Chapter 418 Gone

GOR Chapter 418 Gone

Who was the one who gave Skyblade that painting?

Skyblade said that he did not know.

Chen Xiaolian did not ask him about that person’s appearance. If a highly powerful expert in this game did not wish to reveal their identity, their appearance would be of no value – there were simply too many ways to camouflage oneself.

But if so, who is this person?

Chen Xiaolian’s first guess was naturally the elusive Mr San.

However, he dispelled the idea instantly.

Mr San gave Skyblade this painting to find Mr San?

What kind of bloody logic was that?

That would be the equivalent of saying, “First, I’ll commit suicide. Then, I’ll go kill your entire family.”

But if it wasn’t Mr San, who could it be?

Since Skyblade was unable to give an answer to that question, it was only natural that Chen Xiaolian was unable to figure it out as well.

Chen Xiaolian pondered. “Then… … … did that man tell you anything else?”

“One thing.”

“What is it?”

Skyblade’s voice turned odd. “He asked me: Do you think there might be a possibility that, besides Players and Awakened ones, there could be a third type?”

Chen Xiaolian’s body shuddered. “He said that?”


“What I mean is, what kind of tone did he use? Did he sound doubtful? Or did he sound confident?”

Skyblade laughed out and said, “What’s the matter, boy? You anxious?”

Chen Xiaolian rolled his eyes.

Skyblade stopped his teasing and replied seriously, “His tone back then… I feel that he is not too certain either. Perhaps, he had told me that… … to have me check it out.”

Chen Xiaolian maintained his silence.

“Thinking back on it, I was probably being used by him. Maybe… … that umbrella he had me find is something related to someone like you, a third type of existence. I had always been looking for it. Although I had failed to find it, I did at least find you. Mm, Irregularities. That is what you call yourself, right? A very appropriate name.

“To be able to meet an existence like you proves that all my years of hard work were not in vain. All those speculations I made were also not some worthless nonsense. This is also a form of recompense for me.”

After saying that, Skyblade suddenly laughed out again and barked, “Enough! Let’s not talk about this sad stuff. Kid! I don’t have much time left, so let’s get to the crux of it!”

“Mm, the crux?” Chen Xiaolian’s expression flickered.

“I had asked you to step forward for the Blood Verdict because there was no other way. You already know that much. The present me… … looking at it objectively, I am already ‘dead’. However, because the power of my consciousness had yet to fully dissipate, an Irregularity like you who can evade certain rules of this world could borrow my power and use it. Others like Bluesea would not have been able to do so.

“Back then, it had to be you.

“Since you’ve helped me and took that risk, successfully accomplishing the objective while you were at it, I will need to honour my promise of giving you some benefits.”

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt something sour rising within his heart… … … the way Skyblade was talking made it look as though he was making his final arrangements.

“I had promised to let you taste the true power of [S] class. In the competition arena, I believe you had personally experienced it for yourself.”

There was a solemn look on Chen Xiaolian’s face as he said, “Yes, I had indeed experienced it! For that… … I thank you!”

Chen Xiaolian was stating a fact.

He had executed Skyblade’s highly ranked power twice using his very own hands. For him, this was a very beneficial experience!

If the power of [S] class were to be compared to the contents of a palace, then most experts would find themselves wandering outside the palace, eternally incapable of finding the door to step into the palace.

In the competition arena, Chen Xiaolian had been able to stand close to the palace. No, it would be more accurate to say he had been able to experience it for himself!

That was something that could not be obtained even if he were to beg for it!

“If your reward is merely to experience the power of [S] class, even if you don’t say it, your heart would probably feel unsatisfied.” Skyblade harrumphed and continued, “Naturally, I am not a stingy person. You had stepped into the competition arena to participate in the Blood Verdict. That means you have helped my comrades in Blood Mountain Flame Sea Guild fight off a great calamity. That earlier reward is honestly not worth talking about. Thus, I have more to give you as reward.”

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian’s heart was actually at ease. He simply waited quietly for Skyblade to continue talking.

“Naturally, my reward is not something that can be taken just like that.”

Sure enough!

Chen Xiaolian revealed a wry smile. “Mr Skyblade, just get it out with.”

“The Blood Verdict is over and Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild had gained for itself a moment of security. However, it does not solve the problem of not having an [S] class expert in the guild.

“The other guilds are ferocious tigers and they would gaze upon us as such. This time’s Blood Verdict had blocked off their incoming claws. However, as time goes by, they would still find out that there is no [S] class in the guild. When that time comes… … they will inevitably try something a second time.

“Thus… I need you to help me.”

Chen Xiaolian furrowed his brows. “I… … how can I help you?”

Skyblade said calmly, “There’s not much left of my spiritual force. According to its current rate of dissipation, I estimate that I would be able to maintain myself for at least one month. During this one month’s time, I would be able to stay around. Naturally, my strength would also remain. Although I no longer have my body, I can still live for over one month.”


