Chapter 438 Harbouring Malicious Intentions

GOR Chapter 438 Harbouring Malicious Intentions

The Fallen Avenger’s roar sent a chill running down Chen Xiaolian’s spine. However, he was quick to clench his teeth and move backward.

As the flames rose up from the surface of the pond, the air temperature grew hotter. Chen Xiaolian, who was in the middle of the scorching air, shrank his body as pain seared through the exposed parts of his body.

However, this was not the time to consider about that. Step by step, he retreated while keeping his eyes fixed at the Fallen Avenger.

The Fallen Avenger raised his sword and stepped forward. Every time he stepped on the holy water poured all over the stone platform, he would reveal a gesture of extreme pain. Black vapour hissed and swirled out from each point of contact.

Chen Xiaolian raised his gun.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

He showed no hesitation to pull the trigger even as he was retreating. In one breath, he emptied an entire magazine.

The spirit-force bullets struck the Fallen Avenger’s body and silvery white dots appeared on the surface of the black coloured armour. Black coloured flames slithered around the wounds as the Fallen Avenger’s body quivered. However, the black flames rapidly expunged the silvery white dots…

Chen Xiaolian did not stop. He quickly pulled out the empty magazine; tossing it away, then, he loaded another into the handgun.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

After the magazine was emptied as well, he changed it again.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

The sounds of gunfire continued without respite. After retreating a total of seven or eight steps, he had emptied a total of four magazines.

The Fallen Avenger released a sky-shaking howl and forced himself to move forward. Although the bullets that struck him failed to damage him, the special properties of the spirit-force bullets caused many holes to form on his body.

Two of the bullets had successfully struck his left knee. The bullets pierced through his left knee guard and the silvery dots formed two holes there, which seemed to be in a stalemate of sorts with the swirling black coloured flames.

The Fallen Avenger’s body finally stumbled down the ground. He plopped down on one knee, the knee that was struck by the bullets, causing the stone platform beneath him to crack.

Seeing that, Chen Xiaolian quickly stepped forward.

He kept the handgun and both hands went to grip the Sword in the Stone. After two strides, Chen Xiaolian leapt into the air.

Chen Xiaolian vaulted toward the kneeling Fallen Avenger, going higher and higher until his body was above the Fallen Avenger’s head. Only then did the Fallen Avenger subconsciously raise his head. His pair of ghastly eyes glared at Chen Xiaolian.

Gripping his sword, Chen Xiaolian, who was still in the middle of the air, channelled all his might into both his hands and shouted, “DIE!”

The Sword in the Stone came hacking down!

A faint golden light shone across the edges of the sword blade.

The Fallen Avenger raised his large, black coloured sword up before his head…

When the two swords made contact, the air around them released a loud “weng”.

A ripple of shockwave spread out due to the collision between the golden light and the black flames. Next, the Fallen Avenger’s roar, which was originally filled with fury, suddenly turned to one of wretchedness.

Clearly, the golden light was similar to the one Chen Xiaolian had unleashed back when he was fighting in the Blood Verdict in Zero City. Although his present level of comprehension was not at Skyblade’s level, it was still enough to hammer down heavily on the Fallen Avenger.

Crunching sounds could be heard coming from the joints of the Fallen Avenger. His knees, elbows and several other parts all emitted those noises. Fine and near imperceptible cracks suddenly appeared on his black coloured armour.

At that moment, the holy water that Chen Xiaolian had poured on the surface of the Sword in the Stone came into effect.

Chen Xiaolian raised his sword and swiftly jumped forward, going past the Fallen Avenger’s position.

The two swords were still in contact with each other and this act by Chen Xiaolian caused the edges of the two swords to scrape by each other, releasing a keen sound in the process.

In the scraping process, the black coloured flames enveloping the large, black sword encountered the remnant traces of the holy water and instantly faltered. The intensity of the black flames seemingly fell down by a couple notches.

The black coloured flames faltered, revealing the sword’s appearance. There on the surface of the sword blade, from the middle to the tip, the places that the Sword in the Stone had scraped across, a series of spider web like cracks had appeared.

Chen Xiaolian landed on the ground behind the Fallen Avenger. Then, he turned around to stab with his sword.

This stab pierced into the Fallen Avenger’s heart from behind!

The Fallen Avenger howled loudly in pain as the tip of the Sword in the Stone poked out from his chest armour.

Chen Xiaolian released a lengthy roar and the golden light coming off his sword blade increased in intensity. The Fallen Avenger’s body twitched uncontrollably, as though he had been electrocuted. Finally, the Fallen Avenger succeeded in stepping forward and pulling his body out of the Sword in the Stone. Then, he fell straight first into the pond.

He fell into the pond with a splash. However, the oil on the surface of the pond was still burning.

The Fallen Avenger did not appear too deterred by the flames. However, when he fell into the pond, his body suddenly twitched violently once more.

Chen Xiaolian stood above the stone platform, panting and laughing. Then, he snapped out, “I had poured holy water into the pond as well. It is a high-grade holy water from the system! Lancelot, do you like it?”

The Fallen Avenger was struggling frantically. His body was dunked into a pond filled with holy water, bringing him intense pain. His body twisted and struggled and the large black sword in his hand had fallen deep into the pond.

The large black sword had already cracked due to the earlier attack. When it fell into the pond containing holy water, it instantly burst apart!

