … the special armour he was wearing will give the other fellow a surprise.

After that, he will use his hand bow to take care of the fellow. If that fellow continued resisting, he will just use his warhammer to smash the fellow’s brains.

Ten meters… nine meters… … eight meters … …

The corners of Gattuso’s mouth curled into a savage smile.

Then, something unexpected happened.


The window on the second floor suddenly burst open and a silhouette descended down from the sky.

Gattuso was completely caught off guard. However, he was quick to react. He waved his warhammer, swinging it viciously at the black silhouette that was in the middle of the air.

With a loud “bang”, Gattuso felt something heavy coming in contact with his warhammer. The momentum from falling from such a height and the impact from the warhammer caused the silhouette to shatter. Sawdust and splinters flew about as a result.

It was only then did Gattuso get a good look at the ‘silhouette’.

Surprisingly, it was a triangular piano.

Gattuso had smashed the piano, but his heart quickly sank.

There was someone on the piano!

A thin looking body was standing on the upper surface of the piano just now. When Gattuso felt the piano descending down upon him, he had sent his warhammer swinging up, smashing the piano apart. But this fellow had jumped up to safety and was now upon Gattuso.

Gattuso, who had just swung his warhammer, found himself out of position.

He could only watch as the figure descended upon him. Next, a mighty force slammed into his chest.

The mighty force caused Gattuso to fall off his mount.

The two of them fell to the ground and became tangled together. Gattuso attempted to inhale, but was rewarded with sensations of intense pain in his chest and abdomen. His many years of experience allowed him to quickly determine something.

His breastplate had been broken through!

But how?

He roared loudly and viciously kicked out with his legs in an attempt to force this fellow, who was on top of him, away. However, this fellow leapt away before Gattuso’s legs could reach him.

Feeling the weight on his body disappear, Gattuso reached for his warhammer and brandished it.

His objective was the other fellow’s back.

However, he quickly saw something that made him nearly puke out blood.

After leaping away from him, this ambushing fellow moved with a clear objective in mind… … wielding a sword, he stabbed out heartlessly.

He stabbed… … Gattuso’s mount.

The unicorn! The exalted holy animal!

This bastard! This damnable bastard!

As a knight, would he not cherish his own mount?

Additionally, this was a very rare animal with holy attributes, the unicorn.

How could Gattuso be willing to have the fellow harm that which was as precious to him as his own life?

In desperation, he turned the direction of his warhammer.


His warhammer successfully blocked the advance of the sword. However, Gattuso’s heart sank.

He could sense it. There was no force behind that stab.

When his warhammer and the sword clashed, the sword was easily deflected and it became clear that the fellow had not exerted any effort in that move. At the same time, the fellow twisted his waist. The amount of strength displayed by this fellow’s waist and abdomen was astonishing. Additionally, this opponent had cunningly utilized the collision between the sword and his warhammer to push him back toward Gattuso.

Gattuso stared with widened eyes.


The hilt of the sword slammed into Gattuso’s chest. Before his eyes, a golden coloured light shone out.

The pain that came as a result was such that darkness washed over his vision and he sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Through experience and his own sensations, Gattuso concluded that his sternum had fractured.

As darkness threatened his vision, Gattuso fell down and lost his grip on his warhammer. But even as he was falling down, he executed the best move he could as a warrior.

His other hand, the one with the hand bow, aimed at his opponent and he pulled the trigger.

It was a crafty move on his part. However, the result disappointed Gattuso.

After successfully pulling off his sneak attack, his opponent did not try to push the advantage. Rather, he quickly darted to the other side.

This cunning fellow! He simply did not consider following up on his attacks!

Gattuso’s body then plopped to the ground, his head falling headfirst, causing the tile on the ground to crack as a result.

At that moment, he had emptied the arrow in his hand bow and his warhammer had fallen out of his hand. With his sternum fractured, his body could only fall limply.