“However… … I want to give this one month to you.”

“Give… give me?” Chen Xiaolian’s eyes abruptly widened!

Outside the door.

Bluesea was quietly sitting cross-legged on the floor.

Although his face appeared calm, a trace of unease gradually grew within his heart.

He could feel his heartbeat accelerating as well.

This feeling of unease caused Bluesea to feel anxious.

Just what is going on?

Logically speaking, with the Blood Verdict resolved, the biggest trial facing the guild was now over.

Most importantly, their Guild Leader Skyblade who had gone missing for so long had finally reappeared!

Along with his return, all the other problems that the guild was facing would be resolved as well!

So, what was he feeling anxious about?

It was then that Bluesea suddenly received a message from Skyblade through the guild channel.

“Brother, for all these years… I am sorry!”

Bluesea immediately stood up!

“There are many things that I am unable to explain and tell you. For that, I can only say sorry.”

That sentence caused Bluesea’s heart to promptly sink!

Bluesea could clearly feel the same thing that Chen Xiaolian felt. Skyblade’s way of talking… … appeared like he was making final arrangements!

“… Guild Leader!” Bluesea took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. “You…”

“No, just listen to me,” Skyblade quickly interrupted Bluesea’s words. “I don’t have much time. It would be best not to waste any more of it. We are veterans of war, let’s not be emotional.”

Bluesea’s figure trembled!

“This Guild Leader position, I will pass it to you directly. Brother Qiao had already died once while Thunderflame is too temperamental. You are the only one that is suited for this position. I will hand over all the authority of this position to you. In the future, you will be the true Guild Leader of Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild.

“The next arrangement that I need to discuss with you… … …”

Inside the room, Qiao Qiao was seated on a sofa. She looked at the steaming cup of tea, her expression revealing that she was lost in thought.

Soo Soo had her body curled up on the sofa, her hands hugging her knees. Her small frame leaned on Qiao Qiao’s figure but her big eyes darted around, seemingly trying to avoid something.

At that moment, the only other person inside the room was Qiao Yifeng.

Qiao Yifeng circled around the room a number of times, the expression on his face becoming increasingly anxious. Finally, he stopped moving and turned to look at Qiao Qiao and said angrily, “Qiao Qiao! I am your father! Are you really not going to say anything? Just what is going on?”

Qiao Qiao’s head remained lowered, her gaze fixed on the cup of tea and she remained silent.

Qiao Yifeng glared at her vehemently before turning to Soo Soo. “What about you? Surely you know something.”

Soo Soo timidly shrunk back and shook her head vigorously. “I, I can only say, sorry… … father.”

“Enough, don’t force her.” Qiao Qiao hugged Soo Soo tightly before raising her head to face Qiao Yifeng. “Before he returns, I will not be saying anything.”

“… … …” Qiao Yifeng looked at his stubborn daughter. Then, he suddenly sat down in a dispirited manner.

“Damn it! When girls come of age, they become someone else’s!” Qiao Yifeng kneaded his face forcefully.

“… after I am gone, according to the rules of the system, I would probably be refreshed back as an ordinary human.

“Considering our age, after being refreshed I will probably be very old.

“Brother, help me on one matter. Although Qiao Yifeng had been working on the ‘retirement plan’, I want to ask this of you. After I have been refreshed, do not ever come for me! Just let me live out the rest of my years peacefully.”

Tears flowed down Bluesea’s face as he knelt on the floor.

“As for that ungrateful son of mine, he must have been a headache for you for the past few years. Just let him live a good life in the real world. Have Qiao Yifeng check up on him and make sure he does not get involved in Zero City’s matters – with you in charge, I will be at ease.

“Remember, don’t go look for the refreshed me.

“This old fart… … needs to rest for a few years now.”

“Guild… Guild…” Bluesea spoke up, but then, he suddenly shouted, “Big brother!”

“Tell brother Qiao that these are my decisions… … and tell Thunderflame, I am sorry. I am sorry to all of you. The past few years had been hard on you all.

“That kid is pretty good. Just proceed according to my arrangements. Perhaps… … perhaps it is a way.”

Chen Xiaolian was silent as he sat on the sofa for a long time. He raised his head and looked at the furnishing in the room.

Then, he looked at the pictures on the cupboard.

Suddenly, he got up and moved inside the study.

Next, he slowly placed the blade that was Skyblade on the table. After a few moments of consideration, he picked up a piece of cloth from beside to wipe the edge of the blade.

The edge of the blade gleamed with a chilling light.

Chen Xiaolian released a gentle sigh.

Then he turned and left the study and the house.

After opening the door, Chen Xiaolian saw that Bluesea was kneeling on the floor. With reddened eyes and a choking voice, Bluesea spoke.

“Is he… … … gone?”

Chen Xiaolian was silent for a moment before whispering, “Mm, gone.”

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