The Fallen Avenger raised his head and howled, struggling to reach the edge of the stone platform.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he pulled out his spirit-force handgun once more. He loaded his final magazine into the gun.


Bang! Bang!

Every time the Fallen Avenger’s hand reached the edge of the stone platform, Chen Xiaolian would pull the trigger. No hesitation! He shot neither the Fallen Avenger’s body nor head. Rather, he shot his hand.

One after another, he fired each shot with precision.

Every shot would nullify the Fallen Avenger’s attempt to get out of the pond.

The Fallen Avenger, who was immersed within the pond, continued struggling to get up to the stone platform. He waded through tens of metres toward the other stone platform, but his actions caused the burning oil to cling to his armour. The more he moved, the more oil clung to his armour.

As the oil clung stubbornly onto the surface of his armour, so too did the flames burned him. Additionally… there was the holy water!

The black coloured flames coming off the Fallen Avenger’s body gradually dissipated until it was actually replaced by white coloured flames.

The holy flames of purification!

Under purification powers of the holy flames, fragments of the Fallen Avenger’s armour peeled off to reveal the black coloured flames within, the spirit body of the Fallen Avenger. It was being ravaged by the holy flames.

He struggled inside the pond for a full three minutes. It was only after Chen Xiaolian had emptied his magazine that the Fallen Avenger was able to crawl out from the pond. However, the holy flames on his body had taken hold. No matter what the Fallen Avenger did, no matter how much he rolled on the ground or struggled, the holy flames refused to die off.

After emptying his last spirit-force bullet on the Fallen Avenger, Chen Xiaolian kept the handgun and stood several metres away from the Fallen Avenger, who struggled while rolling on the ground.

He recalled how this monster had made him miserable by chasing him through the punishment instance dungeon and sneered inwardly.

Skyblade, thank you for this power!

The rumbling hoof strikes came from the plaza.

The white unicorns galloped across the streets, vaulting over the fence placed at the side of the street and charged toward the pond that was now a sea of flames.

Leading them in the vanguard was Mene, who wore a majestic looking knight armour.

He raised his knightly sword, pointed it in the direction of the sea of flames and shouted, “The evil thing is there!”

Chen Xiaolian quickly turned around. When he saw the figures rushing toward his position, his face flickered and he quickly dashed forward. He raised the Sword in the Stone, a golden light shining from the tip of the sword, and sent it hacking down on the Fallen Avenger’s head.

The sword blade cleaved its way through and the Fallen Avenger’s head fell.

[System prompt: You have killed this instance dungeon’s Fallen Avenger (2/5). This search and kill phase is thus concluded.

[You have acquired Dark Avenger Warsoul (2/5). You can use it to summon the Dark Avenger Warsoul. At present, this skill can only be used once. When used, the Dark Avenger will merge with your body for 30 seconds.

[Prompt: Due to your usage of counter attributes, you have activated the Fallen Avenger’s hidden attribute. In the next search and kill phase, the Fallen Avenger will have his light-based attribute activated.]

Reading through the first part of the prompt, Chen Xiaolian was not too surprised. The whole merging with the Dark Avenger Warsoul one time… … he had seen it back in the punishment instance dungeon.

But when he read the last part…

Activate his light-based attribute?

Chen Xiaolian nearly swore aloud.

For this time’s encounter, he had wracked his brain cells and prepared many high-grade holy water. Each of those bottles cost him 300 points! Additionally, he had to select this place to cover it up. Then there was Skyblade’s power. It was only with all those factors in place that he was able to finish off the Fallen Avenger.

Activate his light-based attribute?!!!

In other words, holy water would not work on him next time?

However, the sound of hooves cut his thoughts short and Chen Xiaolian quickly turned and ran.

He had already caught sight of the team of horses with horns on their heads jumping into the sea of flames. Seeing the riders in knight armours, Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate to turn and run.

He ran and disappeared amid the sea of flames before running out from another side of the pond. The only thing left there on the stone platform was the decapitated Fallen Avenger.

Under the purification powers of the holy flames, the Fallen Avenger’s black coloured spirit body was already fully incinerated. Even the broken armour was slowly corroding away before shattering into ashes…

The unicorn snorted loudly and Mene, who was seated on it, regarded the Fallen Avenger on the ground that was gradually turning into ashes. Mene raised his helmet visor. “We were too late!”

“There is someone escaping there!” Gattuso shouted as he pointed at the path Chen Xiaolian had taken to escape.

“Give chase!”

Chen Xiaolian quickly made his way out of the sea of flames. His body arced across the edge of the plaza and into the middle of the street. Instead of going to his car, he simply dashed across the street. There, he found an alley and charged inside.

He had just finished off Lancelot only to see a strange group of men coming over.

He was not naïve enough to just stop what he was doing and start a conversation with them.

This was an instance dungeon. This was a dangerous world.

Chen Xiaolian dared not gamble on the possibility that the Awakened ones he encountered were some guardians of peace.

If a large number of unidentified people approach you when you are in the middle of a fight, the best choice is to run ASAP!

There were so many people on the other side that Chen Xiaolian could practically feel the atmosphere of strength coming off them.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he was all alone. Additionally, he had just fought against the Fallen Avenger. If those people held malicious intentions, staying there would be a self-defeating move.

First, get away from the battlefield. That was Chen Xiaolian’s decision.

After running into a narrow alley, he heard the rumbling sound of hooves chasing after him. Chen Xiaolian sneered in response.

It seems they are harbouring malicious intentions!

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