Then, when he tried to turn his body around, Gattuso felt the cold edge of a sword resting on his throat.

Chen Xiaolian was standing beside Gattuso. There was a rather comical look in his half-crouching stance. However, Gattuso did not find it funny. He could feel that Chen Xiaolian’s grip on the sword hilt was very firm.

The edge of the sword rested firmly on Gattuso’s neck, its tip already cutting into his skin, causing trace amounts of blood to trickle out. Gattuso understood that if he were to try anything, this opponent of his would stab his throat without hesitation.

He no longer dared to underestimate this opponent.

He had realized that the gun muzzle protruding out from the back of the alley was actually a trap. That gun was simply tied to a trashcan.

This fellow had deliberately set it up to prey on me!

First, deliberately expose the muzzle of the gun to divert his attention. Next, execute an attack from above, using a piano to open the way while standing on the piano.

This method of attack was too bold. However, it was also very vicious.

Chen Xiaolian was panting a little. Although this process of dealing with Gattuso was quite short, he had to utilize Skyblade’s power twice in the process. One of them was the blow that broke Gattuso’s sternum.

Despite panting for breath, his sword-wielding hand remained firm as he stared at the armour-clad knight on the ground.

“I will only ask you this once. Why are you chasing me? We have never even met each other before,” Chen Xiaolian asked in a hushed tone.

Gattuso did not say anything. He stared into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes. Suddenly, he did something incomprehensible.

He suddenly pushed his neck forward.

The edge of the Sword in the Stone cut through his throat.

Blood gushed out from Gattuso’s mouth, but he continued to glare at Chen Xiaolian. In the end, his head tilted to the side.

Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

This fellow… … is really *** stubborn!

In the next instant, a clump of white coloured flames fiercely surged out from beneath the fellow’s corpse and raged.

In just a few seconds, silvery specks of light floated up.

“What the?” Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian heard the sound of hooves coming from the back of the alley. That fellow’s companions were coming. Chen Xiaolian knew that the fellow must have used their guild channel to contact his companions.

Chen Xiaolian acted decisively. He quickly turned around to look at the exalted holy animal, the unicorn.

One glance was sufficient to tell him that it was not some common animal. It must certainly be some high-grade animal.

Hesitating for a bit, Chen Xiaolian finally stepped forward to pull the unicorn’s reins. Unfortunately, the animal responded by roaring at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian instantly gave up on the idea of taking it for himself. Listening to the approaching sounds of hooves, he took action.

He raised the Sword in the Stone and swung down.

A lamenting wail rang out as the unicorn cried and fell to the ground.

Chen Xiaolian had stabbed one of the unicorn’s front thighs.

Silver coloured blood stained the Sword in the Stone and Chen Xiaolian turned around to dash out of the encirclement.

He used all his strength and his figure shot off like a gust of wind.

After a while, a unicorn emerged from the other end of the street.

When he saw Gattuso’s corpse that had already turned to ash, fury burned within Mene’s eyes.

He was about to give chase when he saw Gattuso’s mount bleeding on the ground.

Mene then released a helpless sigh. He jumped down from his unicorn and walked until he was beside the wounded animal. Next, he extended his hand, pressed down on the wounded part of the unicorn, and started chanting a spell…

The blood quickly flowed back and the wound slowly closed up…

A few minutes later, Mene stood up. A few of his companions had gathered around him by then. Mene watched as the unicorn got back up and turned to look in the direction Chen Xiaolian took to run away before gnashing his teeth.

“Master Mene?” One of his companions behind him asked in a whisper.

“Assign two fellows to go back.” Mene sighed. “Gattuso has been heavily wounded. We need to send someone back to receive him when he returns. The return process can be quite risky, so we will need someone there to guard him.”

“The fellow who ran away…”

“He had heavily wounded Gattuso and a holy unicorn. This is an unforgivable sin! As long as this instance dungeon is still open, we will have enough time to go find him!” Mene took a deep breath.

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